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Holo everyone, it's me Cristine. I'm not like other nail art channels.
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Thank you

Pred 4 meseci

I did something to my hair
  1. Vi’s Random Channel

    Vi’s Random ChannelPred 5 minutami

    I need ALL of the Holo Taco polishes in my life (I don't have ANY) but I don't think my parents will buy me nail polish for Christmas ;~;

  2. Isabella Guerra

    Isabella GuerraPred 5 minutami

    2:23 you didn’t say glossy taco:(

  3. Wolf_ _Cookie

    Wolf_ _CookiePred 12 minutami

    What I got on my last test was a 90

  4. JJ Dearman

    JJ DearmanPred 13 minutami

    10:21 Tati be flipping us off

  5. kim_ch

    kim_chPred 13 minutami

    most succulents reproduce vegetatively. So you can grow a lot of tiny succulents from one momma succulent plant. Depending on the plant, you can even get 1-tons of baby succulents just off of the leaves :^)

  6. Ruby Johns

    Ruby JohnsPred 14 minutami


  7. Gennavieve Hope Herd

    Gennavieve Hope HerdPred 19 minutami

    Every thing is rong with ME

  8. Sabrina C

    Sabrina CPred 19 minutami

    will you be making gel polish soon?? i cannot wear regular polish but LOVE play rose and would love for it to become a gel formula!!

  9. purple mushroom

    purple mushroomPred 20 minutami

    I've kinda taken the "I fucking hate sports, I'd rather jump off a cliff then go to gym class" thing a bit too far. In gym I run away from the balls. I hate balls, I dont touch them. I'm lesbian.

  10. Madison Barbara

    Madison BarbaraPred 23 minutami

    Who is watching this video over and over again lol

  11. Jaden Heath

    Jaden HeathPred 24 minutami

    My lil sis: *walking in and hears Christen singing* ????? Christen: *singing,* "Volume 1 coming out soon" My lil sis: "Oh pls no...No...NO...NOOO...NOOOOOOOOO" Me: uhh excuse me!!🤨

  12. Katherine Daviu

    Katherine DaviuPred 24 minutami

    Bring. Him. Back!!

  13. Twigpalm -

    Twigpalm -Pred 25 minutami

    Ben leading videos that include Cristine is akin to an indirect and nervous dad trying to control and at the same time fit in with his rebellious and insane toddler

  14. Regina Hayes

    Regina HayesPred 26 minutami

    Normal stores: blue lace crop top Wish: blue fabric lace short shirt comfy shirt organic blue cloth shirt crop top blue short cloth Lacey woman's bra shirt blue cloth

  15. Keziah Griffiths

    Keziah GriffithsPred 26 minutami

    I'm subscribed. And commented. Now we just need her dead... hehe

  16. Journay Woods

    Journay WoodsPred 27 minutami

    Ayer she said “ThEy GoT aDdS” an add came on lmao

  17. Jodie Whyte

    Jodie WhytePred 27 minutami

    Your dad is brilliant 😂

  18. annistyn warner

    annistyn warnerPred 29 minutami

    Omg I love you

  19. Bélynda Maniez

    Bélynda ManiezPred 35 minutami

    Hearing Ben brushing Cristine's hair is still painful, that was so harsh x')

  20. Madison Gross

    Madison GrossPred 36 minutami

    I have eczema too! It sucks 😂

  21. purple mushroom

    purple mushroomPred 37 minutami

    You know what they say If you dont like the game Ask to go to the the bathroom, and never come back.

  22. Moonlighter Galaxy gacha

    Moonlighter Galaxy gachaPred 41 minuto

    0:00 this part so wha- Me: so what you do on the weekend you know blowed bubbles threw my nails Her:so what you do on the weekend you know blowed bubbles threw my nails you know it was fun Me: almost got it..

  23. Dominic Gibson

    Dominic GibsonPred 42 minutami

    Lol you’re funny

  24. Inspired by

    Inspired byPred 43 minutami

    Warum liegt hier überhaupt Stroh rum?

  25. Giana Morgan

    Giana MorganPred 44 minutami

    Go to 16:25

  26. Cookiesarethebest_ay Cookies

    Cookiesarethebest_ay CookiesPred 44 minutami

    My mom came into my bedroom and said “I GOT U HOLO LIPGLOSS” I was like “OK YAY” she gives me PEARLESCENT LIPGLOSS, PEARLESCENT!!!!! I was like oh, oH GOSH NO!!! I was like “NO, NOO IM CALLING THE HOLO POLICE”!!! -dials holoisamazing-

  27. Earth kun Rules

    Earth kun RulesPred 46 minutami

    I would make tea and mac and cheese flavored nail polish

  28. kawaii pudding studios

    kawaii pudding studiosPred 46 minutami

    Simply technological

  29. Elizabeth Flynn

    Elizabeth FlynnPred 49 minutami

    Just noticed Sophia mentioned doing this on Feb 22 2018 in her re creation of your "rain drop" nail art!! I hope friends like you guys talk about that kinda stuff. Cause ik I'd be annoyed if I mentioned it then it was done by someone else ya know. I mean with strangers that's the name of the game but friends should be considerate of and love eachother!! ❣

