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  1. Baka becool planet

    Baka becool planetPred 3 minutami

    Congratulations Action Jaxson for your first NBA top10 win... Amazing posterize.. Not the last.. 💪😜

  2. Two Cents

    Two CentsPred 3 minutami

    Someone needs to sign him ASAP

  3. ElectricDodo

    ElectricDodoPred 5 minutami

    i hate when people said this is a dunk,is not is just a weak ass throwdown



    Damien jones got potential I remember the warriors couldn't utilize him well because he was injured

  5. giveaway hunter

    giveaway hunterPred 8 minutami


  6. Bongo Cat

    Bongo CatPred 9 minutami

    isnt larry bird a character on sesame street?

  7. Ulises Luna

    Ulises LunaPred 10 minutami

    “Bigger than Basketball!” ❤️

  8. jeff samarakatan

    jeff samarakatanPred 11 minutami

    Kelly sucks

  9. Noah Scarbrough

    Noah ScarbroughPred 12 minutami

    Lol even the NBA is running damage control for Westbrook.

  10. JoKe ToNg

    JoKe ToNgPred 14 minutami

    Anthony Davis from Pelicans to Lakers be like Shaq from Magics to Lakers...

  11. Sky

    SkyPred 14 minutami

    why is this filmed like a 4 year old who was introduced to the camera

  12. Ahmed Musa

    Ahmed MusaPred 15 minutami

    Westbrook is just impressive to watch, like an action figure

  13. Kyle Robins

    Kyle RobinsPred 15 minutami

    Also... funny how I don't se any spurs highlights until 20 mins in, even thought they still a good western conference team... typical spurs...

  14. Chris

    ChrisPred 15 minutami

    Davis Bertans was the biggest steal of the off season.

  15. DIOGENES V.2.0

    DIOGENES V.2.0Pred 16 minutami

    and a very bad Looser

  16. Brian Williams

    Brian WilliamsPred 19 minutami

    You gotta feel for Walt man, played for the Knicks during their peak and now he's gotta sit courtside for this shit

  17. Baka becool planet

    Baka becool planetPred 19 minutami

    Jaxson's nba top10 first n°1..he will posterize everybody in the league for next 10 years.. 💪😁

  18. Aiden Bee

    Aiden BeePred 20 minutami

    Freaking Spida Mitchell get snubbed for rookie of the year by Ben Simmons bro like Don deserved it 110%

  19. Silver Soul

    Silver SoulPred 22 minutami

    Hawks fans punching the air rn in secret not admitting that they regret the trade😂💀

  20. Mj 2k

    Mj 2kPred 22 minutami




    3:35 what she say to harden?

  22. Anthony Okeiyi

    Anthony OkeiyiPred 24 minutami

    Please tell me it's not cringementator throughout December... Please

  23. Stop and pop

    Stop and popPred 24 minutami

    If it is goatmentator, he will said, "The rookie gets a cookie."

  24. van bewley

    van bewleyPred 27 minutami


  25. Eric Wright

    Eric WrightPred 28 minutami

    This guy must battle in kotd versus the goatmentator. That would be epic!

  26. #jalynzkie 02

    #jalynzkie 02Pred 29 minutami

    ubub curry..atneb gna oral..wwwwwwweeee...iridak..ubub

  27. Kyle Robins

    Kyle RobinsPred 29 minutami

    Absolutely LOVE the Marcus Smart hustle play at 8:43. These kind of plays can win games without scoring flashy baskets. Glad to see a non-highlight highlight.

  28. 안녕

    안녕Pred 29 minutami

    LeBron : i will take Lonzo ball. Lavar Ball : That's good pick bro.

  29. Yankee

    YankeePred 31 minuto

    my Sixers suck, Eagles suck. City must be cursed I swear

  30. Red Maruhom

    Red MaruhomPred 37 minutami

    no kawhi no chance for raptors to be in the finals or even in playoffs

  31. dic long

    dic longPred 37 minutami

    0:30 travel?

