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ECF Game 4 | Press Conferences
  1. EpicReignKJ

    EpicReignKJPred 15 sekundami

    Humble Embiid. That's dope. He could've been mad.

  2. Tony Wong

    Tony WongPred minuto

    leborn not only love chinazi and he loves traveling like home

  3. Garon B

    Garon BPred 2 minutami

    You can tell he really takes in what they say and respects them. Love it

  4. Fights DAILY

    Fights DAILYPred 4 minutami

    This got Joel some respect from me!!! Mans wants to get better and he’s already a dog

  5. Kevin Collado

    Kevin ColladoPred 6 minutami

    This was amazing 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  6. Justin Grant

    Justin GrantPred 7 minutami

    Now THAT is how you handle criticism as a grown man Someone show this to Draym... Nvm

  7. Master Of The Craft

    Master Of The CraftPred 7 minutami

    🐐 Embiid

  8. Hendogg One eighty seven

    Hendogg One eighty sevenPred 8 minutami

    Shaq with the javele McGee shot

  9. hotrod3769

    hotrod3769Pred 9 minutami

    Much respect to Embid for how he handled this.

  10. deovonte easter

    deovonte easterPred 9 minutami

    Labron james is trash Kobe Bryant is the G.O.A.T.

  11. agthaog1986

    agthaog1986Pred 9 minutami

    I wish i saw the rest of that

  12. Mikehader4444

    Mikehader4444Pred 9 minutami

    Who else thinks it's funny that shaq can't pronounce a players last name?

  13. Wave Chapelle

    Wave ChapellePred 10 minutami

    He just gotta dedicate himself to 10 pts a quarter. That’s max 5 touches for him in the post, if he does that he can average 40 a game easy.

  14. Real Talk with Jordan

    Real Talk with JordanPred 10 minutami

    I'm American but these overseas guys seem to have a genuine humility about them. Joel and Doncic are an example. Cockiness ain't a virtue. Listen up James Harden and Kyrie Irving and Westbrook

  15. ShaunGotti

    ShaunGottiPred 10 minutami

    It’s not really Criticism it’s more like a mentor telling him what he’s doing wrong especially coming from Shaq if Shaq believes you can drop 38 every night then drop 45-50 prove what he’s saying is right

  16. agthaog1986

    agthaog1986Pred 15 minutami

    " i think u got the work ethic"...aint that the original reason 4 the sitdown lml

  17. kingdomdominionalc

    kingdomdominionalcPred 15 minutami

    Did Shaq take another dig at javelle McGee? Ijs “ call their momma and try to get ppl fired !” Whoa

  18. aandgdesigngroup

    aandgdesigngroupPred 15 minutami

    Why does this feel like they are acting like he just won a championship...???

  19. Zakeria Ahmed

    Zakeria AhmedPred 16 minutami

    It’s drilled in us Africans to respect the elders like your own parents

  20. GOAT

    GOATPred 17 minutami

    Who else caught shaq taking shots at javale mcgee😅😅

  21. karlcolder

    karlcolderPred 18 minutami

    Straight shot a Javale Mcgee!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. sing keat Wong

    sing keat WongPred 20 minutami

    No Harden's "missed" dunk? smh man got rigged twice..

  23. A. P.

    A. P.Pred 20 minutami

    What a pro! How many dudes would get all sensitive about critique from Shaq or Sir Charles. Much props Joel

  24. Eric R

    Eric RPred 21 minuto

    Perfect just what we needed. Ben need to step up big. He got Luka making him look bad. I don’t need Ben to be the Greek freak 2.0 but he needs to be at least putting up 18 8 and 8 in his sleep while being in the top 5 in steals and getting them turn overs down

  25. Вовка Вовка

    Вовка ВовкаPred 21 minuto


  26. Martti Hänninen

    Martti HänninenPred 21 minuto

    Kenny mentioning Dream. What a surprise LOL

  27. Henry The legend

    Henry The legendPred 25 minutami

    We need Kobe Bryant edition......

  28. Julian Antonio

    Julian AntonioPred 25 minutami

    i wish the league had more interaction like this

  29. HarlemGirlLost87

    HarlemGirlLost87Pred 25 minutami

    King James

  30. IXR Music

    IXR MusicPred 25 minutami

    All 3 of these n*ggas talk the same😭

  31. Tonny Hou

    Tonny HouPred 26 minutami

    Walk-up NBA

  32. Aaron Brown

    Aaron BrownPred 26 minutami

    Kenny need to give it up man just let it go bro these old heads trying they hardest to keep hair

  33. kevinblack16

    kevinblack16Pred 27 minutami

    Embiid made me a fan of his today.

