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  1. purple butterfly

    purple butterflyPred 8 minutami

    This was the best video in my life 😍😍😂

  2. Ethan Ley

    Ethan LeyPred 20 minutami

    NooB our bad!!!!!!!!!!... PRO our God our glod

  3. Sirajul Karim

    Sirajul KarimPred 25 minutami

    Ygbhvum sexy v

  4. Meher khan

    Meher khanPred 26 minutami

    It’s so hard to work with big nails I tried big nails when I was 14 Two years ago😅😅 I'll never try this again

  5. Ava & Tegan

    Ava & TeganPred 27 minutami

    Omg:jess l am you OK. 🆗❤️

  6. Yong Wee Ni

    Yong Wee NiPred 29 minutami

    The noob is so crazy at all

  7. Kaylie van dyk

    Kaylie van dykPred 32 minutami

    XD XD XD XD that must be so hard lol

  8. Glued! TV

    Glued! TVPred 58 minutami

    not the seaweed! NOOOOOO! 😂😂😂😂

  9. Ella Salcedo

    Ella SalcedoPred uro


  10. Nikki Gemmell

    Nikki GemmellPred uro


  11. Audree Szabrinna Mallari

    Audree Szabrinna MallariPred uro

    I can do that

  12. Amjad Plays roblox

    Amjad Plays robloxPred uro

    6:06 why is Lana is licking her arm??

  13. Itishree sahoo

    Itishree sahooPred uro

    I want the old narrator back she was amazing!!!!! ☹️🙄

  14. Bubba Romero

    Bubba RomeroPred uro


  15. Sea Dunk

    Sea DunkPred uro


  16. Pretty Girl Vlogs

    Pretty Girl VlogsPred uro

    I like to watch 123 go! Challenge cause it makes me happy 👇 Like this if 123 go! Challenge Makes you happy💜❤️🧡

  17. Huma Kiani

    Huma KianiPred uro

    The turtle is sooooooooooo adorable

  18. Liton Ahmed

    Liton AhmedPred uro


  19. BangTan Blues

    BangTan BluesPred uro

    2:41 I'm pretty sure they ordered *two* slices of pizza..?

  20. It's me, Erica

    It's me, EricaPred uro

    I hate you 123 go

  21. Brianna Hellar

    Brianna HellarPred uro


  22. Taha Tasin

    Taha TasinPred uro


  23. Naima Kelly

    Naima KellyPred 2 urami

    OOF how much channels do you have XD

  24. Liah Rosales

    Liah RosalesPred 2 urami

    What about slime challenge? Hit the like button if u want to

  25. Amy Koelewijn

    Amy KoelewijnPred 2 urami


  26. Brook Boxer

    Brook BoxerPred 2 urami

    Let's see if ur special enough to pass!

  27. thuto maredi

    thuto marediPred 2 urami

    Not good at all

  28. Mary Urata

    Mary UrataPred 2 urami


  29. Nupur Tak

    Nupur TakPred 2 urami

    Lilliput ki badi Chinta hai Ki

  30. Lay

    LayPred 2 urami


  31. Tim Goldammer

    Tim GoldammerPred 3 urami

    I did every thing!

  32. Liam Gacha

    Liam GachaPred 3 urami

    Vicky:ow my arm is so weak 4:34

  33. Tenleys Adventures

    Tenleys AdventuresPred 3 urami

    I really wanna try the lemon to lick

  34. Roy Bacon

    Roy BaconPred 3 urami

    Jess is so pretty

  35. Olga Perez

    Olga PerezPred 3 urami

    My birthday is on Saturday

  36. Moonlight gamer

    Moonlight gamerPred 4 urami

    Hit 10000 like if you love this video

  37. Arza Zzuairia

    Arza ZzuairiaPred 4 urami

    Did notice that Vicky hair in the television was straight and when the television done her hair turns to curly

  38. KLZ Zion

    KLZ ZionPred 4 urami

    Isn't jess from 5 minute crafts?

