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  1. Hg Hg

    Hg HgPred 23 sekundami

    Isnt Audi better then Urus? Isnt Audi better then any Lambo? Isnt Audi the best value for his money? Isnt Audi just the best car maker ever? Isnt... Matt paid by Audi? I like the guy, this is one of the better car channel on the tube, but i will start skipping any Audi previews, too much gushing bla all over the place.

  2. Little_Jake

    Little_JakePred 46 sekundami

    I have a discovery 4 SDV6 pushing 600 torques, why would you have tested the one with the 4 cylinder engine and not the SD6 at 700 torques on discovery 5? It would of pissed over everything there!!!

  3. George Markakis

    George MarkakisPred 9 minutami

    Tou took off early goose

  4. Le Pwelele

    Le PwelelePred 12 minutami

    U.. this thing is ugly, straight from 70s

  5. Marcelo de Souza Almeida

    Marcelo de Souza AlmeidaPred 12 minutami

    Tesla vs My Sandero 1.6 8v (brazilian model) Let's go? or tesla vs bugatti veyron. 10 seconds;

  6. Daniel Møller

    Daniel MøllerPred 21 minuto

    Hmm, i thought that The rs6 Was a VW Toureg 5.0 V10 block, while The s6 from The same generation had a 5.2 Lamborghini engine, am i The only One?

  7. XW XW

    XW XWPred 23 minutami

    Don't forget you, learned from "Germany" to make cars, England so when ever comes in mind for win better wake up. Hahaha Fact.

  8. NCB

    NCBPred 28 minutami

    The 6 even broke the stick of truth, grrrrrrrrr. Yeah, but the S3 Sportback isn't an RS6... end.

  9. NCB

    NCBPred 29 minutami

    As a previous owner... and an RS worshipper, I can confirm, it's a yes!!!!! Sadly, not many in Oz at all, even less so the Avant I bloody loved mine as it had the ECU upgrade, now it's back on my wish list.

  10. Kadir Kadriye

    Kadir KadriyePred 29 minutami

    Huracan penformante vs 720s

  11. Luke Star

    Luke StarPred 29 minutami

    It’s like comparing horse with donkey

  12. jonleigh1001

    jonleigh1001Pred 32 minutami

    Doggers playing trix ?

  13. Fawexx

    FawexxPred 34 minutami

    i'd have the tesla.

  14. Angela or Shawn

    Angela or ShawnPred 37 minutami

    Enough of 2008, bring on the Taycan!

  15. Winmader Cobb

    Winmader CobbPred 38 minutami

    Matt we can see your not looking at the camera but slighty off of it. It's annoying

  16. Michal Misiak

    Michal MisiakPred 39 minutami

    I would compare Jag to Mustang only, none of that Merc or BMW.

  17. john smith

    john smithPred 39 minutami

    Carbon build up oil leaks no fanks

  18. jonleigh1001

    jonleigh1001Pred 40 minutami

    Loads of room......Fake taxi it

  19. CGB

    CGBPred 42 minutami

    imagine when the new roadster comes out 🤔

  20. jonleigh1001

    jonleigh1001Pred 42 minutami

    Try it in woburn safari park 😊

  21. Lee Green

    Lee GreenPred 43 minutami

    Guy at work has one and daily drives it... Immense sound

  22. Richard Blades

    Richard BladesPred 51 minuto

    The C6 Rs6 is a really special car to me, I first sat in one on the Audi stand in worthersee/Austria before they were even on sale and said to myself one day I need to have one! 4 years later I picked up my C6 Rs6 avant from the Lamborghini dealership in Reading who’d taken it as a part ex. Sitting between an orange aventador and a lime green gallardo it was almost invisible on the forecourt, I said to the salesman I’m not interested in those two I’m here for the estate car!😁 4.2sec 0-60 is a bonus. Their real party piece is their mid range/top end pull! Mrc tuned cars are ludicrously fast. As far as handling is concerned I’ve fitted 285/35/21 Michelin pilot super sports and the kw adjustable spring kit which retains the drc functionality (comfort does what it says very soft when you need it/ dynamic is the one I use 90% of the time, sport is only good for the smoothest of roads or a racetrack should any Rs6 owner actually do that!🤷🏻‍♂️) medium to fast corners it’s truly planted, tighter or slower speed cornering you can’t hide the mass of the car but it’s not a light super car it’s a heavy 2 tonne estate so not sure why people expect any different really! The v10 sound to me is much more exotic than the v8 in the c7/c8, it is an awesome/brutal sound and I’d be lying if I said I’ve not been tempted to move to the c7, but in reality I reckon all the banging, crackling and pops would become a bit too much! I’ve got an evo ix mr fq360 too so handling/pops/bangs are already covered!😜

  23. Eric Light

    Eric LightPred 54 minutami

    Wish this came to the US

  24. Fire wolf

    Fire wolfPred 55 minutami

    You can't say that a car from 2008 is old. Like wtf, do you call a 11 year kid old?

