1. Anita

    AnitaPred 4 sekundami


  2. Rosana Kumala Sari

    Rosana Kumala SariPred 19 sekundami

    seeing Harry's naked photos in fine line album im already died

  3. Caley Manzie

    Caley ManziePred 23 sekundami

    you make mE SO FUCKING HAPPY

  4. Lynn-D Margarittha

    Lynn-D MargaritthaPred 26 sekundami


  5. karla miranda

    karla mirandaPred 58 sekundami


  6. Alizée YAGAMI

    Alizée YAGAMIPred minuto

    is" adore " a french word ?

  7. Leonard Cliff

    Leonard CliffPred minuto

    Harry,liam,niall:lets release a song at the same time louis:haha you're late😂I got a 1M views on my new song

  8. Omi Beca

    Omi BecaPred minuto


  9. Adarsha Kshetry

    Adarsha KshetryPred minuto

    I am so fucking in love with the song... 😍😍 . Thank you Harry for the beautiful song ❤️

  10. Gato Gordo

    Gato GordoPred minuto

    i love this man

  11. meg

    megPred minuto

    Mitch Rowland Guitar Solo

  12. Gamraj Rai

    Gamraj RaiPred minuto

    Myyyy....wow..love u harry😊🌻💖

  13. Omi Beca

    Omi BecaPred minuto


  14. jasmine susjsdjsk

    jasmine susjsdjskPred minuto

    this would make the best one direction song

  15. Becca Cevallos

    Becca CevallosPred minuto

    That song is too precious. Thank you for such a beautiful work of art, Harry. ♡♡♡♡♡

  16. saturn's rings ice cream

    saturn's rings ice creamPred 2 minutami

    you're my god

  17. Omi Beca

    Omi BecaPred 2 minutami

    Neta woow🥰🥰🥰💙💚😍

  18. Gotta Zarryy

    Gotta ZarryyPred 2 minutami

    Harry : Brown Skin Larries : LOUIEEESS IS BROWN

  19. Habeeb Yafai

    Habeeb YafaiPred 2 minutami


  20. Rahul Yadav

    Rahul YadavPred 3 minutami

    people waiting for the video like here

  21. Irene Malaj

    Irene MalajPred 3 minutami

    I like it.

  22. anwar Albrrak

    anwar AlbrrakPred 3 minutami

    I can’t imagine the song for no one but Louis 🤷‍♀️😂

  23. perla de crescenzo

    perla de crescenzoPred 4 minutami

    Through the dark lyrics: I would carry you over fire and water for your love. Olivia: wonderful music vibes. Harry voice: at its greatest expression! I'm not wonder: funky beats............ Take Harry in the new era. And i like that........very much!

  24. perla de crescenzo

    perla de crescenzoPred 4 minutami

    Through the dark lyrics: I would carry you over fire and water for your love. Olivia: wonderful music vibes. Harry voice: at its greatest expression! I'm not wonder: funky beats............ Take Harry in the new era. And i like that........very much!

  25. Solivagant Soul

    Solivagant SoulPred 4 minutami

    Guess I’m waking up at 4:50

  26. Axl Santana

    Axl SantanaPred 4 minutami

    Congratulations on the song Harry, I liked it! 🥰

  27. Kim Yanoor

    Kim YanoorPred 4 minutami

    Me hitting the like button even before its released

  28. Tabitha

    TabithaPred 4 minutami

    why's it gotta be at midnight Harry.

  29. anne chrls

    anne chrlsPred 4 minutami


  30. Faith Shelley

    Faith ShelleyPred 4 minutami

    where'd the watermelon go that was in that guys hand?

  31. Mel Beeton

    Mel BeetonPred 4 minutami

    Hell Yes!!!!

  32. anne chrls

    anne chrlsPred 4 minutami


  33. Meher khan

    Meher khanPred 5 minutami

    Honestly a one direction song could sound like this as well.