  30. Serenity Caples

    Serenity CaplesPred 53 minutami

    Your so good at nails you should do other peoples nails for money

  31. Jennifer Jimenez

    Jennifer JimenezPred 55 minutami

    Country make your own company and meet them

  32. Vlogs By Addi

    Vlogs By AddiPred 56 minutami

    Omg today my nail broke lol. Icame home from school and was like “simply naillogical has a fixing my nail video” this has halved me lol

  33. Jenni Marie

    Jenni MariePred 57 minutami

    We need lessons from simply tealogical because idk the difference between teas

  34. Reagun Dragon

    Reagun DragonPred uro

    It's not holo but it's called holo 🤔hmmmmmmmmm

  35. Serenity_The _Ice

    Serenity_The _IcePred uro

    Why dose she look like a the popular first grader ??! 😂🤣 lol

  36. maggie gallup

    maggie gallupPred uro

    Cristine: Why i left buzz feed Nobody: Not one single person: Me: SAFIYAAAAAAAA

  37. Olivia Trottier

    Olivia TrottierPred uro

    I bought some holo and a peel off base coat

  38. Jaelynn Mejia

    Jaelynn MejiaPred uro

    Cristine: whats tea backwards? E-A-T eat. Me:Tea is A-E-T Lol

  39. L M

    L MPred uro

    I see you Ben with the "Miss Jackson" reference lol

  40. Creamy Crap

    Creamy CrapPred uro

    Its 2019 so many years have passed

  41. dopple gamer

    dopple gamerPred uro

    Well, I disagree with what Ben said about how the new system will show/expose how many youtubers are "Only doing it for the money" since a lot of people have this as their primary and only job so if they left youtube after recieving no money (or even the threat of being sued) it would make alot of sense.

  42. GingerSav

    GingerSavPred uro

    Let’s make a new Trend unicorn contour unicorn contiur is a thing

  43. Savannah Carrizales

    Savannah CarrizalesPred uro

    i know im a kid but i love your videos

  44. Leilani Pollack

    Leilani PollackPred uro

    Happy birthday Beeeeeyyyyyyyynana

  45. Daniel Jones

    Daniel JonesPred uro

    I just got mine 😍💿

  46. Itz_ Potatoes_

    Itz_ Potatoes_Pred uro

    Im writing it on my Christmas list


    A&CFOREVERPred uro

    She should do polish mountain with her NAIL POLISH!!!!

  48. Yasmine Tamayo

    Yasmine TamayoPred uro


  49. Realeigh Wyrick

    Realeigh WyrickPred uro

    Your the reason when I watch cooking videos and they put stuff in the oven I always say “bake that shit for minute”

  50. Abigail Lockhart

    Abigail LockhartPred uro

    I got an ad right as she said “when you guys get a ad”

  51. Alex

    AlexPred uro

    I am so glad you said all the things that just need to be said more. And also that this video is as hilarious as it is and you are an amazing couple goals.

  52. Gary Greenwood

    Gary GreenwoodPred uro

    I watch Liza koshy and Brent Rivera just ripped off her scene with useless school hacks like simply’s

  53. Brianna Green

    Brianna GreenPred uro

    Subscribed already but here from the trending page

  54. Ana Azpurua

    Ana AzpuruaPred uro

    8:07 yA rEAdY?

  55. Ellie Wat-Han

    Ellie Wat-HanPred uro

    Guy- “are you CLEANING your fuc*king nails” Me- “CLEANING!!!”

  56. Bunsley T.

    Bunsley T.Pred uro

    That red 😍

  57. Sarah Nash

    Sarah NashPred uro

    It’s funny how we never see the light on anymore, or at least I’m too blind to see them

  58. Pigeon Keeper

    Pigeon KeeperPred uro

    The spoon one is just a remake of that one vine

  59. Jaylyn Touchton

    Jaylyn TouchtonPred uro


  60. Rosanne Nichols

    Rosanne NicholsPred uro

    I’m in primary school......... and I’m going to ski in Japan I’ve been skiing since I three

  61. Chanel Anderson

    Chanel AndersonPred uro

    200000000000000000000000000/10 ;>

  62. AS - 07SC - Allan Drive MS (1468)

    AS - 07SC - Allan Drive MS (1468)Pred uro

    thank you beyyyn

  63. Red LOVE

    Red LOVEPred uro

    Ayyy I’m a libra

  64. Gatcha ellz

    Gatcha ellzPred uro

    Zyler: picks holo Christine: that's my boy Menchie: picks pink Christine: DISAPPOINTED

  65. kim_ch

    kim_chPred uro

    ok but what about gel this time around