  32. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro GonzalezPred 37 minutami

    Damn it’s hard finding a comment about the actual plays cause everyone always obsessed with the commentators lmao.

  33. Jeric Dacara

    Jeric DacaraPred 40 minutami

    Bertans my man why are in the wizards man.

  34. Albert Y

    Albert YPred 40 minutami

    Kelly Oubre with the Young M.A. OOOuuuu!

  35. vas

    vasPred 40 minutami

    dude makes me cringe 😂

  36. Bryson

    BrysonPred 42 minutami

    One day this guy just needs to make one top 5 all rhyming to shut y’all up 🤣

  37. Eugene Barretto

    Eugene BarrettoPred 42 minutami

    That shooting form is textbook. It's not like that one motion looking shot Steph curry has. He actually elevates in his shot and sets the ball right in the forehead

  38. JoJo Francia

    JoJo FranciaPred 43 minutami

    Pels needs Zion so bad. this Ingram dude just aint that good

  39. Art Capadeso

    Art CapadesoPred 44 minutami

    What's the meaning of "BED-STUY" Anyway?

  40. luca Lu

    luca LuPred 44 minutami

    Rise phx!

  41. Said Hardiansyah

    Said HardiansyahPred 44 minutami

    Damn! Shaq can twerk! Amazing!

  42. Nitee 1

    Nitee 1Pred 45 minutami

    New Music! Pops (Brandon Burks) Single My Cologne

  43. Digio

    DigioPred 46 minutami

    This is about as exciting as Shaq missing a free throw.

  44. Rvnpg Rvnpg

    Rvnpg RvnpgPred 47 minutami

    10% highlights 90% dumb plays. IQ, decision making, fg percentage, turnovers and too much celebration after dunk. This guy is 🗑. Harden and westbrook= 0 ring

  45. bornataveryyoungage

    bornataveryyoungagePred 50 minutami


  46. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo EscobarPred 51 minuto

    Bertans the white KD

  47. ty bur

    ty burPred 55 minutami

    Why did Ayton have to get suspended. tired of the fake fans sleeping on the suns

  48. Master Dreadlord

    Master DreadlordPred 55 minutami

    i miss the other commentator

  49. fassabil

    fassabilPred 55 minutami

    If zion doesn't come back...jaxson needs to leave this team

  50. angelica cerda

    angelica cerdaPred 56 minutami


  51. Miguel Angel

    Miguel AngelPred 57 minutami

    Chaquil onil

  52. Arun Sai Mamidala

    Arun Sai MamidalaPred 57 minutami

    Curry at 4:23. Mannnnn. He’s so confident of Klay. I love it.

  53. Reynard xo

    Reynard xoPred 58 minutami

    Something is wrong with this guy

  54. Murder MiTTeN

    Murder MiTTeNPred 59 minutami

    This guy 😂

  55. Clinton Awuah

    Clinton AwuahPred uro

    Cant believe the crowd was quiet for that, smh

  56. Marcus Leonard Marquez

    Marcus Leonard MarquezPred uro

    Kawhi traveled

  57. fassabil

    fassabilPred uro

    Austin Rivers is so underrated

  58. Javier Arvelo-Cruz-Santana

    Javier Arvelo-Cruz-SantanaPred uro


  59. Siyoga9

    Siyoga9Pred uro

    If u don't like that, you don't like NBA basketball

  60. Wil Woo

    Wil WooPred uro

    Who else thought the thumbnail was of Harden before and after beard shaven off.

  61. Carl

    CarlPred uro

    this is so giannis.

  62. intimissimi88

    intimissimi88Pred uro

    he‘s overrated though

  63. Water David

    Water DavidPred uro

    Melo, welcome back

  64. Cash_NYC

    Cash_NYCPred uro

    Holiday needs to get traded off this team he dribbles too much

  65. AARON1999X

    AARON1999XPred uro

    westbrook stop flexing when you have 7-27 FG LMAO , we all know what happens when you play during the playoffs

  66. JANONG

    JANONGPred uro

    Where is the GOATMENTATOR ?

