- Counting to 100k
- Counting to 200k
- Reading the Dictionary
- Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Reading Bee Movie Script
- Reading Longest English Word
- Watching Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watching It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Saying Logan Paul 100k Times

*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.

This is $1,000,000 in Food
I Am Santa Claus

I Am Santa Claus

Pred 5 meseci

  1. Eli Gaming

    Eli GamingPred 23 urami


  2. Joseph Anderson

    Joseph AndersonPred 23 urami

    A 90,000 dollar Lamborghini???? What's wrong with it? They are rarely less than $200K!

  3. The Andre Family!

    The Andre Family!Pred 23 urami

    How do I get my mother on this? 😂

  4. PHCSHarvey0315

    PHCSHarvey0315Pred 23 urami

    Jimmys a sore loser

  5. Jdae `

    Jdae `Pred 23 urami

    He has more social interaction in there than I do in a year.

  6. Avery Degrilla

    Avery DegrillaPred 23 urami

    Can u tell chandler that.....he is my favorite that’s something he wins at

  7. Lydia Mae

    Lydia MaePred 23 urami

    I’m a SLgor :)

  8. Jakex

    JakexPred 23 urami

    the alarm hurt me.

  9. Team Spinach

    Team SpinachPred 23 urami

    Mr.Beast: Stay on earth for 10k Chandler: Gets abducted by aliens

  10. Bat Vishal

    Bat VishalPred 23 urami

    When money grows on trees

  11. Cool Kid

    Cool KidPred 23 urami

    2031 Anyone


    THE OOF KIDPred 23 urami


  13. X X

    X XPred 23 urami

    I don’t think he knows how solitary confinement works

  14. ItZ clan

    ItZ clanPred 23 urami

    2:05 demonitized

  15. Emelia & Luis Reyes & Boch

    Emelia & Luis Reyes & BochPred 23 urami

    He has $ 17,000

  16. Alexandru Prevost

    Alexandru PrevostPred 23 urami

    0:46 foreshadowing

  17. strxwberrykisss

    strxwberrykisssPred 23 urami

    That guy with the red shirt has some words in Russian there no no words

  18. Little Fury 99

    Little Fury 99Pred 23 urami

    NO CHRIS NO it’s at the end XD

  19. Monica Blitstein

    Monica BlitsteinPred 23 urami

    Abublakacka-Avani Gregg

  20. Sweaty Fake*AKA MaStErTaJh21*

    Sweaty Fake*AKA MaStErTaJh21*Pred 23 urami


  21. هواة الطيور

    هواة الطيورPred 23 urami


  22. Christan Piez:P

    Christan Piez:PPred 23 urami


  23. Adam Kučera

    Adam KučeraPred 23 urami

    i love this guy so much

  24. Odhran O Sullivan

    Odhran O SullivanPred 23 urami

    First O_o

  25. keema315

    keema315Pred 23 urami

    The world get entertained by the dumbest stuff I swear

  26. richrd Z

    richrd ZPred 23 urami

    If you dont watch naruto we cant be friends

  27. Conner Damazo

    Conner DamazoPred 23 urami

    How else saw the very end

  28. Julia Scheinmann

    Julia ScheinmannPred 23 urami

    In the captions Chandler was Taylor.😂

  29. OG Gamer boy

    OG Gamer boyPred 23 urami

    Hey! What are you doing with all that! We need that!

  30. Cameron Coleman

    Cameron ColemanPred 23 urami


  31. Jerben

    JerbenPred 23 urami

    You can’t touch me He’s in creative 😂

  32. Kian Colman

    Kian ColmanPred 23 urami

    1:53 This is totally me when I am bored out of my mind

  33. Da Boi

    Da BoiPred 23 urami

    17 million dollars wow..

  34. Galaxy Taco

    Galaxy TacoPred 23 urami

    Anyone gonna talk about how he literally forsaw t-series winning?

  35. Donnie Walsh

    Donnie WalshPred 23 urami

    Awesome! 👍

  36. Living Korzo

    Living KorzoPred 23 urami

    This is ez pez

  37. Clash with Angelo

    Clash with AngeloPred 23 urami

    Uh, So sweet🥰

  38. Cyan_Devil

    Cyan_DevilPred 23 urami

    Quarantine has brought me back here

  39. Xavier Ramos

    Xavier RamosPred 23 urami

    6:30 What a trick shot!!

  40. Donnie Walsh

    Donnie WalshPred 23 urami

    Awesome! 👍

  41. Bongo Wongo gold

    Bongo Wongo goldPred 23 urami

    This intro was intense

  42. D3MON

    D3MONPred 23 urami

    "this is a price for being dumb" one of the best moments

  43. itzzme66 __

    itzzme66 __Pred 23 urami

    You will never know what your friends will play on the tv to annoy or embarass you!😭😂

  44. Issy

    IssyPred 23 urami

    Literally quarantine with siblings

  45. General plastic

    General plasticPred 23 urami

    oops to late 13 mil

  46. Phoenbean0000

    Phoenbean0000Pred 23 urami

    i would just fill the room with a skunk then he would get out

  47. Cam C.

    Cam C.Pred 23 urami


  48. Mr. Porg

    Mr. PorgPred 23 urami

    i love u, chris!

