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  1. Caleb Crowell

    Caleb CrowellPred 11 minutami

    The clippers fans will show up when kawhi and PG both show up in the same game...

  2. Tom Yamaguchi

    Tom YamaguchiPred 15 minutami

    Luka forsure MVP and MIP candidate

  3. Neil Tapia gabriel

    Neil Tapia gabrielPred 19 minutami

    Jay Z why you look ugly

  4. Ankit Macherla

    Ankit MacherlaPred 28 minutami

    i understand why u might say lakers over clippers, but standings don't tell that story. Kawhi missed 5 games and PG missed 11 games u can't look at record to determine which team is better. If anything the clippers with Kawhi and PG are playing better than the lakers record wise. Its arguable but record isn't the reason

  5. Jesse Gordon

    Jesse GordonPred 36 minutami

    Imagine scoring 70 in my player on 2k and losing

  6. Jason Do

    Jason DoPred 37 minutami

    Why was "This was one of the strangest games all season" the title........?

  7. talwar1990

    talwar1990Pred 43 minutami

    The start of 2019-20 Knicks broken season

  8. SirTickleBear

    SirTickleBearPred 50 minutami

    Don't understand how you could have LeBron and AD in your too 5 for MVP at the same time

  9. The Real Red_Hawk3000

    The Real Red_Hawk3000Pred 56 minutami

    Westbrook game is based only on Athleticism?!? He been working on that mid-range and been a leader of assists in this league multiple times... Don't need to be athletic for those, just give him the ball like the beginning of the year (what they did tonight) and they win and everyone eats... That harden iso ball is purely for his numbers and Russ and the team are suffering

  10. MarshallPo

    MarshallPoPred 56 minutami

    Jorge Sedano actually knows what he's talking about unlike these other 2 guys

  11. The Real Red_Hawk3000

    The Real Red_Hawk3000Pred 58 minutami

    How can you say Luka hasn't peaked too soon... He hasn't made the playoffs, hasn't won anything of substance... Could get injured and become a what if like Rose... It's his second year pump the breaks

  12. Nando G

    Nando GPred uro


  13. jfull

    jfullPred uro

    This was a cool segment do more of this!

  14. Anthony Banks

    Anthony BanksPred uro

    Damon Jones a G

  15. sh0vel face

    sh0vel facePred uro


  16. Nehemiah Howard

    Nehemiah HowardPred uro

    We boutta get a top 5 pick😂

  17. Anthony Banks

    Anthony BanksPred uro

    Why media outlets sending these nerds that probably never played ball in their life to ask questions

  18. Anthony Banks

    Anthony BanksPred uro

    Finals bound if healthy no question

  19. Eric Marrero

    Eric MarreroPred uro

    Yo if he sound like he’s 70 now then imagine when he’s actually 70 geesh

  20. The Real Donald Trump

    The Real Donald TrumpPred uro

    just how bad is lonzo ball?

  21. ill 8085

    ill 8085Pred uro

    Comedy Gold 😂😂😂

  22. G

    GPred 2 urami

    Imagine if the Heat had one more unselfish star. That would be a fun East.

  23. Agus Wahyudi

    Agus WahyudiPred 2 urami

    PP is brought on into the network for only his stupidity comments lol.

  24. Anthony Banks

    Anthony BanksPred 2 urami

    Been a Elite player for a long time while Chicago hasn’t made the playoffs since🤣🤣

  25. Fabian Figueroa

    Fabian FigueroaPred 2 urami

    I love seein Suns fans in other arenas! Much props to all you Suns fans in New Orleans ✊🏻

  26. Ahmed Ali

    Ahmed AliPred 2 urami

    Hella Fake

  27. Retro Robbie

    Retro RobbiePred 2 urami

    2:40 me when I'm playing 2K mycareer mode.

  28. Keith Miller

    Keith MillerPred 2 urami

    Most overpaid player in the league by far

  29. Eric Friedland

    Eric FriedlandPred 2 urami

    Nice to see him starting to play well. Sheesh. It was pretty discouraging....

  30. Jazz Critic

    Jazz CriticPred 3 urami

    Even if perk played la would still win sorry

  31. Jazz Critic

    Jazz CriticPred 3 urami

    They should of got ray allen to see what BOS fans think

  32. Azmon Rougier

    Azmon RougierPred 3 urami

    the referees are purposely sabotaging the challenges because of their egos. they don't like being second guessed and they don't like the scrutiny. get rid of it and just start fining/suspending the refs for bad and missed calls like they should have done in the first place.

