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  1. Benjamin Suntrup

    Benjamin SuntrupPred 2 minutami

    His second, third, fourth, and seventh commandments are all thought crimes.

  2. Jaqueline Kristine Schager

    Jaqueline Kristine SchagerPred 3 minutami

    I wonder why they than buried the contaminated fireman in a wooden coffin then over that a metal one. So many meters at least (50) I have read. in the earth and then covered them in lead. If there was no dagger of them being touched.

  3. MayTheGamer 12

    MayTheGamer 12Pred 3 minutami

    This video isn’t what I expected. I didn’t expect this to be wholesome, I thought it was gonna be a big meme.

  4. Arthur Prior

    Arthur PriorPred 6 minutami

    Ok when did Bert become Swedish Chief? Watching Sesame Steeet with my niece Rosita wants her some Elmo. Once you go red cute little monster,you never go back. lol

  5. Oshep aja

    Oshep ajaPred 6 minutami

    She s just like scarlett black widow 🤔🤔🤔

  6. bilie eilishfan

    bilie eilishfanPred 6 minutami

    8:34 i don't have a boygfriend lmao

  7. Ernesto Dominguez Escobar

    Ernesto Dominguez EscobarPred 7 minutami

    Them laughing at 3:36 is hilarious

  8. bilie eilishfan

    bilie eilishfanPred 7 minutami

    8:31 funnny lmao

  9. Dave Ridlespriger 2

    Dave Ridlespriger 2Pred 7 minutami

    Meat puppets BLAN

  10. Water Under The Bridge

    Water Under The BridgePred 8 minutami

    Fun fact: A polygraph is also used in the therapy of e.g. psychosomatic patients who re-learn their own body through consciously observing and manipulating their pulse, respiration etc. It’s called bio-feedback if anyone wants to look it up Another fun fact: Looks like Link’s children are gonna need some therapy pretty soon xD

  11. hemo wrld

    hemo wrldPred 8 minutami

    People learn a lot in just one year.

  12. Lord X

    Lord XPred 9 minutami

    "And there up on a RAINBOW sits the answer to our neverending Story" so El's Mom has the answer to destroying the upside down🧐

  13. Maya Elizabeth

    Maya ElizabethPred 12 minutami

    I’ve lost my voice so instead of laughing I’ve been making strange honking sounds throughout the whole video😂

  14. Michelle Archbold

    Michelle ArchboldPred 15 minutami

    Abby and Elmo are the freaking best at this immitation thing! Thanks for making my morning bright.

  15. Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!

    Adam Swiggity Swooty _MAGA!Pred 16 minutami

    What she say about him in Afrikaan

  16. Kerri Doll

    Kerri DollPred 19 minutami

    I didn't think The Count was that funny, but the other three were hilarious!

  17. Mary D

    Mary DPred 19 minutami

    А я русская

  18. prixe12

    prixe12Pred 20 minutami

    Why is everyone throwing shade at Ernie? 😂

  19. Beauvoir

    BeauvoirPred 21 minuto

    All I want is for Cookie Monster to say my name and do that “ta da” motion.

  20. omgitstracey

    omgitstraceyPred 21 minuto

    Ok wow didn’t have to roast Ernie that bad

  21. machi xhang

    machi xhangPred 24 minutami

    I am 19 years old. And I'm proud to say i do enjoy this video a lot. Made me smile all throughout the video 😍

  22. fox

    foxPred 24 minutami

    Why no black climbers at all

  23. Boogie Boar

    Boogie BoarPred 24 minutami

    elmo's bert impression was spot on

  24. Sour Wolf

    Sour WolfPred 25 minutami

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Troye Sivan's eyebrows: Wriggles n slithers and marks it's territory all over the face.

  25. treymedley

    treymedleyPred 25 minutami

    I could watch the Count do impressions all day long

  26. Erin Cha

    Erin ChaPred 27 minutami

    I looove how she always has a natural look

  27. Black Manta

    Black MantaPred 29 minutami

    Abby killed this lmao

  28. Jacob Morejead

    Jacob MorejeadPred 30 minutami

    Abby's Cookie Monster Impression has me dead

  29. Flor salazar

    Flor salazarPred 30 minutami

    This is so cute wtf

  30. Skye Lynch

    Skye LynchPred 31 minuto

    I wish big bird was my Neighbour

  31. Meaningful Songs

    Meaningful SongsPred 32 minutami

    "I am here to annoy you" 😂😂

  32. Eli JH

    Eli JHPred 32 minutami

    ¿qué pedo, qué pedo? :)

  33. Jia

    JiaPred 34 minutami

    2003? I’m the same age as her corgis then lol

  34. Mark Gormley

    Mark GormleyPred 34 minutami

    Toronto and Lilly Singh are the smegma of Canada.

