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  1. Anthony Holliday

    Anthony HollidayPred 36 minutami

    I didn't catch the Josh Allen part

  2. Michael Prill

    Michael PrillPred 37 minutami

    So utah has beaten and rank team in the pack 12 utah vs arizona state was 17 when Utah was 13 put that in the resume

  3. rudy rush

    rudy rushPred 39 minutami

    I have news for you josh allen is gonna get PLANTED, and Cole Beasley and John Brown are gonna get MUGGED. 37-21 Baltimore

  4. debbie rich

    debbie richPred 44 minutami

    You was never half the athlete Tebow was. Dude was a all time great. Nobody wants to hear about Colin's high school Glory days. Quit hating and show respect to the greats of college and pro.

  5. theARK designs

    theARK designsPred 44 minutami

    Dallas was done 2 weeks ago. They aren't playing for the Star on their helmet and they sure ain't playing for each other. It's what happens when some get big contracts and haven't done anything to earn it. I feel bad for Dak. I think hes.dealing with a bunch of divas who got their money and don't respect Dak cuz he hasn't gotten his.

  6. Tyler Prince

    Tyler PrincePred 48 minutami

    Why isn't he adding Mahomes in that conversation? He played basketball and baseball but more importantly basketball, look up videos of him playing, dude can ball, he's a very good athlete

  7. Lucas Perfetti

    Lucas PerfettiPred 53 minutami

    Trim your eyebrows a little more

  8. Mackenzie Flournoy

    Mackenzie FlournoyPred 56 minutami

    Operation: Cam to the Browns needs to begin

  9. Armando Rodriguez

    Armando RodriguezPred 57 minutami

    Honestly, Jerry Jones should sell the team. As a owner, he sucks. He doesn’t care about the fans. He only care about making money. I feel bad for the fans for putting with Jerry Jones bad management.

  10. J.

    J.Pred uro

    They said mobile qbs were the future when Vick was young, were wrong, they said it when cam started, were wrong again, now they're saying it because of Lamar.

  11. Kevin Dondrea

    Kevin DondreaPred uro

    Pittsburgh did start it and then chased Myles Garret. If this was on the street, Rudolph would be in court for assault, not Myles Garret would be cleared of all charges for Self Defense. There is a lot of proof of how many players the Steelers have put in the hospital.

  12. Swishactions

    SwishactionsPred uro

    If Georgia wins I wonder how the media will spin it

  13. Dan Rode

    Dan RodePred uro

    The Cowchip program. For boys 8-13 years old. Puerile...

  14. Dan Rode

    Dan RodePred uro

    The Cowchip show. For boys 8-13 years old. Puerile...

  15. peace van 5000

    peace van 5000Pred uro

    look I'm not wishing this on him in anyway but WATCH. when Jerry Jones passes away the cowboys will start becoming a good team again. not that they don't have talent but with jerry's restraint over the team they are limited.

  16. Mackenzie Flournoy

    Mackenzie FlournoyPred uro

    Am I the only one high on Buffalo. Like they've looked good at times this year, could still win the division. Like buffalo could surprise come playoff time

  17. Ryan ???

    Ryan ???Pred uro

    Trubisky > Dak

  18. Wandy Wexler Weslon

    Wandy Wexler WeslonPred uro

    Veganism does not make you healthier, the study was skewed to only measure meat eaters who have unhealthy lifestyles and vegans who are very health conscious. There are dozens of nutrients you can only get from meat,

  19. Ed Neg

    Ed NegPred uro


  20. O G

    O GPred 2 urami

    Daniel Jones looks almost exactly like Eli

  21. mwg911hk

    mwg911hkPred 2 urami

    If the Pat's were 2-10 , all the convos being had would make sense. They're 10 and 2. 2 losses! The season isn't over. Everyone forgot they won the Superbowl last year!

  22. Connor Jones

    Connor JonesPred 2 urami

    I think he was wrong

  23. ßøi •

    ßøi •Pred 2 urami


  24. David Wight

    David WightPred 2 urami

    There is not one mobile qb that has had success year after year, they have one or two good years but they always get hurt or figured out. One day a team will figure Lamar out and it will be over because Lamar will push harder for first down and will get hurt.

  25. Shlomo Feuer

    Shlomo FeuerPred 2 urami

    Jackson runs, he gets hit, he gets a leg injury, he slows down and becomes average. They then sing how pocket quarterback is the way.

  26. ThatguyNice

    ThatguyNicePred 2 urami

    We remember the 1st thing you said, Colin: Lamar Jackson is Tim Tebow & can't play QB in the NFL. We recall you were the loudest critic out in front with pitchfork & torch. You were clueless. Keep that same intensity.

