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  1. PogoChamp

    PogoChampPred 14 sekundami

    Hey Jack, this is Brandon Fine. I have a video that is set to publish at 5pm EST today if you have an hour to watch it, I would highly appreciate it

  2. Lessia

    LessiaPred 15 sekundami

    Wooou, we saw this movie yesterday, and as Jack said it was amazing move ! Love it.

  3. Jassimca2 Xd

    Jassimca2 XdPred minuto

    gun mcglucin wat 5:58

  4. MikaMiku

    MikaMikuPred minuto

    Best actors: Dwayne Johnson Kevin Hart Jack Black Adam Sandler

  5. heddja

    heddjaPred minuto

    on a sally face binge before the last chapter comes out :)

  6. DarkGodOfRoblox Master

    DarkGodOfRoblox MasterPred 2 minutami

    Says the best duck he plays duck season

  7. Akhazel

    AkhazelPred 2 minutami

    Jack: "Is that a pimp-ass hamster? That hamster fucks!" Hamster: *Goes to hamster strip club*

  8. mike bigram

    mike bigramPred 2 minutami

    Jack's getting moobs

  9. Oren Lev

    Oren LevPred 2 minutami

    The rock: who’s the funniest character in the movie for you? Jack: ... the horse!!! Me: he is just a horse!

  10. Itz_ GalaxyFam

    Itz_ GalaxyFamPred 3 minutami

    Depressed people be like: BRUH

  11. Itz_ GalaxyFam

    Itz_ GalaxyFamPred 4 minutami

    Dont tell me im the only one who saw another jack (maybe anti) in the back at 0:35

  12. shut up blud u muk

    shut up blud u mukPred 5 minutami

    Audio messed up

  13. goblinspitz

    goblinspitzPred 6 minutami

    pls play sf chapter 5 aaaaaa

  14. ClashPig

    ClashPigPred 6 minutami


  15. Stories n' Stuff

    Stories n' StuffPred 6 minutami

    when you hear the song for the second time it sounds a lot like that one weird song a drunk guy sang in one of markipliers try not to laughs

  16. JOKER

    JOKERPred 6 minutami

    The rock looking old... Ps. Dont hunt me down

  17. Rec Manyeah

    Rec ManyeahPred 7 minutami

    Random thought I feel like Kevin could play a really good coach in a movie

  18. Christopher Brien

    Christopher BrienPred 7 minutami

    That was a joy to watch, thanks man!

  19. Blessedcototk

    BlessedcototkPred 8 minutami

    The video: I don’t know if I can defeat the ender dragon Me: I just cheat by using creative mode ;)

  20. It's just Me

    It's just MePred 8 minutami


  21. imnotnormal imnormal

    imnotnormal imnormalPred 8 minutami

    sally face is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Orro Mews

    Orro MewsPred 8 minutami

    when mr. voice said "or the kraken" i legit thought it said "or the karen" and i died

  23. Apache helicopter

    Apache helicopterPred 8 minutami

    "GoooooooJooo" "DIO"

  24. John Doe

    John DoePred 8 minutami


  25. ajelloo

    ajellooPred 9 minutami


  26. Cassie B

    Cassie BPred 9 minutami

    That is super great that you got to do that ! Amazing how small dreams can come true even when you least expect it !

  27. Stinky Norsk

    Stinky NorskPred 10 minutami

    My Norwegian ass is QUAKING at the lack of representation in media

  28. Alondra Manzo

    Alondra ManzoPred 10 minutami

    Well said my friend. Thank you.

  29. song covers heddan. exe

    song covers heddan. exePred 10 minutami

    So the theory is that Lil misfortunes mom is fran or whatever her name is

  30. Tosted Fud

    Tosted FudPred 10 minutami

    Omg thats the coolest thing ever

  31. SallyIs TooSarcastic

    SallyIs TooSarcasticPred 11 minutami

    Seán: "Yes. It's me. Your dad." Me: you forgot the dy 😉 (I'm so sorry-)

  32. Bree Radley

    Bree RadleyPred 11 minutami

    You know, it's extremely annoying to see white people claim that shit doesn't happen or that the game just "threw" themes of racism into it. Racism isn't subtle in real life, shit like in LIS2 happens all the time to real people. You can't have a say on this Jack because someone like you will NEVER experience anything even close to what black and brown people face.

