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It's Time To Move On...
The Search For Our New Pet


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Pred 11 meseci

#AskEthanAndGrayson 4


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Bye For Now

Bye For Now

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Types Of Fans

Types Of Fans

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Bloopers 2017 !

Bloopers 2017 !

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  1. Anleo Swanepoel

    Anleo SwanepoelPred 10 sekundami

    Omwww lovedd this videooo sooo muchhh

  2. ARI’s World

    ARI’s WorldPred 5 minutami

    thumbs up 👍 if you agree

  3. Katie

    KatiePred 12 minutami

    You still have to drive it back lol

  4. Gaming Apple

    Gaming ApplePred 13 minutami

    That wink of Grayson was so cute I like Grayson's diss track better

  5. jesselynhyori gracia

    jesselynhyori graciaPred 19 minutami

    Is Jefree a guy omg

  6. Sneha Chaudhary

    Sneha ChaudharyPred 20 minutami

    I'm again watching this video a year later and it still cracks me up how Ethan was talking about something really deep and james was just stabbing his burger 😂

  7. Mr.NightMares

    Mr.NightMaresPred 23 minutami


  8. HY

    HYPred 23 minutami

    In many views it seems like they are three instead of two.

  9. Alysa McKinney

    Alysa McKinneyPred 25 minutami

    I'm Triphobic too. The begining of the was hell for me.

  10. small hope

    small hopePred 31 minuto

    Im so happy for u. U look so happy about this serie and u enjoy doing them and that's the best thing ever

  11. Ellora Fisher

    Ellora FisherPred 33 minutami

    5 days is not a week Comment down delow

  12. Aliyah A

    Aliyah APred 39 minutami

    Well they did everything AGAIN going back home

  13. kyloniii

    kyloniiiPred 42 minutami

    its weird that's its december 13th as im watching this for the 100th time and this was uploaded on december 13th 2 years ago 🤣

  14. chir Ag

    chir AgPred 42 minutami

    go to coachella on this van

  15. Olivia E

    Olivia EPred 47 minutami

    Graysons so deep in the vegan trend that he called it a vegan apple like there’s any type of apple that isn’t fuckin “vegan”😂

  16. Clavor

    ClavorPred 49 minutami

    How does it feel that one of you was unplanned or unwanted 🤔

  17. MOJANG Madness

    MOJANG MadnessPred 54 minutami

    Do people do her makeup???

  18. Galaxy S4

    Galaxy S4Pred 56 minutami

    Why don't you post helpful videos to people? why don't stop publishing trivial videos?

  19. Miranda Tweeton

    Miranda TweetonPred uro

    Jeffree is me! No eyebrows and eating Taco Bell all the time 😂

  20. daniel seavey's apple juice

    daniel seavey's apple juicePred uro

    Kyle iz hot😍

  21. Sindi Andersen

    Sindi AndersenPred uro

    Grayson: "Did you fix something? Dude, that's my little boy! Good job E!" I mean... he was the one who broke it but you know- gotta give credit for that one time he does something right or else he won't be trained xD

  22. Anna Wyman

    Anna WymanPred uro

    “Look at those nips” Ethan “There hard bro” Grayson Me “🤩” 😂😂

  23. Yumna Joia

    Yumna JoiaPred uro

    Idk why I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Gamal Ahmed

    Gamal AhmedPred uro


  25. Shyla Kinsey

    Shyla KinseyPred uro

    I live an hour away from Nashville, come see mee

  26. Dark Sparrow

    Dark SparrowPred uro

    8:45 i dont know anything about cameras but holy hell they have damn good camera

  27. Sama Nik

    Sama NikPred uro

    Omgggģg im just laughing so bad oh my godddddd😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  28. Sebastian Kelar

    Sebastian KelarPred uro

    you shouldn't shower every day. Its not heathly

  29. Just Amelleke

    Just AmellekePred uro

    0:52 look at grays face😂😂😍LMAOOO

  30. Gemma Hayes

    Gemma HayesPred uro

    Honestly I think you guys should design the van to make it really Christmassy better than James Charles house 🐝🎄

  31. Ella Overton

    Ella OvertonPred uro

    Can we get a R.I.P. in the chat for Nolan

  32. yeah whatever

    yeah whateverPred uro

    Yep i might be in love with grayson

  33. xJoSiEx yEeT

    xJoSiEx yEeTPred uro

    ethan looks so pale poor baby 😔😢

  34. Cara_mel Koala

    Cara_mel KoalaPred uro

    This is the weirdest, funniest sh”t 😂🤣

  35. Azfar shafiq

    Azfar shafiqPred uro

    Kenzie's face was so tomato red

  36. BTS{Beyond The Scene]

    BTS{Beyond The Scene]Pred uro

    I dont rally care i just cone to the comments and like everything😂

  37. Maria Radovic

    Maria RadovicPred uro

    02:58 cotlet my*self* That voiceeee❤️❤️

  38. Klara Kosaber

    Klara KosaberPred uro

    No one: Grayson: I got this vegan apple.