  34. Clarus Conceptum

    Clarus ConceptumPred 28 minutami

    Pure humility! You’re the man Embiid

  35. Ring Generalship

    Ring GeneralshipPred 29 minutami

    What I DONT appreciate is Kenny’s hairline making an appearance on television 😂

  36. Baldhead

    BaldheadPred 31 minuto

    Shaq you're hilarious! Some people call their mama's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✊

  37. Andrew Bristow

    Andrew BristowPred 31 minuto

    This was great to see! Up and coming star sitting down, accepting criticism and being humble. Much respect to Embiid.

  38. Kamohelo Mofokeng

    Kamohelo MofokengPred 32 minutami

    Oh man, what an amazing video! No bravado! Absolute humility - taking critique and channeling it into the game where it matters most. Much found respect for Embiid - you have work new fan in me...

  39. Moe

    MoePred 33 minutami

    Bad camera angle or did Kenny hit Tory and Tyga for the hair plug?

  40. Owen McNish

    Owen McNishPred 36 minutami

    2:39 shot at JaVaaaaaale McGeeeeee

  41. Al Capwned

    Al CapwnedPred 37 minutami

    It shows a lot of maturity acknowledge criticisms and instead of brushing it off or complaining about it, you own them and you try to better yourself and improve.

  42. jamie mclennan

    jamie mclennanPred 41 minuto

    Great stuff.

  43. Haydot Zero

    Haydot ZeroPred 41 minuto

    Gotta respect Shaq. He is one of the old school greats and he is a big man and realized that the center position is going out of style. That is why he is always so tough on centers. He wants them to put in the work down low more often than been behind the 3pt line. We know the game involved but you can still demand the ball and post people up

  44. Oro de David

    Oro de DavidPred 43 minutami

    LOL he said he's 100% shaqtin

  45. soager009 69

    soager009 69Pred 44 minutami

    Did the referee call the travel on Bron?

  46. mjaay

    mjaayPred 46 minutami

    lol shaq aint letting Javale go in this lifetime

  47. Harold Tan

    Harold TanPred 46 minutami

    Most wholesome moment of the season!

  48. Gemini Jenkinz

    Gemini JenkinzPred 47 minutami

    Boyy, Kenny serious about that shadow fade and lining

  49. Mike Warren

    Mike WarrenPred 47 minutami

    Prayers, love & healing to David Stern.

  50. fazijs

    fazijsPred 49 minutami

    Flashback to all those years of "Lebron traveled" jokes

  51. Let’s go Pat’s 0

    Let’s go Pat’s 0Pred 49 minutami


  52. Gemini Jenkinz

    Gemini JenkinzPred 49 minutami

    A lot of people call they momma tryna get people fired. Was that a shot a Javale McGee??

  53. Nadia Khamo

    Nadia KhamoPred 50 minutami

    We need more Honest interviews like this great job @InSideTheNba

  54. Jimmy Hinder

    Jimmy HinderPred 50 minutami

    Prayers up to the stern family 🙏🏼

  55. Martíze

    MartízePred 51 minuto

    He took the criticism well, this is very inspirational.

  56. Mike Warren

    Mike WarrenPred 51 minuto

    Love that. Great stuff to watch. God bless.

  57. Murph Watkins

    Murph WatkinsPred 52 minutami

    This is dope. OG’s actually giving advice & not hating.

  58. JB

    JBPred 52 minutami

    i just hate it when he becomes too cocky. like in your face cocky.

  59. T.K Jenkins

    T.K JenkinsPred 53 minutami

    Excuse my language. But what was tha lizzo hoe doing at the game!!!! These folks that ain't never been anywhere I swear

  60. Deniz

    DenizPred 53 minutami

    Shaq looks like he is about to drop Rap song he wrote for Embiid.

  61. Rocket Dreamer

    Rocket DreamerPred 54 minutami

    38 a night shaq?

  62. Uncle Ben

    Uncle BenPred 56 minutami

    👏👏👏👏 positive!!

  63. Ekekela Napoleon

    Ekekela NapoleonPred 56 minutami

    Jesus loves you

  64. Chronicles Statements

    Chronicles StatementsPred 57 minutami

    Wow this was great coaching

  65. Haydot Zero

    Haydot ZeroPred 57 minutami

    That is what you called handling criticism like a man. He acknowledged it and knew he had to get better. Some soft players will b**ch cry about criticisms from Shaq and Barkley. They just know as a player you can do better and understand that you have potential.