  27. Zack Jalamani

    Zack JalamaniPred 2 urami

    Justin Fields of Ohio State has exact number of TDs (47) as Burrow, with only 1 interception, and he achieved that EFFICIENTLY with half the number of attempts in passing (by comparison to Burrow), and by playing FAR LESS time than Burrow [in most games, only one half of games], so why on earth would so many White "analysts" for ESPN and others claim that Burrow will win the Heisman for sure!!! Is that because Burrow is their last White hope against those Blacks who win it more often lately?! (I am White)

  28. Zack Jalamani

    Zack JalamaniPred 2 urami

    Justin Fields of Ohio State has exact number of TDs (47) as Burrow, with only 1 interception, and he achieved that EFFICIENTLY with half the number of attempts in passing (by comparison to Burrow), and by playing FAR LESS time than Burrow [in most games, only one half of games], so why on earth would so many White "analysts" for ESPN and others claim that Burrow will win the Heisman for sure!!! Is that because Burrow is their last White hope against those Blacks who win it more often lately?! (I am White)

  29. Zach Raimy

    Zach RaimyPred 2 urami

    He forgot about Kyler Murrray

  30. MindsOfConflict MOC

    MindsOfConflict MOCPred 2 urami

    Auburn beat Alabama if it means anything to you

  31. LaTrone Latham

    LaTrone LathamPred 2 urami


  32. big dawg O Town

    big dawg O TownPred 2 urami

    Kmart be hating on my utes because he know we gonna upset some heads if we get in , like coward said ,we produce pros in every position except LB. UTES are for real yall better recognize and realize!

  33. Steven Blyth

    Steven BlythPred 2 urami

    Mark Schlereth is the man! He knows his stuff big time and well spoken.

  34. Kenn Perry

    Kenn PerryPred 2 urami

    This was a great exchange. Love how they both just assume that OU will beat baylor and that Utah will beat Oregon. Gonna be a fun weekend. Sic'em Bears.

  35. KJC Films

    KJC FilmsPred 2 urami


  36. Mike Chan

    Mike ChanPred 3 urami

    Lamar is a fad the moment he gets hit and has to miss time because he’s injured. As for his passing, so far so good, but they’re always playing from ahead. What happens when they’re playing from behind and everyone knows they’re going to throw?

  37. Brandon Ayers

    Brandon AyersPred 3 urami

    Your were so wrong lol. Chicago Bears will win the Super Bowl this season! Watch......

  38. RoNīN GaījīN

    RoNīN GaījīNPred 3 urami

    You have hot tub teams and you have ice tub teams. Dallas is hot tub, if allowed to do what's comfortable they'll do it. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Buffalo are ice tub teams. They do what's necessary even if it's uncomfortable in order to win.

  39. court6613

    court6613Pred 3 urami

    Wrong again dork....

  40. castricv

    castricvPred 3 urami

    After all these years, herd isnt unpleasant but he is the quintessential bubble liberal. He sees only through tinted glass of gated communities and white mocha drinking progressive friends with money. And not any money, mostly daddy money. His groveling to certain people and issues on his shoes is offputting but utterly predictable

  41. Tara Chettri

    Tara ChettriPred 3 urami

    You should put American on headline

  42. Franco Barrera

    Franco BarreraPred 3 urami

    This show should be called "The Herd with Joel Klatt."

  43. Sweet Willy

    Sweet WillyPred 3 urami

    Bears Win and MT lit it up

  44. james brennan

    james brennanPred 3 urami

    In defense of the bears we have no cap room and we replaced our defensive players we lost with very good players

  45. Gabriel Medina

    Gabriel MedinaPred 3 urami

    Lol.cowboys are a joke😂😂😂😂😂👈

  46. Rico The Beast

    Rico The BeastPred 3 urami

    I 100% agree with Colin here. Rivera going to the Giants seems like a match made in heaven, he can create a Giants defense that is feared again.

  47. I have an attitude

    I have an attitudePred 3 urami

    Collin the clown. Bears beat down the cowboys

  48. BJ Young

    BJ YoungPred 3 urami


  49. The1bangladesh1

    The1bangladesh1Pred 3 urami

    Colin, do you punish your son because of your crime? Well, he is a cowherd!

  50. Jakub Szylak

    Jakub SzylakPred 3 urami


  51. Zech Merquise

    Zech MerquisePred 3 urami

    Trubisky destroyed the Cowboys!!! 4 TDs. Dak only got stats during garbage time.

