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  1. Robert Palmer Jr

    Robert Palmer JrPred 21 uro

    I guess what Colin just stated went over everyone's head, wake up PEOPLE ......

  2. Mark Mccormick

    Mark MccormickPred 21 uro

    Finally somebody who uses common sense about Brady's free agency

  3. Jimi 11

    Jimi 11Pred 21 uro

    4-4 from three not enough I guess 😪

  4. Annanymous

    AnnanymousPred 22 urami

    And this is why these guys are losing jobs to former players. This is why most NBA players rather talk to Matt Barnes and Gilbert Arenas rather than these morons. Keep it up, yall gonna be out of a job. Cant wait until Joy takes your spot. Rather hear her speak than Colin Coward.

  5. cody bolo

    cody boloPred 22 urami

    All of the media has a problem with young being an all star starer. None of you voted for him yet he got the spot?

  6. cody bolo

    cody boloPred 22 urami

    Who put these two retards on the same segment?

  7. g y i o

    g y i oPred 22 urami

    THIS IS UNFAIR! Lakers have 2 SUPERSTARS + 2 ALLSTARS and all the media talk is that they need one more guy. GSW of 2017-2019 had exact same amount of talent(2 top 5 players + 2 allstars) and this same "media" hated them for their dominance. Imagine KD & Steph coming out and saying "we need one more guy"!!!...Now Lebron finally understands what it is like to play in the WEST. This just underlines how "Lebron Promoters" ESPN and the Basketball media in general are...So f.king SAD Bron

  8. Aaron Morris

    Aaron MorrisPred 23 urami

    0:04 - "I am not a conspiracy theorist". Get ready for a conspiracy theory.

  9. Karl Nielsen

    Karl NielsenPred 23 urami

    If Belichick is a genius for knowing Garoppolo was a star, by definition that means his emerging greatness can’t be widely known. So a trade takes two sides, and if there was another genius on the other end who knew how good he would be, that STILL isn’t enough to get a better deal, because that means he is the only other buyer. For Belichick to get more, he needed two other GM’s who new Jimmy G greatness to get a better deal. Trade value isn’t just a declaration of value, it has to be agreed upon. So maybe Belichick is a genius for knowing JG would be great, but if that’s the case, then nobody else did and therefore wouldn’t give much for him. So Cowherd’s conspiracy theory is stupid.

  10. gman2015

    gman2015Pred 23 urami

    Glad he's an Eagle and earned respect! Great to finally have a Penn State player on the Eagles that works hard.

  11. JD M

    JD MPred 23 urami

    One other thing Colin Kraft owes Tom 6.75 million dollars and if they were to resign him that # it would be tacked on to his salary and the 2020 cap could potentially be 18.5 million dollars to sign the essential existing players and no $$ to sign a free agent never mind a janitor!!! Thanks BB.!!!

  12. Anita Ng

    Anita NgPred 23 urami

    Tom Brady to Toronto. Let Canada start up with a team wit the goat of nfl. How u like that.

  13. badex

    badexPred dnevom

    brilliant take. older people care about their legacy so much. reminds me of Fergie at united. He gave the job to Moyes knowing 2 things 1. handing the job over it a fellow scot/British instead of a "foreigner" keeps his reverence in British football 2. whether Moyes fails or succeeds, his legacy only increases. Belichick did something a little less similar with the jimmy G trade. If Jimmy G wins the Superbowl, it only vindicates him more.

  14. zaxx19

    zaxx19Pred dnevom

    Yes people, Colin is a rich person and therefore a bit out of touch with the middle and working classes. I was a middle class kid who went to a very good school; I can tell you, lots of kids travel internationally while in school, mostly rich kids, but also a good deal of upper middle class kids....maybe they shouldn't, but they do. I actually like the ROMO comp, but he is a bigger man.

  15. Aaron Ross

    Aaron RossPred dnevom

    Dogging a guy that has accomplished more in 16 years than you could in a thousand is the most millennial thing ever

  16. Ziggy 'Fibonacci' Stardust

    Ziggy 'Fibonacci' StardustPred dnevom

    What a reach on Eli. Wow! Eli and Brady are both the co-LOAT - for different reasons. And... Aaron Rodgers is a better QB than both of them.

  17. Ben Grimm

    Ben GrimmPred dnevom

    Zion is already better than Lebron. Facts

  18. liamkurt 88NYG

    liamkurt 88NYGPred dnevom

    Absolutely right collin a lot of ways to get in period.

  19. Lorenzo Hayes

    Lorenzo HayesPred dnevom

    Go 49ers

  20. John deniro

    John deniroPred dnevom

    Doug is a confessed thief...I have 5 rules.1.Never trust a thief.2.Never trust a guy in a tunic.3.Never go to a second place with a Hippie.4 Never trust jealous athletes that never went pro.5. Never ever ever ever trust ANTI CHRISTIANS!!!

