Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias' style of comedy is a mixture of story telling with characters and sound effects that bring all his personal issues to life. His amazing ability to cross over with a clean animated style of comedy has put him in big demand throughout the stand-up comedy circuit. Ask anyone who has seen him in concert and you will probably hear the same thing, "He was so funny!"

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  1. Rajnish Jaswal

    Rajnish JaswalPred dnevom

    Love from India 🇮🇳

  2. tom rkba

    tom rkbaPred dnevom

    You forgot Chilenos. Juevonholacomoestajuevon

  3. Bro, Wtf

    Bro, WtfPred dnevom

    Chileans don’t even speak Spanish I swear

  4. Xylitius

    XylitiusPred dnevom

    My boyfriend was born in Cuba, raised in Miami and he laughed so hard when he heard your jokes about Cuban's and Cuban Coffee. This is his favourite skit of yours. We never get bored of watching your movies, you are our favourite comedian!

  5. Sciphere

    ScipherePred dnevom

    Mexicans give all latinos a bad name

  6. Athul Nair

    Athul NairPred dnevom

    I honestly thought this was Manny from Modern Family

  7. rosa mar

    rosa marPred dnevom

    I guess I am the only black cuban that has never tried cuban coffee

  8. Will Wonte

    Will WontePred dnevom

    LOL!!!!! my son loves you, thinks your very funny and you are brother

  9. Seba Caliente

    Seba CalientePred dnevom

    Puerto Rican is true I do that

  10. Seba Caliente

    Seba CalientePred dnevom

    Puerto Rican is true I do that

  11. Pappa Mojo VC Hero

    Pappa Mojo VC HeroPred dnevom

    John Ruiz has really let himself go

  12. Larry SAL

    Larry SALPred dnevom

    Nice cuban acvent hahahaha

  13. Larry SAL

    Larry SALPred dnevom

    "Speaking spanish quickly" nice Xd

  14. Summerof08'

    Summerof08'Pred dnevom

    2012 looking like 2008.

  15. sartorian darkstorm

    sartorian darkstormPred dnevom

    its funny to think that gabes measurements of fatness can also be applied to dick size

  16. Joe Wickerfella

    Joe WickerfellaPred dnevom


  17. the assassin251

    the assassin251Pred dnevom

    I guess that’s the same for every race

  18. I & J Lopez Zavala

    I & J Lopez ZavalaPred dnevom

    Trevor Noah..... preached racism.

  19. Alexander Horvath

    Alexander HorvathPred dnevom

    As a cuban, this is very accurate.

  20. Dominic_an

    Dominic_anPred dnevom

    Amazing men lol but, what happened next, I need to know hahahahah

  21. Brian Mç G

    Brian Mç GPred dnevom

    I am hungry now! Damnit

  22. Marquito

    MarquitoPred dnevom

    That was a cruel prank 😂😂😂

  23. zek mackoy

    zek mackoyPred dnevom


  24. Callum Morgan

    Callum MorganPred dnevom

    "I thought the partition was tinted" 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Isaac Bridenstine

    Isaac BridenstinePred dnevom

    I wanted to come but I was in school

  26. D Lovely

    D LovelyPred dnevom

    Thank you, Mr. Gil, (my Spanish teacher from last semester), for drilling me on my lessons! That made this show THAT MUCH FUNNIER!!!

  27. Kellan Conaway-Smith

    Kellan Conaway-SmithPred dnevom


  28. Bigfut Music

    Bigfut MusicPred dnevom

    But Mexican food is the best in the world!; like if you agree!!! 👇🏽

  29. SKIPPER 13

    SKIPPER 13Pred dnevom

    Watch this if u want to Relate to what he is saying about cow...

  30. Necron Mlg

    Necron MlgPred dnevom

    Ngl this is a bit cringey it’s just my opinion I’m not hating just an a opinion

  31. Takitakichiri _

    Takitakichiri _Pred dnevom

    Aaaaaaa I want to try chicos tacos now Am ozzi

  32. James West

    James WestPred dnevom

    Isn't this the fat guy off storage hunters uk, Boom, BOOM

  33. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos MartinezPred dnevom

    If tony went to the high school why didn’t he bring someone and fluffy take his wife? 😂💀

  34. Vipul Nath

    Vipul NathPred dnevom

    Hey man u r awesome do some more jokes on Indians plz🤣

  35. Matt Foley Motivational Speaker

    Matt Foley Motivational SpeakerPred dnevom

    Moral to this story is to never open your door to the Chamber of Commerce if you don't want to lose your racist gifts.