  39. Abby Martinez

    Abby MartinezPred uro

    Y'all went to kansas thats the first time any famous person who is bot a country singer has ever ben here! YAY!!!

  40. Aoife _Sksks

    Aoife _SksksPred uro

    Grayson snoring is the cutest💕😂

  41. Gabriella Herlin

    Gabriella HerlinPred uro

    That zoom though

  42. It’s Anni

    It’s AnniPred uro

    Stop smacking mom 🤣🤣🤣

  43. QueenKhiza Kaur

    QueenKhiza KaurPred 2 urami

    There reactions were sooooo cute when they arrived in New Jersey


    JASMINEPred 2 urami

    I honestly don't watch your channel at all, but I love tiny homes and I've watched every episode of this, I love it

  45. Sara Cheek

    Sara CheekPred 2 urami

    Grayson and Ethan you guys should come to North Carolina and meet me because I have been a fan for 6 years and I have met you guys yet but I really want to love Sara I love you both

  46. Maria Radovic

    Maria RadovicPred 2 urami

    10:43 even though Grayson woke him up early .. He still cares🥺❤️

  47. Ashton White

    Ashton WhitePred 2 urami

    You could’ve went around the wall dumb dumbs

  48. Cara_mel Koala

    Cara_mel KoalaPred 2 urami

    It’s freaking me out how they are IDENTICAL!!! Especially when they were eating and baking!!!

  49. nur salsabila

    nur salsabilaPred 2 urami

    almost forgot this video exist and loving it always <3

  50. Adam Playz 8000

    Adam Playz 8000Pred 2 urami

    Me and grayson have soooo much in common he loves making building stuff I love it to he likes tiny modern or cute houses me too I'm 11 years old and I love grayson and ethan

  51. Kim jin Chow

    Kim jin ChowPred 2 urami


  52. Anna Danek

    Anna DanekPred 2 urami

    16:53: That was a funny joke don’t you think Gray? No? Ok..

  53. Ali Kan

    Ali KanPred 2 urami

    Which twin do you like more

  54. Erin Marie94

    Erin Marie94Pred 2 urami

    Anyone else annoyed by the male employee? His comments were annoying.

  55. Anna Englert

    Anna EnglertPred 2 urami

    Always be who you are take the time you need don’t worry about posting all the time you don’t need to. Be happy and live your life.

  56. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhPred 2 urami

    “Why is it red?” “It’s poisonous” “I don’t see it” BOI IF YOU CANT SEE IT HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT COLOR IT IS I’m sorry no hate I love you two

  57. Loren Edwards

    Loren EdwardsPred 2 urami

    nashville weather bipolar😂😂there was no snow strom i wish yall could’ve came

  58. Dayah DM

    Dayah DMPred 2 urami

    Tbh, I’m glad that the change did them good. Their videos feel genuine and natural.

  59. Just me

    Just mePred 2 urami

    That cute smile 😊 33:42

  60. kylie bobo

    kylie boboPred 2 urami

    I just realized that bracelet Grayson maid the earring out of was his wakeheart bracelet that come with his perfume

  61. Jacqueline Chalmers

    Jacqueline ChalmersPred 3 urami

    Kyle low key looks like hair Jordan

  62. Alessandra Horjus

    Alessandra HorjusPred 3 urami

    i fking love you guys I really hope you guys are feeling better everyday!!!

