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So Expensive Season 3 Marathon
  1. Just Random

    Just RandomPred minuto

    Is NYC even worth it?

  2. Tri Knight

    Tri KnightPred 2 minutami

    Where is Trump worshipers its fastest growing religion in 21st century

  3. Karate.person ._.

    Karate.person ._.Pred 2 minutami

    "The males testicles, which are a delicacy" Me- I-

  4. I do not Care

    I do not CarePred 2 minutami

    I thought Supreme was a Cheap product Duplicate of Jordan

  5. Juho V

    Juho VPred 5 minutami

    Im just saying that im from scandinavia and no ones house looks like that.

  6. Julian Lorenz

    Julian LorenzPred 8 minutami

    I’ve been talking about the idea of opening a Subway franchise for years and this video just casually slips into my suggested section ...

  7. adrian blade

    adrian bladePred 10 minutami

    Since when is good an item?

  8. Zack Echleon

    Zack EchleonPred 10 minutami

    she has nice feet

  9. adrian blade

    adrian bladePred 12 minutami

    0:01 what a waste if they were edible.

  10. sampath kumar

    sampath kumarPred 12 minutami

    This was very well mocked in the movie "Intouchables"

  11. Star Lord

    Star LordPred 14 minutami

    Instructions unclear. Nuts got stuck in shower drain (and they're frozen solid).

  12. Green Apple

    Green ApplePred 14 minutami

    he is an alien. he doesn't blink

  13. Hazel Lee

    Hazel LeePred 21 minuto

    Stale Bread is the reason!!!

  14. Godly Bane

    Godly BanePred 22 minutami

    All the yelling to put the recruits under tremendous stress and reset their minds in order for them to rebuild stronger and more parents use to yell at me like this all the time as a kid

  15. muhd nabil

    muhd nabilPred 24 minutami

    emirates arabic flight attendant lady is the most beautiful

  16. knight daemon

    knight daemonPred 25 minutami

    I don't get why people don't like this

  17. Jaden Gartner

    Jaden GartnerPred 28 minutami

    Subway is greasst when the servers are

  18. Ribbons & Bows

    Ribbons & BowsPred 28 minutami

    Now if we're going to say that Ms. Beckham, the classic, "I won't smile because I never smile", has a large collection of Birkins, I'd rather not emulate her......... I used to be a "Lulu Guinness" fan until I realised that "Amanda Wakeley's" are very practical & a more utilitarian size for a lot less. There's an "affected" guy on SLgo (not Starr or Charles). This one vlogged, from his bed with one arm draped dramatically over his forehead. I assume he was deeply depressed because, when he went to buy a "Birkin", they put his name on a list. "They obviously didn't know who I was", he balled. Neither did I :-).

  19. oum saffiya al belgikiya

    oum saffiya al belgikiyaPred 29 minutami

    ikea but upscale. No my dear. this is just ikea vibe.

  20. Celestial Ivory

    Celestial IvoryPred 34 minutami

    Millenials period ended 2004 right?

  21. Ryan Carter

    Ryan CarterPred 35 minutami

    I wouldn't step on that property without wearing a full Hazmat suit.

  22. El Guapo

    El GuapoPred 38 minutami

    Japanese mercury laced tuna that goes through 6 middle men is better than a restaurant who buys from the fisherman? How does that even make sense? This guy is a moron.

  23. Chuck C

    Chuck CPred 38 minutami

    *shows brick and crowbar* Narrator: so what is it that gives Supreme such a devoted following? Random Hypebeast: uhhh...i think its the hype... they come out with really cool items....

  24. Brick Life

    Brick LifePred 39 minutami

    skytrain is better

  25. Jenna Cowart

    Jenna CowartPred 39 minutami

    Because Brazil is shitty

  26. KS7

    KS7Pred 40 minutami

    idc that they say its fake because i still enjoy watching

  27. David Smith

    David SmithPred 42 minutami

    cool video, makes me want to become a koi farmer.

  28. sgt__ malice

    sgt__ malicePred 44 minutami

    why won’t you start making schools to teach students to learn the history and making of the sword. the less people making those swords you will be extinct. don’t be like America bc we don’t make ak-47s anymore.

  29. James Lee

    James LeePred 45 minutami

    18:56 they boutta do some reps for looking at the camera...

  30. Agung Widi

    Agung WidiPred 46 minutami

    2019, let's start a new religion

  31. Nova Gaming

    Nova GamingPred 49 minutami

    Chili's give you some sort of ice cream on your birthday if your a kid I think

  32. Maylin Littell

    Maylin LittellPred 55 minutami

    One day this will happen to Supreme

  33. Patrick aka Freestyle

    Patrick aka FreestylePred 55 minutami

    Bucktoothed guy: They feel supple and luxurious. Me: What does luxurious feel like.