  21. Craig Simpson

    Craig SimpsonPred dnevom

    I don't think that is a conspiracy theory Colin. There is evidence to make that theory reality.

  22. Recoil816

    Recoil816Pred dnevom

    This video has aged so well. Like a fine wine.

  23. Mason

    MasonPred dnevom

    “Last time the Vikings were in the playoffs was 2009, when they played the Gryffindor quidditch team and legendary safety Betty White failed to tackle Greg Jennings with a broken leg” - Collins brain (probably)

  24. Isiah Fair

    Isiah FairPred dnevom

    Eli will make the HOF simply because hes a qb and beat tom brady 2 lol he deserves credits for those win but the most overrated qb of all time

  25. Idiotic Tirades

    Idiotic TiradesPred dnevom

    Will Clark should be in the Hall of Fame.

  26. Idiotic Tirades

    Idiotic TiradesPred dnevom

    Brady, his agent, and Kraft forced the trade. Bill was against it, but was overruled. Special thanks to the Pats from a 49ers fan👍🏼.

  27. L . O . R

    L . O . RPred dnevom

    No matter how great you are. Idiots will find a way to downgrade you. The dude is 19 years old! Dude is ballin’ period! 💯

  28. jakkeday1

    jakkeday1Pred dnevom

    His Belichick theory sounds like madness!!! Uncle Colin has been taking drugs with Rob (Eli is better than Brady) Parker!

  29. Matt Gorski

    Matt GorskiPred dnevom

    I knew Mahomes was crazy good but i just tried to watch Montana highlights and they have suddenly lost their luster in comparison. He's that much better. Bitter sweet...

  30. Ivory Towers

    Ivory TowersPred dnevom

    Pressure is on both . but individually Andy Reid might win his 1st SB or have to face Dee Ford being the next Player to win a Super Bowl before him amongst Nick Foles & a host of Players & Coaches who moved own to bigger and better things. Dee Ford can be the 1st to have beaten Him in a superbowl.

  31. Jack Tri

    Jack TriPred dnevom

    This man knows what he’s talking about.

  32. Trey Cortez

    Trey CortezPred dnevom

    I wish Colin would talk politics now! I wonder how he feels about our great President now

  33. jamie bisso

    jamie bissoPred dnevom

    I hate this big mouth Michael. He looks like a 🐻

  34. Iv

    IvPred dnevom

    Well You can baby him a little he's 19 😂

  35. Peter Toadstone

    Peter ToadstonePred dnevom

    I'm not a conspiracy guy *lays out a conspiracy*

  36. Nick J

    Nick JPred dnevom

    I got a new Acura.... I paid $175,000 for it 😂😂😂

  37. gtepp031387

    gtepp031387Pred dnevom

    As a qb that's 7th all time in TDs, 7th in yards, 6th in completions; and has every franchise record in the NFLs largest market team he should be a late round HOF. Add two of the all time greatest underdog RUNS in the playoffs and two superbowl MVPs there is no reason he shouldn't be first ballot...and I dont really care what else he did that's enough people hes a HOF get used to it.

  38. Tee Bo

    Tee BoPred dnevom

    This guy dumb af . I ain’t gonna watch the headline is enough . Gianni’s. A superstar without one period

  39. Blake Quann

    Blake QuannPred dnevom

    Minnesota was in the playoffs this year and the year before last wat is he talking about??

  40. mitrisaosefh

    mitrisaosefhPred dnevom

    Wtf does this guy have against Tampa?

  41. TOSH 9090

    TOSH 9090Pred dnevom

    Did this man just say this was the vikings first time in the playoffs since 2009

  42. James Willey

    James WilleyPred dnevom

    Colin Cowherd your ratings drop drastically when this guy is on I watch your show everyday, but if you keep having this guy host your show, as your replacement, I'm going to unsubscribe. man this guy is terrible, hard to look at, hard to listen to, too biased, predictable, and doesn't know the nuances of sports

  43. SHARPSH00TER85

    SHARPSH00TER85Pred dnevom

    5:10 according to Doug Gotlieb the Cowboys are apparently now in LA

  44. Recoil816

    Recoil816Pred dnevom

    I hate and like Rapaport.

  45. Devin Sullivan

    Devin SullivanPred dnevom

    Gottleib is a joke

  46. NFL360

    NFL360Pred dnevom

    He's a superstar without a jump shop tbh. Only thing that could stop him is his health

  47. Living Life

    Living LifePred dnevom

  48. Kyle D

    Kyle DPred dnevom

    Wow this guy is such a pathetic comedian he had to tell the same exact jokes on every sports talk show the same day. Garbage.

