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done with youtube

done with youtube

Pred 4 meseci

ImAllexx Career Is FINISHED
  1. GalaxyMoon playz

    GalaxyMoon playzPred 34 sekundami

    Delete your channel nobody wanna see you here lamo... 😑

  2. Anon

    AnonPred minuto

    OK so nobody really knows what the internet is really capable of

  3. Deshvyn minn

    Deshvyn minnPred 2 minutami

    Thumbnail: The TRUTH about keemstar Video: The TRUTH about h3h3

  4. MM

    MMPred 4 minutami

    I’ll take Fallon over her any day. And I don’t even watch tv

  5. Anton Ellis

    Anton EllisPred 5 minutami

    fuck you

  6. Thatkidd Jzy

    Thatkidd JzyPred 7 minutami

    Who r u??? Racistttttt

  7. Yunki Min

    Yunki MinPred 7 minutami

    bts fans are uncontrollable sometimes, but what bothers me is not just toxic armys but all toxic k.pop fans specially blinks, i am a multifandom don t get me wrong... and ofc there is good armys like how they are helpful to others and gives a lot. in this video i thought it was bad to cover up jungkook s mistake which i don t think most of armys intended to but plus the tweets that talks abt the car incident there are people who post abt jungkook just cuz they have fan accounts, but the most disturbing part is how other fandoms starts saying *maybe if he stans (insert group name here)* when there was a person s death. i don t see a lot of armys doing that they don t really care i think (in my perspective) now people disliked how this guy (don t know the name sorry) was saying teens are jerking off for, but there is people that are adults and more than 40 years old that like k.pop and that was just rude, it s okay to not like k.pop but it s not okay to say smthn like that. most armys get the love yourself message but those who haven t are those who are toxic and i don t consider them as armys tbh. BTS tought us to love ourselfs and not hate on someone by the lyrics and the speaches and the unisef speach. and i don t like those armys but if you look at another perspective a lot of armys are really nice and helpful.

  8. CarsonSucksAtArt

    CarsonSucksAtArtPred 8 minutami

    it’s literally not even her fault that she’s in an abusive relationship and even if it was at all?

  9. Max Noble

    Max NoblePred 10 minutami

    Apparently defending yourself is looking for drama😂 what a clown


    EXOTICS XPred 11 minutami

    Just leave Deji alone ffs u and Keemstar are the worst😭

  11. Max Noble

    Max NoblePred 13 minutami

    He didn’t include you, not bc there’s no hate mob, he probably has no idea you exist, like who tf are you😂

  12. DaitaiChan

    DaitaiChanPred 13 minutami

    Shut up bro you only hate on deji bro if deji sees you in real you wont say anything deji will mess you up

  13. RETR0 Playzz

    RETR0 PlayzzPred 15 minutami

    I hate this dude

  14. Jenn Jordan

    Jenn JordanPred 16 minutami

    She as 20m and you have 1m

  15. Ian pixel gun bot

    Ian pixel gun botPred 17 minutami

    4:27 yea right LMFAO and he not going to show smh 🤦‍♂️😂

  16. Max Noble

    Max NoblePred 18 minutami

    “Not once does he mention me” coz ur irrelevant mate

  17. Max Noble

    Max NoblePred 18 minutami

    Just looking for clout coz no one knows who tf you are, pipe down mate

  18. Ian pixel gun bot

    Ian pixel gun botPred 19 minutami

    2:03 bro I need you to shut up I’m no simp it’s just it sad to see you hate everyone you virgin

  19. Ian pixel gun bot

    Ian pixel gun botPred 22 minutami

    Why dp u hate everyone

  20. Bhavin Bojanapalli

    Bhavin BojanapalliPred 23 minutami

    Guys stop hating on kavos, he is a commentary channel unfolding latest drama, this is just him covering drama, kavos isn't a drama addict

  21. Evelyn Gentry

    Evelyn GentryPred 24 minutami

    This youtuber sucks! He is so rude and stop body shaming him DO NOT CALL HIM A PIG you are the pig SSSSniperewolf is the best all the "evidence" seems fake. They have had issues in the past but that does not kean they don't love each other DON'T HATE ON HIM BECAUSE HE CAN GET A GIRL AND YOU CAN'T

  22. Night emoplu

    Night emopluPred 28 minutami

    At 7:30 kavos made a suits reference and suits is a show about lawyers

  23. Static Movement

    Static MovementPred 29 minutami

    20:42 You just called releasing his wife's phone number "a tiny throw away comment". This was the most bias video I've seen. How far up Keems ass do you want to be?

