5-Minute FUN
5-Minute FUN
5-Minute FUN

Fun videos about things everyone feels, but hardly talks about. You are not alone!
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  1. Sophia Valente de Freitas

    Sophia Valente de FreitasPred 12 minutami


  2. Tasha Heacock

    Tasha HeacockPred 12 minutami

    I'm gonna get a kittin for Christmas

  3. Princess Creations

    Princess CreationsPred 14 minutami


  4. Princess Creations

    Princess CreationsPred 15 minutami


  5. *Ellie *

    *Ellie *Pred 15 minutami

    Lol Anna you did great acting like a boy

  6. Maria Shicay

    Maria ShicayPred 16 minutami


  7. Cazu PB

    Cazu PBPred 22 minutami

    Have you ever done one of these beauty trends

  8. inika bansal

    inika bansalPred 25 minutami

    ur biased for dogs and cats my cat is not like the cat in your vids

  9. Ismael Contreras

    Ismael ContrerasPred 28 minutami

    I hate cats because their lazy and dogs work hard like I have a prembroke welsh corgi and a welsh corgi and a German sherpard and a golden retriever so am so warm with out a shirt at night 😂

  10. amar bajaj

    amar bajajPred 28 minutami

    Hi team 5 minute fun 😊 Anna it's awesome

  11. Neusa Raines

    Neusa RainesPred 31 minuto


  12. Ismael Contreras

    Ismael ContrerasPred 32 minutami

    A www is that a corgi awwwww he's so cute more than that ugly dumb cat 😂

  13. Adam Berlake

    Adam BerlakePred 35 minutami

    DOG foi mais que o gat

  14. Alexeevee Sasuky saku

    Alexeevee Sasuky sakuPred 37 minutami

    I have 11 cats 🐈 outside of my house

  15. Renata Sánchez

    Renata SánchezPred 39 minutami

    I am a woof and meow person

  16. Flavia Cardoso

    Flavia CardosoPred 41 minuto

    The dog

  17. Howard Thomas

    Howard ThomasPred 43 minutami


  18. lea play roblox

    lea play robloxPred 43 minutami

    Me like dog I have a 20 dog and 2 cat

  19. Valerie Lalonde

    Valerie LalondePred 43 minutami

    Woof 🐕 and meow 🐱

  20. Howard Thomas

    Howard ThomasPred 44 minutami

    If like Cats click like below👇

  21. kateandstella Pev

    kateandstella PevPred 51 minuto

    These really surprised me!

  22. 루루김

    루루김Pred uro

    Dog and cat

  23. Maria Navarro

    Maria NavarroPred uro


  24. Daniel Martin

    Daniel MartinPred uro

    Who loves Anna

  25. Willow Tree

    Willow TreePred uro

    It doesn’t matter to me, I love my cat and my dog the same

  26. Nina Quinones

    Nina QuinonesPred uro

    I think I'm a cat person cause both of my cats always sleep with me and cuddles with me.

  27. Regan LeVasseur

    Regan LeVasseurPred uro


  28. Liana Petrosyan

    Liana PetrosyanPred uro

    Dogs end cats are son cute liké if you agree

  29. malinaly Fragoso

    malinaly FragosoPred uro

    Yo hablar español 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤗

  30. Raul Manacup

    Raul ManacupPred uro


  31. Eliza Vacila

    Eliza VacilaPred uro

    Team Anna

  32. Chai Fun Nyan

    Chai Fun NyanPred uro

    My best friend name is Lee Sze Jie

  33. sarita naiker

    sarita naikerPred uro

    My bff is Bitanya

  34. Nadja Sretenovic

    Nadja SretenovicPred uro


  35. Amira Elena Gheorghe

    Amira Elena GheorghePred uro

    Woof for sure! I always have wanted a dog but never got one. I will soon!

  36. Brenda andrews

    Brenda andrewsPred uro


  37. Marie Shaw

    Marie ShawPred uro


  38. Hiến Trần

    Hiến TrầnPred uro

    I love dog🐶 and cat🐱

  39. Jai G

    Jai GPred uro


  40. Charlotte Sim

    Charlotte SimPred uro

    Who alreading saw the weight loss sign on the wall 00:52

  41. Sarfoon Arzamkhan

    Sarfoon ArzamkhanPred 2 urami

    My best friend's name is khushi

  42. Maghen Lee

    Maghen LeePred 2 urami

    Im choice nora

  43. Amely Ryan

    Amely RyanPred 2 urami


  44. Linda Esere

    Linda EserePred 2 urami

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooof and the dog in this vid is a corgi

  45. Youssef Ghanem

    Youssef GhanemPred 2 urami


  46. Meriam Hakkam

    Meriam HakkamPred 2 urami

    Yes i like it

  47. Eman Quttaineh

    Eman QuttainehPred 2 urami

    I like the cat🐈

  48. Bela Dragčević

    Bela DragčevićPred 2 urami


  49. trosky 2

    trosky 2Pred 2 urami


  50. İpek Demir

    İpek DemirPred 2 urami

    1:40 She makes cheat.İts not fair.

