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This PC is breathtaking!
  1. Private Author

    Private AuthorPred 2 sekundami

    Our corporate culture is pure and noble. Be quiet pleb! We know better.

  2. Ahmed Almushaima

    Ahmed AlmushaimaPred 13 sekundami

    Does that mean the give away is not worldwide?

  3. UPS Atwal

    UPS AtwalPred 30 sekundami

    Wait Linus is French? *Oui* 🤪

  4. 马晓鹏

    马晓鹏Pred minuto

    I may not have a chance。But i still come! Choose me! I will respond to an awesome video

  5. Asdhi Maulana

    Asdhi MaulanaPred 2 minutami

    LTT : The SUPER CLEAN PC Build me: -_- LTT : GIVEAWAY me: :)

  6. Rhythmattica

    RhythmatticaPred 3 minutami

    I do post , films scores, and have equipment that the average consumer would baulk at....... But Im mixing, recording , with good AD/DA's , professional monitors..... ect... But when it comes to Audiophiles, I question do they realise a RCA interconnect cable, 3ft long, costing a few grand, with arrows showing the direction of the signal flow is snake oil????? Sucker born every minute.

  7. Ali Raza

    Ali RazaPred 3 minutami

    Really Great

  8. Brandon Lim

    Brandon LimPred 4 minutami

    Alex already has his safety glasses on before he got asked to cut at 8:42. Time travelling confirmed!

  9. luke bey

    luke beyPred 5 minutami

    So this is what he needed the petabyte server storage for...

  10. parth pant

    parth pantPred 5 minutami

    This is the most racist build on ltt🤣🤣

  11. Lycerion

    LycerionPred 6 minutami

    I think I actually love Riley. But still not his stache

  12. hpoonis2010

    hpoonis2010Pred 6 minutami

    I never knew all that lighting makes for a faster computer.

  13. Edka K

    Edka KPred 7 minutami

    6:12 so glossy and ... classic Linus😂

  14. hpoonis2010

    hpoonis2010Pred 7 minutami

    Well I never. This guy constantly speaks in capital letters.

  15. Josh64440

    Josh64440Pred 8 minutami

    I don't understand much about PC building yet so I've been binging your videos for like a year. I feel like I can trust you on this matter which is why I opted to go for AMD for my first gaming PC

  16. AL mo

    AL moPred 8 minutami

    New ASUS card is white! LTT

  17. Christian Armstrong

    Christian ArmstrongPred 8 minutami

    Man... my pc died last night, i had an Fx 8350 black edition, thought it was only the psu but the whole thing died, even my R9 270x, gave me awesome nights of gaming, now the waiting game begins, hopefully one of these days i can afford one just like in these videos~

  18. Not so genius

    Not so geniusPred 8 minutami

    Ok boomer

  19. Bryan

    BryanPred 8 minutami

    Close your eyes at 11:57 if you want to know what homosexual nerd sex sounds like.

  20. thebestpopcorn

    thebestpopcornPred 9 minutami

    LTT:makes 8k vid me: puts 144p on

  21. DJ Trixble

    DJ TrixblePred 9 minutami

    Can i get it pls i never won i always comment so i can win pls

  22. Ayako

    AyakoPred 9 minutami

    My ryzen 7 2700x 60c max after a stress test I ran for 30 minutes with the stock cooler

  23. Joshua Dela Cruz

    Joshua Dela CruzPred 9 minutami

    Damn 😮 her brother is so lucky!

  24. cody viper

    cody viperPred 10 minutami

    80%CPU usage on 8k And 20% on 4k

  25. zteyk

    zteykPred 12 minutami

    linus i need your help, like a week ago i buy a graphics card and it just work fine, and 2 days ago started to freezed my pc, idk why but i need some help bcs i dont know what to do.

  26. Joseph Dalrymple

    Joseph DalrymplePred 12 minutami

    Thunderbolt is Intel's IP. While it's not common to refer to it as "Intel Thunderbolt", that's perfectly acceptable (like referring to an "AMD Ryzen" instead of just "Ryzen"). It's not referring to "Intel CPU Architecture Thunderbolt". :)

  27. laos85

    laos85Pred 12 minutami

    Instead of using a rolling chair looking like an idiot for that shoes thingy, maybe have something around your body that stop you from moving.

  28. Mike O

    Mike OPred 13 minutami

    Over two years old now Linus. Most of these mice aren't even around anymore. Get with the program dude.

  29. p dub

    p dubPred 14 minutami

    Anthony is like ASMR in my ears

  30. Scuffed Pickles

    Scuffed PicklesPred 14 minutami

    Rip me from Aus lol

  31. Hervé Maas

    Hervé MaasPred 14 minutami

    Riley really isn't the brightest light, is he?

  32. Daniel Öhrqvist

    Daniel ÖhrqvistPred 14 minutami

    IT's not just what the eye can see what matters. A human can detect flicker up to 800Hz so higher frequency matters for eye and brain fatigue. So If you play for more than 30 minutes, it will make a difference on your ability to perfom.

