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  1. Mitali Sharma

    Mitali SharmaPred 26 sekundami

    Waste of 3 minutes😒

  2. J Sadriaj

    J SadriajPred 31 sekundo

    I love this song but you ACE FAMILY you are my world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌎

  3. Macho Muchacho

    Macho MuchachoPred 38 sekundami

    Sometimes I think why should I support and so on cuz I am living in Germany and your are always making like games to win something in America oor if u are shipping I have problems here in Germany to get it. I love to see your videos but for me and the people makes no sence @cathrinepaiz @austinmcbroom

  4. Grace Mcbroom

    Grace McbroomPred 42 sekundami

    Elle is a mood 😂

  5. Zoe's lifestyle !!!!

    Zoe's lifestyle !!!!Pred minuto

    There is so much people in south Africa that would love to meet you

  6. STAR XX

    STAR XXPred minuto

    Hi your probably not reading this but I just want to let you know that my whole family loves you guys and we also love your kids they are both gorgeous!

  7. cheyannes vibes

    cheyannes vibesPred minuto

    I do that

  8. Sewar S

    Sewar SPred minuto

    Missed u!!!! Feel well❤️❤️

  9. Юнус Асанов

    Юнус АсановPred minuto

    Ребят есть канал который это переводит на русский?????

  10. Sheen it's sheen

    Sheen it's sheenPred minuto

    So cute 😍

  11. Zahra Searle

    Zahra SearlePred 2 minutami

    are you guys doing vlogmas?

  12. Khadija Tariq

    Khadija TariqPred 2 minutami

    Istg their room is so so so beautiful. It's my dream room man!!❤️

  13. izzana ahmad

    izzana ahmadPred 2 minutami

    Lãi Läi reaction is Cute😂😂😂😂😍😘

  14. Χρι Τσαμπ

    Χρι ΤσαμπPred 2 minutami

    More Christmas vlogs

  15. Malu Trevego

    Malu TrevegoPred 2 minutami

    I like that song

  16. Rafia Butt

    Rafia ButtPred 2 minutami

    I love u guyess very veryyyy muchhh and + congrats love u have got 10million views on that vidiow I have also watched your vidio for almost10000000000timesss lovee itt and love u all😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥💓😘😘😘😘😭😭

  17. kintha bruno

    kintha brunoPred 3 minutami


  18. Ed_T

    Ed_TPred 3 minutami


  19. Narendra Manani

    Narendra MananiPred 3 minutami

    Make a x mas intro

  20. Aiyana Pacheco

    Aiyana PachecoPred 4 minutami

    I'm a real ace family member who also to👇

  21. Lina Itonga

    Lina ItongaPred 4 minutami

    U had a 6 min intro 😂🥰❤️

  22. charissa Julies

    charissa JuliesPred 4 minutami

    Is the surprise that y'all getting married? 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  23. MesaaEe Arit

    MesaaEe AritPred 4 minutami

    My favorite part... is Everything❤️everything about you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Nakita Butler

    Nakita ButlerPred 4 minutami

    I see people talking about Elle looking sad to me she looks sleepy

  25. Lisa Andrade

    Lisa AndradePred 4 minutami

    Loved it! Congratulations!

  26. Arabian Butter

    Arabian ButterPred 4 minutami

    Elle mood😌😌😍😍😍

  27. Tinevimbo Maulana

    Tinevimbo MaulanaPred 5 minutami

    My favourite part was the whole song 🐎🐎🤗

  28. Angel Quin

    Angel QuinPred 5 minutami

    A jam

  29. Shagun Bharti

    Shagun BhartiPred 5 minutami

    You all were so good. Difficult to choose the superb part. Alia and elle were the best. We luv them. I am from India. My children luv u.

  30. S9 Vlogz

    S9 VlogzPred 5 minutami

    Ace family will just luv u. U always make me happy wif ur videos

  31. Martyn Brown

    Martyn BrownPred 5 minutami

    I love the new music video

  32. Aubrey Burnham

    Aubrey BurnhamPred 5 minutami

    And I liked Austin's all white outfit, it made him stand out in the dance cause I feel like if he weared something darker he would blend in more with the dances wich isn't a bad thing but the white looks rlly good, and I like how he matched the white horse! Love you guys ❤️

  33. Cindy Kraul

    Cindy KraulPred 6 minutami

    Streaming on Spotify! I can use those $1000. 🤞🤞

  34. lisa love

    lisa lovePred 6 minutami

    Whats wrong with Elle??