  51. rosanna for the go

    rosanna for the goPred 2 urami

    I am anna

  52. rosanna for the go

    rosanna for the goPred 2 urami

    Today is the 5th of December 2019

  53. Rana Hatem

    Rana HatemPred 2 urami

    This encourages people to love their self as they are

  54. Sammie Gallant

    Sammie GallantPred 2 urami


  55. KIcU Ԍl

    KIcU ԌlPred 2 urami

    I am woof

  56. kawkab26

    kawkab26Pred 3 urami

    I am the bigger sister

  57. Susi Salim

    Susi SalimPred 3 urami

    L woof

  58. vagiakoum1965

    vagiakoum1965Pred 3 urami

    This is meeee😂😂

  59. JanA

    JanAPred 3 urami


  60. Thaniha Mohan

    Thaniha MohanPred 3 urami


  61. TaKeria Winn

    TaKeria WinnPred 3 urami


  62. Iffat Parveen

    Iffat ParveenPred 3 urami

    Why ppl so NEET?

  63. David Munteanu

    David MunteanuPred 3 urami

    I'm a dog because that are a hirow

  64. lulu the kitty

    lulu the kittyPred 3 urami

    I have a cat,But he Loves me and doesent run away Lmao

  65. Althea Biare DelosReyes

    Althea Biare DelosReyesPred 3 urami

    Woof I love dog

  66. Kagan Elle

    Kagan EllePred 3 urami

    Beauty trends ARE ALREADY weird

  67. Althea Biare DelosReyes

    Althea Biare DelosReyesPred 3 urami

    All of my classmates are so annoying

  68. Althea Biare DelosReyes

    Althea Biare DelosReyesPred 3 urami

    I'm the sleepy one before

  69. maja XXD

    maja XXDPred 3 urami

    Anna like Nora com

  70. Asiya Ghulam Rasool

    Asiya Ghulam RasoolPred 3 urami

    When I make a mistake in my copy I write on the page.

  71. Umekulsum Zuher Fazal

    Umekulsum Zuher FazalPred 3 urami

    The mama boy

  72. Massaker

    MassakerPred 3 urami


  73. Umekulsum Zuher Fazal

    Umekulsum Zuher FazalPred 3 urami

    The worried host ... the vlogger. ...the queen ...the infinite dancer ....That's what I am

  74. Caleb Houston

    Caleb HoustonPred 3 urami


  75. Amanda Domenichetti

    Amanda DomenichettiPred 3 urami

    The artist

  76. manolis kiassos

    manolis kiassosPred 3 urami

    And anna

  77. manolis kiassos

    manolis kiassosPred 3 urami

    I am Nora

  78. Holly Delta

    Holly DeltaPred 3 urami

    Well... Today my dog grabed my school bag and ecaped away in garden so I chased him 1 clear hour..... Also sorry for my bad englis

  79. Kitty Morgan

    Kitty MorganPred 3 urami


  80. Nicole Velazquez

    Nicole VelazquezPred 3 urami

    Ohhhhh......I thought there was a type error. Sorry everyone!

  81. Irida Art

    Irida ArtPred 3 urami

    Cats are better than dogs, the video is wrong

  82. Irida Art

    Irida ArtPred 3 urami

    I live with a cat

  83. *YASUMIN*

    *YASUMIN*Pred 3 urami

    *Dog person! I love dooogs :3,In the video the Corgi is so cutieeee*

  84. bts army

    bts armyPred 4 urami

    Dog-like Cat-comment

  85. Italo Freak

    Italo FreakPred 4 urami

    Woof and meow😹

  86. Lieke Schoofs

    Lieke SchoofsPred 4 urami


  87. Anthony Bonnilla

    Anthony BonnillaPred 4 urami


  88. Muaz Gaming

    Muaz GamingPred 4 urami

    fuck you bitch

  89. Pilar Tent

    Pilar TentPred 4 urami

    A dog and a cat

  90. Ynky

    YnkyPred 4 urami

    Maybe with your dog**

  91. Ελένη Καβουσανού

    Ελένη ΚαβουσανούPred 4 urami

    That with the pizza isn't me and my dad, it's me and my sister!

  92. Lpsem Parıltı Tv

    Lpsem Parıltı TvPred 4 urami

    I Woof and meow. I have a Cat and dog💓💓💓

  93. Bibijorge Roquelopez

    Bibijorge RoquelopezPred 4 urami

    Woof me gustan los perros y los gatos meaw

  94. Yogesh Shah

    Yogesh ShahPred 4 urami


  95. black unicorn

    black unicornPred 4 urami

    I am totally like anna

  96. Gacha Babes

    Gacha BabesPred 4 urami

    Hi, like who loves Anna 😁

  97. Helen Morenco

    Helen MorencoPred 4 urami


  98. Marilu Asbahr Shimma Bittencourt

    Marilu Asbahr Shimma BittencourtPred 4 urami

    I like noone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. unicorn squad ##cute

    unicorn squad ##cutePred 4 urami


  100. starshinex YT

    starshinex YTPred 4 urami