  33. EternitySoundDesign

    EternitySoundDesignPred 15 minutami

    0:20 Strap on? You mean strap in, right? RIGHT? RiGHt!??!?!

  34. TẁistedDestruction

    TẁistedDestructionPred 15 minutami

    Oh yay another give away! I know I womt win 😂 but I can dream

  35. asemwindows

    asemwindowsPred 15 minutami

    tf with the mustache

  36. C3

    C3Pred 15 minutami

    I'm pretty sure that's a Ferret and not a Weasel.

  37. Bryan

    BryanPred 15 minutami

    Riley is hilarious. He just needs to grow his mustache way way longer. I wanna mistaken his stache as handlebars long!

  38. Krzysztof M

    Krzysztof MPred 15 minutami

    8 hours of 8K footage took probably 8 days to render

  39. SurlyEngineer

    SurlyEngineerPred 15 minutami

    Why not release the song list?

  40. TheFishyGamer3

    TheFishyGamer3Pred 16 minutami

    That's The Mouse I'm Using And It Breaks Fast 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭 Plz Subscribe To Support Me Road To 1000 Subs

  41. Rick Malone

    Rick MalonePred 16 minutami

    That is the PERFECT mid-range system and with that badass display! I only got the 3600X and the RTX 2070 on my last one... (STILL MAD ABOUT THE 2070 SUPER BEING RELEASED A MONTH LATER FOR THE SAME PRICE AND OVERALL A 12% INCREASE IN EVERYTHING) I should have went with the RTX 2080 S but I was on a budget at the time and now there's no way of exchanging my 2070 for the 2070S... Really blows, it's so much better for the same price and if I were to sell it I'd get 60%! If you want to swap one to see how far you can push an older system compared to a new, I'm totally ok with that lol!

  42. Ronil Caro

    Ronil CaroPred 16 minutami

    ​@t hahahha Linus Side comments and endorsement line

  43. Clairvoyant81

    Clairvoyant81Pred 16 minutami

    That's the first case gimmick I've seen in ages I actually like.

  44. Ahmad Zulhafis Ahmad Rizal

    Ahmad Zulhafis Ahmad RizalPred 16 minutami

    yay! new giveaway! :)

  45. nicholled caasi

    nicholled caasiPred 16 minutami

    I really wan't to win the giveaway because my pc sucks and im saving up money my allowance for a day is 1$ so i don't eat food in my school to save money I am envy with others cause they have good pc so i really wish I win this giveaway

  46. ハムザ

    ハムザPred 16 minutami

    Well too bad, I can can only see this in 720p cus youtube i guess.

  47. Aidan Guile

    Aidan GuilePred 17 minutami

    That dude is insanely Canadian

  48. Drcool52

    Drcool52Pred 17 minutami

    For the legs you could of cut out notches in the actual leg any time you had a hole that hit one. Wouldn't of hurt structural integrity and would of aloud you to run water lines or cables without it looking like you made a planning mistake.

  49. K Colley

    K ColleyPred 17 minutami


  50. Brandon Lim

    Brandon LimPred 18 minutami

    You have a wonderful wife!

  51. 栾健博

    栾健博Pred 18 minutami

    wow this gameing pc is so good if i have will play with the 赛博朋克2077 哈哈哈哈 抱歉我的垃圾英语哈哈哈哈哈

  52. Travous Quibell

    Travous QuibellPred 18 minutami

    Yvonne drops alot less stuff than Linus does. Just sayin.


    YOUR FAVOURITE CHANNELPred 19 minutami

    Looks like we can't get as I live in India . But that builds was solid. Hey Linus any plans on customized windows (although they are activated by pirated software) but it transforms ur windows to more stable and better please try that. For custom windows u can visit teamos


    VIP GAMING TROOPPred 19 minutami

    please can you try for Indian fans

  55. J K

    J KPred 19 minutami

    it's already the whitest build because you two did it 😂

  56. Richard Lloyd

    Richard LloydPred 19 minutami

    Disappointed that this is open to US/Canada only - this crucial limitation should have been mentioned in the video or description and not in a comment. I entered anyway even though I'm in the UK :-) Also a bit surprised a 3950X wasn't used - even LTT can't find one in stock I guess...

  57. TheSublimeIbanez

    TheSublimeIbanezPred 20 minutami

    But... Lenovo D:

  58. D!rty k!rty

    D!rty k!rtyPred 20 minutami

    The editing in this is pure gold!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Doge Bread

    Doge BreadPred 20 minutami

    living in asia feels great

  60. Lamb Chop

    Lamb ChopPred 20 minutami

    Can us know how much it cost?

