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UNDISPUTED: Skip and Shannon

  1. ifyboy1000

    ifyboy1000Pred minuto

    Skip has no point here

  2. Marc Amico

    Marc AmicoPred minuto

    "Hmmmm. Hm. Hmmmmm. Hmm ... mmmhmmmm. Mmm ... hm. Hmmmmm." - Skip.

  3. Soul2Soul

    Soul2SoulPred 2 minutami

    The American society conditions its people to be racist . It's in the subconsciousness of every American child.

  4. The LakeShow

    The LakeShowPred 7 minutami

    That analysts needs to be fired bottom line that’s unacceptable he probably coach’s kid football also get this guy away from the game this is pure racism hate always shows it’s face whenever someone is shining Go Lamar !!! Go Ravens !!!

  5. antonio dozier

    antonio dozierPred 8 minutami

    Everybody say dum shit he wasnt tryin to be racist he doesn't need to lose his job the man still needs to feed his family and his comments were not that bad just let it go i got white friends that say thats my nigga to me i know they are not racist and they are still good people

  6. T-REX

    T-REXPred 8 minutami

    How many black QB's have played in the NFL before LJ got there. they hate to give this guy credit. thank you Skip.

  7. T Johnson

    T JohnsonPred 10 minutami

    Look at this uncle Tom Nigga 🤣 taking up for master rhino LOL

  8. Ace Hardy

    Ace HardyPred 10 minutami


  9. Richard Forbes

    Richard ForbesPred 10 minutami

    Unfortunately some white people are comfortable saying things like this,i feel the reason is because the man doesn't have a racist bone in his body and he thought nothing of it. Its very unfortunate that we are still at this point in 2020. I get what the guy was trying to say but when your operating in the public eye you have to be conscious of saying something racially insensitive that may be misconstrued. Ive said some stupid stuff myself not thinking of implications.Some people are just racially insensitive.It would be like a black person saying its so bright in this white room I can barely see you because your wearing white! Rather ridiculous sounding isn't it!

  10. GetMePaid2Day

    GetMePaid2DayPred 14 minutami

    skips always asking is it his turn on Shannon's part,Shannon never takes more than 4 min then skip spends the next 10 explaining his case shame on you skip the shade of it all lol

  11. Griffin Kovarie

    Griffin KovariePred 15 minutami

    Baker sucks

  12. Cool Breeze

    Cool BreezePred 15 minutami

    He's not the getting the credit for his talent. That's the issue.

  13. Captain Obvious

    Captain ObviousPred 16 minutami

    It’s disrespectful to the opponents. Jazz players should call him out. Giving away shoes when the game wasn’t yet finished is mad disrespectful. It’s like boxing players taking off their gloves and giving it away when there are still two rounds to go. Then celebrate like a clown on the court clearly violating the rules. That’s immature. We don’t see MJ or Kobe do things like this.

  14. Nick Molon Labe

    Nick Molon LabePred 16 minutami

    The word racist has no meaning any more it has been worn out.

  15. Midlife

    MidlifePred 16 minutami

    Didn’t the Texans kick the Patriots asses? Who cares about individual matchups lol

  16. J boogy

    J boogyPred 18 minutami

    Maybe I'm just ignorant but how is this a racial issue????

  17. GetMePaid2Day

    GetMePaid2DayPred 20 minutami

    every time they say sleight of hand my mind goes to call of Duty

  18. EnlightenPanda

    EnlightenPandaPred 21 minuto

    I got the guy who has more total touchdowns in less than half of the possessions as the other. Lamar jackson

  19. david nichols

    david nicholsPred 24 minutami

    What's wrong with saying that dark skin is dark??

  20. Milrok Seeks

    Milrok SeeksPred 24 minutami

    When will this racist shit stop?

  21. david nichols

    david nicholsPred 25 minutami

    Stating a fact is now a bad thing?? Black skin is DARK.

  22. Marc Arnold

    Marc ArnoldPred 28 minutami

    What he’s going to stay there until he’s 50. QB don’t come around so often buddy. Chris Canty be sounding like he work for the patriots

  23. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon JohnsonPred 28 minutami

    Finally someone speaking sense into nick

  24. Jamel Jasper

    Jamel JasperPred 28 minutami

    If the ravens was 4-10 that comment wouldn't been said

  25. Joe Cruz

    Joe CruzPred 29 minutami

    so maybe the ravens should wear white jerseys!

