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This Is A Real Place
I hate her

I hate her

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Can You Find SIREN HEAD?
How Did This Happen?
This Is The Zodiac Speaking
Spaghetti Jacksepticeye


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I Ruin Everything

I Ruin Everything

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I Almost Broke My Nose
Burn it with FIRE

Burn it with FIRE

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Pred 21 dnevom

Perfectly Cut Screams #2
I Remember This Dream
Jacksepticeye No Eyebrows
Jacksepticeye No Beard
Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinions

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Is This THE END?| BitLife
Siren Head

Siren Head

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We Went Back

We Went Back

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Thank You

Thank You

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  1. Spoons and Boons

    Spoons and BoonsPred 23 urami


  2. Havik

    HavikPred 23 urami

    12:34 fuck you

  3. BrunoXtremeYT Official Channel

    BrunoXtremeYT Official ChannelPred 23 urami

    Tennis Ball Tits Looks Like Alex From Minecraft

  4. I am Gopalicious

    I am GopaliciousPred 23 urami

    6:35 sick bird try to chirp

  5. Grace Wolf

    Grace WolfPred 23 urami

    *am I the only one that got triggered when Jack didn't put the chair on the tile thing?*

  6. Joey Lin

    Joey LinPred 23 urami

    Why is this game about a giant cat that follows a giant mirror that also eats barrels ?

  7. Eragoncat

    EragoncatPred 23 urami


  8. CaptainPringles5

    CaptainPringles5Pred 23 urami

    play poly bridge 2 on the epic games store

  9. Elise Byrnes

    Elise ByrnesPred 23 urami

    them we need make sadels me no you cant make saddellll

  10. Adam657

    Adam657Pred 23 urami

    Every time people choose 'sacrifice Arcadia Bay' they always complain that the episode and the ending are terrible. It's because the developers never expected so many people to make such a rash and selfish decision. It always baffles me that people would sacrifice an entire town with hundreds of people and everyone you know, just for one person. People are far too sentimental! The ending where you sacrifice Chloe is so much better and gives much more closure. It was just her time.

  11. Shadow

    ShadowPred 23 urami


  12. Birdie Rabbit

    Birdie RabbitPred 23 urami


  13. Kaleb Casarez

    Kaleb CasarezPred 23 urami

    sean needs to build a big prison for shari

  14. Gabriella Boutros

    Gabriella BoutrosPred 23 urami

    Did anyone else feel targeted when he said I see you in the back with your hair all tied up. I legit said to myself “HOW DID YOU [email protected]

  15. neglington

    neglingtonPred 23 urami

    Jack sounds like a heckin karen

  16. the Flexer

    the FlexerPred 23 urami

    I love your vids

  17. Hi And Hello

    Hi And HelloPred 23 urami

    people in 2017: wow you can climb on signs and stuff sly cooper 2002: You fuckers just can't give me credit!

  18. Edmund Meyers

    Edmund MeyersPred 23 urami

    UhhhbbGGGG I WAS EATING PASGETTI still eating it tho *slurp*

  19. Dashing star Light

    Dashing star LightPred 23 urami

    hehe i love human meat heh

  20. SMB69

    SMB69Pred 23 urami

    Who else saw this on their recommendations and had to watch it?

  21. [RRLI] Emperor Holiday

    [RRLI] Emperor HolidayPred 23 urami

    Who smelt blood in "The Bells" when the guy sees blood? If not, its fucking unconfortable

  22. Dashing star Light

    Dashing star LightPred 23 urami

    human are yummy~

  23. Logan Kradelman

    Logan KradelmanPred 23 urami

    911 what’s your emergency? “I just got dropkicked by my grandma!”

  24. James Yontz

    James YontzPred 23 urami

    9:39 that's Evlins hair. Sean:I do not look like her

  25. Daniel Wylie

    Daniel WyliePred 23 urami

    I already subscribed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂👍🏽

  26. Luke Monk

    Luke MonkPred 23 urami

    that 4th level is also the Wii Mario not only the WiiU Mario

  27. Anndrea A

    Anndrea APred 23 urami

    Distract Jack:(dances too dankly) Me: *CHEEKI BREEKI INTENSIFIES*

  28. Dashing star Light

    Dashing star LightPred 23 urami

    love this video xoxo

  29. Lumix

    LumixPred 23 urami

    This was just recommended tonme

  30. I'm a Dreamer

    I'm a DreamerPred 23 urami

    I'm so glad this series popped up in my feed, I love the level design in this game so much, its incredible and seeing all Seán's reactions ahhhh ❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Archie Hutchings

    Archie HutchingsPred 23 urami

    you should play blood trial

  32. Tate Zierke

    Tate ZierkePred 23 urami

    Seán I hope you see this but I just rewatched your play through of Detroit: Become Human and it feels like the world is in the same place right now

  33. Mariah Beckman

    Mariah BeckmanPred 23 urami

    Jack: "who hates Greg" Everyone who is watching this video Also jack: pick Greg's plan when he doesn't even like him

  34. riixvq

    riixvqPred 23 urami

    I wonder why people call siren head dad lol

  35. Loud Burgender

    Loud BurgenderPred 23 urami

    Jack: I should have the cyclops by now Me: 93 days into the game rewatching these videos for help on what to do next still not having a cyclops

  36. Sauce God Eli

    Sauce God EliPred 23 urami

    Jack: Dont make fun of my hair Me: *Josuke Flashbacks*

  37. Ashton Vincent

    Ashton VincentPred 23 urami

    I have AA+++ i am 8

  38. Dee Daniel

    Dee DanielPred 23 urami

    This is so funny because I'm a pro at Minecraft sad sad City new be really bad at it.