  34. Courtney Davids

    Courtney DavidsPred 5 minutami


  35. Tria Febriyanti

    Tria FebriyantiPred 5 minutami

    Why they drop a song at time?

  36. rachael clarges

    rachael clargesPred 5 minutami

    Of course i was at work when this came out, i love it sm tho

  37. Close and Mellow

    Close and MellowPred 5 minutami


  38. Krishna Joshi

    Krishna JoshiPred 5 minutami

    Hey pinky

  39. crimson passion

    crimson passionPred 5 minutami

    Adore - the meaning of the song is ....." No one can enjoy their songs without adoring the ( One Direction 2014 poster😓😭on their walls .....)This is the whiling meaning....

  40. Shaelise C.

    Shaelise C.Pred 5 minutami

    Harry just wanna keep fucking our hearts with this damn album

  41. İlaha Novruzova

    İlaha NovruzovaPred 6 minutami

    i liked it when i listened first time✨

  42. Kim Yanoor

    Kim YanoorPred 6 minutami

    Me: Directioners: Niall,Harry,Louis,Liam:Let's release songs and not tell Zayn

  43. Gillian Campbell

    Gillian CampbellPred 6 minutami

    He really likes fruit

  44. Manisha Sagadaya

    Manisha SagadayaPred 6 minutami

    No one: Nobody: Literally not a single soul: Harry: *Drops song when everyone's asleep* Me: Am I a joke to you? Answer: yes

  45. Adzik

    AdzikPred 7 minutami

    Omg i love it soooo much

  46. Amina .Y.K

    Amina .Y.KPred 7 minutami

    Harry’s really giving us his all and I’m *LIVING* for it

  47. Lidia Yimer

    Lidia YimerPred 7 minutami

    a seven minute music video....... this is ascension night harries !!

  48. Yuri Castaño

    Yuri CastañoPred 7 minutami

    Iloveu harry

  49. Joachim Walle

    Joachim WallePred 7 minutami

    Perfect ❤️❤️

  50. Libby Salvatore

    Libby SalvatorePred 7 minutami

    Harry: *Uploads a summer album on December* Me: *Throws away my Christmas pjs and replaces them with a cherry summer top*

  51. Sudeepta Mridha

    Sudeepta MridhaPred 8 minutami

    Obsessed obsessed obsessed.... that's the only thing that I came up with

  52. kataigida_

    kataigida_Pred 8 minutami


  53. Kajol H Kumar

    Kajol H KumarPred 8 minutami

    Brown skin and lemon over ice.... Zarry is fooking real and nobody can change my opinion

  54. Harvey Allen

    Harvey AllenPred 8 minutami


  55. Alexis Gossey

    Alexis GosseyPred 8 minutami

    Walk through fire for you just let me adore you oh honey God I love harry his breakups may be messy but he always puts that feeling into a song and there always great @harrystyles

  56. janine jewel

    janine jewelPred 9 minutami

    this is so beautiful 😫😫😫😫

  57. Serene be calm

    Serene be calmPred 9 minutami

    I wish zayn never left one direction then bts will be zero in front of you guys

  58. Ivan Raygoza

    Ivan RaygozaPred 9 minutami


  59. Plain Jane

    Plain JanePred 9 minutami

    Brown skin 😍😀

  60. Syeda_ Rizvi

    Syeda_ RizviPred 9 minutami


  61. Bára Vojáčková

    Bára VojáčkováPred 9 minutami

    *Marcel voice* THIS ONE IS THE ONE!!

  62. Tatu Taylor

    Tatu TaylorPred 10 minutami

    This is beautiful!! How

  63. Jenny Purcell

    Jenny PurcellPred 10 minutami

    Beautiful... love it 😊😊😊

  64. z za

    z zaPred 10 minutami

    His voice is just as same as when he was younger in this song! Love it!❤️

  65. Azilla Putri

    Azilla PutriPred 10 minutami

    I'm waiting

  66. lyric king

    lyric kingPred 10 minutami

    taylor:icy and blue harry:lemon over ice

  67. Sagnik Dev

    Sagnik DevPred 10 minutami

    Which is your favourite one direction solo? Adore you - Harry Styles All I want for Christmas - Liam Payne Put a little love on me- Niall Horan Don't let it break your heart- Louis Tomlinson

  68. MutualRespect 28

    MutualRespect 28Pred 10 minutami

    I LOVE IT .