  35. Rinsh Nightcore

    Rinsh NightcorePred 6 minutami

    Elle was sleepy 😂😂❤❤❤OMG she is so cute and Alaïa dancing and singing is soo adorable ❤❤❤

  36. Amina's World!

    Amina's World!Pred 6 minutami

    Alaia and Elle are so cute 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼😍😍😍

  37. osa.a

    osa.aPred 6 minutami


  38. Janhavi G

    Janhavi GPred 6 minutami

    Who thinks the ace family is going on a tour??

  39. Aubree Jackson

    Aubree JacksonPred 7 minutami

    Elle was over this whole video 😂

  40. Sonam Palzom

    Sonam PalzomPred 7 minutami


  41. Jin Worldwide handsome

    Jin Worldwide handsomePred 7 minutami

    My favourite part of the music video is everything

  42. Jessica Isabel Fuentes

    Jessica Isabel FuentesPred 7 minutami

    The video is perfect ! For your first music video it's really really good 😩❤️ love you guys !!!

  43. Raelene Analee

    Raelene AnaleePred 7 minutami

    Elle looks so out of it, like she was being forced to film this video :/ clearly she’s tired of the whole “giddy up” thing already lol..

  44. Mark Conroy

    Mark ConroyPred 7 minutami

    They’re going on TOUR!!!

  45. Fatima Ayub

    Fatima AyubPred 8 minutami

    Did Catherine change her hair color it’s not pink in these video

  46. Brandi Boo

    Brandi BooPred 8 minutami

    1,000$ to only 5 people? Sheesh.. can’t you do like 10,000$ for 100 people y’all so rich..

  47. Ana Bh

    Ana BhPred 8 minutami

    Why is everyone mean in the comment section. Everyone had made a mistake. We all are not perfect. They are also humans. Just be a little respectful.

  48. Erin Kirsten

    Erin KirstenPred 8 minutami

    I liked the all white outfit 🙈 it was so nice 👍 love the song ❤️

  49. Nicole Alderete

    Nicole AlderetePred 8 minutami

    Aww Elle wasn't herself in this video I think it's time for a daddy daughter date ‼️❤️

  50. Kimberly Castanon

    Kimberly CastanonPred 8 minutami

    The way Elle looks at Austin in 7:28 or am I tripping 😂

  51. Britts Slime

    Britts SlimePred 8 minutami

    I cant do apple music so how I do that 😥😥😥

  52. Eli Nsiamundele

    Eli NsiamundelePred 8 minutami

    I love the hole music video and love all of you fans and the ace family

  53. Hannah Ervin

    Hannah ErvinPred 9 minutami

    can i plz win the 1k 😭 i would be so grateful

  54. Mary Williams today

    Mary Williams todayPred 10 minutami

    Pay for me tip greet teeth I'm tired of not getting to eat

  55. 3fari Playz gacha life

    3fari Playz gacha lifePred 10 minutami

    I’m so exited

  56. LifeAsClose Cousins

    LifeAsClose CousinsPred 10 minutami

    And knowing the ace family with there kind hearts I think that the surprise is gonna have something to do with the homeless 💖💖💖♠️♠️💖

  57. Phyllis Chambers

    Phyllis ChambersPred 11 minutami

    You guys are going on tour

  58. Aubrey Burnham

    Aubrey BurnhamPred 11 minutami

    Can you guys come to Oregon D: I love you guys so much, you guys are so inspiring! ❤️

  59. Leih R

    Leih RPred 11 minutami

    Alaïa’s reaction is so cute ; shes dancing how Elle would when she was a baby 💚💚

  60. Diana Chivu

    Diana ChivuPred 12 minutami

    3:17 is this a weeding surprise¿😏

  61. Aries Thoudam

    Aries ThoudamPred 12 minutami

    I think austin is getting fat

  62. albert spaargaren

    albert spaargarenPred 13 minutami

    Ace family can u plz do pranks I would love it

  63. LifeAsClose Cousins

    LifeAsClose CousinsPred 13 minutami

    Awww I love little Alaia and the best big sister Elle my favorite part is the ending where all of you are walking I I will try to get the song to top 20 (btw sorry I’m so late)♠️♠️💖💖💖💖

  64. Itz bloxnite Bruh

    Itz bloxnite BruhPred 13 minutami

    Love you guys

  65. Ariza Domingo

    Ariza DomingoPred 13 minutami

    16:05 when alaïa dance she said like “ayeee good joob👏🏻”

  66. Maha Kayani Vlogs

    Maha Kayani VlogsPred 13 minutami

    If you guys are coming to the UK it will be the best to time ever I will be ssooo happy

  67. Seanna Naidoo

    Seanna NaidooPred 13 minutami

    I love the girl's room it is so beautiful it looks like Catherine beautiful❤️

  68. aya heekhaut

    aya heekhautPred 13 minutami

    Love u ace family so much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. Chris Meezy

    Chris MeezyPred 14 minutami



    EAGLE LEGENDPred 14 minutami

    Shout out me because I have been watching your channel from the first charity basketball game and I subscribe and I turn on the notifications on for newly 3 years and my channel really need subscribers. If you can do that for me I will thanks you so much.

