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Dogs Frozen In Time
A Cat That Sits Like This
A Really Small Pupil
Cat Gives Up On Life
A Really Buff Kangaroo
Invisibility Is Now Real
A Really Sick Dog

A Really Sick Dog

Pred mesecem

Kitty With An Itchy Bum
Eating A Floating Finger
A Really Long Chicken
A Really Really Big Bunny
Pouring Fire On A Burger
Driving While On Fire
Swimming Under Ice

Swimming Under Ice

Pred 3 meseci

Golfing With Alligators
A Rock That Glows

A Rock That Glows

Pred 3 meseci

A Human Burrito

A Human Burrito

Pred 4 meseci

Using Face Swap On Twins
Making A Squirrel Pancake
A Really Cool Cat

A Really Cool Cat

Pred 4 meseci

A Giant Mosquito Tornado
A Real Life Gummy Worm
Crash Test For Dogs

Crash Test For Dogs

Pred 5 meseci

The Sleeve Monster

The Sleeve Monster

Pred 5 meseci

A Really Itchy Rhino
The Biggest Cat Hug

The Biggest Cat Hug

Pred 5 meseci

A Transparent Caterpillar
Crab Kidnaps A Jellyfish
Painting With Fire

Painting With Fire

Pred 7 meseci

This Cat Has Thumbs

This Cat Has Thumbs

Pred 7 meseci

Forbidden Pasta

Forbidden Pasta

Pred 8 meseci

Bag Going For A Walk
Throwing Cheese At People
Pancake Dog

Pancake Dog

Pred 9 meseci

Sloth Crossing A Road
This Cat Is Broken

This Cat Is Broken

Pred 9 meseci

The Worst Parent Ever
Owl With A Really Big Stick
Eating A 3D Printed Steak
How To Move Your Mustard
A Really Old Turtle

A Really Old Turtle

Pred 10 meseci

Baby Rhino Charges At Car
  1. Crimson Halo

    Crimson HaloPred 8 sekundami

    The skydiver forgot to do a barrel roll. It would have saved him from an attack. I mean, you don't see any roos attacking the jet pilot, do you?

  2. Hector Domino

    Hector DominoPred 30 sekundami

    Kangaroo: "YEAAAH!!! You Made It! Give me a high fi..." Hooman: "BACK OFF, BACK OFF, GET AWAYYY!!!" Kangaroo: "Dooood! What the Ffff...."

  3. Lil_Andi Gray

    Lil_Andi GrayPred 42 sekundami

    Skydiver: oh kangaroos Kangaroos:*peace was never an option*

  4. Captain Teeko

    Captain TeekoPred 2 minutami

    3:09 wow look how not flat :D

  5. The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'Pred 3 minutami

    i love how the person getting their car towed is now going to have the police called, probably resist them too and end up doing jail time over something that stupid. or they crashed the car and died, which would be even more fitting, but one can only hope.

  6. Sodium Bicarbonate

    Sodium BicarbonatePred 4 minutami

    "What's up, skip?" *_You have provoked a gang war_*

  7. John

    JohnPred 5 minutami

    Milo, you're adopted *Gets high*

  8. PC-98

    PC-98Pred 5 minutami

    That owl is the elder.

  9. *Mayank Jawa* jawa

    *Mayank Jawa* jawaPred 5 minutami

    1:16 cHiKan leG bIs

  10. Oliv_er

    Oliv_erPred 7 minutami

    1:49 oml

  11. Strawberry Swirl

    Strawberry SwirlPred 10 minutami

    1:03 it appears spray on shoes from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs are now a thing

  12. Chleo Walrus

    Chleo WalrusPred 11 minutami

    Anyone gonna mention the Fat Cat in the Video

  13. Alex Becerra

    Alex BecerraPred 11 minutami

    So quite inside the f16 outside it’s wicked loud

  14. CommonCommentatingCommentor

    CommonCommentatingCommentorPred 11 minutami

    Cat be like “I like you better without that thing on your face”

  15. Josue Vargas

    Josue VargasPred 12 minutami

    That was a big "gang", i was expecting like 5 kangaroos

  16. Ono I dropped my Baguette

    Ono I dropped my BaguettePred 13 minutami

    1:46 she has the voice of if chills was a woman

  17. SouthBayJay

    SouthBayJayPred 14 minutami

    Bitches love sticks Stick stick stick stick stick

  18. meow

    meowPred 14 minutami

    show that clip of the fighter jet to the flat earthers

  19. Cameron J. Pearson

    Cameron J. PearsonPred 15 minutami

    0:01...... pi!