  33. Bob Griffey

    Bob GriffeyPred 3 urami


  34. Biniam Brhane

    Biniam BrhanePred 3 urami

    "Tsunami Papi" go Rachel!

  35. Muran

    MuranPred 3 urami

    This was the most scripted bs lol

  36. Ka Kjj

    Ka KjjPred 3 urami

    Booker > LeTrash

  37. Dev Coolin

    Dev CoolinPred 3 urami

    Devin booker is different 💪💫🐐

  38. ssimpson11234

    ssimpson11234Pred 3 urami

    this is what happens when you give a great player an actual team around him

  39. Joe Reyes

    Joe ReyesPred 3 urami

    first view :3

  40. Julian Williams

    Julian WilliamsPred 3 urami


  41. Roman Nathan

    Roman NathanPred 3 urami

    His voice bout as broke as his defense 😆

  42. Jeffre Xue

    Jeffre XuePred 3 urami

    Kobe's WiFi got disconnected

  43. M A K O

    M A K OPred 3 urami

    my high school team- every single one of us could shoot over 10 3 s in a row every day at least once. the record on the team was 24- mine was 21. for a pro - i honestly think this is normal- that lots of pros can hit the triple digit mark for made 3 s in a row

  44. John Kenneth Medrano

    John Kenneth MedranoPred 3 urami

    9 months later. Lebron James is playing his best basketball. There's not so many that understand Paul Pierce. I think he has a lot of points. Nobody just pays respect.

  45. akult isgod

    akult isgodPred 3 urami

    jalen- dye ur beard and line it up asap

  46. milixe1

    milixe1Pred 3 urami

    Richard Jefferson is the whitest black guy.

  47. HUJAMBO Korodani

    HUJAMBO KorodaniPred 4 urami


  48. Edward Gutierrez

    Edward GutierrezPred 4 urami

    Paul Pierce is stupid period

  49. Richard Guero

    Richard GueroPred 4 urami

    Y’all not lookin at the product from this we get our first round pick because it was protected that means another decent player added

  50. CS Y

    CS YPred 4 urami

    He definitely hadn't talk to Chauncey Billups, he praise Rick Carlisle every time he talk about the Mavs.

  51. PepsiJoeLouis

    PepsiJoeLouisPred 4 urami

    From memory: Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Rondo, Perkins, Posey, Davis, House...

  52. DIZ EM

    DIZ EMPred 5 urami


  53. Dakota

    DakotaPred 5 urami

    I mean money shouldn’t be an issue. If you already have 350mil in a bank... You could preserve four generations of wealth and live above middle class with that.

  54. Lamont Adams

    Lamont AdamsPred 6 urami

    He not worth all that money not even a super star

  55. Chris Renshaw

    Chris RenshawPred 6 urami

    Molly needs a real man not that clown jalen

  56. Dan Roberts

    Dan RobertsPred 6 urami

    When has Paul Pierce ever won anything by myself? I’ll wait.

  57. Y D

    Y DPred 6 urami

    How about the True MVP? White Kamba.

  58. Jamison.Whiskey

    Jamison.WhiskeyPred 6 urami

    Is this real or acting?

  59. Ridho Wiranatakusumah

    Ridho WiranatakusumahPred 6 urami

    To be honest im more remembee about kendrick than rondo

  60. Alex H

    Alex HPred 7 urami

    Yeah it was shown on replay that the ball was nowhere near Bryant's face and it was just the camera angle

  61. Don Rutter

    Don RutterPred 7 urami

    Who cares. Throw ball at hoop. Do it again. Grown men with no life skills.

  62. John Blackshear

    John BlackshearPred 7 urami

    when did j cole cut his dreads off ??

  63. AAL

    AALPred 7 urami

    heat are 15-6 and undefeated at home, they play tremendous defense and a elite offense with a deep roster with a great coach this is not a good team, this is a great team

  64. perry young

    perry youngPred 7 urami

    Lebrick has his same chances of going from the chosen one to the frozen one like he does every year

  65. IronLyanZion

    IronLyanZionPred 7 urami

    Exhibit A folks:☝when cocaine meets camera work😒😒

  66. BG303

    BG303Pred 7 urami

    The refs need a random drug test

  67. 808 Kicks and Fashion

    808 Kicks and FashionPred 7 urami


  68. Rodney Noel

    Rodney NoelPred 7 urami

    Heat Nation!