  49. streetdisciple30

    streetdisciple30Pred dnevom

    the man scored 4-4 from 3 point land and u saying he should DEVELOP a shot? Shaq never had one and won 4 chip smh

  50. Itsjustlikemagic

    ItsjustlikemagicPred dnevom

    Don’t you guys get it. It’s never about needs when it comes to LeQueer and the lakers. The media only cares about strengthening the lakers as much as possible so that their favorite son LeQueer can get another easy path to a championship!

  51. Mark Anthony Francisco

    Mark Anthony FranciscoPred dnevom

    NFL what is NFL ? The sports that is only popular in america ... Why are they saying that sports are global .. fencing is played more in this world than fake football

  52. Kenneth Mark Almanzor

    Kenneth Mark AlmanzorPred dnevom

    Rondo helped the Pelicans scare a couple of teams the last time he played there

  53. Gran Marquis

    Gran MarquisPred dnevom

    Patriots went to like 3sbs after the trade and won two! WTH are you talking about?

  54. Chris Shockey

    Chris ShockeyPred dnevom

    I was when someone was going to do a segment on Jimmy G's dashing looks. Don't call me names just cause I'm not afraid to say another man is good looking. Not that it matters but I'm heterosexual. But in the looks department ain't no one even close. Oh and as far as football goes he's pretty good at that too. And will only get better. If they win the big game Jimmy G is going to be one hot commodity.. (No pun intended, well maybe a little) Lmao

  55. gator bait

    gator baitPred dnevom

    Rapaport is a clown! Literally a walking std🤣🤣

  56. Doc Doc

    Doc DocPred dnevom

    He started his career in new England. He's gonna end his career in new England.

  57. Dr. Phil

    Dr. PhilPred dnevom

    That dude look like TOM GREEN

  58. will cruz

    will cruzPred dnevom

    Yes they need more help. They should pick up Kawhi, Giannis and Steph when he’s back. Maybe even trade Kuzma for Harden or KD to come off the bench. Yea that sounds great cuz F every other team right? Ric, Colin... F- off and enjoy the little competition thats left in the league.

  59. Jake Mitchell

    Jake MitchellPred dnevom

    11th in wins

  60. KRH Colorado

    KRH ColoradoPred dnevom

    What is Cowherd guy supposed to be? Another Bayless?

  61. Michael Herrera

    Michael HerreraPred dnevom

    So what’s funny is all 9ers fans are saying our front going to win us the game like 07 Giants... not like 07 Eli... Stop acting like Eli is the reason they won those Super Bowls.

  62. Teagan Millsop

    Teagan MillsopPred dnevom

    He did the jets so dirty

  63. Majid Chaudhry

    Majid ChaudhryPred dnevom

    This should be called the teams with the youngest rosters can win the super bowl and any team who’s kinda old can never make a Super Bowl

  64. Ben Haney

    Ben HaneyPred dnevom

    Troy Aikman is a Hall of Famer and he never had a single season with 20 TDs. But he has 3 Super Bowls.

  65. Majid Chaudhry

    Majid ChaudhryPred dnevom

    Lmao he said the Vikings haven’t made the playoffs since 2009

  66. Ben Haney

    Ben HaneyPred dnevom

    I'm a Pats fan and hate Eli so much. With his punchable face. That said he obviously belongs in the Hall of Fame. Two Super Bowls. One was like the greatest upset ever with the greatest play ever, the helmet catch, (even with the obvious holds). Take Troy Aikman, an obvious Hall of Famer. He had three Super Bowls with much a much better cast around him and his stats aren't even close to Eli's. He never had even ONE 20 TD season.

  67. Majid Chaudhry

    Majid ChaudhryPred dnevom

    “You got a lot of good young quarterbacks in the afc” and doesn’t mention lamar Jackson the disrespect is real smh

  68. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan GarciaPred dnevom

    Is it bad to be a system QB?

  69. GiantsFan1734

    GiantsFan1734Pred dnevom

    Colin Cowherd praising Eli Manning? I thought I’d never see the day

  70. jones chad

    jones chadPred dnevom

    Steelers and packers probly have more fans in L.A than the Chargers....😂🤣😂..its funny cuz its true!!

  71. Patrick Jonathan

    Patrick JonathanPred dnevom

    Stick to basketball Doug

  72. Aditya Gupta

    Aditya GuptaPred dnevom

    isn't someone who is good at something will accomplish great achievements in that thing and if they accomplish some things that are miraculous should be called the greatest of all time? Like joe burrow had the best college qb season ever and tom brady the best ever.

