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200525 JIN (+ENG)

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200522 SUGA (+ENG)

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2004** BTS (+ENG)

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200508 SUGA

200508 SUGA

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200506 SUGA 2

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200506 SUGA

200506 SUGA

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200501 JIMIN

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200417 RM

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  1. Жумагуль Талгат

    Жумагуль ТалгатPred 3 sekundami

    Да я всё равно не понимаю их язык. Мне нравится Техён, Чонгук, Чимин♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥😍😍😍😍


    JIMINAREAPred 6 sekundami

    No one: Literally no one: I-ARMY: *smile when he smile like a psycho*

  3. Intropersona 7

    Intropersona 7Pred 7 sekundami

    Who else loves Agust D2? 👇🏻

  4. natiane leoni

    natiane leoniPred 8 sekundami


  5. не важно кто

    не важно ктоPred 11 sekundami

    Интересный факт:Только русские знают кто такой Сюга.

  6. Cicero Antonio

    Cicero AntonioPred 11 sekundami

    I love

  7. kookie Jimin

    kookie JiminPred 18 sekundami

    Lindo amore

  8. Jeon_ Cooky

    Jeon_ CookyPred 30 sekundami

    I love you Min Yoongi! 💕

  9. frozen-yogurt-yes

    frozen-yogurt-yesPred 30 sekundami

    Wait he lost weight?!

  10. Kathlyn Borondia

    Kathlyn BorondiaPred 34 sekundami

    That time that he was confused then bangtan said his name and started running across the stage is the cutest thing in the universe

  11. Aya Ha

    Aya HaPred 37 sekundami


  12. Katherine gloria Arenas moncada

    Katherine gloria Arenas moncadaPred 38 sekundami


  13. Elisabeth Dietz

    Elisabeth DietzPred 39 sekundami

    Why is nobody talking about how extreeeeemely thin he looks. I honestly was shocked when I saw the video and here he says he lost a lot of weight. I don‘t want to tell him what to do but this weight is clearly unhealthy!

  14. Karen Wilches

    Karen WilchesPred 40 sekundami

    Que personalidad tan exótica, me encanta ❤🔥

  15. Annie Middleforth

    Annie MiddleforthPred 40 sekundami

    *Yoongi placing the albums under the canvas* just broke my heart 😢

  16. Gabi silva

    Gabi silvaPred 41 sekundo

    Lindo eu te amo suga

  17. Bhàvnà Panda

    Bhàvnà PandaPred 46 sekundami

    He's soooooooo cute

  18. 쀼솔유

    쀼솔유Pred 53 sekundami

    5:36 여기에 나오는 노래 정식으로 발매된 노래예요 ?????

  19. Tsubaki Kaoru

    Tsubaki KaoruPred 55 sekundami

    Agust D out there crushing the world. Meanwhile Yoongi: :]

  20. Anna Vovk

    Anna VovkPred 59 sekundami

    Первая вещь, которая мне понравилась на счёт этого видео, - это поза, в которой сидит Юнги🥰

  21. varsha sritharan

    varsha sritharanPred minuto


  22. p e a c h

    p e a c hPred minuto

    Why did I think this was a behind the scenes of It with pennywise? I’m sorry Yoongi!

  23. Jime Romiti

    Jime RomitiPred minuto

    MUY BIEN DICHO, el próximo mixtape llegará cuando tenga que llegar, mientras tanto disfrutemos de D-2 y de todo el arte que nos brindan día a día

  24. jyu. ya

    jyu. yaPred minuto

    I miss these hairstyles, haircolors, outfits, concepts, everything 😭 and I wasn't even there when it happened

  25. jnn li

    jnn liPred minuto

    That sword dance is really lit like 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Mi Kouki

    Mi KoukiPred minuto

    Why are all the comments in one foreign language I haven’t seen before?

  27. Min Yoongi Euphoria

    Min Yoongi EuphoriaPred minuto

    Suga trust Jin

  28. Riri123Bts

    Riri123BtsPred minuto

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS !!!Yooooongis Era has begun 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Klancetwins

    KlancetwinsPred minuto

    He will always and forever have my heart

  30. Sophia Spanoudaki

    Sophia SpanoudakiPred minuto

    Thanks for the English subs big hit

  31. Intan Maharani

    Intan MaharaniPred minuto

    OMG I'm scrolling just to find an English comment. Army is amazing 👌👌👌

  32. Noor Alodat

    Noor AlodatPred minuto

    In my opinion this song is so beautiful ..... Suga you are so beautiful in this song 💜.

  33. Dominatrix

    DominatrixPred minuto

    he came back when we needed him the most- because that's what heroes do.

  34. LISA MIA

    LISA MIAPred minuto

    Интересный факт: 47% людей видят кошмарные сны не реже раза в месяц.

