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Cooking with chainsaw
i'm leaving..

i'm leaving..

Pred 29 dnevi

Mysterious Boris Q&A
Kalashnikov the card game


Pred letom

SlavTube Rewind 2018
The 96KB Game

The 96KB Game

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Life of Artyom

Life of Artyom

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The vodka cooled PC
BEWARE of Boris

BEWARE of Boris

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Hot Borsch

Hot Borsch

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Boris flies a Cessna
Boris real name

Boris real name

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The last Boris fan mail
How to make black bread
The Uber of Chernobyl
How to prepare Samovar
  1. Azrael R.

    Azrael R.Pred 23 urami

    Kavkas kot.

  2. adrian creper

    adrian creperPred 23 urami


  3. adrian creper

    adrian creperPred 23 urami

    I like músic of borisss hardbass blyat Suka blyat stay shiki bliki boriiis and your food is Magic wecause is food made from Boris

  4. Frost Soul

    Frost SoulPred 23 urami

    Phrases that have aged like fine wine: "maybe i'll use chainsaw next time."

  5. adrian creper

    adrian creperPred 23 urami

    Ooooo blyat

  6. Kxtty_

    Kxtty_Pred 23 urami

    I felt it when he lit himself on fire


    JAMES SPARROWPred 23 urami


  8. MF Camillus

    MF CamillusPred 23 urami

    Can I spell it compote without being a western spy?

  9. Jesus Palanca

    Jesus PalancaPred dnevom

    Whats next cooking with Kalashnikov

  10. Sexy Unicorn

    Sexy UnicornPred dnevom

    Brakes are western propaganda

  11. zigmanana

    zigmananaPred dnevom

    heating mayonnaise..... is a warcrime

  12. jetfailracer

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    4:01. Mmmmmm

  13. Michal Štefan

    Michal ŠtefanPred dnevom

    Boris hit me hard in 2020

  14. Dennis Podrimja

    Dennis PodrimjaPred dnevom

    love you thanks for this content and making my friend learn how to squat like a real slav! <3

  15. snowrunner

    snowrunnerPred dnevom

    I really want to show this to my Russian boyfriend who is a programmer and also now Australian citizen. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Martin Svars

    Martin SvarsPred dnevom

    5:53 hellmans mayonnaise? is boris a spy?

  17. zigmanana

    zigmananaPred dnevom

    then i realize that Boris is HowToBasic, russian edition

  18. Dragut Ciprian

    Dragut CiprianPred dnevom

    In Romania there are many variants.The one in the video called ,,boschetar” is more used to describe a homeless person.These are some variations:,,huligani” , ,,vandali”, ,,derbedei” and ,,vagabonzi”.

  19. Rational Viking

    Rational VikingPred dnevom

    Super happy someone sent you some Norwegian mayonnaise. I live in New Zealand, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find good mayo, so I make my own now. And when I get csre packages from my family, I save the mayo and ration it like it was the last tube of mayo on earth. Also, now that I know you like Norwegian mayo, I'm dying to try real Slav mayo, since if you like my country's mayo, I'm sure I'll like yours as well :D

  20. brotherhood of steel Paladin

    brotherhood of steel PaladinPred dnevom

    1:13 we call it a pot in English

  21. βᎯᏴყᖙσll

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    BETHORIF REYIZPred dnevom

    тебе нравится Борис Турецкий

  23. LemonnadeWithNoLemons

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    Little boys:I listen to drake and Travis Scott! What real mean listen to:

  24. Zuerin

    ZuerinPred dnevom

    make a whole meal with only hands

  25. Goat Bab

    Goat BabPred dnevom

    actually went ahead and made this for my family one night when we didn't have much food. It was great!

  26. Yaniv Proselkov

    Yaniv ProselkovPred dnevom

    Now this is the Life of Boris content I signed up for! Not fuck off 30 long videos with 3 stretched jokes tied together with the (admittedly glorious) personality of Boris. Quick, good, funny, interesting. Is BOOM BOOM BOOM. Perfection.