  49. SCP 096

    SCP 096Pred 23 urami

    does anyone realize he probably went to your Walmart

  50. RN8 P

    RN8 PPred 23 urami

    4:29 Vsauce! Michael here

  51. JustJordyn 24

    JustJordyn 24Pred 23 urami

    Why do I see papa johns and sweet dish fish and Nintendo controllers in the background

  52. NinjaDragonL

    NinjaDragonLPred 23 urami

    Spend 50 hours protesting

  53. Ezra Malagon

    Ezra MalagonPred 23 urami


  54. N J Rasmussen

    N J RasmussenPred 23 urami

    You are an amazing dude

  55. Brooklyn Walker

    Brooklyn WalkerPred 23 urami

    I love how Chris says rocks were man made but a pipe isn't 😂

  56. Richard Orona

    Richard OronaPred 23 urami

    That bs he can’t take a pillow because that’s “cheating” but he can rip off the speakers


    ADOLFO RAMIREZPred 23 urami

    This bull fool who try to impress gil

  58. NextProdigy

    NextProdigyPred 23 urami

    I had you

  59. Jakub's adventures

    Jakub's adventuresPred 23 urami

    omg im late but its at 13 mil

  60. Timeless 214

    Timeless 214Pred 23 urami

    Just wait morgz is gonna copied this in a week

  61. GamingC08

    GamingC08Pred 23 urami

    I love this

  62. April Casica

    April CasicaPred 23 urami


  63. Yo Boii

    Yo BoiiPred 23 urami

    When MrBeast was doing the circle for the soup kitchen I was just waiting for him to say “oh well it doesn’t fit I guess you got to put it back” .

  64. FOF .Productions

    FOF .ProductionsPred 23 urami

    The beeping was the seatbelt noise. I know you haven't worn one in forever, but yeah lol

  65. Christan Piez:P

    Christan Piez:PPred 23 urami

    Holy cow

  66. Happiest King

    Happiest KingPred 23 urami

    he got the food with hes stand mr.Platinum

  67. Roberto Pierce

    Roberto PiercePred 23 urami

    Sorry Mr.Beast but is this staged

  68. Jahmier Malone

    Jahmier MalonePred 23 urami

    Why can't you go through the door instead of the window

  69. Maya

    MayaPred 23 urami

    Please use your platform to speak about and advocate for the movement that is happening right now

  70. jose alvarezz

    jose alvarezzPred 23 urami

    U just earned a sub

  71. Speak Evanese

    Speak EvanesePred 23 urami

    At one point his cheeks started looking purple 0__0

  72. Noah DeKamp

    Noah DeKampPred 23 urami

    Jimmy: *Cough*...idk what that was. Everyone: HE HAS THE RONA

  73. Elijah Kemplin

    Elijah KemplinPred 23 urami


  74. Diego Cerda

    Diego CerdaPred 23 urami

    Even when I block this guy he still appears in my SLgo

  75. Spencer Shipley

    Spencer ShipleyPred 23 urami

    Do another million dollar challenge except with ur friends

  76. Thats Ninja

    Thats NinjaPred 23 urami

    10:55 someones been playing club penguin in the background lol

  77. Ezra Malagon

    Ezra MalagonPred 23 urami

    Imma beast fan

  78. Mister X

    Mister XPred 23 urami

    My sister dosent work so i shot ver whit a cannon ball :D Sorry for the bad inglish

  79. Djazz Van nunen

    Djazz Van nunenPred 23 urami

    Who is here becouse of the last vid

  80. Skiller Devil

    Skiller DevilPred 23 urami


  81. Motor Biker

    Motor BikerPred 23 urami

    i wouldve payed for all of the cars

  82. Sultan Laksono

    Sultan LaksonoPred 23 urami

    anjinrr Trendingg satu dongg gilee emang MR beast🤣❤️

  83. Proper9o

    Proper9oPred 23 urami

    Omg i cant believe i can donate from bangladesh

  84. Dragon Master#95

    Dragon Master#95Pred 23 urami

    Good gob

  85. Moldycookie

    MoldycookiePred 23 urami

    It got 1.6 million views HAHAHAH

  86. Brah moment

    Brah momentPred 23 urami

    When you realize he sounds so diffrent ;D

  87. unknown rice bowl

    unknown rice bowlPred 23 urami

    bruh i will yeet off a clif for an alienware laptop

  88. Jonah LeBlanc

    Jonah LeBlancPred 23 urami

    Poor richert😭

  89. Abigail Erves

    Abigail ErvesPred 23 urami

    Wow. Tbh, I could last a long time with a tv in there. That is basically all I do in quarantine.

  90. Tyler Personal

    Tyler PersonalPred 23 urami

    saw your invisalign