  71. jasreet Dhaliwal

    jasreet DhaliwalPred 14 minutami

    Yessss I will watch watever you guys post Catherine <3

  72. Maisy x Queen

    Maisy x QueenPred 14 minutami

    Are you doing vlogmas this year?

  73. Bff vs Bff

    Bff vs BffPred 15 minutami

    Is it only me but I feel like Catherine and Austin love Alaïa more than Elle

  74. Raelyn Castillo

    Raelyn CastilloPred 15 minutami

    I’ve been streaming it the moment I knew the song was released! I love it ACE FAMILLAAYY 😆👏🏼 I had my brother and my niece try to learn the choreography with me! We mastered the first part lol I hope all of you feel better! I got sick too and beg I have been stressing about finals. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face whenever I am going through tough times in my life. I love you guys so much and am so excited for your journey with music. Can’t wait to see what y’all have in store for us! 🤗

  75. Emeli Ali

    Emeli AliPred 15 minutami

    You guys cant sing but i can

  76. Rocio Reyes

    Rocio ReyesPred 15 minutami

    Big question: when is the wedding???

  77. Loise Njau

    Loise NjauPred 15 minutami

    sorry ACE fam i tried logging in to the Apple music web but they asked me for my apple phone ID buh i got no Apple phone but i will continue supporting you.

  78. Dijar Muzaci

    Dijar MuzaciPred 15 minutami


  79. Toni Cori

    Toni CoriPred 16 minutami

    👍👍I agree make it#1,I like Catherine's pranks? They seem believable?

  80. Corey Watts

    Corey WattsPred 16 minutami

    Done ✅ xx❤️❤️♠️♠️

  81. Brooke Parker

    Brooke ParkerPred 17 minutami

    Lesssgoooo, loved the video clip and loved the opening of Elle!!!! Please post more often, I've missed you guys

  82. Bespoke Asian Weddings

    Bespoke Asian WeddingsPred 17 minutami

    Who else felt bad for Elle because she doesn’t get as much attention? 🥺 👇🏼 *I’m gifting my next 20 subs with $100* 💫

  83. Erika Yokwe

    Erika YokwePred 17 minutami

    Naw poor Elle still looks so sick bless her

  84. Onieka a

    Onieka aPred 17 minutami

    The last part a the dance chrography deserve a "bomboclaat"😭😂 affi watch it twice it bad man

  85. Khomari Jammer

    Khomari JammerPred 17 minutami

    Is it just me that thinks this or are they just one bad ass couple

  86. Rise & shine

    Rise & shinePred 17 minutami

    ACE=Austin cheats everyday

  87. Krystal Kazumi

    Krystal KazumiPred 18 minutami


  88. Housstonn 281

    Housstonn 281Pred 18 minutami

    Catherine dont got pink hair

  89. Luis Lozano

    Luis LozanoPred 18 minutami

    Man how can a fake family have more money than mine... Cuz mine real real

  90. Natalie Wilson

    Natalie WilsonPred 18 minutami

    I was about to say I’ll watch the whole video without skipping and not get bored because it’s just you guys.

  91. qamar diesow

    qamar diesowPred 18 minutami


  92. Yaqueline Delgado

    Yaqueline DelgadoPred 18 minutami

    Aww Elle still look like she’s not over her sickness !! I’d like to see you guys do the Pringle’s challenge!

  93. Hollie Daly

    Hollie DalyPred 19 minutami

    I love yous xxxx

  94. Savannah Vargas

    Savannah VargasPred 19 minutami

    "We Don't Call It Rodeo We Call It Ro-Deo" Favorite Part! 🔥

  95. Aisha Anajm

    Aisha AnajmPred 19 minutami

    Love u all so much 😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😅

  96. MrHayching NoHating

    MrHayching NoHatingPred 19 minutami

    I miss itwen in 2017 they did vlogmas properly with the xmas feeing end of video used to da cashapp thing

  97. ArielDivyne

    ArielDivynePred 19 minutami

    💖💖 Ignore the hate y’all. This was cute! I’m definitely learning the choreography tho, they killed it 👏🏼👏🏼

  98. Rona Tekli

    Rona TekliPred 19 minutami

    Your content is going down

  99. Red changer 1

    Red changer 1Pred 19 minutami

    Can you give me a shout out for the 9th of December because it is my birthday and it will be the best gift from my favourite SLgors

  100. Nicole Jane

    Nicole JanePred 20 minutami