  63. csjMH

    csjMHPred 3 urami

    I am proud of you both for seeing what is/was happening en taking action to solve it :-)

  64. Angela Lakic

    Angela LakicPred 3 urami

    I’m not Russian yet I still understood the Russian phrase before they translated it😂

  65. E G

    E GPred 3 urami

    Lmao this is what started their pedicures now

  66. Abbie Connor

    Abbie ConnorPred 3 urami

    Pleas3 do another vlog on your way home

  67. Cara_mel Koala

    Cara_mel KoalaPred 3 urami

    16:00 Bro I wanna dance I wanna swivel them hips .... continues dancing with arm in the air 😂🤣😂..... even better... Grayson posing and laughing like a girl.... I died 😂😂

  68. Sugar Kisses

    Sugar KissesPred 3 urami

    *hats get blown away* Me: *pOoR hAT*

  69. Big Rat

    Big RatPred 3 urami

    A *coconut getter*

  70. Jasia G

    Jasia GPred 3 urami

    If i got to sit next to the Dolan Twins at a VL fashion show my life would be complete!

  71. Dimas Egamalindo

    Dimas EgamalindoPred 3 urami

    1:59 Lmao

  72. Abir Sen

    Abir SenPred 3 urami


  73. Reezz G

    Reezz GPred 4 urami


  74. Ebony

    EbonyPred 4 urami

    USA: takes 1 day 15h to get to the other side of the USA. Australia: takes 1 day 15h to drive to one state and about 3 days to get atleast to a little more than half way across.

  75. Hawaii _ Paradise

    Hawaii _ ParadisePred 4 urami

    thats a lot of vomit, like i've nvr seen that much vomit

  76. mercy charles

    mercy charlesPred 4 urami

    no way they are 19

  77. Chetan Suvarna

    Chetan SuvarnaPred 4 urami

    he said nov 9 and this video published on dec 9 and my birthdays on nov 9

  78. Lucky Tsele

    Lucky TselePred 4 urami

    she's too cute 💖💖💖😂

  79. Lzzy Anderson

    Lzzy AndersonPred 4 urami

    My husband and I live in Minnesota and drove to Colorado. It was a 15 hour drive for us and we did that in one trip (he drove the entire way)



    Awesome video production, I love it to much !!! One-in-a-million part is 1:20. *I uploaded first video, Please check it out and say what you think* 💘 💛 ❤

  81. Corey Young

    Corey YoungPred 5 urami

    OMG you 2 are literally the cutest twins I have ever seen! I am so glad that you are making these memories together!

  82. sad potato ;-;

    sad potato ;-;Pred 5 urami

    wow its ethan waking up grayson this time

  83. I!I! !I!i

    I!I! !I!iPred 5 urami

    Vsco girls: hYdRoFlAsK SaVe ThE TuRtLeS Grayson: throws hydroflask into the fire 🔥

  84. FLR Films

    FLR FilmsPred 5 urami

    skunk boi

  85. Morgan Renee

    Morgan ReneePred 5 urami

    You guys picked the worst month to do an across the country road trip lol

  86. hannah lucas

    hannah lucasPred 5 urami


  87. 9 Lives

    9 LivesPred 5 urami

    I'm confused why is the studio just a big empty store room?

  88. Blake Everingham

    Blake EveringhamPred 5 urami

    Camera is technology

  89. Nick Engram

    Nick EngramPred 5 urami

    When you look like you should be related to Jason Mamoa and Derek from Teen Wolf mixed.

  90. cassidy M

    cassidy MPred 5 urami

    I eat easy cheese by itself for breakfast

  91. Morgan Renee

    Morgan ReneePred 5 urami

    “I don’t want to step on a snake” “Well I don’t want to get f-ing abducted” 😂

  92. Andi Cline

    Andi ClinePred 5 urami

    when they changed into the short-sleeved white t-shirts, they got 100000000% hotter for some reason??

  93. Morgan Renee

    Morgan ReneePred 5 urami

    Ricky promoting his own song 😂

  94. Kayla

    KaylaPred 5 urami

    Turkey legs are SeXy!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Stephanie Silva

    Stephanie SilvaPred 5 urami

    Does this have dairy ?.... It says greek yogurt in the back Jeffree: Omg their both gonna die Yes being vegan is a struggle but never be ashamed

  96. Just SieJ

    Just SieJPred 5 urami

    10:06 *Holding down fake tattoo with a paper-towel* Ethan: “Does it hurts?” Elijah: “Yeah..” Omg, 😂 he’s so cute.

  97. Alyssa Beli

    Alyssa BeliPred 5 urami

    Y’all need battery operated heating blankets

  98. Gavin Mowery

    Gavin MoweryPred 6 urami

    Disgrace to the van community

  99. choi yoon

    choi yoonPred 6 urami

    Grayson : Ethan! Come on, I can't do this alone Ethan : * comes with a cat *

  100. Casey Burns

    Casey BurnsPred 6 urami

    You know they will have to drive back