  52. Wolfgang Kemp

    Wolfgang KempPred 4 urami

    Chicago wins by a touchdown lmfao

  53. Michael Fowler

    Michael FowlerPred 4 urami

    How is Colin going to mention Vic Fangio 100 times in his opening? Broncos are 4-8

  54. Chris Reuter

    Chris ReuterPred 4 urami

    Where Collin in wrong........ somewhere in the middle of his lineup is the best qb, crazy mobile qb are great. And how do they start off. They are great, can throw, run and really catch the defense off guard, thennn year two or three or 4 this this happens. They lose a half of a step, then they can’t rely on their feet as much anymore, so they have to throw it a little more, and that is not Jackson’s problem, what is jackson’s problem is for the last few years he has been semi learning how to run an offense off of his feet, well now he can’t do that anymore so there is the problem. See the qb position mostly based off of brain power. Then arms strength then athletic ability. Not the other way around. Longevity in this league is brain. Not feet for the qb position. Sure, will you have a chance to win one Super Bowl, yes. But that’s it. Wilson and Brady are still and always will be the future of this league. One is slightly smarter than the other with less mobility and the other is slightly more mobile than the other but not as smart. Both work but it’s as close to a 50 50 split as possible. Seee the natural thing to do is if you are crazy athletic, regardless of if you are a knowledgeable person or not, is to never have to think because your body is so gifted you don’t have to, and when you do have to start thinking because your body is slowing down a touch then it’s to late to be a professional, it’s just over.

  55. Steve Clark

    Steve ClarkPred 4 urami

    Colin looks like brady and Mr Rodgers made a baby

  56. ComicFanDan

    ComicFanDanPred 4 urami

    ACC - Clemson B1G - Ohio State Big 12 - Oklahoma Pac 12 - Oregon SEC - LSU

  57. Dylan E

    Dylan EPred 4 urami

    "Utah is getting in over Oklahoma, they're the better team"...... "Utah will not beat Oregon by a touchdown"

  58. TexasKing100

    TexasKing100Pred 4 urami

    No PAC 12 team should ever be in the CFP lmao, if Utah makes it over OU/Baylor, the entire thing is a joke

  59. Luis Herrera

    Luis HerreraPred 4 urami

    Atlanta falcons are extremely talented. Dan Quinn just blows.

  60. Just my BS

    Just my BSPred 4 urami

    Love you Tom, but Bill does not have your best interest at heart. There are teams that would build there team around you. Bill would be a has been in this league if it were not for you. I’m old school Patriots, worked with George and Donny, old school when the equipment room was like 12x12 lol, I was there when my Ron brought in Dante, and as fans we thought was it great, but not until you showed up Tom that it became great. They should rename the the place “ Brady Stadium “ your talent sold the tickets to build it. Remember the dump you first played in New England? Thank you Tom , as a fan I love and respect you and I can completely stand behind you .

  61. Cory Kacher

    Cory KacherPred 4 urami

    Low scoring wrong, Dak playing well wrong, Cowboys winning wrong. Colin is such a bust haha

  62. mazzvidz

    mazzvidzPred 4 urami

    Lamar Jackson is one hit away from being the next RG3

  63. Ethan Novick

    Ethan NovickPred 4 urami

    Colin’s lesson in microeconomics

  64. Tyler Murphree

    Tyler MurphreePred 4 urami

    1. Sec 2. Or 3 big ten or pac 12 then big 12 and acc

  65. JT Rogers

    JT RogersPred 4 urami

    Georgia isn’t guaranteed to lose to LSU. It ain’t gonna be a blowout

  66. Dominic Kowalczyk

    Dominic KowalczykPred 4 urami

    What if OU and Utah lose and Georgia loses. Who's in then?

  67. Alex Chan

    Alex ChanPred 4 urami

    I'm pretty sure Colin thought Josh Rosen should have been the #1 pick 2 years ago too.

  68. Hase1072

    Hase1072Pred 5 urami

    Oof, something tells me Collin doesnt watch bowl games. Big 12 has been alright in bowl games the last couple years. Higher win percentage than the SEC the last 3 seasons

  69. Zach Latimer

    Zach LatimerPred 5 urami

    We don't need another Notre Dame(Utah) like team in the college football playoffs.

  70. Anthony Slazas

    Anthony SlazasPred 5 urami

    Colin we where right ip against the cap. The season isn't over yet. Gak will never be a franchise QB i hope Jerry pay him 40 million a year thus ensuring Dallas will suck for the next 20 years.

  71. Cameron McWilliams

    Cameron McWilliamsPred 5 urami

    Straight to the comments after that one wife jab 😯😂

  72. BarZ ZarZ

    BarZ ZarZPred 5 urami

    When lebron make a 2 shot he misssed.. But rey allen there rey allen make a hero not lebron..

  73. BarZ ZarZ

    BarZ ZarZPred 5 urami


  74. Shwaaayze Waters

    Shwaaayze WatersPred 5 urami

    My guy Marcellus! Hope to see him on here more often

  75. Jello Dumlao

    Jello DumlaoPred 5 urami

    Football play for 5 secs..standing around for 5 fluidity, no continuity, no finesse..its just constant pushing, headbanging,knocking people down..