  39. Syed Hameed Hussain

    Syed Hameed HussainPred 4 urami

    What a hilarious

  40. Sadria Munoz

    Sadria MunozPred 4 urami

    You have your nose so you can use your nose

  41. Toys lover155

    Toys lover155Pred 4 urami

    That is not sewea its spenchid

  42. Tenleys Adventures

    Tenleys AdventuresPred 5 urami


  43. Forky The Plastic Pizza Planet Spork

    Forky The Plastic Pizza Planet SporkPred 5 urami

    123 go challenge, do a “You are what you eat” challenge! Ex: Lana + 🧀 = 🐭 Kevin + 🥛 =🐮 Jess + 🍌 =🐵 Lily + 🥕= 🐰 You get it?

  44. Christopher Atene

    Christopher AtenePred 5 urami

    The fish Die? ♥️💛💙

  45. DaVine Carper

    DaVine CarperPred 5 urami

    It chapter 2 of the game

  46. Tracey Jamieson

    Tracey JamiesonPred 5 urami

    5:49 why does it say ego? Isn't it lego?

  47. Zakiya Shaikh

    Zakiya ShaikhPred 5 urami

    I can do it

  48. Duit Cloud

    Duit CloudPred 5 urami

    the sandwich inside the tummy is turning like a baby

  49. weirdness Oakley

    weirdness OakleyPred 5 urami

    My dad can do that your stupid person one 🌎

  50. xavier theard

    xavier theardPred 5 urami

    Go pros

  51. Annie Echanes

    Annie EchanesPred 5 urami

    Stupid Sofia

  52. Jess Chesterfield

    Jess ChesterfieldPred 5 urami


  53. Crystal gacha diamond tv

    Crystal gacha diamond tvPred 5 urami

    I can move meh ears

  54. Lisa Gentry

    Lisa GentryPred 6 urami


  55. Annie Echanes

    Annie EchanesPred 6 urami

    I hate the girl who paused the girl in train shes stupid I wanna kill her

  56. A'mani Thomas

    A'mani ThomasPred 6 urami

    3:02 was mean

  57. Videos with Abi

    Videos with AbiPred 6 urami

    Half the food isn’t food

  58. Wilson Rivera

    Wilson RiveraPred 6 urami

    If you love Emily like Comment if you love Olivia

  59. Anthony Jocson

    Anthony JocsonPred 6 urami


  60. PrincessOfPink

    PrincessOfPinkPred 6 urami

    Was Amy able to wink with those eye lashes like this if you think so too 👇🏼

  61. Eric B

    Eric BPred 6 urami

    can you put you're tongue on you're chin I can :< like if ya did?

  62. Tianna Mckenzie

    Tianna MckenziePred 6 urami

    The pro win

  63. Ava Flowers

    Ava FlowersPred 6 urami

    Please pray for me because I have to get an operation and I'm only 8 yrs old and I puke up what I eat and drink and I have Xma and I'm scared I'm going to die😭😭😭😭😭

  64. Janet Coward

    Janet CowardPred 6 urami


  65. SlowGMCv8 Mendoza

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  66. Family Crockett

    Family CrockettPred 7 urami

    I can do a lot of them

  67. Joseph Ua Mareta

    Joseph Ua MaretaPred 7 urami

    Jess is crazy

  68. Guillermo Vitela

    Guillermo VitelaPred 7 urami

    U didn't even post part two

  69. Jay-lene Van der westhuizen

    Jay-lene Van der westhuizenPred 7 urami

    I love this video

  70. Corgi_ Loafness

    Corgi_ LoafnessPred 7 urami

    I love eating broccoli, I don't understand what peoples problem is with it..

  71. David Rhee

    David RheePred 7 urami

    It’s click bait for the sand wich

  72. Zena Baker

    Zena BakerPred 7 urami

    Bags come...bags disappear!bags come again.....