  27. MagmaSlendy

    MagmaSlendyPred dnevom

    in america, we open our beer bottle with a flash hider on an ar-15

  28. Tongyao Pu

    Tongyao PuPred dnevom

    Blin & Rice ((((;゜Д゜)))

  29. Raul

    RaulPred dnevom

    I wanna see Boris gardening video

  30. Max Anklowitz

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    I love how Oklahoma goes to glaucoma

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    John 3 16 Mat 26 13

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    How to basic V 2.0

  33. Levi

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    1:32 - Now with plutonium!

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    Spion Chainsaw

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    Next episode: peeling potatoes with wire cutters blyat

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    First ad i get is for crossout XD

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    Can we just say how large this guy bit is

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    Boris blyat? Pff😂🤣(more like vadim blyat)

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    I want a shirt that says what could possibly go wrong with him doing some thing crazy like this

  40. CraZy ExPerImEnTs Balkan

    CraZy ExPerImEnTs BalkanPred dnevom

    Knedle se stavljaju u supu

  41. Martin Sirois

    Martin SiroisPred dnevom

    My goodness, this brings back memories of the 1980's. I live in the South Shore of Montréal, Canada, and Ladas were sold in a dealership in my city. The cars were rewiewed in yearly car guides (the reviews were "Ladas are bad, but they are the cheapest cars on the market") and Lada jokes were common.

  42. LaZ3r-. -

    LaZ3r-. -Pred dnevom

    How to Slav your car Ah Boris you forget to say OUR car

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    Next cooking whit hammer

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    Local gopnik makes potato farmer rich by buying all potatos

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    How on earth did you find such a weird place.

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    How are there dislikes on this video?!

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    I love how he uses heart attacks and strokes instead of actual measurements

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    Hey Boris, please try Alan Wake. It has babushka.

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    Shadow SweetheartPred dnevom

    Blyat these mosquitoes! Not a problem for a UK dweller but I have murder hornets on the way, blin.

  50. Shadow Sweetheart

    Shadow SweetheartPred dnevom

    I’m from UK and a fan, would I be considered western spy?

  51. Camp Colossal

    Camp ColossalPred dnevom

    Curvy Slav sausage, SUCCesful, whip out the sausage (with a Lenny face).... these are symptoms of the uH yeah u kno

  52. bez imena

    bez imenaPred dnevom

    Guys, i can't hear anymore 🤟

  53. Dilet

    DiletPred dnevom

    why so little views blin



    i can remember me playing lost alpha i totally agrea with this title no bugs and then i used the debug panel and it began to break the game 10/10 woud play again

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    Hahahahaha love this from an half Eastern European!

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    How the fuck did u get this car

  57. Axu Tili

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  58. ZACRISTI 36

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    Visit Romania , we have a good mayonese , good beer and good food And a lot of good stuffs

  59. Franck

    FranckPred dnevom

    I was preparing some potato peel for myself, thank you Boris and just realize : 4:45 If ppl knows the recipe was coming, maybe it's because of a mole. Did Vadim knows anything about the incoming video?

  60. Joel Jose

    Joel JosePred dnevom

    I made it at home but I changed one or two things first instead of salmon I got chicken and I added potato. I I have to say that at the end Boris was right it can feed 6 people because I and my mom and dad only finished half of it and I recommend flavoring the rise to your guys contrary you all are from because I was a bit bland and add 2 full chicken breast as only 1 chicken breast will get lost with the other ingredients but at the end of it my fist try at this dish BLEEAN IT WAS GOOOOOOD

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    preda046Pred dnevom

    i liked the part where phone press button

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    What is western replacement for vodka and a kid safe version because kids can’t drink vodka

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    12 euro for all that I wish must be a freedom tax associated with it

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    Boris trip your viewers to dark web

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    vskutku krásne

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