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  1. Miguel Diaz

    Miguel DiazPred minuto

    Thank you for posting this, as people online don't know how to use a dictionary or even GOOGLE to search up terminology. Bullet proof does not protect you from it all. It's only bullet proof up to a certain grade. It's like saying "it's fire proof" and then throwing it at the hottest star in existence(Eta Carinae is the hottest star if you need to know lol). If you use your brain a little, most idiots aren't going to go around waving AK-47's or tank grade sniper rifles. If you're going to get jacked or broken into, it's going to be with a disposable weapon in case things get "messy"; there are also a few (and odd ) robberies with point-black shotgun cases. Kinda out there, but you know. I only know this info because I worked in a bio-hazard cleanup company before... working there for a couple of years you start to wonder the statistics, intents, background situations, etc etc. Just like a global fun fact: There is a season for "death", it's between a cultures New Years and the LAST major holiday of the year. But I digress. Thank you also for throwing off a lot of the morons that were yelling "hoax" when that weighed ball lightly shattered the Tesla trucks window. I didn't fall apart, but the uneducated said: "But it broke with a small WEIGHT BALL, it can't be pullet proof." Which brings me to a small geometry/physics session I am about to have with the SLgo: A spherical shape has no base. Meaning that their points are very defined; consider this as a reference of a perfect 90 degree cube, not a sphere; but in this case, it is always guaranteed to land at the corner. Why does this matter? Moving on to physics. A simple law of physics "Force is equal to the change in momentum (mass times velocity) over time. In other words, the rate of change is directly proportional to the amount of force applied." Gravity + Initial force + Mass of the item itself + Distance (Velocity could be used to simplify this.) Plug those in together. But wait, there's more, consider that Elon is a great entertainer and investor that is succeeding in great fronts... but he really is a total dork with very little understand of physics... like the general public, and throws the ball with full strength on live television and in a premier expo, meaning all that force might as well have been a shotgun shell. If you look at the video you see the perfectly shattered dust as an imprint of the ball, but no penetration. Which I also thank you for explaining it on your video as well, that the second layer is the real deterrent for bullets. Not to mention there is 1 level higher to this upgrade. Sorry for ranting, just loving the improvements for a much safer ride. These guys are basically scoring perfect safety grades all over the place. Can't help to love how if electrical vehicles become a major thing, Tesla will probably guarantee a domestic grade model at one point, prices are going down as his partners increase. Kinda sucks that retail value won't stay the same for long, as in it will more than likely lower (lol), which in a sense boosts his own business, sneaky and tactical motions on his part. It's like being able to drive around idiots without having to worry about getting wrecked in an perfectly grounded vehicle that has an even more impressive center point of gravity(It's balance, for the ones that don't get the reference), and now it's bullet proof with an added 400lb's? I'm game(lol). BUT WAIT, there's more ;) The Tesla truck is $40,000 starting price, and it retains actual metal sheeting for the exterior. I'm on this train to the bitter end lol.

  2. Quan Twisted Gaming

    Quan Twisted GamingPred 4 minutami

    Mr mice

  3. Arsinyx

    ArsinyxPred 5 minutami

    Got a 8 plus had it for 3 days watched your crack test today never expected to crack it so fast but it happened today😂 I need to heed your warnings

  4. Bryton Massie

    Bryton MassiePred 8 minutami

    He thanos snapped the intro.

  5. Clint Tankersley

    Clint TankersleyPred 13 minutami

    Does the powershare work with this note 10 + case?

  6. Sofa Overlord

    Sofa OverlordPred 14 minutami

    "internal quantum processor" Lol, adding Quantum infront of something doesnt work like that Samsung..

  7. gameguy682

    gameguy682Pred 14 minutami

    Is nobody going to point out the fact the the Nintendo Switch skin is upside down?

  8. Eric Hasz

    Eric HaszPred 15 minutami

    Love the Jeffery Epstein easter egg!

  9. Rosy Ochoa

    Rosy OchoaPred 16 minutami

    Stupid men

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    AlexVidsPred 18 minutami

    she looks 15

  11. Ahmed Ashmaig

    Ahmed AshmaigPred 18 minutami

    I clicked as fast as I could once I saw the title

  12. Majed Majed

    Majed MajedPred 19 minutami

    Is she your wife?

  13. Jason Dales

    Jason DalesPred 21 minuto

    I bought that skin SO fast

  14. Ava H

    Ava HPred 21 minuto

    *like a little lego piece*

  15. MNNchildhood

    MNNchildhoodPred 27 minutami

    DUDE that when he’s scratching the frame makes MY ENTIRE BODY CRAWL OMG

  16. ED SMITH

    ED SMITHPred 35 minutami

    Why do I love the word niblets??? 🤔

  17. SSK_Frixion Ambassador of SSK

    SSK_Frixion Ambassador of SSKPred 38 minutami

    3:23 he looks so embarrassed saying that LMAO

  18. ED SMITH

    ED SMITHPred 40 minutami

    Great job!!! I actually needed to know how durable the switch is because my kids want to talk theirs to school and I have about $700.00 invested in that thing! Thanks again!! You earned another subscriber!

