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Opening Old Spoiled Milk
Crabs Take Over Airport
Cat Gently Pets A Bird
Flying Porta Potties
2 Whales Follow A Surfer
Whale Sneezes On A Woman
Fighting Against Gravity
Plants That Give Tattoos
Dog Loves The Car Wash
This Cat Got Stuck

This Cat Got Stuck

Pred 4 meseci

Really Stretchy Ice

Really Stretchy Ice

Pred 4 meseci

A Really Squishy Turtle
Jumping Off A Foggy Cliff
Dogs Frozen In Time

Dogs Frozen In Time

Pred 5 meseci

A Cat That Sits Like This
A Really Small Pupil
Cat Gives Up On Life
A Really Buff Kangaroo
Invisibility Is Now Real
A Really Sick Dog

A Really Sick Dog

Pred 6 meseci

Kitty With An Itchy Bum
Please Look At This Puppy
Eating A Floating Finger
A Really Long Chicken
A Really Really Big Bunny
Pouring Fire On A Burger
Driving While On Fire
Swimming Under Ice

Swimming Under Ice

Pred 9 meseci

Golfing With Alligators
A Rock That Glows

A Rock That Glows

Pred 9 meseci

A Human Burrito

A Human Burrito

Pred 9 meseci

Using Face Swap On Twins
Making A Squirrel Pancake
A Really Cool Cat

A Really Cool Cat

Pred 10 meseci

A Giant Mosquito Tornado
A Real Life Gummy Worm
Crash Test For Dogs

Crash Test For Dogs

Pred 10 meseci

The Sleeve Monster

The Sleeve Monster

Pred 11 meseci

A Really Itchy Rhino

A Really Itchy Rhino

Pred 11 meseci

The Biggest Cat Hug

The Biggest Cat Hug

Pred 11 meseci

  1. Anecita Malaqui

    Anecita MalaquiPred 5 sekundami

    It's 3am But fuck it I'm interested

  2. Gucci Coder

    Gucci CoderPred 5 sekundami

    Uhhh I’m just going to ignore that... 2:27

  3. Gunstone Warrior

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  4. Tyler Grosse

    Tyler GrossePred 31 sekundo

    Bet you won’t pin this comment

  5. Big Flop

    Big FlopPred 36 sekundami

    Does this guy sound a little like Leafy?

  6. Lorne Malvo

    Lorne MalvoPred 40 sekundami

    00:31 I feel that way alot.

  7. Bevsworld04

    Bevsworld04Pred 45 sekundami

    This video gets roughly 100 views per second at this current pace

  8. DinsFir0

    DinsFir0Pred minuto

    "burry his nuts in the girls hair" HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  9. Tyler Pan

    Tyler PanPred minuto

    Why does Oscar sounds like Elmo

  10. Syahdarwish Zamshuri

    Syahdarwish ZamshuriPred minuto

    I clicked on this just because I have a wound on my finger haha 😆

  11. Ore0z

    Ore0zPred minuto

    2:05 is a mood

  12. Muhammed Selim

    Muhammed SelimPred minuto

    1:11 Prepare for take-off.

  13. Let’s love Nature

    Let’s love NaturePred minuto

    Who else thought he actually held his hand there for a month oh ok just me 😔

  14. Jyavant

    JyavantPred minuto

    The squirrel was doing a “Ghost” movie clay making with the girl’s hair.

  15. 47 n1%

    47 n1%Pred minuto

    Lol what the hell bruv?

  16. kevcraft 47yt

    kevcraft 47ytPred 2 minutami

    Sup hello

  17. Hera B

    Hera BPred 2 minutami

    2:33 For some reason dis animal reminded me of Hogsqueal from Spiderwick

  18. A1FA_YT

    A1FA_YTPred 2 minutami

    0:26 so I’m the only one huh

  19. Wondering Merchant

    Wondering MerchantPred 2 minutami

    :So what am we gonna do again? : you just sit there and let me film your wound for a month

  20. Jaelyn Haskins

    Jaelyn HaskinsPred 2 minutami

    Berryhill loves her hair

  21. Cypher

    CypherPred 2 minutami

    1:11 show what yo momma gave ya!