  36. Sparckman

    SparckmanPred dnevom

    HAHAHA voy animar unos segundos de'ste gordo friggin hilarious LOL 3.7 million de subscribers ... holy mother of ... LOL

  37. Dolly Belladonna

    Dolly BelladonnaPred dnevom

    Crying with laughter when I watched this in the morning

  38. Hare Krishna in the Movies

    Hare Krishna in the MoviesPred dnevom

    Cows give us milk. Therefore. they are our mothers!

  39. Parth

    ParthPred 2 dnevi

    Well somebody copied Jo Koy....

  40. BeatlesFanSonia

    BeatlesFanSoniaPred 2 dnevi

    I never heard of this guy but I couldn’t stop laughing! He’s funny!

  41. icy potato

    icy potatoPred 2 dnevi

    Lele pons is an entirely different species

  42. *Veganislife*

    *Veganislife*Pred 2 dnevi

    Obese much


    SKYFALLPred 2 dnevi

    fat tool

  44. MCES LEX

    MCES LEXPred 2 dnevi

    10 minutes later? 🤯 coffee won't be processed by your body until like an hour🤣

  45. month32

    month32Pred 2 dnevi

    The waiter knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

  46. No Name

    No NamePred 2 dnevi

    Yet he looks exactly like that guy from Modern Family...

  47. Ronnie Ferguson

    Ronnie FergusonPred 2 dnevi

    So your mother is a racist?

  48. James James

    James JamesPred 2 dnevi

    Gabriel Iglesias - i suggest that you take to doing Intermittent Fasting, as obesity and what it brings is not a laughing matter. Secondly, let me correct you, 'Namaste' means: your Yoga Class has finished and you can leave.

  49. John Lujan

    John LujanPred 2 dnevi

    That's the secret to the Cubano, eh?

  50. Huangdi Lim

    Huangdi LimPred 2 dnevi

    Wtf are you doing?!?

  51. Arijit Chakraborty

    Arijit ChakrabortyPred 2 dnevi

    I was waiting for that Martin joke in the end

  52. siddhi sharma

    siddhi sharmaPred 2 dnevi

    I am an Indian and i can't relate to most of the things he said , specially his theory about cows like man seriously who told you the crap that it is believed it has some human spirit in it? It is considered as a holy animal not some human inside it, also I've never seen someone using the "honking language", we use indicators :) Make jokes but atleast be realistic, exaggerating every single detail just makes it a little bit of annoying.

  53. The Grim Reaper

    The Grim ReaperPred 2 dnevi

    Big man, and an absolute legend!! FLUFFY IS THE GREATEST!!

  54. G4M3R UNL34SH3D

    G4M3R UNL34SH3DPred 2 dnevi

    Fluffy came back from India knowing more about India then I do and I'm Indian

  55. Beyou

    BeyouPred 2 dnevi

    Manny is that you???

  56. David Jr

    David JrPred 2 dnevi

    what you mean you didn't know there was such thing as black cubans? theres millions of black latinos haha

  57. Panayoti Stavrinos

    Panayoti StavrinosPred 2 dnevi





  59. daknicca

    dakniccaPred 2 dnevi

    No joy the Latino version

  60. OPGamer Legend

    OPGamer LegendPred 2 dnevi

    My dad can handle all types of coffee except for coffee with milk he don't like light coffee he like STRONG I MEAN RLY STRONG one day he ask the waiter to give him a coffee it looked SSO DARK IT LOOKED LIKE A BLACK HOLE

  61. Balian Lassek

    Balian LassekPred 2 dnevi

    "you got anything to say??" "STOP CRIMINAL SCUM!"