  33. debrahamz

    debrahamzPred 11 minutami

    this is straight up anal filtration

  34. ivy zeal

    ivy zealPred 11 minutami

    dude chapter five is out

  35. ActionWarrior20

    ActionWarrior20Pred 11 minutami

    You've given us too much footage

  36. Stephanie Robertson

    Stephanie RobertsonPred 12 minutami

    Holy shitballs that’s cool! Nice interview! X

  37. eetu marttinen

    eetu marttinenPred 12 minutami

    0:00 i want him to sing volbeat still counting with that voice!

  38. Braxton Anderson

    Braxton AndersonPred 13 minutami

    jack black was fu**king hillairious

  39. Magnus Børve Romfog

    Magnus Børve RomfogPred 14 minutami

    Finaly Sean McGlocklin met Dwayne the Glock Jonnson

  40. Scott Small

    Scott SmallPred 14 minutami

    Nice video bro

  41. Hasi Lognat

    Hasi LognatPred 14 minutami

    Bhan chot

  42. introvertedgirl 123

    introvertedgirl 123Pred 14 minutami

    I went to jack's channel sorted his video by most popular and the most popular was all the way the least popular was skate 3 part 7 doesn't really matter but thought I'd share lol

  43. BassenaBB

    BassenaBBPred 15 minutami

    Seeing kevin and dvane you realase that dvane is much bigger than you thoght

  44. Storm White

    Storm WhitePred 15 minutami

    I wanted to see if he’d ever run into Cassidy again

  45. Carlitos Arana

    Carlitos AranaPred 16 minutami

    I love how jack interviews

  46. Zelko TV

    Zelko TVPred 16 minutami

    Play sally face ep5

  47. enyaface100

    enyaface100Pred 16 minutami

    Did anyone see at the end he clapped Sparks 15:15

  48. Liz Hittle

    Liz HittlePred 17 minutami

    I'm here after Little Misfortune, and gods, he's so LOUD!

  49. Bear Parker

    Bear ParkerPred 19 minutami

    Ugh cause fran was in da dame ting...and saw the luttle duudes now she can...uugh krewl

  50. coco o'reily

    coco o'reilyPred 19 minutami

    Petition for jack to do an interview with Bryan Cranston and Arron Paul for el Camino

  51. PubWithPrice

    PubWithPricePred 19 minutami

    Sèan: I'm 30 in February Dwayne Johnson: yeah your still fucked up

  52. Kathleen Blankenship

    Kathleen BlankenshipPred 19 minutami


  53. Who Am i ?

    Who Am i ?Pred 19 minutami

    Dude, jack is tiny imp compared to the rock, he's literally a giant

  54. Elsa Rùn Sigmundsdòttir

    Elsa Rùn SigmundsdòttirPred 20 minutami

    Chapter 5 is out!

  55. Riley Kat

    Riley KatPred 20 minutami

    wheres ur classic outro

  56. Fall Out! At my Green Chemical Piløts

    Fall Out! At my Green Chemical PiløtsPred 21 minuto

    this game : *uses mike* seàn : hEE HEE

  57. DynamicRed

    DynamicRedPred 21 minuto

    The figure that reached for the baby LOOKED like mama!!!

  58. Vukasin Okulic

    Vukasin OkulicPred 22 minutami

    But that jacks hair

  59. much uwu

    much uwuPred 22 minutami

    *p l a y s a l l y f a c e p l e a s e*

  60. Isabella Deview

    Isabella DeviewPred 22 minutami

    Use a VPN yah nerd

  61. Its-Young-Chris

    Its-Young-ChrisPred 22 minutami

    Jack's like. "My stunt mans going to fuck you up!" Lol

  62. Mikune

    MikunePred 22 minutami

    How did you not cry, I was a damn mess just now,, Even had to calm myself before watching the last few minutes,,

  63. Querty

    QuertyPred 22 minutami

    0:45 he’s like mr. bean

  64. The One In The Shadows

    The One In The ShadowsPred 22 minutami

    4 yr old toddler ... 4yr olds: nice

  65. The positive russian potato

    The positive russian potatoPred 22 minutami

    Keep your eye on the ball 😉😌😂 Also I have a friend that looks exactly like jacob.

  66. Breakin Guide

    Breakin GuidePred 23 minutami

    This is so crazy we all grew up watching Sean. He was 23 here Nd now he’s 30. Time flies 😞

  67. Braxton Anderson

    Braxton AndersonPred 23 minutami

    when you were up there it loocked like you were gonna sh*t your self

  68. Scout Robinson

    Scout RobinsonPred 23 minutami

    You know you've made it when Jack Black presents his anus to you

  69. Rebekah Porter

    Rebekah PorterPred 23 minutami

    He gets a like for the hilarious puns 😁

  70. William Latondress

    William LatondressPred 23 minutami

    Speed is key speed is key speed is King

  71. Mendaharin Tusca

    Mendaharin TuscaPred 23 minutami

    Wasn't your BPM rather high to begin with even before you started playing?