  35. Sophia Spanoudaki

    Sophia SpanoudakiPred minuto

    Jungkook Mr spreading legs Wow

  36. Ann Ily

    Ann IlyPred minuto

    интересный факт: у осьминога 8 щупалец


    Julio CHAVEZ VALDEZPred minuto


  38. Пирожок с корицей

    Пирожок с корицейPred minuto


  39. elene jangulashvili

    elene jangulashviliPred minuto

    Why is every comment Russian? P.S love you yoongi ❤❤❤

  40. liz alexandra villalba culma

    liz alexandra villalba culmaPred minuto

    Mi suguita hermoso😍😍😍😍😍 saludos desde Colombia🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  41. ayotaa 1d

    ayotaa 1dPred minuto

    how are you doing

  42. paramvir Singh

    paramvir SinghPred minuto

    Huge respect for you guys 💜💜💜

  43. Victoria Guadalupe Hernandez

    Victoria Guadalupe HernandezPred minuto

    Armys latinas las invoco dejen su like 😜✌️😅

  44. Sunnie Journal

    Sunnie JournalPred minuto

    No entiendo ni vrga pero TE AMO💗

  45. Xto Ia

    Xto IaPred minuto

    Интересный факт: Филиппинское йо-йо - метательное филиппинское оружие XVI века, которое считается прародителем йо-йо

  46. Bushra Arooj

    Bushra AroojPred minuto


  47. Prosto_nastja

    Prosto_nastjaPred 2 minutami

    Интересный факт: спустя пол часа прогулки по комментариям я нашла коммент на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ! ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТЕ! НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ!

  48. Shahida Khalid

    Shahida KhalidPred 2 minutami

    1:10 jungkook just did what...?

  49. Aysu Valieva

    Aysu ValievaPred 2 minutami

    Ребят, а кто нибудь, вообще ходит сейчас гулять на карантине!? P.S. Я иногда....🌚

  50. helena maria

    helena mariaPred 2 minutami

    I would say that I just loved Agust D with his scar face. Scars are symbolic of pain and triumph, whether they are physical scars, mental scars, emotional scars, or spiritual scars. The fact you are still active and pressing on is a testimony to that triumph. Thank you Suga for giving us great music!🌼

  51. Мэри кот

    Мэри котPred 2 minutami

    I was alone looking at J-Hope while he was dancing? . Ahah. Our sun

  52. Merly Barrios

    Merly BarriosPred 2 minutami

    Thank you so much for such a masterpiece, Sir. I really loved and enjoyed it. Lots of looooveeeee <3

  53. Keyah Suel

    Keyah SuelPred 2 minutami

    You know you're too early when all the comments are in Russian

  54. 김슬기

    김슬기Pred 2 minutami

    내 칼 +ㅅ-

  55. nfresidente eminemagust

    nfresidente eminemagustPred 2 minutami

    La única que habla español?

  56. Rozemaly Blue

    Rozemaly BluePred 2 minutami

    Ses mixtapes sont en fait son journal intime... "des messages, comme des lettres, pour mon moi du futur"

  57. LISA MIA

    LISA MIAPred 2 minutami

    Интересный факт:Каждые 5 лет женщина использует такое количество помады, для которого потребовался бы тюбик длиной, равной её росту.

  58. Napsa Abdulmuin

    Napsa AbdulmuinPred 2 minutami

    Love you yoongi❤️ Love from Philippines ❤️

  59. Eugenia Pisky

    Eugenia PiskyPred 2 minutami

    i just want to write an english comment.

  60. planeta kapop

    planeta kapopPred 2 minutami


  61. koji _13

    koji _13Pred 2 minutami


  62. Naydeli madiel Ramanqui

    Naydeli madiel RamanquiPred 2 minutami

    Añosioo q limdo mi bb anjel caydo del sielo

  63. UniQ Dancer

    UniQ DancerPred 2 minutami

    You did well Yoongi, you really did well ☺️

  64. chimchay

    chimchayPred 2 minutami

    I'm the English comment you're looking for, but at the same time you gotta love that diversity 😩💦

  65. Min Yoon Gi

    Min Yoon GiPred 2 minutami

    Jungkook be like : When will Jin hyung come back here😐😐

  66. Shivangi

    ShivangiPred 2 minutami

    No one: Not even me: Not even Kdiamonds: The comments: Attacked by Russian Armys😂

  67. Мёд

    МёдPred 2 minutami

    Yungi가 왜 무언가를 말하고 작은 새끼 고양이처럼 보이게 만드는 이유

  68. Ирина Скопинцева

    Ирина СкопинцеваPred 2 minutami

    Читаю коменты-99,9% русских.Ещё раз убеждаюсь РУССКИЕ это сила!!!! Юнги шикарен!!!