  34. wei li

    wei liPred 59 minutami

    Woman in black pantyhose? Clicked.

  35. Miki N

    Miki NPred uro

    definitely didn’t know Liz Clairborne is now Kate Spade

  36. SebKabuto

    SebKabutoPred uro

    Subway really needs a new face because their restaurants look and feel tired, dirty and decadent, all the oposite of what a “healthy option” should look like

  37. Melissa Chiou

    Melissa ChiouPred uro

    Awesome video. Voiceover narrator is great.

  38. the Clarky cat

    the Clarky catPred uro

    1:39 This is very satisfying.

  39. Horbin Rodas

    Horbin RodasPred uro

    Fast fashion

  40. cookies4present

    cookies4presentPred uro

    redo this video but add in the fact that regal now has unlimited tickets. which gives a 10% discount on snacks. 4 people: we spend $17 we bring empty containers to share popcorn, get free refill b4 theater starts. and friend gets 2nd refill for family at home.

  41. Deborah Wilkinson

    Deborah WilkinsonPred uro

    👍If it's not broke don't fix it.

  42. David Smith

    David SmithPred uro

    good! let the globalist illusion die

  43. TheQuietOne

    TheQuietOnePred uro

    They got rid of most of their menu/options (at least in Australia I'm not sure about overseas) and it's just boring now

  44. Pyro Z

    Pyro ZPred uro

    Trump: “Wrong”

  45. furqon fauzi

    furqon fauziPred uro

    2019 in thailand. It's like 1800 😁 people can not do anything about their king.

  46. John Smitherson

    John SmithersonPred uro

    Rivian is playing it safe.... same old same old. Tesla: We're doing our own thing. Rivian: How many more ass do I need to kiss.

  47. Hussaininho The tree

    Hussaininho The treePred uro

    3:33 I thought he sad cocaine is that bad?

  48. Shohel Bhuiyan

    Shohel BhuiyanPred uro

    If any christian argue here just tell him to bring the Gospel of jesus.. They dont have, they have gospel written by anonymous people..they have only Gospel According to mark and others But dont have gospel by mark or others.. False everywhere..only jesus was true and his gospel was true others are false and corrupted..

  49. Bilal Hameed

    Bilal HameedPred uro

    In communism u dosent have options? What is this sorcery

  50. Soelistyo Tjahjono

    Soelistyo TjahjonoPred uro

    Waow ,,,,,, honda ,,,,having sky ,,,,, having air ,,,,, amazing american , european , african , australian , asian ,,,,,, 2000 trilliun 2000 trillion ,,,,,,,, amazing trillion trilliun ,,,,,, trilliun trillion ,,,,,,,,,,,,, for me also please ,,,,,,, this time please ,,,,,,,, soelistijo tjahjono / yoyok / t.j / 08817043729 / 082257862178

  51. sumit bhujel

    sumit bhujelPred uro

    because some idiots have money

  52. Political Cartoons for DONALD TRUMP

    Political Cartoons for DONALD TRUMPPred uro

    Jared being a huge pedo is when I stopped. Plus hearing bread made from yoga mat material.

  53. Faridun Asrorov

    Faridun AsrorovPred uro

    Renault pronounced as Reno

  54. Dam Big Foot

    Dam Big FootPred uro

    They should have done the glass test at the end, looked so awkward talking about it with the shattered windows

  55. mdem

    mdemPred uro

    Ooof.. that living room is almost useless, the catch is pretty much in line with the TV at that point lol. I've just removed the TV completely and install a nice sound system with a turntable and make it a chill-out area that has speakers both focused in the living room and a system that spreads out throughout the whole space instead of a TV area. Because half the people won't even be able to see the TV from the couch unless they break their necks lol

  56. Aranza Espinosa

    Aranza EspinosaPred 2 urami

    It is really sad as people with a high social status think that killing animals just for fashion is fine, it is disgusting what money does in people's minds. feeling superior for killing an animal that is in danger of extinction just for making some damn bags. There is something rotten in this society

  57. Live Like Lion

    Live Like LionPred 2 urami

    Guys , Have Faith in humanity , it will definitely wipe out itself !!

  58. v v

    v vPred 2 urami

    That's fucked up 🤦

  59. Robert Kattner

    Robert KattnerPred 2 urami

    Nobody wears pearls anymore. That went away with fur coates etc.

  60. Robert Kattner

    Robert KattnerPred 2 urami

    Nobody wears pearls anymore. That went away with fur coates etc.

  61. barroninc

    barronincPred 2 urami

    You ever noticed how fashion designers dress very low key compared to the clothes they design?

  62. 123 456

    123 456Pred 2 urami

    Nato summit 2019.