  24. planet4 Birch

    planet4 BirchPred 30 minutami

    this guy is dumb

  25. JustJoel

    JustJoelPred 30 minutami

    I think he deleted his channel

  26. Ally Carp

    Ally CarpPred 31 minuto

    Imalexx gets on my nerves so much. Like why does he pause so much while saying one sentence?! Spit it out????? And repeats himself three times I’m gonna scream

  27. Monkey Boy

    Monkey BoyPred 32 minutami

    She does have a really shit trim

  28. 『 ɴᴜʀᴊᴀʜᴀɴ ʙᴇɢᴜᴍ 』

    『 ɴᴜʀᴊᴀʜᴀɴ ʙᴇɢᴜᴍ 』Pred 34 minutami

    So... This dude has a career from trying to rip other ppl’s careers?

  29. piff daddy

    piff daddyPred 35 minutami

    You’re a joke

  30. Abi Smith

    Abi SmithPred 39 minutami

    Don’t know if anyone remembers when James corden got into shit because he shouted at one of the members of the band members in 5sos after they were struggling to remember their lines😬😬

  31. cindjan

    cindjanPred 39 minutami

    Your voice is almost as annoying as the prick ur talking about

  32. Storm Flick

    Storm FlickPred 40 minutami

    I don't know bitch maybe there's a pandemic going on and people are going to conserve there money and not waste it on a piece of shit like you (OH ITS JUST 5$ NAH BRO FUCK YOUR SUBS AND YOUR STUPID STREAM) girl streamers nowadays

  33. JamesJugglesJam

    JamesJugglesJamPred 43 minutami

    we cant let her overtake pewds

  34. Jerry Hei

    Jerry HeiPred 43 minutami

    who cares fr🤣

  35. Andres Rodriguez

    Andres RodriguezPred 45 minutami


  36. JustJoel

    JustJoelPred 45 minutami

    He crapped on this guy

  37. Lindie Stols

    Lindie StolsPred 49 minutami

    You dont even like yourself so you take it out on other youtubers

  38. NEO_Zeus

    NEO_ZeusPred 52 minutami

    Some random dude:disses pokimane Pokimane:I SHALL SEND MY ARMY OF SIMPS TO MURDER YO ASS

  39. MG United

    MG UnitedPred 54 minutami

    Kavos vs deji boxing

  40. Jre4stGaming

    Jre4stGamingPred 54 minutami

    lilly sigh late night show audience have the most annoying and fake laugh ever it's like watching one of pewds video that have a laughing yoga "and I have a breast cancer" HAAAA HA HA HA HA HA VERY GOOD YEAY

  41. leafu Artzz

    leafu ArtzzPred 55 minutami

    When i searched this up i saw multiple videos of him saying 'this video will make u hate sssniperwolf' dude JUST ADMIT IT THAT UR JEALOUS she literally said in one video that isnt her she just looks like her 🤦‍♀️a lot

  42. Adog 00

    Adog 00Pred 55 minutami

    Wtf the first video!!!!!! Lmao


    ANONYMOUSPred 55 minutami

    2 different days but the same person ffs

  44. Elemental_Pro #Gaming & More

    Elemental_Pro #Gaming & MorePred 56 minutami

    Stop ruining people's job

  45. Jack hitman

    Jack hitmanPred 57 minutami

    He made a mistake, why berate him? Come on

  46. Juckslasher

    JuckslasherPred 57 minutami

    Petition to rename the dislike button to 'simps click here'

  47. Joanna

    JoannaPred 57 minutami

    Just stop this the beef should have been over months ago but everyone keeps dragging it out

  48. nina stemmet

    nina stemmetPred uro

    u are rlly DUMB LIkE rlly that wasn't even HER u are just a LIAR. U ARE RLLY DUMB....

  49. Cinthya นิวศศิธร

    Cinthya นิวศศิธรPred uro

    Still my favorite host😂

  50. James Whippo

    James WhippoPred uro

    You’re irrelevant and you’re trying to get noticed by going after Deji (I’m not a deji fan)

  51. Lucario Beast

    Lucario BeastPred uro

    I love cpo recently found this out that riley is Anthony thank god SLgo is my only social media I also wanted to be youtube on cp online I haven't played cp online in a month now and I'm never going back on

  52. cheese_ gimbap

    cheese_ gimbapPred uro

    Why do you talk like that?😂

  53. hak dog

    hak dogPred uro

    Lol,he keeps body shaming lia's boyfriend, didn't think 'bout lia's boyfriend's tummy is no difference with his face,grrr