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    Ryan PyattPred 2 minutami

    This squirrel wanted to bury his nuts

  23. Mayaz Manzur

    Mayaz ManzurPred 2 minutami

    Anyobe else tired of the nonstop tiktok ads?

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    BrycenhasacatPred 2 minutami

    Why does day 2 look way worse than day 1

  25. Hunter

    HunterPred 3 minutami

    I all ways watch all your videos

  26. Royal Billones

    Royal BillonesPred 3 minutami

    Plot Twist. That wasn't a time-lapse. That was a video of either Deadpool or Wolverine.

  27. Droco

    DrocoPred 3 minutami

    1:08 *America detonating two nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 colorized.*

  28. jellymantanki productions

    jellymantanki productionsPred 3 minutami

    some dude literally sat there for 4 weeks with his hand under a camera

  29. Mastergaminggerbil

    MastergaminggerbilPred 4 minutami

    I love the spotted chonk

  30. _._._Sam_is_not_I_ and Pumpkin

    _._._Sam_is_not_I_ and PumpkinPred 4 minutami

    I don't know how i feel about the time lapse. I'm both disgusted and amazed at the same time😂😅🤢

  31. Morph Reynard

    Morph ReynardPred 4 minutami

    Human healing is patethic.

  32. DannyLikesTrains KP

    DannyLikesTrains KPPred 4 minutami

    Teh camera man has to run so fast with what has to be a large gimbal that's probably quite heavy. It's super man

  33. Inebriatd

    InebriatdPred 4 minutami

    Our healing factor is shit

  34. Intervention

    InterventionPred 4 minutami

    “something a little awkward” *a huge representation of a very awkward thing*

  35. Justine Thunder

    Justine ThunderPred 4 minutami

    The guy running to his buddy must be tired trying to keep up

  36. Eg That Youtubes

    Eg That YoutubesPred 4 minutami

    "This squirrel wanted to bury its nuts in this girl's hair." You need to rephrase that sentence.

  37. Muhammed P

    Muhammed PPred 4 minutami

    So , the man just put his hand in table for straight 26 days??

  38. Cosmic purple X Budo

    Cosmic purple X BudoPred 4 minutami

    Danggg that healing wound one was soo interesting and satisfying to watch.

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    Nicoboi2 Dark AstroPred 4 minutami

    0:25 this squirrel wanted to burry his nuts 🥜 in this girls hair 😉😉

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    DailyDose: Here’s a time lapse of the physical healing process.. Wolverine: 🤭😆😂

  41. RattusRattus 903

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    The wound healing looks really gross but really cool at the same time

  42. your favorite band kid

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    I guess that that dog didn't want the bowl

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    Wow, that is both disgusting and awesome.

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    2:23 when you have a night bonner

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    I don’t want to healed no more

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    I am just imagining how I'll do like those kids.

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    The only channel that actually uses the thumbnail as the first vid

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    Him: This squirrel wanted to burry his nuts- Me: WOAHHHHHH

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    steveoo6Pred 5 minutami

    anyone else felt this person healed kind of slow?

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    2:22 when she shows u her kitty and ur dog rises up

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    Did you ever get a new cat after your cat passed away?...

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    The time lapse of the wound healing made my morning lmao

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    Glow sticks ,,,,,,, effing hilarious

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    I don’t know why but out of all of these I found the sponge one to be the cutest I like how it wiggled it’s butt when it jumps into the sink.

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    The pets in that Pets Smart: Okay we've seen several dogs and cats so these people probably won't be origi-HOLY SHIT A CAMEL!

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    THE TOPIC CHANNELPred 7 minutami

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    2:22 I did the same thing too and it happened to me lol

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