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  1. Çağatay Ç

    Çağatay ÇPred 25 minutami

    I love celtics 76ers rivalry

  2. PG trojka

    PG trojkaPred 26 minutami

    Wow. Spurs are done. Pop should retire already. He is too old even for a coach. Great Spurs generation had their PINNACLE in 2014 with that WONDERFUL title run. Then Duncan said goodbye, then Manu, then Parker. Then Kawhi left just to give title to some other team and not to Spurs, and it was because of argument with Pop? So they take inferior star like DeRozan instead of a superstar like Kawhi. I believe it's about time Pop said goodbye too. He is only embarrassing himself now, with USA team in World Cup and with bad Spurs season. Absolute legend but about damn time to move on.

  3. Clip Soze

    Clip SozePred 43 minutami | Check my vid on this!

  4. Alcides González

    Alcides GonzálezPred uro

    Thompson trade him to the knicks

  5. Wrangler Cycling

    Wrangler CyclingPred uro

    Embiid should save energy for the playoffs...!! If Shack & Barkley are not happy with his performance that's should be no consern for the big man...!!!

  6. Blue Atlas

    Blue AtlasPred uro

    Damn defrozen is destroying my spurs

  7. cu gremu

    cu gremuPred 2 urami

    Trust the process

  8. Josh Maros Junior

    Josh Maros JuniorPred 2 urami

    Joel Embiid!!! 😎👉🏽👉🏽

  9. 2PAC THE G.O.A.T

    2PAC THE G.O.A.TPred 3 urami

    Too lucky! Fuck Philly

  10. Darko Sola

    Darko SolaPred 3 urami

    This game felt more like Harlem Globetrotters where in the town having fun. They need to talk about the TEAM that has been created around Luka (he really influenced his team mates and brought them on the next level) and how great are they all. Also, I see a lot of comments that people are starting (or starting again) to watch NBA because of Luka. Is he getting NBA franchise too?


    YANKI VIDYUSPred 4 urami

    Playoffs comes there will be a different defense against the Luka, it will never be the sàme🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. ericka luise

    ericka luisePred 4 urami

    Warriors and knicks are the new rivals on the losing streak clap2

  13. Mubu Mubu

    Mubu MubuPred 4 urami

    Beautiful basketball and teamplay. I hope the Mavs can perform like this during the playoffs too

  14. Mubu Mubu

    Mubu MubuPred 4 urami

    1:22 😂porzingas really wanted to make a poster out of Drummond that stare down🤣

  15. Mubu Mubu

    Mubu MubuPred 4 urami

    This is it. The road game they finally won! Philly should now focus on the Conference Finals.

  16. Tycho

    TychoPred 5 urami

    Derozan in his playoff mode already

  17. JJ Hicks

    JJ HicksPred 6 urami

    sisiw GSW

  18. Terrence Hill

    Terrence HillPred 6 urami

    Clarkson confirm trade on february

  19. Muhammad Fauzie

    Muhammad FauziePred 6 urami

    Bye iwundu 🤣


    DIS4IGNERPred 6 urami

    I was there!

  21. João Melo

    João MeloPred 7 urami

    They still won without Jamal Murray

  22. Grammar Police -

    Grammar Police -Pred 7 urami

    Did TT refuse to go back in? Anyway these things happen well done Cavs ..

  23. Martin Brankov

    Martin BrankovPred 7 urami

    Embiid can lead Phili to the finals but needs to stay healthy and focused!

  24. Nacho Maldonado

    Nacho MaldonadoPred 7 urami

    Vamos Luka¡¡¡

  25. chelseaFC

    chelseaFCPred 8 urami

    Kevin love showing y he's a 5 X All Star

  26. Marco Yolo

    Marco YoloPred 8 urami

    Theis is trash

  27. Ammar Barri

    Ammar BarriPred 8 urami

    My UNDER 215.5 bet is lost because of Fucking Bitch DeRozan couldn't hit at least one FT to ice the game!!! FUCKING DOG

  28. michael reyes

    michael reyesPred 8 urami

    wat happened on tristan and coach?