  25. Jagdeepsingh Sidhu

    Jagdeepsingh SidhuPred 57 minutami

    1:01 that bag😂😂

  26. DG

    DGPred 57 minutami

    2:51 I have to disagree with you there Matt! The Porsche Panamera sport turismo is king of the wagons for me!

  27. Jules B

    Jules BPred uro

    You just gave the Toyota a running start. What is this?

  28. Ludwig Gonzalez

    Ludwig GonzalezPred uro

    A M A R O K V6¡!!!!

  29. Gandalf721

    Gandalf721Pred uro

    Jumped the shark.

  30. Just Awesome

    Just AwesomePred uro

    0 friction man you should put them on asfalt

  31. Luís Teixeira

    Luís TeixeiraPred uro

    In modern days performance 4/5 door cars/wagons lost their sleepiness. Well personaly i prefer a more discret vehicle.

  32. 999mrkhaled

    999mrkhaledPred uro

    The problem with owning a Mercedes is that if u want to change it nothing will satisfy you

  33. swagger0im0lachskost

    swagger0im0lachskostPred uro

    I like this way more then the new audis. Back in the days audi stood for understated business with performance

  34. potatocubes 30875

    potatocubes 30875Pred uro

    Really love the v10 RS6! Complete sleeper!

  35. alessandro martina

    alessandro martinaPred uro

    4:04...junger and definately british ahahahahaha.. you are sooo funny

  36. tanatswa nyemba

    tanatswa nyembaPred uro

    u guys tesla should a make another car that aint suv so dat they have a fair race

  37. Strabunitz

    StrabunitzPred uro

    probably one of the WORST value performance car in the world,great car not great gotta step up matt this was embarrassing..

  38. Ryan Barrimore

    Ryan BarrimorePred uro

    I think you guys to do a test of all three rs6 when the new one gets on the road. Be interesting to see how far they have really come over the years

  39. New777Wine

    New777WinePred uro

    Really enjoyed watching you trash your trainers for this video! Seriously couldn't you find some asphalt to film on?

  40. tanatswa nyemba

    tanatswa nyembaPred uro


  41. DoubleDeckerAnton

    DoubleDeckerAntonPred uro

    The new car looks like a spaceship... !!! 🚀

  42. Joshua Walker

    Joshua WalkerPred uro

    Drag race this rs6 with the next generations????

  43. DoubleDeckerAnton

    DoubleDeckerAntonPred uro

    It was a beast when it first came out...but the RS4 from that era was amazing...😁🆒️👍

  44. R L

    R LPred uro

    You Europeans and your access to twin turbo V10 wagons that are not "expensive" to buy.

  45. David Viner

    David VinerPred uro

    My god you looked younger than me back in 2008 and now you look much older than me, by the way I'm 53

  46. tanatswa nyemba

    tanatswa nyembaPred uro

    its not the car its the driver

  47. VolvoXC90TV

    VolvoXC90TVPred uro

    Was that the old route he used to do on Carbuyer? lol throwback

  48. RRC Productions

    RRC ProductionsPred uro

    Originaly it had naturaly aspirated v10! Not turbo charged, it was lamborghini engline inside rs6!

  49. Quentin Freeman

    Quentin FreemanPred uro

    7:25 To justify buying the Porsche

  50. tanatswa nyemba

    tanatswa nyembaPred uro

    all the cars arent faster than the 2020 gtr

  51. RKG_123

    RKG_123Pred uro

    What’s this? Like the 20th video on this shitty car?

  52. Tim Stevenson

    Tim StevensonPred uro

    Probably quarter the price

  53. Cy Yem

    Cy YemPred uro

    Is Matt similar to Andy Murray? In the sense that he looks more like his mum than his dad?

  54. Res Non Verba

    Res Non VerbaPred 2 urami

    Jaguar appear to have done a fantastic job. Loved the old one, like the looks of this even more. Well done Jaguar!

  55. hudaifa hayder

    hudaifa hayderPred 2 urami

    The RS6 old and new is one of my favourite cars


    ITS ISACC BROPred 2 urami

    I’m loving these older car reviews ! 👏🏽👏🏽

  57. Petar Dorotić

    Petar DorotićPred 2 urami

    i want c7 now

  58. Peter Van

    Peter VanPred 2 urami

    Okay explain me which fuckin moron decided that black rear windows look good? To me it looks like shit; not enough money to do the rest. Or My kids are too ugly to face the world. I run a sweat shop in the back. Doing drug deals in the back and need some privacy... etc.... Then on top of it all a black car and black rear windows... it looks like a fuckin van! Not enough money for the rear seats?

  59. Project Supercar

    Project SupercarPred 2 urami

    I've always loved the RS6, maybe one day I'll treat myself. ;)

  60. Zay Barz

    Zay BarzPred 2 urami

    This used to be my sleeper car in GT6 😍

  61. Weltmeister Jones

    Weltmeister JonesPred 2 urami

    Friend of mine has one, 825hp stage 2 remap, monster of a car. Sets car alarms off sometimes with the exhaust resonance.