  26. Koy Kabs

    Koy KabsPred 30 minutami

    can skip just focus on what's in the hardcourt and not what's on the bench? common, negativity man


    TOP JUDAHPred 31 minuto

    we as black ppl should never let stuff like this slide, it happens too much and if we r not serious bout it than how do we expect these white idiots to even care which they dont anyway. we have the wrong ppl speaking up for us cuz they scared of white man and dont respond like they should. i kno idiots think we complain too much bout race issues but these white ppl need to stop causing race issues so much. we dont even think bout white ppl until they always bring up stupid insane hate towards us. they cant help being hateful towards us, i bet any amount if both races were on diff. islands white ppl will find a way to bother us and ppl kno wat im saying is tru

  28. Haitian Refugee

    Haitian RefugeePred 35 minutami

    Tim Ryan is right. Lamar Jackson has CAMOUFLAGE!

  29. C Hancock

    C HancockPred 35 minutami

    Waiting for Clay Travis to make an ass of himself once again and defend this nonsense...

  30. Polumathēs

    PolumathēsPred 39 minutami

    I don't see what the big deal is.

  31. 4real775

    4real775Pred 41 minuto

    2019 shit still the same!! So sad..the line will always stay divided behind shit like this

  32. Breon Mitchell

    Breon MitchellPred 41 minuto


  33. yung yayuhz

    yung yayuhzPred 42 minutami

    Imagine this stupid shit actually bothering you. Who gives a fucking shit

  34. Kenny Rodgers

    Kenny RodgersPred 44 minutami

    What’s on the inside comes to surface however this statement was disrespectful and Shannon I do understand that you are trying to keep your job

  35. MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo

    MiXiAbLeShAgGy YoPred 46 minutami

    I still don't get this whole racist stuff in general .. Its okay to call a lazy person lazy even though it might hurt that lazy persons feeling you can call them dumb but its not okay to call a fat person fat a special needs person well you get my point .. And it goes around everything in general.. Its okay to say certain things.... Honesty this is gonna be extremely hard in any Country .. But you cant allow one bad thing but not another if you want good people in this World

  36. Rickie Hawkes

    Rickie HawkesPred 50 minutami

    In my honesty , I don't think what was said was out of line I understand clearly what he meant

  37. Erik Hopkins

    Erik HopkinsPred 50 minutami

    It's a travel. No big deal. NBA refs don't call travel anyway! Lol!!

  38. Roxy DeJaneiro

    Roxy DeJaneiroPred 52 minutami

    Dak is playing with the most stacked offense in history. Wilson with that team, would be lossless and setting all kinds of team records.

  39. Michael Swartz

    Michael SwartzPred 56 minutami

    Everything isn’t racist dumb dumbs, sensitive ass bitches

  40. Yannis Maccabees

    Yannis MaccabeesPred 58 minutami

    I just wish we can get a real General manager

  41. Rajohn Foushee

    Rajohn FousheePred 58 minutami

    Shannon has a hard on, for Dak and anything Dallas Cowboys for that matter. Same goes for Stephen A. Smith, he seems to base about 1/4 of his commentary on Dallas....its disgusting

  42. j c

    j cPred uro

    Did he really say he's Bradyesque 😂😂😂. Dak isn't worthy of carrying his jock strap.

  43. Felicia Coby

    Felicia CobyPred uro

    Thanks to their president folks are out no holds barred say how and who I truly am

  44. Chevy 2Clean

    Chevy 2CleanPred uro


  45. Kenson Elyse

    Kenson ElysePred uro

    We have no other massa but JESUS

  46. Felicia Coby

    Felicia CobyPred uro

    Lamar has a thick skin

  47. Brian Fike

    Brian FikePred uro

    The black community once again showing they are nothing but a bunch of cry baby cunts that are offended by anything and everything.