  72. LexifromZargon

    LexifromZargonPred 24 minutami

    sees a scary game that im to wimsy to play. looks up if jack has gameplay of it

  73. Fazbearling 1987

    Fazbearling 1987Pred 24 minutami

    I laughed at the stupidity that radiated from these

  74. RaUriXX 360o

    RaUriXX 360oPred 24 minutami

    2:37:58 : DONT tell me that is not disgusting i having nightmares for theee WEEKS

  75. Varaad Hosein

    Varaad HoseinPred 24 minutami

    Why has this been recommended to me 4 years later the fuck

  76. weird stuf

    weird stufPred 24 minutami

    I love how you can hear Dwayne’s presence when he’s just sitting there

  77. I Love Animated Movies

    I Love Animated MoviesPred 24 minutami

    8!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess 8

  78. TheMasterChief117

    TheMasterChief117Pred 25 minutami

    I hate tick tok and never liked vine

  79. Lily The Muggle

    Lily The MugglePred 25 minutami

    Me, a fan of The Dragon Prince: **sees thumbnail** Me: AHHH IT JACK AS SOREN!!!

  80. hans kris

    hans krisPred 25 minutami

    Of course he's dead. You need to wait 3 days for him to respawn.

  81. K Warren

    K WarrenPred 25 minutami

    Misfortune more like Miss fortune

  82. Devin Justice

    Devin JusticePred 26 minutami

    Me:plz give Sal a boy voice

  83. Shane DatArtBoi

    Shane DatArtBoiPred 26 minutami

    Jack: Core tenants- Kevin Hart: I don't know what that means-

  84. Joshua Martin

    Joshua MartinPred 26 minutami

    I feel so bad for Jack

  85. russianrose1

    russianrose1Pred 26 minutami

    Two of my favorite actors and one of my favorite youtubers. IM SCREAMING.

  86. L u N g s

    L u N g sPred 27 minutami

    Can you play Sally Face?

  87. Riley Kat

    Riley KatPred 27 minutami

    omg you were raging about how youtube was still captioning your last name wrong and i has subtitles on and THEY DID IT AGAIN

  88. Rob Cast

    Rob CastPred 28 minutami

    Were is the portable chair And also I love that father gasgoine art from bloodborne

  89. Lunimatic Animations

    Lunimatic AnimationsPred 28 minutami

    Anybody else here feel like we should get rid of all the knives in his house?

  90. The positive russian potato

    The positive russian potatoPred 28 minutami

    Yes adulting is so hard!!!!🥺 I just got my own Apartment and this is hard! It ain't easy! I also got a car!🥺🤦🏻‍♂️ make your childhood as fun as possible! Live every moment of it! Then when you retire you can have all the fun you want go places you want to go!

  91. Yooran

    YooranPred 28 minutami

    is this Satan?

  92. Wayne Paolo Gonzales

    Wayne Paolo GonzalesPred 29 minutami

    oh, i remember felix

  93. Christian Perez

    Christian PerezPred 29 minutami

    Connor uses 28 stab wounds

  94. Kaelynn Lewis

    Kaelynn LewisPred 29 minutami

    I absolutely love this!!! This is amazing!!! Also Kevin straight up looks like the rocks kid! 😂 haha I love them. I love jack! I love this!!!


    AYNSLEY STOREYPred 30 minutami

    I wonder how many sheep it took to make the rocks jumper???

  96. Zpouki Boi

    Zpouki BoiPred 32 minutami

    7:21 now thats the best flag ever you know denmark

  97. Elenore Manning

    Elenore ManningPred 32 minutami

    why are you just meeting literally ALL MY FAVORITE CELEBRITYS!!!!! GOD DAMN

  98. Hammy Craker

    Hammy CrakerPred 32 minutami

    jack: i was in there you saw that eggsy : de pan man :(

  99. Chim Soda

    Chim SodaPred 33 minutami

    27:08 wjcjajjefjejvjjtriwicj I’m wheezing that pronunciation xD It’s Swedish btw

  100. Itz_ GalaxyFam

    Itz_ GalaxyFamPred 33 minutami

    The meme in the background ruins 50:25 for me