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The squad "Team 10" & I are always making comedy vids, acting, doing action sports, & going on crazy adventures.
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rated r.

rated r.

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i won.

i won.

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Pred 8 meseci

phuck you KSI.

phuck you KSI.

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our wedding day is ruined..
We had to call 911...

We had to call 911...

Pred 10 meseci

meet the new jana...

meet the new jana...

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the results are in...
  1. Hinrichs Kids

    Hinrichs KidsPred 19 urami



    NAPSTABLOOK 22Pred 19 urami

    Literally the only time I enjoyed this video is when he played Cody's clips

  3. Ssypher

    SsypherPred 19 urami

    Jake, the reason teachers teach the stuff that you claim you aren't going to use in your real life, is because they want to keep that knowledge alive. It was extraordinary stuff for people to discover. We don't want to forget part of our history you buffoon.

  4. Cutie Pie

    Cutie PiePred 19 urami

    When you haven’t watched jake Paul in 1 year be like wow last year he was at 5.m now he is at 20.1m

  5. Cohen Mckenzie

    Cohen MckenziePred 19 urami


  6. Fernando Cuevas Jijon

    Fernando Cuevas JijonPred 19 urami

    why does jakes friend sound like the clown that haunts u?

  7. Liza War

    Liza WarPred 19 urami

    I love Jake Paul..as a fan😁

  8. Evoid-_- Jay

    Evoid-_- JayPred 19 urami

    Dobre brothers

  9. Liza War

    Liza WarPred 19 urami

    This song is savage

  10. Roblox Angel

    Roblox AngelPred 19 urami

    No one: Jake:HEY SUZIE

  11. Bloxfame

    BloxfamePred 19 urami

    Anypne 2020

  12. Nick Hernandez

    Nick HernandezPred 19 urami


  13. Nick Hernandez

    Nick HernandezPred 19 urami

    I whant the money am poor

  14. Perama Fernando

    Perama FernandoPred 19 urami

    So this is what rich kids do on their free time? Make cringe pop music

  15. 🤡💜Clown Kid💜🤡

    🤡💜Clown Kid💜🤡Pred 19 urami

    Jake after u beat KSI fight slim or deji, slim also holds a belt, u can take that shit from him

  16. Jimmy Codaga

    Jimmy CodagaPred 19 urami

    Jake used to be family friendly. Jake used to beep the swears. Jake Paul used to act somewhat mature. I didn’t know Jake Paul did crack but he made it pretty obvious.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Good job Jake The business lasted a couple years but I think your times are finally over

  17. Sofija Ceko

    Sofija CekoPred 19 urami

    Ok but like...idk what to say this is just dumb

  18. ROhBee178

    ROhBee178Pred 19 urami

    i cryed too tydus👍

  19. Milton Francis

    Milton FrancisPred 19 urami

    Dobre won

  20. ꧁Moon Chan꧂

    ꧁Moon Chan꧂Pred 19 urami

    Poor Tiger...

  21. Sarah Luther

    Sarah LutherPred 19 urami

    I pooped my pants

  22. Kaydence McNabb

    Kaydence McNabbPred 19 urami


  23. TRC4

    TRC4Pred 19 urami

    The teachers dont chose what to teach you

  24. Sussie Jusmin

    Sussie JusminPred 19 urami

    is it Logen

  25. Sie Pro

    Sie ProPred 19 urami

    You know, I enjoy the comments WAY MORE than the song.