  54. Sakura Blossom

    Sakura BlossomPred uro

    he needs to be locked up for good. this guy is absolutely disgusting and I hope he *_rots_*

  55. Sheretts Brown

    Sheretts BrownPred uro

    Boy bye leave her alone mate like if you hate this video

  56. Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at school

    Can we hit 1000 subs So i can brag at schoolPred uro

    I hate deji soo much, he’s face, he’s voice and the lies i really want to see him get banned from youtube

  57. Isak

    IsakPred uro


  58. Isaac Walton

    Isaac WaltonPred uro

    I’m not a deji fan but kavos is milking this so hard

  59. Aryan Omarkhail

    Aryan OmarkhailPred uro

    That title is so baity

  60. Busi Radebe

    Busi RadebePred uro

    I hate u boi. I love sssniperwolf😋😋😋

  61. babey gir

    babey girPred uro

    everyone else: remembers james from gavin and stacey me, an elite: charlie bear.

  62. iTiroxide

    iTiroxidePred uro

    Just an abismal example of how to destory your credibility with bias. Dont know what you tried to do with this video, just a terrible take to have, but its yours so enjoy.

  63. David Hunt

    David HuntPred uro

    To be honest he guilty as fuck but will never admit it will he but blatantly bought subs

  64. Christopher Ly

    Christopher LyPred uro

    this SIMPly changes my opinion

  65. Ahh Chupathingy

    Ahh ChupathingyPred uro

    I don’t think Deji gives a crap what you say 🤣😂

  66. Elle Frazier

    Elle FrazierPred uro

    why did you make this vid

  67. JJ Martinez III

    JJ Martinez IIIPred uro

    This youtuber is the worst youtuber because you made the hate video on sssniperwolf

  68. Chaotic Russell

    Chaotic RussellPred uro

    Maybe Dejis mum bought the subs for him

  69. rotten chicken nugget

    rotten chicken nuggetPred uro

    Wow a reaction video reacting to a reaction video reacting to another reaction video

  70. Bornah

    BornahPred uro

    Kavos, nobody cares anymore

  71. Aswin BUC

    Aswin BUCPred uro

    Shut up mate....you don’t even know anything about technology

  72. MikahStudiios

    MikahStudiiosPred uro

    She changed now, and YOU called her a B, That is soo rude

  73. sean Elliffe

    sean ElliffePred uro

    Blah blah blah W H A T E V E R BISH

  74. Jre4stGaming

    Jre4stGamingPred uro

    0:18 god,I wonder why?

  75. Food Is Bliss

    Food Is BlissPred uro

    Kavos you just wrecked yourself more than Deji ever could

  76. Otirik Kazuya

    Otirik KazuyaPred uro

    "Pay me to watch youtube!!!!"

  77. Jocelyn XO

    Jocelyn XOPred uro

    The whole driving thing of carpool series is old news

  78. Ėassieee things

    Ėassieee thingsPred uro

    What ever u say I still love SSSniperWolf

  79. Hamza Polat

    Hamza PolatPred uro

    Seriously why do you care about he is botting or not. Just leave it man, oh yeah, u just want money. Little chase cloutter!! -hamza polat

  80. ZabrakChronicle

    ZabrakChroniclePred uro

    Kavos mate seriously leave him alone he’s done nothing to you just go away and leave him be

  81. 🌻

    🌻Pred uro


  82. ahmed tadiste

    ahmed tadistePred uro

    Kavos let's make this clear if u did hit 1 mil subscribes it's not that you're the God of youtube you've just hit 1 mil compared to them you're a piss of trash

  83. Jacob Pethick

    Jacob PethickPred uro

    Kavos and Keem are just the cancers of SLgo at this point

  84. Tristan Mauser

    Tristan MauserPred uro

    The king never misses😂

  85. logic_spidey

    logic_spideyPred uro

    Where is vwq now

  86. logic_spidey

    logic_spideyPred uro

    Where is vwq now

  87. Hamza Polat

    Hamza PolatPred uro

    He is just chasing clout guys!! It’s so sad, when he just chasing clout like that

  88. Dustin Martin

    Dustin MartinPred uro

    This aged well. Tony just uploaded a video bashing keemstar

  89. Delroy Behan

    Delroy BehanPred 2 urami

    I subscribed to deji :3

  90. FleashReacts

    FleashReactsPred 2 urami

    He probably didn’t make vid about you because he doesn’t know who you are