  48. Felicia Coby

    Felicia CobyPred uro

    So disrespectful 😡😡😤

  49. Ian Winter

    Ian WinterPred uro

    This guy shouldn't have gotten any flak from what is obviously a true statement. Fun fact: brown DOES blend with brown. That's not debatable in any way. What he said was factually accurate. Now Lamar just needs a 3d tattoo of the laces on his forearm and they'll be confusing the shit out of everybody lol

  50. Chris Robinson

    Chris RobinsonPred uro

    They got 1 of the best jobs in the world. Right here

  51. Levi

    LeviPred uro

    This is stupid.. we really talking about this on national TV. We’re fucking soft nowadays

  52. Ricardo 98

    Ricardo 98Pred uro

    Tom Brady is still great the problem is they don’t have enough weapons on offense as whole team. A quarter back can have all the talent but if the receivers drop passes and can’t creat separation or get open it doesn’t fucking matter how great you are. Your stats come from drowning the ball yes but also it has to be caught.

  53. MILFMAN1986

    MILFMAN1986Pred uro

    They need Jason Witten on this show for one segment

  54. K06E

    K06EPred uro

    I think the whole league wants to give us the championship already for the next 3-5 years and play again in 5 years 😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Levi

    LeviPred uro

    So why is this even a topic of discussion? Literally could’ve moved on after 1 minute but nah let’s drag it out for 10 minutes?.. geez

  56. Mackolm X

    Mackolm XPred uro

    Peyton faked the shit out of the Cowboys defense .. he’s a great actor 😂😂 went from hauling azz to casually running into the end zone.

  57. Devon Cole

    Devon ColePred uro

    We will never win again until the day Jerry Jones will take the Al Davis ride until the clouds

  58. Panzerkampfwagen 1

    Panzerkampfwagen 1Pred uro

    He was suspended by the same kind of idiots that are responsible for half of all NBA referees being woman nowadays

  59. Boxx Bros

    Boxx BrosPred uro

    Aye that slide was nice 👌🔥

  60. Boon Vincent

    Boon VincentPred uro

    Skip hates everything that I like

  61. Beswa Dominguez

    Beswa DominguezPred uro

    In my opinion without dak this season cowboys will have a top ten pick in the draft.

  62. Do Du

    Do DuPred uro

    PFF analysts are cowboys lovers. unbelievable, about Dak, Cowboys the most talented team, always favored each game. use other source....

  63. Travis Cook

    Travis CookPred uro

    Well Shannon I don't think you know him like you think. No mo talk

  64. yaone benni

    yaone benniPred uro

    Micheal Jordan, how does or did he get into this conversation?

  65. Rich Muttsmusic

    Rich MuttsmusicPred uro

    Should saw the red flags before the draft 0H YEAH.... there was none Drunk driving, Grabbing is genitals on sideline , arrogance If he was man of color he would’ve been drafted round 4 or later

  66. Nate Funk

    Nate FunkPred uro

    1Game No Fines. Smh!

  67. erik puka

    erik pukaPred uro

    That Peyton fake was filthy

  68. Mackolm X

    Mackolm XPred uro


  69. erik puka

    erik pukaPred uro

    Peyton is one of the smartest players ever if not the smartest

  70. challA brown

    challA brownPred uro

    If a black guy would have said that it wouldve been nothing

  71. Creator Notgod

    Creator NotgodPred uro

    When will they learn stop paying attention to the noise.

  72. Jared Lewis

    Jared LewisPred uro

    Where the haters at? 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 I thought lakers couldn’t be anyone good. The number 2 seed in the West is good to me 😂😂😂👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  73. Marcos Gallardo

    Marcos GallardoPred uro

    jerry Jones is like lavar ball when he speaks

  74. Cedric Chitman

    Cedric ChitmanPred uro

    What about Lamar passing game he has 24 touchdowns and 4 picks, Tim Ryan didn't mention Lamar high IQ

  75. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk DigglerPred uro

    yea Skip is right. 6-6 looks wayyyyy better than 10-2....... ????????

  76. Michael Parker

    Michael ParkerPred uro

    Pff needs to change its name to pfffffffff

  77. Eric Ryles

    Eric RylesPred uro

    I really dnt see nothing wrong wut he said forreal

  78. Francis Soliman

    Francis SolimanPred uro

    Naah commentators just salty with the L. They were like that halfway through the 4th when all hope is lost. They just had to find something to be salty about. Even if Lbj gets a T for that it ain't changing the outcome.