  26. Hinrichs Kids

    Hinrichs KidsPred 19 urami

    did they dead

  27. Leon Duffield

    Leon DuffieldPred 19 urami

    Its faze

  28. Alina Kustowska

    Alina KustowskaPred 19 urami

    god i really wish he did quit. it would be better than corona being over

  29. Kelly Toles

    Kelly TolesPred 19 urami

    Shout out To Ashley and Paige love them I listen to her music it makes me cry its beautiful

  30. Tara P.F.

    Tara P.F.Pred 19 urami

    i liked the rewind better its that bad

  31. Jessica M

    Jessica MPred 19 urami

    How do you do that like it’s you and another person

  32. Crazy Gang

    Crazy GangPred 19 urami

    My mommy got me one yay

  33. Noel Sicajau

    Noel SicajauPred 20 urami

    Lucas love maucas go to home

  34. Kayla Rutner

    Kayla RutnerPred 20 urami

    Jake: He cYbER BuLLiEs kiDs. Cody: I'm sorry for bullying you. Jake: (ignores the roast and continues acting like a 5 year old)

  35. Flxcy FN

    Flxcy FNPred 20 urami

    I miss the OG squad

  36. Sussie Jusmin

    Sussie JusminPred 20 urami

    is it real Jake Ummmmmmmmmmmm

  37. Sarah Spino

    Sarah SpinoPred 20 urami

    Make new vlogs


    MUSIC GODPred 20 urami

    36 seconds in when you finally get a girlfriend

  39. Astro Astro

    Astro AstroPred 20 urami

    Can't handle this cringe

  40. blaze clan games

    blaze clan gamesPred 20 urami

    who else is in 2020?

  41. Tyjanee Edwards

    Tyjanee EdwardsPred 20 urami

    Hi. Jake. Hi Team. 10

  42. Delilah Torres

    Delilah TorresPred 20 urami

    Y’all mad crazy lmfao😭 Jake can post whatever he wants man, this is HIS SLgo account and if little kids watch it well then that’s their problem🤣

  43. Franco Ausberto Rodrigo sVASQUEZ GAMARRA

    Franco Ausberto Rodrigo sVASQUEZ GAMARRAPred 20 urami

    I am a jake poder

  44. Michael Barbarisi

    Michael BarbarisiPred 20 urami

    Such a lit intro I like it

  45. Carsyn Kettner

    Carsyn KettnerPred 20 urami

    The acting in this is impeccable 😐

  46. Jay Lemire

    Jay LemirePred 20 urami

    “Did you click record?” 😂

  47. Katelyn Miller

    Katelyn MillerPred 20 urami

    So I know this.... y’know, Jake Paul, but this kinda sweet♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  48. mrdonald_duck _

    mrdonald_duck _Pred 20 urami

    1:25 why the fuck did your recorded it when you just woke up

  49. C&E gang

    C&E gangPred 20 urami

    I got the ticket to go to the team ten and I got the mruch

  50. Bridgette Stokley

    Bridgette StokleyPred 20 urami

    Well coreys

  51. Baby Yoda

    Baby YodaPred 20 urami

    Low-key the girl that was "kidnapped" is a great actor

  52. Bridgette Stokley

    Bridgette StokleyPred 20 urami

    Why did u steal the funks couch

  53. Franco Ausberto Rodrigo sVASQUEZ GAMARRA

    Franco Ausberto Rodrigo sVASQUEZ GAMARRAPred 20 urami

    Hello 👋

  54. Shirley Mitchell

    Shirley MitchellPred 20 urami

    Why Jake 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Pewdiepie Sub to pewdiepie

    Pewdiepie Sub to pewdiepiePred 20 urami


  56. Hailey xoxo

    Hailey xoxoPred 20 urami

    i just finished watching shane's series and thought he was a good person so i looked back at his channel after a year and see this, changed my mind instantly..

  57. Lindsay Chevrier

    Lindsay ChevrierPred 20 urami

    Da mans wit da scooter came ats u

  58. Jeremiah Jones

    Jeremiah JonesPred 20 urami

    50th anniversary of my favorite . The 9th . I 5th . I am a beautiful person

  59. Adrianna Kopytchak

    Adrianna KopytchakPred 20 urami

    the fact that it 2020 and he has 20 mil subs now lmao crazy

  60. Katelyn Miller

    Katelyn MillerPred 20 urami

    I like there’s 4 million dislikes on this video lol

  61. Jennifer Evans

    Jennifer EvansPred 20 urami

    The. Wood

  62. Jared Gonzalez

    Jared GonzalezPred 20 urami

    I think a 10 year old fights better than that guy

  63. Alexis Butler

    Alexis ButlerPred 20 urami

    Anyone else miss the OLD team 10 and OLD people?