  69. Knak Knack Lotus

    Knak Knack LotusPred 10 minutami

    if u wanna be in a harry instagram group chat send ur @s here!

  70. Serene be calm

    Serene be calmPred 10 minutami

    You are so sweet and handsome I love you

  71. Gabriela 1

    Gabriela 1Pred 11 minutami

    The stench....

  72. rebecca Mendes

    rebecca MendesPred 11 minutami

    There's 4 more hours to go

  73. Iffat Alina

    Iffat AlinaPred 11 minutami

    Love it😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😘😘😘😘

  74. Gabriel Mira

    Gabriel MiraPred 11 minutami


  75. De Roeck Axelle

    De Roeck AxellePred 11 minutami

    C'est si doux...

  76. Sara Y

    Sara YPred 12 minutami


  77. rebecca Mendes

    rebecca MendesPred 12 minutami

    Can't wait!!!!

  78. Ayoon Barnard

    Ayoon BarnardPred 12 minutami

    and we all thought this song would be #sadboihours

  79. Ka Ce

    Ka CePred 12 minutami

    Great song Harry. So sweet.

  80. Emily Alfaro

    Emily AlfaroPred 12 minutami

    currently 2 in the morning and 5 hours doesn’t seem so bad

  81. melany mondragon

    melany mondragonPred 12 minutami


  82. Naomi Noh

    Naomi NohPred 13 minutami

    Se estrena en cuatro hora Wee, yo a esa hora estoy durmiendo no me jodaaaaa

  83. Ritikha Yadav

    Ritikha YadavPred 13 minutami

    "welcome to the final show " reminds me of their last show 😢😢

  84. shivi s

    shivi sPred 13 minutami

    One thing is for sure, Harry & Zayn’s taste in music is too similar

  85. Vishal ojha

    Vishal ojhaPred 13 minutami

    Zayn Louis Harry: let's drop a song Niall: me toooo Liam : me threee

  86. Harryand Bfineline

    Harryand BfinelinePred 14 minutami


  87. Sanata Elija

    Sanata ElijaPred 14 minutami

    Yess harry!!!!! 😭😭

  88. Smiley Moti

    Smiley MotiPred 14 minutami

    That was such a beautiful song Harry. Honestly I am speechless. It was so mesmerizing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  89. Red Velvet Studios

    Red Velvet StudiosPred 14 minutami

    Here before 500 k

  90. Inês Sofia

    Inês SofiaPred 14 minutami

    Bjsjaajiaias ph my goduookj harrry

  91. Bren

    BrenPred 14 minutami

    Gonna be so worth it though

  92. Smiley Moti

    Smiley MotiPred 14 minutami

    I absolutely love this!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  93. Not Another YouTube Channel

    Not Another YouTube ChannelPred 14 minutami

    So excited

  94. dierto

    diertoPred 15 minutami

    Harry is Popular. But all his Single Flopped so hard lol

  95. Baby Lucky

    Baby LuckyPred 15 minutami


  96. Lou Lou morris

    Lou Lou morrisPred 15 minutami

    I put my phone down for 2 minnets

  97. Eloitsjoey

    EloitsjoeyPred 15 minutami

    The last time I was this early Jeffree Star still had eyebrows tho

  98. Mutya Delmundo

    Mutya DelmundoPred 15 minutami

    Taylor and Harry released a song at the same time😍

  99. Sonu Khatiwada

    Sonu KhatiwadaPred 15 minutami

    I'm crying in a cool way😥😭❤❤

  100. Lights Up

    Lights UpPred 15 minutami

    Lights Up or Adore You? Me: Adore You