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Time to Explain.

Time to Explain.

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My New Roommate

My New Roommate

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  1. Faze pizza 56

    Faze pizza 56Pred 18 urami

    i know why jj he MADE simon go to get skittles is so he cant show how jj trained

  2. eZaF_ Trap

    eZaF_ TrapPred 19 urami

    You know when it’s fake when he says I’m going to get a drink now

  3. Mathias Christensen

    Mathias ChristensenPred 19 urami

    i want way more of this amazing game show

  4. Zohaib Khan

    Zohaib KhanPred 19 urami

    That JJ in 5 years. "You're 3 years early"

  5. Arran Cornforth

    Arran CornforthPred 19 urami

    ........a disabled person

  6. Arran Cornforth

    Arran CornforthPred 19 urami

    I know eat animal can’t stand up

  7. Comedian 123

    Comedian 123Pred 19 urami

    Next video last one to get diabetes wins

  8. Hazem Eldelebshany

    Hazem EldelebshanyPred 19 urami

    1:15 do you feel aroused Simon?

  9. King EHTNA

    King EHTNAPred 19 urami

    Heyyyy peeps

  10. The Tri Clan

    The Tri ClanPred 19 urami

    This song is better than most of ksi’s

  11. BandyCoronet 972

    BandyCoronet 972Pred 19 urami

    0:31 Your* welp :/

  12. Syedamir Iqbal

    Syedamir IqbalPred 19 urami

    I will be yr friend just to flirt with Talia

  13. Galaxy Zone

    Galaxy ZonePred 19 urami

    Actually know how Simon did it

  14. philipposa

    philipposaPred 19 urami

    DID DEJI [email protected] TALIA?

  15. Charlie Nicholson

    Charlie NicholsonPred 19 urami

    Do a collab with reus to glory

  16. ProdByZati

    ProdByZatiPred 19 urami

    DO ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!

  17. B Kellett

    B KellettPred 19 urami

    im sorry XD but JJ's top draw ahahahha

  18. Noamaan

    NoamaanPred 20 urami

    Simon's trick is so ass, there are 2 of the same cards

  19. Aarondaduck Gaming

    Aarondaduck GamingPred 20 urami

    Simon: I haven’t uploaded since the last video 🤦‍♂️

  20. Clashing with Jonathan

    Clashing with JonathanPred 20 urami

    who is here after the song Helium

  21. TooNxstyy

    TooNxstyyPred 20 urami


  22. DeniGS70

    DeniGS70Pred 20 urami

    Phoetus simon

  23. Random Boy on YouTube

    Random Boy on YouTubePred 20 urami

    This was made on my birthday

  24. Jock Tucker

    Jock TuckerPred 20 urami

    Hahahhaha this is the only fake thing I've seen Simon do

  25. Unknown Fluid

    Unknown FluidPred 20 urami

    Why does Randolph remind me of Mullen from click

  26. Many More

    Many MorePred 20 urami

    Lol watch with subtitles

  27. خالد عبد الوهاب

    خالد عبد الوهابPred 20 urami

    8:15 Cant we just appreciate the madness

  28. 500 subscribers With no videos challenge

    500 subscribers With no videos challengePred 21 uro

    Niko omilana should be in the next charity match


    BO STANFORDPred 21 uro

    Wonder if Simon knew he would be written into SLgo history with "time to smash it"

  30. Libby Peers

    Libby PeersPred 21 uro

    and i thought the pink hair was bad......

  31. Alex Hinke

    Alex HinkePred 21 uro

    For the non germans 10:53 . This is a Fiat 500 that has been modified so that it‘s legal for 16 year olds to drive it. You have to be at least 17 to be allowed to drive the regular version because it’s faster. It’s kind of a loophole in the lawbooks.

  32. McFloen

    McFloenPred 21 uro

    5 ✰ skills

  33. rhiannon conn

    rhiannon connPred 21 uro

    I love the hair 😜😜😜

  34. Life is KSI :P

    Life is KSI :PPred 21 uro

    Them : Corona Boris: * gets Corona *

  35. Wayne Naidoo

    Wayne NaidooPred 21 uro

    This is actually sick. You should make more music more often

  36. Abhinandan Thakur

    Abhinandan ThakurPred 21 uro

    16:55 what song is this???

  37. Tanvir Hussain

    Tanvir HussainPred 21 uro

    Man simon would've been a better contender against jake instead deji smh

  38. Cel

    CelPred 22 urami

    11:36 "You know, the thing is you doing this as a joke but it genuinely makes me sweat." - Simon He cares so much <3

  39. EST19 XX

    EST19 XXPred 22 urami

    Have a race to decide who is faster : KSI : IM ON A HORSE MUTHERFUCKER

  40. Mixtape 6

    Mixtape 6Pred 22 urami

    Cologne has the best beer

  41. Andrej Nikolov

    Andrej NikolovPred 22 urami

    Back when Josh was shy.

  42. MattTheMetalGuitarist

    MattTheMetalGuitaristPred 22 urami

    JJ's reaction got more views than the music video

  43. Harry Humphreys

    Harry HumphreysPred 22 urami

    Early helium song


    XM-JD_HYPERPred 23 urami

    It is allowed acc because you live in the same house

  45. MrFamey

    MrFameyPred 23 urami

    elephant lmao

  46. Dylan sef

    Dylan sefPred 23 urami

    whos gonna tell them it doesnt work that way

  47. Suzanne Kinsey

    Suzanne KinseyPred 23 urami

    I got 78

  48. Lauren Glass

    Lauren GlassPred 23 urami

    Sidemen x dude perfect collab?