  73. Alex

    AlexPred dnevom

    He'll be a superstar regardless, what kinda stupid analysis is this?

  74. Bryan Padilla

    Bryan PadillaPred dnevom

    Joy hair though

  75. Daniel Semmens

    Daniel SemmensPred dnevom

    Is this guy this bad

  76. Not Today

    Not TodayPred dnevom

    Eli is the best Giant in history, of course LT is in debate, but don't disrespect Eli, he's a HOF, I'm a 9er fan not a Giants fan 🤷‍♂️

  77. J Hops

    J HopsPred dnevom

    Can Tony come out of retirement and get the superbowl ring when the Chiefs win??😎😎😎

  78. Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack

    Alfredo Harvey Mac KissackPred dnevom

    It's wise to know when to leave.

  79. Alfredo Harvey Mac Kissack

    Alfredo Harvey Mac KissackPred dnevom

    Brady era is over. There is a new kid -and king- in town. One who doesn't need to cheat to win.

  80. DM Sports

    DM SportsPred dnevom

    NE... NE... & NE... Nowhere else!

  81. Ur mom Gay

    Ur mom GayPred dnevom

    Giannis doesn’t have a jump shot and he is still a super star

  82. End-Gamer

    End-GamerPred dnevom

    WoW Colin really makes sense about Jimmy G.

  83. Caleb DesJardins

    Caleb DesJardinsPred dnevom

    Bills are definitely in the running to win next years division, I dunno about super bowl but the bills are definitely trending with a few keys pieces upgraded to make a run deep in the playoffs.

  84. D Me

    D MePred dnevom

    Brady threw touchdowns to a multiple murderer.

  85. Al Henderson

    Al HendersonPred dnevom

    You the only one who look stupid man about brady move forward

  86. Julian Ruvalcaba

    Julian RuvalcabaPred dnevom

    Chris Broussard is so ignorant.

  87. Julian Ruvalcaba

    Julian RuvalcabaPred dnevom

    Zion is a superstar without a jump shot. Is this Lebron Lover forgetting how Lebron became a superstar? by using his raw athletic god given talent. Just like Zion

  88. Al Henderson

    Al HendersonPred dnevom

    Not putting on another jersey sorry

  89. Uba Tooba

    Uba ToobaPred dnevom

    Jow Burrow looks good.....for what I've seen of him (not much). But what I saw was busted plays falling apart and him creating. I like to see what a player (QB) does when the play falls apart. Comparing him to Montanna does not offend me one bit......but I need to see more of him. I can say he is for certain ON FIRE and can help immediately anywhere he goes (except chit hole Cleveland).

  90. Patrick Baklava

    Patrick BaklavaPred dnevom

    Great points Colin go niners

  91. MaSuD20

    MaSuD20Pred dnevom

    I wanna know what he thinks of jones now. Is Rosen still better than jones? And btw 54% and 6-10 with the talent around him in Duke and that's a miracle.

  92. Uba Tooba

    Uba ToobaPred dnevom

    Medical staff needed to be called out. Baker needs to do as many commercials and side gigs as possible....I mean shoot look at what happend to Johnny Manziel. Cleveland ASOLUTELY DOES NOT need a left tackle. What ya'll nuts or sumthin? They need a high falootin' + high priced star at any other position. I recommend trading all our draft picks for......umm....ZEKE ELLIOTT!! That's what we need.....someone with some moxie!!

  93. いたちイチゴ

    いたちイチゴPred dnevom

    Lebron hype was way bigger way bigger, dude had a tv show In the Life while he was in High School, his signature shoe was harder to get than Jordans and Kobe's at the time. I would say Zion's debut was on par with A.I hype wise..People forget A.I was #1 overall in an era where big SG and Center's dominated

  94. 9er gang

    9er gangPred dnevom

    Damn he was spot on

  95. Todd Clark

    Todd ClarkPred dnevom

    obligatory Rodgers shot... Do you and skip spend your weekends planning these?

  96. Oscar Barbeito

    Oscar BarbeitoPred dnevom

    By the way, Jimmy is not playing great, so stop with this nonsense...

  97. Oscar Barbeito

    Oscar BarbeitoPred dnevom

    He gave Jimmy G because he converted that pick into 10 picks...

  98. knytrix

    knytrixPred dnevom

    I feel bad that Cowherd has CTE without having been paid for it.

  99. Chris Manhoff

    Chris ManhoffPred dnevom

    Charles Barkley: over 22 points and almost 12 rebounds per game for 16 years. 11 All-Star teams, 6 1st team all-NBA. He is hall of famer for his on court accomplishments.

  100. R. William Comm

    R. William CommPred dnevom

    It’s good that the Super Bowl QBs this year are both under the age of 40. In fact both under the age of 30.