  62. chris van

    chris vanPred 2 dnevi

    Funny as hell im Aussie and I love how he did it with the voice

  63. فضائح فطوميكا سويد

    فضائح فطوميكا سويدPred 2 dnevi


  64. Mike Stevens

    Mike StevensPred 2 dnevi

    Link to your web page is not working.. Just FYI

  65. Sheila Arp

    Sheila ArpPred 2 dnevi

    I have someone who will take care of your vws in long beach please contact me he is so great

  66. Om Gupta

    Om GuptaPred 2 dnevi

    Love you bro from indian

  67. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel GutierrezPred 2 dnevi

    Shit had me dying,

  68. pradumnya bhor

    pradumnya bhorPred 2 dnevi

    Bruh my head don't move though

  69. Scott Jones

    Scott JonesPred 2 dnevi

    that sucks you come all over buy us in Pittsburgh pa and don't come ...

  70. Señora Antero

    Señora AnteroPred 2 dnevi

    March 13th!!

  71. Superlative CG

    Superlative CGPred 2 dnevi

    Latinos don't speak Latin.

  72. Edward Andrews

    Edward AndrewsPred 2 dnevi


  73. Anonymous3777 R

    Anonymous3777 RPred 2 dnevi

    is same to me.

  74. Dennis Janda

    Dennis JandaPred 2 dnevi

    Like him, he's a REAL Comedian..Has a Great Car collection, too !!

  75. The 1diot426

    The 1diot426Pred 2 dnevi

    Are we not gonna question where the music is at the end?

  76. Andalus101

    Andalus101Pred 2 dnevi

    does this guy not age??

  77. Xcris crosX

    Xcris crosXPred 2 dnevi

    Latinos and Hispanics are not the same

  78. The Guy

    The GuyPred 2 dnevi

    Manny got old.


    TESTIMONIOS 02Pred 2 dnevi

    He need to hear 👂 this from a doctor... “you only have two years to live “... then he will change because everybody is scare of dying .. my coworker dirent believe in God until he got cancer .... you live so fast and never give thanks to God you will soon find out he is very real...😂😂

  80. Tiffany G

    Tiffany GPred 2 dnevi


  81. Monagin Detablan

    Monagin DetablanPred 2 dnevi

    Please do a tour in the Philippines!

  82. Abe Neptune K

    Abe Neptune KPred 2 dnevi

    can you tell me please how you force the CC close captions on your video?

  83. Josue Guzman

    Josue GuzmanPred 2 dnevi

    Dude yo junk be funnyyy man like that dude in the meme i wish we can meet up sometime

  84. Yoboy Scope

    Yoboy ScopePred 2 dnevi

    DOUGHNUTS 1996 IM DYING🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂

  85. tony Montana

    tony MontanaPred 2 dnevi

    For a green card i cut him up real nice

  86. sushil Kumar

    sushil KumarPred 2 dnevi

    The way this guys speak in Indian accent gives me the sensation of hearing Hindi.

  87. Siva Sai

    Siva SaiPred 2 dnevi

    His Cow story not true at all...its that fat man's fabrication...

  88. Rocky Harris

    Rocky HarrisPred 2 dnevi

    How can 515 people dislike fluffy? Bastards.....

  89. bassmanbilly1969

    bassmanbilly1969Pred 2 dnevi

    Epic performance. Love it. God Bless you Fluffy. :)

  90. Yashowardhan Gokhale

    Yashowardhan GokhalePred 2 dnevi

    One of only few genuinely funny comedians..

  91. Cyan_Cipher

    Cyan_CipherPred 2 dnevi

    *ok tbh I want Gabriel Iglesias to be my teacher-*

  92. irisfailsafe

    irisfailsafePred 2 dnevi

    Cierto Fluffy!

  93. Free Zone

    Free ZonePred 2 dnevi

    I was so into this i thought it was like 3 minutes....

  94. Pritam Karmakar

    Pritam KarmakarPred 2 dnevi

    Global version of Tanmay bhatt

  95. Degenation

    DegenationPred 2 dnevi

    Haha "go with god" after he drank that bowl of coffee. I wanna try that coffee it sounds bien

  96. Is ur MoM?

    Is ur MoM?Pred 2 dnevi

    I live in florida .O.

  97. Anthony Griffith

    Anthony GriffithPred 2 dnevi

    You rock Fluffy!

  98. your_girl_on_me jd

    your_girl_on_me jdPred 2 dnevi

    Aaa fluffy love what you do

  99. luisacosta813

    luisacosta813Pred 2 dnevi

    6:25 I'm DEAD!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  100. DJ ONE Channel

    DJ ONE ChannelPred 2 dnevi

    HAHAHA 😅