  61. Atel

    AtelPred 20 minutami

    13:58 Linus: You wanna play rocket league? Riley: Well lets see if it runs on it. *PC cries in Ryzen 9 3900x, 2080ti, 32 gb ram, gen 4 1tb m.2*


    DUB TOSTERPred 21 minuto

    This case is dirt cheap, sad face from europe :(

  63. Joe Cauthon

    Joe CauthonPred 21 minuto

    oh no, linus became a cyberman

  64. Ronil Caro

    Ronil CaroPred 22 minutami

    Goodluck Everyone and another great PC build I really love white PC build

  65. MeleePNG

    MeleePNGPred 23 minutami

    the top down angle should be flipped

  66. amirof

    amirofPred 23 minutami

    That is BS. I cranked my 21" monitor to highest 800x600 windows XP can deliver and this look like crap!

  67. BinarySecond

    BinarySecondPred 24 minutami

    Gigabyte make have an all white rtx range

  68. Krzysztof M

    Krzysztof MPred 24 minutami

    I'll probably revisit in 2021 or something...

  69. Soylencer

    SoylencerPred 25 minutami

    I like this, I have one with the rears on the second TV, but I painfully miss the HTNT5. Such a beautiful sound bar, and those super-tweeters 😍

  70. Tomas Beblar

    Tomas BeblarPred 25 minutami

    Graphics Interchange Format. GRAPHICS. GUH

  71. Mainul Web

    Mainul WebPred 26 minutami

    "I always put it in standing up" - Linus

  72. Jeremy Wullaert

    Jeremy WullaertPred 26 minutami

    That side panel is insane...... I'm speechless.....good luck everyone...

  73. 池田凛

    池田凛Pred 27 minutami

    3:48 I was praying that LG Gram's won't fall...

  74. Healyum

    HealyumPred 27 minutami

    God he's bad at rocket league😬

  75. Nahid Rahman

    Nahid RahmanPred 28 minutami

    Wow. I was the first one to enter for the giveaway at gleam!

  76. Kjetil Andre Solstad

    Kjetil Andre SolstadPred 28 minutami

    Only 30FPS? LOL.

  77. The NobleGoat

    The NobleGoatPred 28 minutami

    4:44 Linus dropping a truth bomb

  78. Baron Clime

    Baron ClimePred 28 minutami

    yeah not bothering

  79. DilerRzezuchy

    DilerRzezuchyPred 28 minutami

    Linus looks like a Cyberman from dr. Who with theese headphones :D

  80. Nipun Kavinda

    Nipun KavindaPred 28 minutami

    Wow. This is an awsome retro pc room...

  81. Zac Childs

    Zac ChildsPred 29 minutami

    You guys broke the Newegg discord

  82. Travous Quibell

    Travous QuibellPred 29 minutami

    "That stuffs not available today" - Yes it is, for a price. If you are willing to pay for the OEM to reproduce the production methodology anything is possible.

  83. Bluemanor

    BluemanorPred 29 minutami

    I hope that i win the giveaway even though im far away from Canada

  84. Ritik Srivastava

    Ritik SrivastavaPred 29 minutami

    I want this because my pc is dead 💀💀

  85. Hoi Hallo

    Hoi HalloPred 29 minutami

    Sorry, but a $1000+ stand doesn't make any sense. Maybe if you had a huge subwoofer and a spinning disk player(cd or recordplayer) to keep it from skipping at extreme(and i do mean extreme) volume. But for a headphone set it is pure snake oil.. No moving parts in the components and no vibration makes the stand a huge rip off.

  86. Aaron Emmanuel

    Aaron EmmanuelPred 30 minutami

    Didn't anyone notice how the screen resolution of the video is at 18:9 .... Woohooo!!!

  87. Tens

    TensPred 31 minuto

    What's the tune that made him cry????

  88. squid face

    squid facePred 32 minutami

    Linus tech tips asmr

  89. Roshan Halappanavar

    Roshan HalappanavarPred 32 minutami

    US and Canada only... 3rd world problems

  90. _Lycostehwulf_

    _Lycostehwulf_Pred 33 minutami

    And I just ordered $180 headphones and felt like it was a large purchase

  91. Abel Lopez

    Abel LopezPred 33 minutami

    I loved the math question for one of the entries eventhough I'm not Canadian I do appreciate math being implemented. 😁👍

  92. Blackner2424

    Blackner2424Pred 33 minutami

    Kinda hoping I win. I need a PC refresh. My PC was great... in 2013. Now my wife has a 9900k build. Need to step my game up.

  93. Sebass Gomez

    Sebass GomezPred 33 minutami

    This video eminates a lot of unstable energy.

  94. Artyom Kim

    Artyom KimPred 33 minutami

    Maybe as a student I’ll finally have my old warmachine with a FX-6300 upgraded and I’ll even be able to run virtual machines to practice programming!

  95. Jarred K

    Jarred KPred 34 minutami

    Why did I get 100% cpu usage while watching this?

  96. Aloooy

    AloooyPred 36 minutami

    Big egg?