  79. TheDCGuitar13

    TheDCGuitar13Pred uro

    Lamar has more tds and scored more points at a staggeringly more efficient clip than russ. He’s scored 32 tds on 95 drives. That’s just him. Baltimore has scored on most of their drives this year because of this man. Sam Koch will be the first punter in a blue moon to average less than two punts a game and has gone multiple games without punting at different points of the season. Let’s compare that to russ and his 29tds on 191 yes 191 drives. If russ beat Lamar by 14, or beat 6 playoff teams in 8 games they would’ve crowned him mvp by now... If that doesent convince you, here’s another unbelievable stat for you. Lamar has dominated teams so badly that he’s missed the equivalent of an entire game in fourth quarters so there could’ve been a lot more tds, highlight runs and tight window throws if 4 of his opponents had any fight in them.

  80. Akshat Patel

    Akshat PatelPred uro


  81. Cedric Chitman

    Cedric ChitmanPred uro

    We can't win for losing

  82. erik puka

    erik pukaPred uro

    Shannon is a racist.Gets too sensitive about race

  83. Dmitry N.

    Dmitry N.Pred uro

    I believe everyone is racist to their own kind

  84. Evan Johnson

    Evan JohnsonPred uro

    The basketball is brown who wins that battle.... Or.... The 🏒 is black what about that

  85. Sautéed Crème Fraîche

    Sautéed Crème FraîchePred uro

    Everyone knows skip is a hater and a homer but can we acknowledge that uncle Shay has brought out the best in skip and made him lighten up and actually laugh? This is the best big 3 on a sports talk show no cap

  86. Cedric Chitman

    Cedric ChitmanPred uro

    When I was in high school playing football our head coach said black people couldn't play quarterback cuz we can't see the ball at night

  87. Mackolm X

    Mackolm XPred uro

    When Shannon said THIS is disrespect.. 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ I already knew what was coming (Edit). I thought he was going to show the clip with the fan disrespecting Russ

  88. David Feliciano

    David FelicianoPred uro

    Players don’t quit on Jason Garrett? So that sideline shot of him getting stood up by the offense wasn’t giving up on someone? 🤔 Weird. I guess I don’t know what giving up on someone means.

  89. Mackolm X

    Mackolm XPred uro

    At first I was like Lebron ain’t being disrespectful .. Then he elegantly slid 🤦🏾‍♂️

  90. MotoMaxX #3

    MotoMaxX #3Pred uro

    But was the guy, kindaaaaaaa..... right? 🤷🏿

  91. Alpha Omega

    Alpha OmegaPred uro

    How is saying a fact racist? He’s not dark skinned. He’s jet black, he’s as black as midnight. So, I guess I’m racist. What a bunch of pussies, you people are with your PC culture. Triggered little snowflakes, you people are weak. If this bothers you, Grow some balls and stop crying over every fuckn little thing in life. There are so many people dying of different things. People losing their jobs. And a person gets suspended from work because he said a black guy had dark skin. Lol what a joke.

  92. Steve Dugger

    Steve DuggerPred uro

    I see some truth in this..I'm not a racist..now days it seems every one in the media is looking for something to call out..something to start some shit..First off Lamar is a very good QB..and will probably have a great career in the NFL I've seen some really good Black QBS in the NFL and some not so much just like the White QBS...Having darker skin a football that's the color NFL balls are and the Ravens do have darker uniforms it's not a racist comment just an observation that he probably should not have said given the fact that the media is obsessed with looking for the shit..what do you think?..sticks and stones? Or maybe you think I don't get it?

  93. Jacabo Blanco

    Jacabo BlancoPred uro

    I mean.... He's got a point lol. And I'm a die hard Lamar and Ravens fan lmao

  94. Pussy Ni Wanwan

    Pussy Ni WanwanPred uro

    Michael Jeffrey Jordan

  95. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeePred uro

    Thank you! Now fire anyone who uses the N word.

  96. Michael Nelson

    Michael NelsonPred uro

    I'm not a big LeBron fan but fuck that if u don't want that man celebrating like that step ya game up n stop him damn I'm tired of sensitive ass ppl. It's sports smfh, unsportsmanlike conduct 2 me is something out of bounds harmful not celebrating

  97. Edward Kemp

    Edward KempPred uro

    I don’t see anything wrong with his comment? In what way could that be taken as racist?

  98. Made in the USA Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Made in the USAPred uro

    Stop the crying liberal snow flakes

  99. the shit

    the shitPred 2 urami

    What if he was just talking,not really meaning anything by it 😂 🤷🏻‍♂️

  100. Khalid Brown

    Khalid BrownPred 2 urami

    Skip before the Peyton Manning play: *Using Words* Skip after: mmm