  49. Jack Gibbs

    Jack GibbsPred 23 urami


  50. Hanzz P

    Hanzz PPred 23 urami

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Hanzz P

    Hanzz PPred 23 urami

    Obsessed with this

  52. Amritpreet Singh

    Amritpreet SinghPred dnevom

    I’ve never laughed this much ever! Such an underrated video

  53. kingofdoom11

    kingofdoom11Pred dnevom

    simon for the bucket list you should propose to talia

  54. Rahul Pau

    Rahul PauPred dnevom

    I thought these guys both went to a private school

  55. Alesio K.C

    Alesio K.CPred dnevom

    The simps are taking over

  56. Jake Jenkins

    Jake JenkinsPred dnevom

    Hi. Hi

  57. Josh Jennex

    Josh JennexPred dnevom

    Simon had the strategy down where you hit it to one of the sides so the goalie has to dive then you hit it on the other side and you just repeat that but the rest kept on going to the same side.

  58. hen ko

    hen koPred dnevom

    The only criticism is that the song is too short

  59. Sophie Xox

    Sophie XoxPred dnevom


  60. Alasdair Rankin

    Alasdair RankinPred dnevom

    How did they not know it was a racoon

  61. did i ask

    did i askPred dnevom

    ksi: "what's this music" also ksi: ends up using it in his tiktok

  62. Digby

    DigbyPred dnevom

    Who is here after watching BGT

  63. DuggalBrothers

    DuggalBrothersPred dnevom

    Simon what were those cuts

  64. Melek Sir

    Melek SirPred dnevom

    When you give birth all your bones dislocated

  65. Nathan Miller

    Nathan MillerPred dnevom

    Yes the haunted wood, not the haunted *WOODS.*

  66. Hazey_sole -

    Hazey_sole -Pred dnevom


  67. Oisin Lynch

    Oisin LynchPred dnevom

    I am

  68. TMS_ OSA

    TMS_ OSAPred dnevom

    Simón should talk about the his terrible Wembly Cup

  69. Hazey_sole -

    Hazey_sole -Pred dnevom

    My grandma can’t stand

  70. JasperGaming

    JasperGamingPred dnevom

    He said your arrelvent with almost 8mil views

  71. Cel

    CelPred dnevom

    That's how JJ trained everyday for the Logan fight

  72. Rhea Thapar

    Rhea ThaparPred dnevom


  73. jack bond

    jack bondPred dnevom

    when jj said "hardcore doggy YEAH" i died

  74. Zak Sullivan

    Zak SullivanPred dnevom

    waste of a fire beat

  75. jamie hargreaves

    jamie hargreavesPred dnevom

    deji 2018: whered u film the diss track deji 2019: *films diss track in the same spot as simon*

  76. Simply Me

    Simply MePred dnevom

    Jj : name a rapper that raps about drinking Eminem raps about shoving a gerbil in his arse in fack

  77. JJB2012 JJB

    JJB2012 JJBPred dnevom

    anyone realize jjs reaction to this got more views than the origonal

  78. Mericko Tlau

    Mericko TlauPred dnevom

    JJ:I dont care about the environment Babatunde:are my water a joke to you

  79. Alexander WILSON

    Alexander WILSONPred dnevom

    wtf am i watching

  80. Keyaan Abrahams

    Keyaan AbrahamsPred dnevom

    every body will laugh if ethan was still fat

  81. Gurnam Singh

    Gurnam SinghPred dnevom

    Hey look fat Ethan!

  82. Owlowow Bird

    Owlowow BirdPred dnevom

    So nobody is going to talk about harry’s shot at 6:56?

  83. NOTGOOD Vlogger

    NOTGOOD VloggerPred dnevom

    Rice gum was crap, shouldn’t play football, what an idiot

  84. Gio Rgos

    Gio RgosPred dnevom

    This is where Long Long Limited started...

  85. Mauro Mata Tv

    Mauro Mata TvPred dnevom

    Who's watching these in quarantine?

  86. The Fluffy DuD3.

    The Fluffy DuD3.Pred dnevom

    Alligators don't stand straight up

  87. Andy Andy

    Andy AndyPred dnevom

    15:49 This is my favourite song

  88. Leezer

    LeezerPred dnevom

    simon's music >>>>>>>>> jj's music

  89. Mellow Kat

    Mellow KatPred dnevom

    This video was actually jokes 😂

  90. Freddie Oldrey

    Freddie OldreyPred dnevom

    3:02 love the comparison 😂

  91. M00gan

    M00ganPred dnevom

    That spot on Simon’s camera makes me think I have a spot on my phone and I keep trying to scratch it off 😭

  92. Benjamin Jones

    Benjamin JonesPred dnevom

    Describe Simon in one word: L A N K Y

  93. bob thechickenguy

    bob thechickenguyPred dnevom

    i cant believe jjs best friend said logang for life isnt he technically snakin jj

  94. NameNotFound 101

    NameNotFound 101Pred dnevom

    0:36 - 0:58 is littttttt ps big up kon

  95. Rudra Patel

    Rudra PatelPred dnevom

    Harry should bring the sidemen here

  96. Edward Jonassen

    Edward JonassenPred dnevom

    Cool vid.

  97. Lyndsey does gaming

    Lyndsey does gamingPred dnevom

    Title of game: miniminter’s mind games

  98. STRANGER 007

    STRANGER 007Pred dnevom

    Simon has a very young grandmother as his girlfriend

  99. Harry I

    Harry IPred dnevom

    6:57 real ones know

  100. ghost 6969

    ghost 6969Pred dnevom

    Category gaming