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  1. Maria Torres

    Maria TorresPred dnevom

    She cheated so how she nailed it she actually felt that cuz she was cheating the other girl is trying and she nailed it not failed it...

  2. Syon Shekhar (Student)

    Syon Shekhar (Student)Pred dnevom

    Umm... Did anyone else notice that they said this will be the best sandwich of 2019 but it was posted in 2020

  3. Kitty Cat Lover 563

    Kitty Cat Lover 563Pred dnevom

    4:58 who has 100 hair extensions?

  4. Hareem Javid

    Hareem JavidPred dnevom

    I can touch my nose with my tounge. I'm 11 years old

  5. Alliance Nguepsa

    Alliance NguepsaPred dnevom

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the poop

  6. Danielle Labitad

    Danielle LabitadPred dnevom

    Shut up Vicky you are stupid

  7. Kaitlyn Phung

    Kaitlyn PhungPred dnevom

    "Die, fish, die!!!!" 123 go 2019

  8. Mo Musa

    Mo MusaPred dnevom

    Fish dont drink it itot

  9. lintaa90

    lintaa90Pred dnevom

    Vicky your hot

  10. lintaa90

    lintaa90Pred dnevom

    Vi hade sex Olivia

  11. jjxah

    jjxahPred dnevom

    If Amy was frozen the ice on her ice on her ice on her face will melt

  12. D JOHN

    D JOHNPred dnevom


  13. Olivér Halász

    Olivér HalászPred dnevom

    ,  癱 ,4札

  14. Ramos Mark

    Ramos MarkPred dnevom

    I'm playing this

  15. Jamie Stewart

    Jamie StewartPred dnevom

    Amy made a mistake with counting because she put a brown Extension in to her hiar

  16. Sofia Princess TV

    Sofia Princess TVPred dnevom

    I like you 👄☀️⛸👅👩🏻‍🦰💆🏿‍♂️

  17. Wengheng Lou

    Wengheng LouPred dnevom

    Lol did it just say warms

  18. Noraini Suhaimi

    Noraini SuhaimiPred dnevom


  19. joanne lustre

    joanne lustrePred dnevom

    Hahaha that funnier

  20. Pual andrei Tidalgo

    Pual andrei TidalgoPred dnevom

    So funny

  21. joanne lustre

    joanne lustrePred dnevom

    I love 123 go

  22. Irinah Garcia

    Irinah GarciaPred dnevom

    Theres a cheater at the left!

  23. Nur Liyana

    Nur LiyanaPred dnevom

    I dont like noob🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😅

  24. Aisling Muffin

    Aisling MuffinPred dnevom

    When this channel reachs 2 million subscribers you have to reveal your real voices.

  25. Tabassum Jahan

    Tabassum JahanPred dnevom

    3:14 Don't underestimate the power of cats.😂😂😂 Please like my comment

  26. Aquilina Issa

    Aquilina IssaPred dnevom

    Do a video in extreme sports please

  27. Selina Sig

    Selina SigPred dnevom

    At 4:22 If you look closely at the back you can see a guy standing and watching them😂

  28. Nur Liyana

    Nur LiyanaPred dnevom

    So storong but what is noob 🤔🤔🤔😇😙😊

  29. cupcake girl

    cupcake girlPred dnevom

    Who the g

  30. Warren Taphouse

    Warren TaphousePred dnevom


  31. Aaliyah Grace Diaz

    Aaliyah Grace DiazPred dnevom

    The cute cat girl is so cute

  32. Sumit Rajvanshi

    Sumit RajvanshiPred dnevom


  33. Megan Dixon

    Megan DixonPred dnevom


  34. Megan Dixon

    Megan DixonPred dnevom

    I can do all

  35. doy rodriguez

    doy rodriguezPred dnevom

    gooooooo prooos

  36. Tania Mili

    Tania MiliPred dnevom

    Why are you don't make video's so soon?

  37. Radhika Imayan

    Radhika ImayanPred dnevom

    2:52 I did it

  38. Kiara Willett

    Kiara WillettPred dnevom

    Sophia is so greedy

  39. Mariel Baes

    Mariel BaesPred dnevom


  40. Joe Jurak

    Joe JurakPred dnevom

    I love broccoli I don’t knotweed what they are thanking about

  41. Caprice Jones

    Caprice JonesPred dnevom


  42. Shah Miah

    Shah MiahPred dnevom

    I’m in hn I’m

  43. Daniel Jankovic

    Daniel JankovicPred dnevom


  44. T.P JOSEPH

    T.P JOSEPHPred dnevom

    She is wasting things

  45. Ritu Singh

    Ritu SinghPred dnevom

    Proos are the winner

  46. Hamda Almarzouqi

    Hamda AlmarzouqiPred dnevom

    Olivia is a chicken haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  47. anila dani

    anila daniPred dnevom

    I LOVE U 123 go!!!!!!