  76. Mad Mots

    Mad MotsPred 6 urami

    Now Lamar looking at becoming the MVP.......hey Colin where's Chosen???

  77. James Paolini

    James PaoliniPred 6 urami

    Colin does not know nothing about nutrition meat is the most nutrition food pound for pound on the planet more than any vegetable or fruit do your research buddy or maybe just stick to your sports


    BRAVEHEARTS CPred 6 urami

    Man he hates CAM ... LOL

  79. Spencer David Hubler

    Spencer David HublerPred 6 urami

    I really don't understand the parameters. one moment its about merit next its about antics. Gronk above manning?

  80. Aleks M

    Aleks MPred 6 urami

    This guy is prob Katie nolan's father lol idk I see some resemblance between them.

  81. Marcus Dandaneau

    Marcus DandaneauPred 6 urami

    You're a sharp troop Colin. I knew that the first time I heard you on the radio back in the 90s? Dang! Anyway, it was a super long time ago. I agree with you almost always because you're almost always right; sometimes beyond right, if that's possible? On this segment, I especially agree with you about The NYG Ownership; spot on. They are one of the classiest franchises in any and all sports worldwide. I'm a fan of them without actually being a fan of them because sometimes they're just perfect and deserve admiration. Does that make any sense? Big Rock From Space

  82. Giants/Mets/Blazers

    Giants/Mets/BlazersPred 6 urami

    Oklahoma is about to slide into that 4th spot. Georgia is going to lose to LSU and that 2nd loss will seal their fate. If not Oklahoma than UTAH if they win out. This will be interesting.

  83. Peter Karel Kraus

    Peter Karel KrausPred 6 urami

    Brady will be there no less than 2 more years. Stidham isn't much. Brady has a lot of deferred $ coming later. It wasn't a total pay cut.

  84. CJ Fish Tales

    CJ Fish TalesPred 6 urami

    I agree, mobile QBs are the current direction. It doesn't mean it's not a fad. My guess is that as the injuries pile up as fast as the dollars paid for highly athletic QBs. The trend will change again. Remember, for every LJ, there are 4 super athletic defenders entering the league. So unless you go to flag football. Those QBs are really just targets. The change in offensive style is simply a result of rules that protect the quarterback.

  85. kbond2007

    kbond2007Pred 6 urami

    Cowherd just got bitchslapped running his

  86. Scott Snow

    Scott SnowPred 6 urami

    Says Joe Burrow is number 1 in virtually everything. Checks virtually everything. I seem to be finding the name Anthony Gordon above Joe Burrow hmm. Might want to check the facts Cowherd

  87. Joseph Camilletti

    Joseph CamillettiPred 6 urami

    Go Dawgs

  88. Big Travis

    Big TravisPred 6 urami

    Colin - athleticism is not a “FAD” in the NFL

  89. Elisha J Cramer

    Elisha J CramerPred 6 urami

    Looking at it in depth, no.

  90. Wendell Olden

    Wendell OldenPred 6 urami

    Colin just doesn’t like the Big 12 or OU. Utah hasn’t played a ranked team.

  91. Daddy Goose

    Daddy GoosePred 6 urami

    Sam darnold more athletic than Baker 😂😂😂

  92. jim wurtsmith

    jim wurtsmithPred 6 urami

    God, Wiley sucks.

  93. emmanuel broussard

    emmanuel broussardPred 6 urami

    Asu wasn’t rank Colin

  94. iToMiToMi

    iToMiToMiPred 6 urami

    These guys love to down the Dawgs and then turnaround and compare their faves to UGA.

  95. Shadow Sayer

    Shadow SayerPred 6 urami

    What is Joel Klatt smoking? Oklahoma does not have a "much better resume" than Utah. Their strength of schedule is about the same, Utah's loss is to a ranked team, Oklahoma's is not, and Utah has more wins against teams with winning records. 10 of Utah's 11 wins are blowouts (by 18 points or more), whereas Oklahoma has squeaked by against mediocre teams.

  96. Absurd Camus

    Absurd CamusPred 6 urami

    Colin “LSU is hot” Cowherd

  97. Dhoopster

    DhoopsterPred 7 urami

    The Big XII game could have the most implications given he sees Oregon winning and Georgia losing, the winner of Baylor OU would sneak the last spot. And he didn’t even touch on that game 😴😴

  98. The Franchise

    The FranchisePred 7 urami

    Nobody wants to see Utah. They’d lose by 40 to Ohio

  99. Muoyrico9

    Muoyrico9Pred 7 urami

    John - Lamar Jim- Colin

  100. A O1557

    A O1557Pred 7 urami

    Dak to the Panthers 👀...