  73. Rajina Shrestha

    Rajina ShresthaPred 7 urami

    I like broccoli 🥦 !ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  74. London Blount

    London BlountPred 7 urami


  75. London Blount

    London BlountPred 7 urami


  76. chding zuure

    chding zuurePred 7 urami

    How did the makeup not come off when jess jumped in the pool

  77. Jorge Rivera

    Jorge RiveraPred 7 urami

    Hey Kevin because he ate chocolate in the first place but that’s cheating but y’all can share but it’s not you don’t have to put nothing on your face is because that means that you’re cheating and I don’t like him and when he does that so he’s going to go to punish meant

  78. Carlos Montenegro

    Carlos MontenegroPred 7 urami

    Jess is my favorite

  79. Alexus Jimenez

    Alexus JimenezPred 7 urami

    Mia becerra☃️❄️💎

  80. Smokeydemon Cat

    Smokeydemon CatPred 7 urami

    Those shell chocolates ARE good I’ve had them before

  81. Imelda Mostoles

    Imelda MostolesPred 7 urami


  82. Meow The Cat

    Meow The CatPred 8 urami

    So cute! 🐱💖

  83. Daphney Jean Pierre

    Daphney Jean PierrePred 8 urami


  84. Juanito Delacruz

    Juanito DelacruzPred 8 urami


  85. Cool Brittany

    Cool BrittanyPred 8 urami

    Ok but it is so fun to play with my friends and I love this game and it has been the best day for my lifetime to get my friends and to play with my kids I love the game I play it for hours and play for a while and I am a great job I love it so fun and I love it I can play it and I love it and I am so excited to play it with my kids to get it to play with my kids or kids and I can get kids and play them for kids and play them and I can get together with friends kids play them play games with us or play them and play them or play them and play with them or play with them kids or children and you play it for me kids and kids play with us kids and kids play them and kids play and play them and kids play with them or play with them and play them kids play and get kids to them and kids play with kids play them and get them to come back and help us get them to play with them and play them and kids play with them and play them and I love them and play them and they will play them all day long and play with them kids and kids play with them and play them kids and kids kids play them kids and play them and play with us and kids play them and kids and them and kids play with us and play kids kids play and they are kids play and kids play with them kids kids play with them and or they yo kids kids or kids and play them and kids play with them kids and kids kids and them play and kids kids play and play them and kids play with us and play with them or kids and play them i play it for us kids and play them kids play them and play kids play and kids and them kids and kids kids play and kids play with them and play them and I love kids and i am very happy to them play with kids play el rto was my first play day and play it all the way up there I am going el to play and and play them kids over and over or over and play them play with kids kids and them kids kids and I play it for a while or kids and play them and kids kids play with them or play with us or play with them or play with us and kids play with kids

  86. Ashley Curtis

    Ashley CurtisPred 8 urami


  87. Ricers

    RicersPred 8 urami

    That sandwiched could be a lot to eat. Also you could get fat.

  88. SimplyxHazel

    SimplyxHazelPred 8 urami

    The type of ale she ate was not aloe is she eat bc it’s poisonous

  89. Ken Geisse

    Ken GeissePred 8 urami

    The girl who took a bite of the chocolate Shoe was rude the one who tricked her

  90. Kennedy Markulics

    Kennedy MarkulicsPred 8 urami

    I. Do

  91. Arjan Sadiku ji8

    Arjan Sadiku ji8Pred 8 urami


  92. Dinora Martinez

    Dinora MartinezPred 8 urami

    Who would not wake up while they put Long nails....😶

  93. Dewand Coffee

    Dewand CoffeePred 8 urami

    your videos are cool I love your videos 123 go. This sentence was By promised Coffee

  94. him Mounssine

    him MounssinePred 8 urami

    Did you notice that at the start of video Vicky and Lana are both wearing white

  95. Mahad Abdi

    Mahad AbdiPred 8 urami

    The boy dose not show false expression 🤣☺

  96. Barbara Williams-Hollis

    Barbara Williams-HollisPred 8 urami

    Kevin when you broke your nail remember you don’t want long nails🤗

  97. Saleh Elsayed

    Saleh ElsayedPred 8 urami

    I love all of you 123 go team and I love sophia

  98. Ameca Jalisco

    Ameca JaliscoPred 8 urami

    I can put my tongue on my nose

  99. ThatGirl Bella

    ThatGirl BellaPred 8 urami

    That turtle is so cute 🐢

  100. Dinora Martinez

    Dinora MartinezPred 8 urami

    It’s the same girl in da line