  66. Anticuando

    AnticuandoPred 59 minutami

    0:32 #1 kotong 🤣🤣🤣


    GERLO SHOWPred 59 minutami

    That last one tho..😑

  68. tswagg504

    tswagg504Pred uro

    OG to YG

  69. bailey booty

    bailey bootyPred uro

    Real good interview!!!

  70. Da Real 1

    Da Real 1Pred uro

    Shaq throwing shots at McGee lol

  71. YES WE CAN

    YES WE CANPred uro

    " A lot of people call their mamma and try to get everybody fired or something" Shaq threw a shade at Javalle Mcgee 😄😄

  72. HallyuOtaku

    HallyuOtakuPred uro

    you know the league is a joke if they're saying that the GOAT is a clown.

  73. dsa asd

    dsa asdPred uro

    This is how Joel became one of my favorite players ... respect

  74. Barrington Morris

    Barrington MorrisPred uro

    Shots at KD...."Call their mamas"

  75. Grocery Grip

    Grocery GripPred uro

    These guys what make the TNT NBA pre/post game shows GREAT! How many shows out there have relationships with players like Chuck, Shaq, The Jet, and Ernie?

  76. fasicpicture

    fasicpicturePred uro

    L.J. is not fool in this video, and all of them doing stuff like this, ref is no1 fool

  77. Maximus 3497

    Maximus 3497Pred uro

    I didn’t like Embiid until I saw this, much respect to this man learning from two of the greatest and not being on the defense (no pun intended) unlike some young players and actual veterans in the league

  78. Daiki Aomine

    Daiki AominePred uro

    Ian Miami Heat -Shaq

  79. Jurassic Park

    Jurassic ParkPred uro

    I bet Kenny feel like getting back in the league with that new hairline

  80. Bud Mon

    Bud MonPred uro

    Shaq really took a shot at JAVALEEEE MCGEEEEEE 🤣🥴

  81. Saint Aubyn TFG

    Saint Aubyn TFGPred uro

    This is a great learning moment for Joel. Chuck and Shaq are paying it forward to the next generation

  82. Mighty Swordsmen 24

    Mighty Swordsmen 24Pred uro

    What about Dinwiddie not celebrating with KD (again)

  83. Andre

    AndrePred uro

    Embiid real humble respect it ✊ he know he should be putting up numbers like that every night

  84. mike conley

    mike conleyPred uro

    When the GREATS say they see GREATNESS in you..u cant do nothing but embrace it and let it fuel you 💯💪💯💪💯💪💯 ...

  85. David Banner

    David BannerPred uro

    One word comes to mind after that interview....... RESPECT. Most younger players have lost that. Joel Embiid will be great with that attitude.

  86. James Charles

    James CharlesPred uro

    Lizzo is Kyfe 🤢

  87. Chief W

    Chief WPred uro

    What about Ben Simmons tho?

  88. justin dair

    justin dairPred uro

    Awwwwww this heart warming frfr ❤️❤️❤️

  89. OriginalGamerOnline

    OriginalGamerOnlinePred uro

    That's the first step to becoming a "Man". Taking responsibility for your actions. Embiid is going to be very, very dangerous in the future! #futurehof

  90. John Massingale

    John MassingalePred uro

    PG - Curry SG - Harden SF - LeBron PF - Anthony Davis C - Giannis?

  91. 25redinc

    25redincPred uro

    Shaq an.barkley was right. U the best so u gotta go out an dominate every game. U gotta giv it ur all an play hard. Especially when u get paid millions to do it

  92. Phenomenal One

    Phenomenal OnePred uro

    Good for you Embiid took advice willingly, accept he wasn't good enough see where he is and using it to get better good for you young man!

  93. Lendell Coe

    Lendell CoePred uro

    I appreciate the respect embid has for the of the game

  94. Kommando Hurricane

    Kommando HurricanePred uro

    May my thoughts and prayers go out to David Stern and his family for a speedy recovery 🙏

  95. Lord Tachanka

    Lord TachankaPred uro

    The NBA, the multi billion dollar company that needs ad revenue.

  96. Giuseppe Amura

    Giuseppe AmuraPred uro

    Finally!!!! A young player that takes criticism as something constructive that can help you grow and doesn't get offended/acts like a baby. Great response Joel!

  97. bebei0000

    bebei0000Pred uro

    Oh why do I have to watch til the end...

  98. D G

    D GPred uro

    Humble dude. We have some pretty good big men in the league Giannis, Joel, AD

  99. Nate watson

    Nate watsonPred uro

    I love it, this is the type of thing that makes you want to root for a guy.

  100. El Padrino

    El PadrinoPred uro

    so... really no one saw that Javal McGee 😂 reference