  48. Chhan Chhuaha

    Chhan ChhuahaPred dnevom


  49. DyZe PeMeZ

    DyZe PeMeZPred dnevom


  50. Salekferdous YT

    Salekferdous YTPred dnevom


  51. Black Gacha Wolf

    Black Gacha WolfPred dnevom

    Who u vote for Like=Olivia Comment=Emily

  52. Olu Home

    Olu HomePred dnevom

    sorry sophia

  53. Olu Home

    Olu HomePred dnevom

    IF I ATE THAT DOG fOOD I'LL THROW UP anyway that was funny LOL

  54. Brian Kee

    Brian KeePred dnevom

    Stupid girl

  55. Brian Kee

    Brian KeePred dnevom


  56. minnu I did it

    minnu I did itPred dnevom

    Does fish drinks milk?????????????

  57. Veronica BOUCHER

    Veronica BOUCHERPred dnevom

    You dumb

  58. Moreen ivy Tabale

    Moreen ivy TabalePred dnevom

    Bella things that she is the prettyrier than emyy

  59. Ace Start

    Ace StartPred dnevom


  60. Jovanka Gabrielle Akiko Yanagawa 1639011

    Jovanka Gabrielle Akiko Yanagawa 1639011Pred dnevom


  61. tidimalo mokgoko

    tidimalo mokgokoPred 2 dnevi

    you are my favourate 123 go

  62. uranshagai

    uranshagaiPred 2 dnevi


  63. Solara Allyson B. Aquino

    Solara Allyson B. AquinoPred 2 dnevi


  64. Jade Raynes

    Jade RaynesPred 2 dnevi

    1:52 thats the girl in 5 minutes craft

  65. back to life

    back to lifePred 2 dnevi

    I can do the egg one

  66. Unicorn lover3456

    Unicorn lover3456Pred 2 dnevi

    pro's are better

  67. Gusturanaj Gusturanaj

    Gusturanaj GusturanajPred 2 dnevi

    Pro you win

  68. sasitharan sutharsana

    sasitharan sutharsanaPred 2 dnevi

    Part 2

  69. Fiza Othman

    Fiza OthmanPred 2 dnevi

    Buat bazir ja

  70. pooja dwivedi

    pooja dwivediPred 2 dnevi

    1000 layer challenge pls

  71. Caroline Fry

    Caroline FryPred 2 dnevi


  72. Trinity Cormier

    Trinity CormierPred 2 dnevi

    The count was so cute I almost cried 😍😺💞💓💗👍👍


    ALICE CALUNGSODPred 2 dnevi

    I'm tiffany calungsod But I got 2 phone

  74. Kara Boyd

    Kara BoydPred 2 dnevi

    I don't know why a cat wants to eat a burger 🤣🤣

  75. Rochell thomas

    Rochell thomasPred 2 dnevi

    Can all of us here your Real voice

  76. Anish. Jain

    Anish. JainPred 2 dnevi

    Mast hai video 💓😍😂😎🤗

  77. Abeeha Shoil

    Abeeha ShoilPred 2 dnevi

    I thing pro win

  78. omg girl

    omg girlPred 2 dnevi

    beacause of u my sisteria crying



    say hello

  80. s Ring

    s RingPred 2 dnevi

    Are Amy and Vicki sisters

  81. Amelia Khenryanto

    Amelia KhenryantoPred 2 dnevi

    I love you all 123go

  82. Kc Yeng

    Kc YengPred 2 dnevi


  83. خلف حجي

    خلف حجيPred 2 dnevi


  84. خلف حجي

    خلف حجيPred 2 dnevi

    Dear user camera and intended solely with the bestway I know that we can you send

  85. Cymphanee Khanthavong

    Cymphanee KhanthavongPred 2 dnevi



    PAUL ONYAMEHPred 2 dnevi

    They should change nothing into swallow

  87. Eddy Kong

    Eddy KongPred 2 dnevi

    Hahhahahahhah aymi looks so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  88. Allison the third uwu

    Allison the third uwuPred 2 dnevi

    Bruh. The 100 hair spray, i saw a stick on her at 1:41

  89. Eddy Kong

    Eddy KongPred 2 dnevi

    It cant fit 😂

  90. Eddy Kong

    Eddy KongPred 2 dnevi

    Is this fake?

  91. Eddy Kong

    Eddy KongPred 2 dnevi

    I dont wat to do this

  92. Anne Nicole Bernandino

    Anne Nicole BernandinoPred 2 dnevi

    Erlog n

  93. Eddy Kong

    Eddy KongPred 2 dnevi


  94. Joanna Rooth

    Joanna RoothPred 2 dnevi

    BdlrxkGsf jd. lsidknom. Gvzbccvcv

  95. XxApple Xx

    XxApple XxPred 2 dnevi

    Nooo where is the old narrator???!!!!! Who’s is that girl Ima kill her(jk)

  96. B Toys

    B ToysPred 2 dnevi

    I hate some of these people by they are so dumb that the girl should of kicked the other girl who put up the hands sign. Lol

  97. Avani Satish

    Avani SatishPred 2 dnevi

    I Love EVERY Video 😉😉😉😉😆😆😆😆😇😋😋😊🤗😀😎😍😂😍😂😍😃😄😉🙂😊🤗🦄🐎🐕🐵😆😆😆😆😍😍😛😛😜😜😜😝😝

  98. khloe and Ken live

    khloe and Ken livePred 2 dnevi

    ‘Just op

  99. Abood Eyad

    Abood EyadPred 2 dnevi


  100. Jose Madrigal

    Jose MadrigalPred 2 dnevi

    The pros win and my dauter is call lily or liliana