  67. Money Money

    Money MoneyPred uro

    Who is this he looks as big as giannis 😂😂

  68. Hyperbolic Time Chamber Strand

    Hyperbolic Time Chamber StrandPred uro


  69. carlo

    carloPred uro

    “Oooooouuuuuu in oubre” 😂😂😂😂😂💀

  70. Jerome Ninonuevo

    Jerome NinonuevoPred uro

    Dwight Howard what a shot, good one

  71. Dame Dollar

    Dame DollarPred uro

    Anyone can tell my every type of comentators?

  72. prototyp e

    prototyp ePred uro

    No Caruso put back

  73. AshCatch'em Houston

    AshCatch'em HoustonPred uro

    Oubre's Face At the End... Priceless 😂😂😂

  74. isucc atbo4

    isucc atbo4Pred uro

    Well the crowd reaction was weak

  75. Jerome Ninonuevo

    Jerome NinonuevoPred uro

    Who can guard him

  76. yannickmoon.

    yannickmoon.Pred uro

    This is the best team LeBron has ever been on.

  77. Jerome Ninonuevo

    Jerome NinonuevoPred uro

    It's raining three point

  78. Jerry Jerry

    Jerry JerryPred uro

    King James he very strong like his prime

  79. ToysofArkham

    ToysofArkhamPred uro

    These guys look like they’re playing on an 8 foot rim

  80. Jerome Ninonuevo

    Jerome NinonuevoPred uro

    That was a good rebound, they can't the Lakers

  81. Joel Ishman

    Joel IshmanPred uro

    It seems like John Wall been hurt for bout 3yrs now.

  82. troy dee

    troy deePred uro

    CP3 is better

  83. Ramle Buban

    Ramle BubanPred uro

    Kelly Oubre, Is my top1 here <3

  84. KnifeJustice

    KnifeJusticePred uro

    that was the most genuine "YOU'RE KIDDING" i have ever heard HAHAHAHAH

  85. Magic Player History

    Magic Player HistoryPred uro

    Youngest Magic Players to ever have 20pts, 6ast and 2stl in a game: 1. Elfrid Payton (20y, 328d) 2. Tracy McGrady (21y, 169d) 3. Markelle Fultz (21y, 188d)

  86. Mycah Gonzo

    Mycah GonzoPred uro

    lmao the commentators have no enthusiasm when Houston scores.

  87. Dominick Toran

    Dominick ToranPred uro

    Commentator crunk as hell 🤣

  88. K Rai

    K RaiPred uro

    pelicans fans are pitiful

  89. Alvin

    AlvinPred uro


  90. Eric Hughes

    Eric HughesPred uro

    Let Bring makes everyone around him better what a team player he is.Imo he helps the team way better than Kobe did

  91. Steven Lara

    Steven LaraPred uro

    i love Luka but he can’t win MVP because that would make him the youngest ever. I don’t want D Rose to lose that title after he lost so much due to injury :/

  92. Marshall Sharp

    Marshall SharpPred uro

    Ben McLemore for most improved player of the year

  93. Fredo Benji

    Fredo BenjiPred uro

    Dwight Howard hitting 3s now? It’s over for the league.

  94. Eric Hughes

    Eric HughesPred uro

    The commentator said their only loss away from Staples center was against the Clippers which was in Staples center

  95. Surgical

    SurgicalPred uro


  96. 123kram123

    123kram123Pred uro

    This is awesome

  97. SuperNASCARrocks

    SuperNASCARrocksPred uro

    Wet like i’m Book.

  98. SuperNASCARrocks

    SuperNASCARrocksPred uro

    Keep sleeping on my sun’s. We’ll just keep winning. #RisePHX

  99. Lohith Talluri

    Lohith TalluriPred uro

    Where can I get that hoodie

  100. K B

    K BPred uro

    That New Orleans crowd wack af