  19. Den Iss

    Den IssPred 40 minutami

    Looking forward to getting my very own portable epstein easter egg

  20. Loathing Nick

    Loathing NickPred 49 minutami

    This is the kind of man i wanna be if i have a wife.

  21. Jett carver

    Jett carverPred 52 minutami

    Me:*buys it* Also me:builds a little thing* Me *goes to shops to refund it

  22. The Weekly Daily

    The Weekly DailyPred 54 minutami

    i love this guys content but his face/voice creep me the fuck out😂

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    Sunny DhillonPred 55 minutami

    this looks great, technology is amazing

  24. Patrick

    PatrickPred 56 minutami

    fukin shit music

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    Kyle KeenanPred 58 minutami

    Samsung enjoyed this one.

  26. •Wendy's Sweet Blue•

    •Wendy's Sweet Blue•Pred uro

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    someonesomewherePred uro

    It's ugly as fuck

  28. Azuna Langley

    Azuna LangleyPred uro

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  29. T Bull

    T BullPred uro

    Hey Jerry, question for ya. How would you remove stripped screws from the side rails of the main console? 4 of my screws are stripped and I ran out of ideas on how to get them out (they were stripped before I tried taking it apart)

  30. Alayna Young

    Alayna YoungPred uro

    This hurts so much.


    DEX КОМПАНИPred uro

    Is it possible to open the window after reconstruction?

  32. IrFun

    IrFunPred uro

    Low Poly Truck?

  33. someonesomewhere

    someonesomewherePred uro

    He is a truck guy but he drives a Toyota Tacoma? rofl

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    Tijana RisticPred uro

    Do huawei nova 5t

  35. Fosi94

    Fosi94Pred uro

    "I have tested over 25 phones" - Jerry from the 2019: That's cute.

  36. Tool Craze

    Tool CrazePred uro

    Definitely wouldnt do it myself but would be kinda cool if apple included it

  37. Funtime Aldo

    Funtime AldoPred uro

    I have a samsung A10

  38. Ellis The DJ

    Ellis The DJPred uro

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    Mr. NoobPred uro

    Moral of the video: "It's a step in the right direction"

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    TrisPred uro

    What is the watch he is wearing in this video? It's awesome.

  41. -QWERTY-

    -QWERTY-Pred uro

    Did you know u got a fake Russian “jerryrigecerything” youtuber? His channel name is - RedTable. So check him he is ur big fake.

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  44. Hélder Magalhaes

    Hélder MagalhaesPred uro

    And after all this time looking for a decent horror movie to watch and actually feel something, you've just made it. I just can't watch you destroying this brand new model (which I'd love to buy but I can't) without squeezing my eyes. GJ! hahahhaha

  45. Shahid Kaleem

    Shahid KaleemPred uro

    Redmi note 8 pro durability test

  46. XX_YT

    XX_YTPred uro

    It’s was THICK back then

  47. Tim West

    Tim WestPred uro

    My first broken phone was crazy ,I had the samsung galaxy mega . I was walking in from outside on a summer day and I pull out my phone to check a text . Idk what happened but I watched the phone crack before my eyes ,no drop nothing . My only theory was the change in temp

  48. Ellis The DJ

    Ellis The DJPred uro

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  49. islanddoc90

    islanddoc90Pred uro

    Watching this on my brand new A50 was...painful

  50. Skerkler

    SkerklerPred uro

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  51. smurfhollyh

    smurfhollyhPred uro

    I don’t get why people buy it! It is just a worse version of iPhone! And if ur complaining about price buy a Samsung!

  52. Ellis The DJ

    Ellis The DJPred uro

    I got the S8 I think I will survive without the flash diffuser or the other thing you said


    CALM RADIOPred uro

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  54. Ferch_Ra19

    Ferch_Ra19Pred uro

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    Irfaan RehmanPred uro

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  58. Sarah Usilton

    Sarah UsiltonPred uro

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  59. Iso

    IsoPred 2 urami

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    Chandler SirbaughPred 2 urami

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  63. Infesterad

    InfesteradPred 2 urami

    We have this machine at our shop. Very much worth it. I would strongly suggest using a breathing mask when removing the glass, it smells absolutely awful of burnt chemicals, and the fine dust will get in your mouth and lungs. Probably not healthy. Anyway. We charge 99 bucks for a back glass replacement, and got the cost of the laser back fairly quickly.

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    Aono AnikoPred 2 urami

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    Tigerex966Pred 2 urami

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    Daniel KrzeminskiPred 2 urami

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    MatexPred 2 urami


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    awesomeferretPred 3 urami

    Why would they make a phone like that and seal in the battery? So so stupid. Yet another phone from another company that would have gotten an extra sale if they only let me pay them more money in two years to do basic maintenance. Smartphone manufacturers deserve the consequences of their own stupidity.

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    master hangmanPred 3 urami

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    Sgt SchearPred 3 urami

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