  64. watermelon gaming

    watermelon gamingPred 20 urami

    There's legit kids watching

  65. Denijs Gaming

    Denijs GamingPred 20 urami

    my ears are bleeding

  66. Narutofanboy 2938

    Narutofanboy 2938Pred 20 urami

    So much dislikes😂

  67. Alan Saunders

    Alan SaundersPred 20 urami


  68. Stephanie Presley

    Stephanie PresleyPred 20 urami

    I love the videos bro

  69. Gianni Avila

    Gianni AvilaPred 20 urami

    imagian they started twerking

  70. Sylvia Par

    Sylvia ParPred 20 urami

    Bruh it’s been like a secound and they’re already spoiling all the deaths tf-

  71. Grace Chin

    Grace ChinPred 20 urami

    who’s here from 2020

  72. Hannah Munoz

    Hannah MunozPred 20 urami

    I wash I was there

  73. The MNH Show

    The MNH ShowPred 20 urami

    I’m at the point where I actually like this cause it reminds me of how happy I was when SLgo was weird with this, Ricegum, Faze Banks, Woah Vicky and all the other crap

  74. Jim

    JimPred 20 urami


  75. Pierre Nkada

    Pierre NkadaPred 20 urami

    Hi Jack Paul

  76. Jim

    JimPred 20 urami


  77. Aiden 360 mchargue

    Aiden 360 mcharguePred 20 urami


  78. Nahid Ahmed

    Nahid AhmedPred 20 urami

    Tydus said a bad word

  79. Ronnie Likens

    Ronnie LikensPred 20 urami


  80. Jourdan Skelton

    Jourdan SkeltonPred 20 urami

    More like jerika's gone for life

  81. Rubeus Hagrid

    Rubeus HagridPred 20 urami

    maybe you suck 32:54

  82. Isaac M Lantigua

    Isaac M LantiguaPred 20 urami

    Jake you scared me

  83. Kassandra Hernandez

    Kassandra HernandezPred 20 urami

    Jake get your shit straight. What is your end up kissing James Charles

  84. Beau Fisher

    Beau FisherPred 20 urami

    who's here because of Elvis the alien

  85. The Gamer kids

    The Gamer kidsPred 20 urami


  86. christian mingo

    christian mingoPred 20 urami

    He sounds like David dobrik

  87. PlankAnderson

    PlankAndersonPred 20 urami

    In the first place, iSn’T tHiS iLLiGal?!?!

  88. Kaushal Bijay

    Kaushal BijayPred 20 urami

    In quarantine and laughing so hard on dumb twins 😂😂

  89. love ffs

    love ffsPred 20 urami

    All your girl friends are party girls or hoes or sluts or whatever

  90. Jan Češlar

    Jan ČešlarPred 20 urami

    Shit song

  91. Carlos Escobar

    Carlos EscobarPred 20 urami

    Dobre brothers won becuse they have skills

  92. daren k

    daren kPred 20 urami

    20 mil kids getting clickbaited and this shit earning a lot of money this is unfair

  93. The Gamer kids

    The Gamer kidsPred 20 urami

    We all know that Jake will smack ksi

  94. Jade Burton

    Jade BurtonPred 20 urami

    Thor need a thick one

  95. Ned Jones

    Ned JonesPred 20 urami

    Great work jake

  96. John De Rocher

    John De RocherPred 20 urami

    I love this song so mush I love you jakepauler

  97. s u l k

    s u l kPred 20 urami

    Dear Jake Paul, Why the fuck did you make us go through this pain again. My lawyer has been called.

  98. John De Rocher

    John De RocherPred 20 urami

    I'm erika Costello

  99. Evan Means

    Evan MeansPred 20 urami


  100. Douglas Garland

    Douglas GarlandPred 20 urami

    that is the killer he is bad guy call 911