  69. Ann Ily

    Ann IlyPred 2 minutami

    интересный факт: язык хамелеона вдвое длиннее его тела

  70. Taleen TOTO

    Taleen TOTOPred 2 minutami

    ي لبيه ي شقشق😭😭😭💜💜💜

  71. Munel Ming

    Munel MingPred 2 minutami

    интересный факт: люди - звери

  72. sweet sweet

    sweet sweetPred 2 minutami

    Очень интересный факт: ты арми

  73. Thuthuquinha do Nam ÜwÜ

    Thuthuquinha do Nam ÜwÜPred 2 minutami


  74. Aliza Babar shah nawaz

    Aliza Babar shah nawazPred 3 minutami

    Oppa u are awesome 👍

  75. Elizabeth xox

    Elizabeth xoxPred 3 minutami

    Making this interview with the scar on his face is something else ♡.♡

  76. Aliza Babar shah nawaz

    Aliza Babar shah nawazPred 3 minutami

    Oppa u are awesome 👍

  77. ayotaa 1d

    ayotaa 1dPred 3 minutami

    sarangy oppa

  78. Fatma aky

    Fatma akyPred 3 minutami

    Please come to the turkey

  79. K_POP BTS

    K_POP BTSPred 3 minutami


  80. Mack Rose

    Mack RosePred 3 minutami

    Agust D, Suga, Yoongi, I'm so proud of you. You are really an artist to look up to

  81. Meei Yoongi

    Meei YoongiPred 3 minutami

    ...and I will wait for you, no matter how long it takes, Yoongi. Thank you for gifting us a piece of yourself and sharing your passion and talent. 💜

  82. Bella Artigau

    Bella ArtigauPred 3 minutami


  83. Rajendra Kumar

    Rajendra KumarPred 3 minutami

    He created artwork like a literal auditory art

  84. koji _13

    koji _13Pred 3 minutami

    Кст кто успел до 1млн просмотров? Лайк🗿

  85. Amina Osman

    Amina OsmanPred 3 minutami

    Что за атака интересных фактов ахаха. Ладно, я тоже в теме. Интересный факт: Юнги прекрасен.

  86. 엘린짱

    엘린짱Pred 3 minutami

    대취다! 너무 좋아❤️😭

  87. Мэри кот

    Мэри котPred 3 minutami

    Я одна смотрела на J-Hope, когда он танцевал? Ахахах. Наше солнышко.

  88. Malek Isssa

    Malek IsssaPred 3 minutami

    Russian attack😂

  89. lauvigan nu

    lauvigan nuPred 3 minutami

    no entendí ni madres, pero la tuya por si acaso jsjs no mentiras SOY EL COMENTARIO EN ESPAÑOL QUE BUSCABAS o tal vez no :v edit: autolike para no desaparecer

  90. Jasmine A. Hart

    Jasmine A. HartPred 3 minutami

    i have really liked the tease vids that i see, from August..... now i want to see and hear the whole thing....... it really will be great..........

  91. Maria Lorena Benitez

    Maria Lorena BenitezPred 3 minutami

    Hola ✌🌟😊

  92. jonaas krulikoski Krulikoski

    jonaas krulikoski KrulikoskiPred 3 minutami

    Quem está assistindo e é B-ARMY comenta😄😄

  93. Min Monika

    Min MonikaPred 3 minutami

    When the Angel sleep 💜

  94. Michelle con todo respeto

    Michelle con todo respetoPred 3 minutami

    It makes me slack read the subtitles

  95. Eva_ che_

    Eva_ che_Pred 3 minutami

    Бедный Джин. О боже. Я плачу. Джинушка 😭😭

  96. sweet sweet

    sweet sweetPred 3 minutami

    Интересный факт: я лох

  97. Jackeline Avila

    Jackeline AvilaPred 3 minutami

    I Stan a T A L E N T E D artist 🥺❤️

  98. Xto Ia

    Xto IaPred 3 minutami

    Интересный факт: озеро Байкал в Сибири является самым глубоким озером в мире. Все крупнейшие реки мира - Волга, Дон, Днепр, Енисей, Урал, Обь, Ганг, Ориноко, Амазонка, Темза, Сена и Одер - должны течь почти год, чтобы заполнить бассейн, равный по объёму озеру Байкал

  99. Dack garbi

    Dack garbiPred 3 minutami

    진정성이 느껴지는 인터뷰였던 것 같아요. 항상 응원합니다!💜

  100. 원졔

    원졔Pred 3 minutami

    00:00 no more dream 01:24 섹시 01:38 상남자 02:48 김태형 마이크 놓침 ㅎ