  39. Felix Mcscouty

    Felix McscoutyPred 23 urami

    "Just beyond the golden arches" makes me feel violated and unsafe in a way I haven't felt from a horror genre in years


    FREDDYAXPred 23 urami

    This is multiplayer


    ROROKINGSPred 23 urami

    Any one still watching in 2020

  42. SimPle 101

    SimPle 101Pred 23 urami

    Also 6:47 that was just......

  43. SimPle 101

    SimPle 101Pred 23 urami

    Also 6:47 that was just......

  44. PhantomSmith8000

    PhantomSmith8000Pred 23 urami


  45. Aubrey Frigon

    Aubrey FrigonPred 23 urami


  46. Shoto_Todoroki

    Shoto_TodorokiPred 23 urami

    Seán: Oh look at that face it look like you’re going to wark He made a new word it’s war and work mix, it means that work is war.

  47. Dylan Tetreault

    Dylan TetreaultPred 23 urami

    That me when I'm lvl 8 and a lvl 10 mako kills me

  48. Mystical Melon

    Mystical MelonPred 23 urami

    The intro was the beginning of the song

  49. Midnight love you even if they don't

    Midnight love you even if they don'tPred 23 urami

    Who's going to tell them chickens can fly if they're throwing hard enough 😂😂😂

  50. Ben Shrooms

    Ben ShroomsPred 23 urami

    17:29 gave me huggggere Ace Ventura vibes

  51. Ash Batise

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    4:43 Bless you!

  52. Eddy Vontista

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    AHHH NOOO 13:33

  53. Benjamin Sullivan

    Benjamin SullivanPred 23 urami

    use 2 oh my fucking god

  54. Lily Speer

    Lily SpeerPred 23 urami

    I like watching theses videos where a previous question comes up and Sean picks the opposite answer.

  55. SnYpaMasTa 77

    SnYpaMasTa 77Pred 23 urami

    Jack gonna get the bad ending if he doesn’t salvage the anamatronics

  56. Sienna Hysell

    Sienna HysellPred 23 urami

    12:05 didn't scare me I have been tough worse and for those asking I am not ok!😁

  57. Gia Neely

    Gia NeelyPred 23 urami

    But what if ur an insomniac and your boyfriend needs sleep you to sleep so you can’t watch the video as soon as it comes out?

  58. Aubrey Frigon

    Aubrey FrigonPred 23 urami

    I stuck it on tables- Jack reading it: I stuck it on *tablets*

  59. SenpaiSavvage

    SenpaiSavvagePred 23 urami

    "you're tiny." "dont piss on me" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  60. SimPle 101

    SimPle 101Pred 23 urami

    True story me: "walks pass stall in bathroom" Me again: uses bathroom urinal" what i hear in the stall HMMMMMMM Me: WTF BOOOOOOOM AAAAAAAHH

  61. Elijah Jones

    Elijah JonesPred 23 urami

    Jack has tattoos

  62. Deidre Dash

    Deidre DashPred 23 urami

    I collapsed when sean said “oooooow PINK LIGHTNING!!!” Takes me Back Thank you Jack

  63. Crawly

    CrawlyPred 23 urami

    EPIC!1 song

  64. idkyeah ttt

    idkyeah tttPred 23 urami

    jacks face changes when the dog gets put in glass

  65. Aariz Alam

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    Bruh there from different horror games

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    Can you play a sex game without sensors

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    the bunny is your dad in a bunny costume

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    If you don’t turn him in to the joker in episode 4 you fight with joker against the agency

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    Omg I just realized he was wearing Mable's sweater

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    Her name is Michelle but her nickname is chell

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    I yearn the day we achieve true gender equality, in any case, my hands don’t discriminate and neither should you

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    Watching in 2020 be like 😃

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    *accepts open beer from creepy guy* "its just a beer after all" *most women watching* bad idea man

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    "getting cummed on makes you smarter" guys im a genius

  75. The info guide to this that And what ever else

    The info guide to this that And what ever elsePred 23 urami

    Jack:not a horror game. Me:has more tension than man of Medan

  76. Noah Sietsema

    Noah SietsemaPred 23 urami

    Its a farret they stink really bad and will stink up your house and we cleaned them every other day but they arw funny and cute but hurt like hell when they bite.

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    4:49 as the cool kids would say vibing

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    The ending is so savage

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    666 dislikes.

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    Shari is leaving my island and I’m crying tears of sadness

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    hey jack the stuff that you trying to get but thought it wasn't working well it does it just takes awhile

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    ngl kinda wished I liked coffee

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    Majoriry of the memes in this video: UNUS ANNUS

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    2019 I can’t wait till 2020🤗 2020 bring me back😭😭😭😭

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    When jack did the “sisters dead” thing I thought I accidentally skipped the whole video

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    Calculester is the best thing to ever exist, and nothing can change my mind.

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    Jack repeatedly panting after punching air

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    He should watch the creepy soup vid lol its not scary but its creepy

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