  69. george hudson

    george hudsonPred 7 urami

    Watch him go 1 for 7 his next game 🤦🤦🤦

  70. That Dude Najarian

    That Dude NajarianPred 7 urami

    Bruh the Celts gotta win another ring cause I’m tired of holding onto this 08 title 🤣

  71. 1k. mal

    1k. malPred 8 urami

    They say don’t judge basketball on stats but always brings up rings when talking about who the best player is.....

  72. Sudhir Kakar

    Sudhir KakarPred 8 urami

    As an undergrad, i saw Kiki Vandeweghe enter the wooden center at UCLA and in his running shoes he stepped into the gym, picked up a ball, and hit 51 straight.

  73. Jim Li

    Jim LiPred 8 urami

    this is so fake.

  74. Olatunji Olowere

    Olatunji OlowerePred 8 urami

    Do it while double teamed

  75. Phantom III

    Phantom IIIPred 9 urami


  76. Josh Hales

    Josh HalesPred 9 urami

    3:08 😂 notice how he says he’s never heard of the show, then explains he gets responses on Instagram asking about the show if he’s Thingamajig

  77. speedyfeint

    speedyfeintPred 9 urami

    jason kidd is a natural born fraudster.. he will do anything to take advantage of someone and he won't feel any remorse at all..

  78. Rey Ret

    Rey RetPred 9 urami

    Hook dunk.

  79. TheGymromeShow

    TheGymromeShowPred 9 urami

    I love this!!!

  80. GSHeverything _27

    GSHeverything _27Pred 9 urami

    That's dawg Heat Nation 🔥 🔥👍🏾🏀

  81. Joshua de Vera

    Joshua de VeraPred 9 urami

    2:06 was the weakest congrats ever haha look at him look away, Pierce still salty bout the Heat and Spo gettin him in the playoffs those first few yrs of the Big 3 era

  82. Joshua de Vera

    Joshua de VeraPred 9 urami

    Im a Heat fan but hes right, losses like last night to the Celtics have me worried for our playoff run

  83. C M

    C MPred 9 urami

    Yes because they are wasting time outs even if its fucking obvious the refs will not overturn it, the davis and kcp plays too were obvious and now this Hardens is more obvious but still a no overturn

  84. Namkuk Hur

    Namkuk HurPred 9 urami

    Coming from boston, of course. You ain't kobe pierce

  85. soj

    sojPred 9 urami

    the Horford fake free throw flinch is gayer than Richard Jefferson

  86. wrightterence680

    wrightterence680Pred 9 urami

    Jimmy Butler dropped a 37 piece on the Celtics

  87. Maceyee

    MaceyeePred 9 urami

    Eliminate the refs that make awful mistakes

  88. lilpopout Clips

    lilpopout ClipsPred 9 urami

    0:11 👊🤣💀

  89. Lamont Walker

    Lamont WalkerPred 10 urami

    I read the title alone and knew he had a lame explanation

  90. Zyrif Brown

    Zyrif BrownPred 10 urami

    He didn’t deserve the contract that 76ers gave him

  91. ThereIsNoTrueLove

    ThereIsNoTrueLovePred 10 urami

    so glad that people are talking about defensive plays and thats why, James Harden wont win the MVP

  92. Tecqzzie_On_40-50Ping YTツ

    Tecqzzie_On_40-50Ping YTツPred 10 urami

    If KD didn’t lose this game he wouldn’t have switched

  93. Big C

    Big CPred 10 urami

    This show is boring

  94. Georgios Ntavakis

    Georgios NtavakisPred 10 urami

    these are the....VIDEOSSSSSSS..!!!!!...hahahhahaahhaaa...AMAZINGGGGGGGGG..!!!!!!!

  95. One FlyMfkr

    One FlyMfkrPred 10 urami

    I see Paul is still salty towards Miami

  96. Jacob Blackamore

    Jacob BlackamorePred 10 urami

    How in the world could you believe that a man who gets paid for rebounding the purposely flinches when a ball is shot? Wow

  97. Dhk4

    Dhk4Pred 10 urami

    Perk missing game 7 is why the Lakers won

  98. Ron Cisnero

    Ron CisneroPred 10 urami

    Al Horford looking a little soft with that weak sh!t.

  99. Scratchin' Samurai

    Scratchin' SamuraiPred 10 urami

    This is the difference between Embid going back to Toronto and Butler. And i don't even like Butler that much.

  100. Davey J

    Davey JPred 11 urami

    They be scared when he just giving a hug 🤣😭