  35. Swordterranean40

    Swordterranean40Pred 35 minutami

    2:29-2:40 was also in sync with the clip

  36. Ellie Hesford

    Ellie HesfordPred 35 minutami

    This video implies the queen walks her dogs.

  37. Míra Dávida

    Míra DávidaPred 37 minutami

    A fascinating screeplay pairs up with an amazing soundtrack! This was probably the only intro I've never skipped. Congratulations on making this beautiful composition!

  38. Azul Color

    Azul ColorPred 40 minutami


  39. Unknown ????????

    Unknown ????????Pred 44 minutami

    I LOVE Sesame Street!!!

  40. big boi dan

    big boi danPred 44 minutami

    Does that mean my corgi is royalty

  41. Niklas Universe

    Niklas UniversePred 45 minutami

    Voice acting is an art of its own

  42. Andrew Davis

    Andrew DavisPred 47 minutami

    So Rhett doesn't think link is worth a hill of beans... Ouch

  43. Anuradha Kohli

    Anuradha KohliPred 47 minutami

    Elmo's impression of Abby is sooo cute!!

  44. CrazyGood88

    CrazyGood88Pred 50 minutami

    M. Night's laugh is just precious

  45. Stefarooh

    StefaroohPred 58 minutami

    He is one of those lucky few who seems to age incredibly well

  46. MyFatezero

    MyFatezeroPred 58 minutami

    Maybe get someone who knows wrestling to do the video

  47. Sumida Ryogoku

    Sumida RyogokuPred uro

    Where's " What's a weekend?"

  48. AndySutton311 Sutton

    AndySutton311 SuttonPred uro

    I want these guys on a late night NBC show like David letterman or Jay leno

  49. Sujin Cho

    Sujin ChoPred uro

    LOL how u gna circle the dad and be like great korean actor and then just underline the mom saying "..and the mom" HAHA

  50. Tom Pinto

    Tom PintoPred uro

    At least Butterbean gave him a free hit. Lol. Johnny Knoxville is the king of self abuse!!!!!

  51. Jj Kwak

    Jj KwakPred uro

    Tf are these questions

  52. Chris Tovar

    Chris TovarPred uro

    Bear is a bad mothafucka on me 😂😭

  53. Sarah-Chan

    Sarah-ChanPred uro

    “I feel like a failure Gary...” I never thought I would hear spongebob say that

  54. Dhaaniel -w-

    Dhaaniel -w-Pred uro

    Why is Boy Abunda here? tf


    TYLER JUDASPred uro

    I hope that happiness does not fade away as time goes by. Keep good people around you someone you can always talk too and never let people take full advantage.

  56. Han Lockhart

    Han LockhartPred uro

    "I`m in no way -endors" _Skip_ Yea, we get it, don`t be robbers. We just want to hear the good stuff.

  57. Couch Time

    Couch TimePred uro

    Cookie Monster just quoted Saw 😂😂😂

  58. louandlilly Typhoon

    louandlilly TyphoonPred uro

    I had a pure bred corgis growing up as a kid so don’t attack me 😂 but it makes me sad that the queen chooses all pure bred expensive dogs when there are kill shelters without enough room putting dogs down all the time. Or hard working people providing foster homes to dogs because pounds have absolutely no room for more dogs. It’s sad that because of the way some dogs look or overbreeding/lack of spaying and neutering they will never have homes. Instead of choosing an expensive beautiful dog or cute puppy look at your local shelter first! Change a little pound puppy’s life ❤️ stop supporting breeders so much, especially cheap back ally breeders

  59. Isaac Leon

    Isaac LeonPred uro

    My favorite composer of all time, his career is just fantastic, such a hardworking man.

  60. michael sagemaster

    michael sagemasterPred uro

    total non stop laughter

  61. Lily Nge

    Lily NgePred uro

    No one’s gonna talk about how scarlett johansson killed it in sing? As ash? No one?

  62. linden carlos

    linden carlosPred uro

    Why is Paul dressed like the Joker? Lol.

  63. Teacher Chris

    Teacher ChrisPred uro

    What’s your view on steroids?