  62. josh 16

    josh 16Pred 2 urami

    Please review s3 saloon!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. mikmik0505

    mikmik0505Pred 2 urami

    Why would any sane person do a review on all that crap .

  64. Beka Machurishvili

    Beka MachurishviliPred 2 urami

    Nothing beats the glorious v10 M5

  65. Benjamin Naderkhani

    Benjamin NaderkhaniPred 2 urami

    Love this far

  66. Phantom Arcanist

    Phantom ArcanistPred 2 urami


  67. James Thomas

    James ThomasPred 2 urami

    Matt that weird steering feel is due to the car having those electronic dampers. Thanks to JayEmm On Cars for that 👍

  68. Harry Pitts

    Harry PittsPred 2 urami

    If the discovery had the v6 it would have been a slaughter for the Land Rover but vw gave them the wrong car so they one but I was still surprised by the vw braking performance

  69. Josh

    JoshPred 2 urami

    I want to see an M5 Touring review now

  70. Billy Hensh

    Billy HenshPred 2 urami

    Who else went straight onto Autotrader to see how much you can buy one for now....

  71. Sanjay Chudasama

    Sanjay ChudasamaPred 2 urami

    I bought a ticket to win this car @

  72. Waqas Anjum

    Waqas AnjumPred 2 urami

    I remember the times when Matt was used to be original.

  73. Callan Sturgeon

    Callan SturgeonPred 2 urami

    That’s a Prado not a landcruiser

  74. lion Killson2

    lion Killson2Pred 2 urami

    10:50 i am suprised that a car tester who knows that the ford focus st isn't in the same class as a vw golf r I mean i wan'ted to think he knows but no he dosent

  75. Bring My Wallet

    Bring My WalletPred 2 urami

    90s 2000s era the best

  76. irmenkop85

    irmenkop85Pred 2 urami

    Still my dream car. Just don't own my own gas station to operate it.

  77. James

    JamesPred 2 urami

    Was this at the Los Angeles Auto Show?!?!? 😱 I knew I saw Mat there, but didn’t believe it at first 😅😓

  78. Vincent Hoffmann

    Vincent HoffmannPred 2 urami

    With the Cayenne S Diesel please !

  79. James

    JamesPred 2 urami

    Realize Mat isn’t saying what truck to buy based on vids such as these, where Tesla did. It’s for your entertainment. You want the best pickup truck or for towing, Ford F-150 with a V8 or diesel. Cannot beat that.

  80. dazzaburger

    dazzaburgerPred 2 urami

    Back when all engines were massive nowadays all these cars are turbocharged

  81. russvhill2

    russvhill2Pred 2 urami

    Congratulations Matt!, you are the MOST annoying and puerile presenter I've seen in a long time. Must remember never to bother watching carwow ever again

  82. Daz Fitch

    Daz FitchPred 2 urami

    No wonder Jaguar got no money... So many needless updates

  83. Iskander Gapparov

    Iskander GapparovPred 2 urami


  84. Zafer Turan

    Zafer TuranPred 2 urami


  85. Howard Luo

    Howard LuoPred 2 urami

    Laughed my sht out lolll but had to dislike it as a patriotic Chinese.😂

  86. Marcin Szymański

    Marcin SzymańskiPred 2 urami

    i hope next it's C5 rs6

  87. 11jf111j1f1

    11jf111j1f1Pred 2 urami

    i love audis from this era. they look civic refined, unlike the modern audis which look progressively more like hot wheels

  88. Scott Leech

    Scott LeechPred 2 urami

    By far the best Car review/content channel on SLgo. Way too many people who know nothing get far too much play

  89. AMS Where the hoes at?

    AMS Where the hoes at?Pred 2 urami

    7:48 when you eat in minecraft

  90. Andrej Pizhevski

    Andrej PizhevskiPred 2 urami


  91. Andrej Pizhevski

    Andrej PizhevskiPred 2 urami


  92. Joona Puro

    Joona PuroPred 2 urami

    What was that audi launch if rolling race was so tight 😂😂😂 Audi should win the start if something

  93. George Arden

    George ArdenPred 2 urami

    In my opinion the RS6 C7 is the perfect middleground appearance wise...the stock C7 S6 sedan is very quintessentially Audi to me and one of the best looking sedans of all time

  94. Lepe

    LepePred 3 urami

    Thumbs down for not mentioning in title it's the 2008 RS6.

  95. Vantheman12 3

    Vantheman12 3Pred 3 urami

    This was designed in a public toilet

  96. o marasan

    o marasanPred 3 urami


  97. SerbianGamers Nr.1

    SerbianGamers Nr.1Pred 3 urami

    6:33 i wish i had that milage. My 2002 lexus rx 300 avreges 7.5mpg in town and 12mpg on open road

  98. s60polestar fan

    s60polestar fanPred 3 urami

    Beautiful but expensive

  99. Dan Hammond

    Dan HammondPred 3 urami

    Still my dream car, especially in Monterey green pearl

  100. Channel Classics

    Channel ClassicsPred 3 urami

    M5 e60 <3<3<3