  29. Lafi Lemea

    Lafi LemeaPred 8 urami

    Draymond is trash.

  30. Rodrigo

    RodrigoPred 8 urami

    Luuuukaaaa!!! 😁🤙

  31. Kamil Kucharski

    Kamil KucharskiPred 8 urami

    Man, Tristan behave like a clown

  32. Jmr86

    Jmr86Pred 9 urami

    Impresionante rompiendo records

  33. Jo Nightwing

    Jo NightwingPred 9 urami

    How bad do you have to be to lose to the Knicks...AT HOME! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Arvin Pascual Genido

    Arvin Pascual GenidoPred 9 urami

    Who watches these games anymore

  35. Seven Eleven

    Seven ElevenPred 9 urami

    The push by Simmons LOL

  36. Renaldo Francis

    Renaldo FrancisPred 9 urami

    Derozen really sucks man

  37. Paula Estwick

    Paula EstwickPred 9 urami

    I guess he was listening to Charles and Shaq...

  38. ralph garrido

    ralph garridoPred 9 urami

    cavaliers management sucks

  39. Ej Xxxx

    Ej XxxxPred 9 urami

    dwateier should be traded to hawks for traye youngg

  40. Amory Joets

    Amory JoetsPred 9 urami

    Why they are only actions of Dallas man

  41. 아도겐

    아도겐Pred 9 urami


  42. kabban777

    kabban777Pred 9 urami

    Пезда, такие дауны

  43. mradhayuda1

    mradhayuda1Pred 9 urami

    Doncic ngegas lagi

  44. k k

    k kPred 9 urami

    Derozan shit

  45. Hanzel Arturo Tinoco Centeno

    Hanzel Arturo Tinoco CentenoPred 9 urami

    I just came from the game it was hype to see Blake, Luka and Kristaps.

  46. Павел Скоулз

    Павел СкоулзPred 9 urami

    Лука МВП!!! Luка MVP!!!

  47. Eduvie Agada

    Eduvie AgadaPred 9 urami

    Doncic cannot be stopped

  48. Matthew YouTube Destroyer De Leon

    Matthew YouTube Destroyer De LeonPred 10 urami

    The lakers will win or the lakers will win

  49. A txatx

    A txatxPred 10 urami

    K puta maravilla luka

  50. habshabsrule

    habshabsrulePred 10 urami

    Luka is amazing!

  51. Tunagamerlegend 14

    Tunagamerlegend 14Pred 10 urami


  52. Carla Ferreira

    Carla FerreiraPred 10 urami

    Luka MVP

  53. Krish Nanda

    Krish NandaPred 11 urami

    0:26 why did he even do that😂😂

  54. habshabsrule

    habshabsrulePred 11 urami

    Monster game by Embiid

  55. Phil W

    Phil WPred 13 urami

    This is the only time I'll be a Knicks fan. Serve that hot trash.

  56. 부산닝겐박영식

    부산닝겐박영식Pred 13 urami

    Oh... the last jumpshot...was nt

  57. Austin Mañosa

    Austin MañosaPred 13 urami

    I bet you didn't know what's gonna happened next!

  58. Andersson Perez

    Andersson PerezPred 14 urami


  59. 小紫

    小紫Pred 14 urami


  60. 小紫

    小紫Pred 14 urami


  61. Sabik sa halik buntisin kita

    Sabik sa halik buntisin kitaPred 14 urami

    2021 new big 3 Golden State Warrior Tyler Herro , SG Jo Morant, SF DuncanRobinson - SG ...2021 GSW NBA CHAMP

  62. luzon rodante

    luzon rodantePred 14 urami

    The fall of warrior$.

  63. thekububeach

    thekububeachPred 15 urami

    Clash of the titans!

  64. Brotha Box

    Brotha BoxPred 15 urami

    Buddy Hield is a my favorite player.Greets from Belgrade SRB...Kings for life 🇷🇸

  65. Tristen Orcullo

    Tristen OrculloPred 16 urami


  66. Diego Bena

    Diego BenaPred 19 urami

    Pelea de invalidos!