  63. im kaylee

    im kayleePred 2 urami

    im a rouge and proud 🤚🏼😌

  64. Jiawen Alice Lin

    Jiawen Alice LinPred 2 urami

    The biggest issue with this unit is that it has NO storage spaces...imagine how messy it will look once you move in...

  65. Jerome Moss

    Jerome MossPred 2 urami

    looks like a nice hotel room

  66. uncle lover 1978 11 years ago

    uncle lover 1978 11 years agoPred 2 urami

    Then I'll do it, aye aye sir!

  67. Minlun minlun kuki Haokip

    Minlun minlun kuki HaokipPred 2 urami

    Palm oil is bad for the heart . Facts !

  68. Estephanie Sanchez

    Estephanie SanchezPred 2 urami

    I HATE when workers check your bags for food like catch me a break :/!

  69. Charles Detecio

    Charles DetecioPred 2 urami

    I saw Lanzones. Waaa favorite Fruit uhuhu

  70. Yeah Yee

    Yeah YeePred 2 urami

    It’s called scam artist

  71. Yeah Yee

    Yeah YeePred 2 urami

    looks like a 5 year old finger painted these arts

  72. HTTR Hail to the rainbows

    HTTR Hail to the rainbowsPred 2 urami

    That cars weight is probably the same as the trailer .. That's the issue . Try it with a truck something more heavier

  73. Fher 23

    Fher 23Pred 2 urami

    Where the hoes at? :/

  74. mishba Shaikh

    mishba ShaikhPred 2 urami

    my dame to become air hostage

  75. Iamcoco Imvu

    Iamcoco ImvuPred 2 urami

    They also lacked diversity.

  76. o o

    o oPred 2 urami

    it fits so well with casual looks too

  77. Stevie D

    Stevie DPred 2 urami

    All that $$$, & they can't even open up there windows & get the sound of the Beauty of nature. All there gonna get is city noise, screaming & sirens & drama, oh my!

  78. faded Zave

    faded ZavePred 2 urami

    I want a BlackBerry still :(

  79. Elmo273

    Elmo273Pred 2 urami

    The music gave me the creeps

  80. alisha Dawn

    alisha DawnPred 2 urami

    The best sandwhiches are the wheat for diabetic s I love the Italian cheese bread subs.. toasted and subway beats firehouse anyday

  81. caoYB

    caoYBPred 2 urami

    Does it comes with the cover girl?


    DAB00GIEMONSTAPred 2 urami

    All of the drill instructor voices are completely fucked lmao

  83. oobie goobie

    oobie goobiePred 2 urami

    Everybody on the Tesla bandwagon. Rivian will be the one to buy.

  84. troop546

    troop546Pred 2 urami

    And to this day ford cars still looks shit compare to ferrari cars.

  85. ilikeredheads

    ilikeredheadsPred 2 urami

    they don't even serve real food. Their chicken is a mixture of chicken, soy, held together by binding agents.

  86. rocky balboa

    rocky balboaPred 2 urami

    I take cold showers because I have no hot wata!

  87. Shawn Shawn

    Shawn ShawnPred 2 urami

    whatever you plant on that land, you need to cut all the originate plants on there.. why planting corn, sunflower, olive, bla bla bla... even feeding the cow which is produce the most CO2... not consider as "deforestation" ???

  88. Astolfo Senpai

    Astolfo SenpaiPred 3 urami

    Yup i do it every day cold water shower

  89. shawon chawdhury

    shawon chawdhuryPred 3 urami

    USA is the biggest thief

  90. nitelite78

    nitelite78Pred 3 urami

    What does squeezing out all the lactic acid mean?

  91. Sydney Whitfield

    Sydney WhitfieldPred 3 urami

    I'll never understand the fascination w these not so interesting bags.

  92. average Canadian

    average CanadianPred 3 urami


  93. Brain Quake

    Brain QuakePred 3 urami

    So why should you care *Imran Khan say no more*

  94. Brain Quake

    Brain QuakePred 3 urami

    Panama Paper all comes in my mind is *Nawaz Sharif*

  95. Brain Quake

    Brain QuakePred 3 urami

    Answer *Undisclosed assets beyond means*

  96. Brain Quake

    Brain QuakePred 3 urami

    *Money Laundering*

  97. Pavan Patel

    Pavan PatelPred 3 urami

    This video is... nvm forget it

  98. Sreelekshmi Vaishnavi

    Sreelekshmi VaishnaviPred 3 urami

    In India, flipkart has better price drops and delivery. Always no shipping charge for assured products.

  99. scott !!!

    scott !!!Pred 3 urami

    thumbs down.

  100. Black Angel

    Black AngelPred 3 urami

    I never shop at forever21 cuz it’s so expensive in my country