  64. C Pretzel

    C PretzelPred uro

    God these incel comments.....

  65. Sokken

    SokkenPred uro

    Imagine your dad being the cookie monster

  66. Coding Krishna

    Coding KrishnaPred uro

    You are full of tricks wizard

  67. Goonz

    GoonzPred uro

    Link: do you think your family will beat my fami- Rhett: *YES*

  68. HS

    HSPred uro

    Good on you Link, brushing your teeth twice in two hours.

  69. Visual Mind

    Visual MindPred uro

    I can't believe that she's only 17. I mean when I think about where I was in life at 17... 😅🙈

  70. Shattered Glass

    Shattered GlassPred uro

    just imagine Elizabeth II sees this and says: *hey,im still here!*

  71. CatMiester

    CatMiesterPred uro

    That bird seed cookie loophole was one of the greatest things I've seen!! Well done Big Bird!!!

  72. elianore hammoud

    elianore hammoudPred uro

    its like watching 3 completely diff ppl

  73. BetaMaxx

    BetaMaxxPred uro

    Elmo used the first person when doing impersonations is throwing me OFF

  74. Rm Pvt

    Rm PvtPred uro

    1 : amazed 2 : jaded 3 : grateful

  75. Cam Olson

    Cam OlsonPred uro

    How was he not credited in Tommy Boy?

  76. elianore hammoud

    elianore hammoudPred uro

    billie is looking better than she has ever been

  77. Hẩu Cải Devil

    Hẩu Cải DevilPred uro

    6:20 "who do u think is the better mom? Joyce or Steve The Hair?" Gate'n: (confused)

  78. Peter’s Channel

    Peter’s ChannelPred uro

    Are we going forget about mr noodle ?

  79. Ыуат май

    Ыуат майPred uro


  80. Lancelot Dufrane

    Lancelot DufranePred uro

    So perfect. I never skip the intro because it IS part of the show! Fantastic score!

  81. man leung

    man leungPred uro

    last two years she looked very confused and unhappy,and felt nervous during interviews,she’s language spread negative thoughts. Now she changed

  82. Joel Ong

    Joel OngPred uro

    this is hilarious

  83. Hang Pham

    Hang PhamPred 2 urami

    I love Beyonce

  84. Erika Blub blub

    Erika Blub blubPred 2 urami

    Jesus, he's getting old

  85. Claudia De Freitas

    Claudia De FreitasPred 2 urami

    peele being like "yeah that's exactly what i meant to do" is me when i realise i did something genius in my writing even though i had no idea i was doing it

  86. Grant Hedley

    Grant HedleyPred 2 urami

    Two guys suckin each other off. What a joy to watch

  87. Michele Briere

    Michele BrierePred 2 urami

    Completely coincidental coming across this; just watched Children of Dune for the hundredth time.

  88. Ibrahim.m M-512

    Ibrahim.m M-512Pred 2 urami

    OMG that is very gross 😷😲 I think that is not true I think that is just fake food , who knows!?

  89. Tobe Evans

    Tobe EvansPred 2 urami

    My thing is- these people are forgetting that these are *meant* to be extreme. These movies depict basically the end of the world.

  90. MultifanTrashcan

    MultifanTrashcanPred 2 urami

    Wooshik is naturally so cute😂

  91. Jeremy Argely

    Jeremy ArgelyPred 2 urami

    1:28 COOKIE!! Om nom nom nom nom!!

  92. HAQx . org

    HAQx . orgPred 2 urami

    She's mature for her age.

  93. Austin Reiss

    Austin ReissPred 2 urami

    5:03 Simon going in for a kiss haha

  94. Maya Chamseddine

    Maya ChamseddinePred 2 urami

    How is he 40 yrs old. Literally looks 25

  95. Santiago Romão

    Santiago RomãoPred 2 urami

    Life is life It is what it is It is what it is It could be worst

  96. Kim Ssamuu

    Kim SsamuuPred 2 urami

    Look at all these *I'm a climber myself* looking down on feats they could never achieved in life

  97. Sandra Rodriguez

    Sandra RodriguezPred 2 urami

    I 💜 RuPaul!!! So brave. So real. The best 4 ever!💜

  98. HD INF

    HD INFPred 2 urami

    22:28 nice face to look to until you see the claws yaaaa9999

  99. ChaoswarriorX

    ChaoswarriorXPred 2 urami

    Big bird is so cute


    EPIC SMASHERPred 2 urami

    Who got Tammy c137?