  67. Mohamed Boubaker Boubaker

    Mohamed Boubaker BoubakerPred 20 urami

    yo quiero ser español

  68. Vlada Djole

    Vlada DjolePred 21 uro


  69. the wonderful piece

    the wonderful piecePred 22 urami

    How to Impress your chil

  70. Chiharu Fukuda

    Chiharu FukudaPred 23 urami

    thats the reason giannis is resting. pelicans ate garbage team.

  71. KNGamez

    KNGamezPred 23 urami

    Absolute insanity.

  72. ade aladejare

    ade aladejarePred 23 urami

    This is why Kawhi left. People already calling for lowry's exit right after winning yall a Championship

  73. Manusuper160

    Manusuper160Pred 23 urami

    the warriors are trash right now

  74. oj oj

    oj ojPred dnevom


  75. Victor Ov

    Victor OvPred dnevom

    It sad to say it but we need a much better point guard.

  76. Luty Angeles

    Luty AngelesPred dnevom

    Crazy serbs again ...

  77. Clip Soze

    Clip SozePred dnevom | Check my vid on this!

  78. Surreal Soul

    Surreal SoulPred dnevom


  79. Mark Noel Benavidez

    Mark Noel BenavidezPred dnevom

    hes going to be the next GRANT HILL. a promising star which was riddled with injuries. or another derrick rose who was full of explosiveness until that ACL slowed him down.

  80. Buffboo242

    Buffboo242Pred dnevom

    Rudy is easily the best player in a jazz jersey. This guy is nightmare and hands down the best defensive center in the league period.

  81. Dan Jr

    Dan JrPred dnevom

    Dlo needs to go play with Giannis he is too good for this bum team and I think the only way Warriors can regain their stripes is if they pick up KAT

  82. Rory Davies

    Rory DaviesPred dnevom

    Is there really a difference in coaching or like Trump this guy is reaping the benefits..

  83. Tyler Smith

    Tyler SmithPred dnevom

    I wish the New York Knicks were a championship contending team. They are definitely one of the richest teams in the league, but for years have had horrible luck with their draft picks and signing top free agents.

  84. Blue Atlas

    Blue AtlasPred dnevom

    Embiid cant even show some love to their own fans.

  85. The Beard 92

    The Beard 92Pred dnevom

    you know you're trash when you lose to the knicks at home

  86. Neri Matrixx

    Neri MatrixxPred dnevom

    Gsw lose = great day

  87. Kenny Samson

    Kenny SamsonPred dnevom

    James is the baddest dude in NBA.

  88. PenHit

    PenHitPred dnevom

    Legendary game.

  89. soager009 69

    soager009 69Pred dnevom

    Serbian mafia.

  90. Richter

    RichterPred dnevom

    JC should be the Point Guard, nobody can stop him and hes an excellent playmaker

  91. Rita Chen

    Rita ChenPred dnevom

    I feel like a lot of these comments about Lowry losing us the game I know he did but 4 regular season games like if it was 4 playoff games but it’s regular season games like really

  92. Nix Suar

    Nix SuarPred dnevom

    The goat mentator:3

  93. Fatih Akbulut

    Fatih AkbulutPred dnevom

    Ersan İlyasova is really big player.

  94. Seven Eleven

    Seven ElevenPred dnevom

    booker can score but he is inconsistent.

  95. nastynas75018

    nastynas75018Pred dnevom

    trae's defense is on point lmao

  96. VJ Phillips

    VJ PhillipsPred dnevom

    DJ Khaled says, "Another one" and Lavine hits the 3

  97. Capo Papi

    Capo PapiPred dnevom


  98. はいそうですよ!

    はいそうですよ!Pred dnevom


  99. 西園寺琴歌

    西園寺琴歌Pred dnevom


  100. megatera

    megateraPred dnevom

    55 and a rescue three to beat cavs, lol