  20. julian K

    julian KPred 15 minutami

    Paraglider not skydiver

  21. Player Unknown

    Player UnknownPred 15 minutami

    Owls friends be like "Wtf is that dude "

  22. cheese cake

    cheese cakePred 15 minutami

    I bet the kangaroo thought the sky diver was a predator bird. „Attack it on the ground, before it gets our smol ones!“

  23. Farzana Fayyaz Balbale

    Farzana Fayyaz BalbalePred 17 minutami


  24. Remi Madisson

    Remi MadissonPred 17 minutami

    Mom: you can't only live with legos 6 year old me: 1:13

  25. Critic Z

    Critic ZPred 19 minutami

    3:21 That look, when I destroy my mom's cutlery by mistake and hoping that she doesn't turn serious...

  26. C D

    C DPred 19 minutami

    They were just playing touch and run

  27. LlamaBanana

    LlamaBananaPred 19 minutami

    Skydiver: what’s up skip Kangaroo: *So you’ve chosen death!*

  28. Šimon Tomko

    Šimon TomkoPred 19 minutami

    That turtle don't need no freedom

  29. Abdullah Mirza

    Abdullah MirzaPred 20 minutami

    Rhe dog's haircut was DOPE!

  30. Mr Epic Banana

    Mr Epic BananaPred 20 minutami

    I'd shoot a kangaroo anytime

  31. x ariwan

    x ariwanPred 21 minuto

    Rip for ur cat

  32. Xx Sceptre xX

    Xx Sceptre xXPred 21 minuto

    Man : “YA!” Dogs : **Run quickly** Me : 😳 “Jeez” “A few minutes later” Horse : **Runs weirdly** Me : 😆 “This cat hates its own reflection” Cat : **Saw own reflection** Also cat : *YEET*

  33. T he

    T hePred 22 minutami

    Seccond to last one is me on GTA after i steal the jet and go really high then fly donw

  34. min jams

    min jamsPred 23 minutami

    Just at 0:30 it's about adhd and the cats are fighting I cant😂

  35. JesterGnome

    JesterGnomePred 23 minutami

    I had to subscribe AGAIN for some reason. Anyone else?

  36. mraaronhd

    mraaronhdPred 24 minutami

    1:15 swimming underwater with sharks in slow-motion? How about getting attacked by sharks in slow motion?

  37. PapaStalin

    PapaStalinPred 24 minutami

    Eat big fly -Fish 2:25

  38. King Hekizee

    King HekizeePred 24 minutami

    first, it was a breakfast made out of weird fluffy stuff... now legos... I bet next one will be c4

  39. helen labuschagne

    helen labuschagnePred 25 minutami

    2:17 is called the diabetes pack

  40. 0arto

    0artoPred 25 minutami

    kangaroos be like "Come to ur block get blocked out of reality"

  41. GC

    GCPred 25 minutami

    1:46 The girl sounds like a genderswap of the Burger King foot lettuce Xd

  42. Pessimist Kai

    Pessimist KaiPred 25 minutami

    Those kangaroos are taking vengeance for their brother who was punched by a human. We must pay for our sins.

  43. Cowboy Kirb

    Cowboy KirbPred 26 minutami

    Welcome to Australia


    TUA MADREPred 26 minutami


  45. orca

    orcaPred 27 minutami

    Fish looked like it teleported into the frogs mouth

  46. Interest Invasion

    Interest InvasionPred 28 minutami

    Little did he know that husky was holding the monkey at gunpoint behind his back


    WAR*SIGILPred 35 minutami

    "Your adopted" "Lies...LIES! I'll end you right where you stand!"

  48. athanasios koukoulis

    athanasios koukoulisPred 35 minutami

    The f16 o man...

  49. Van

    VanPred 35 minutami

    Dio and his dogs

  50. Shaggz Shazem

    Shaggz ShazemPred 36 minutami

    Meanwhile on the news: native Australians attack illegal immigrants

  51. Poke__63

    Poke__63Pred 37 minutami

    That milo cat unlocked there mangekio sharingan

  52. Potat Gacha

    Potat GachaPred 37 minutami

    That fish doe

  53. jessicaaudate

    jessicaaudatePred 39 minutami

    00:28 this man is my spirit animal

  54. Kay Kasan

    Kay KasanPred 40 minutami

    1:50 that sounds like the female version of chills

  55. Rawinder  Singh

    Rawinder SinghPred 42 minutami

    Bug off Skip! Bug off!! Lmao 😂

  56. Useless Guy

    Useless GuyPred 43 minutami

    F16 😂 who else from india😂

  57. Sex Market_

    Sex Market_Pred 43 minutami

    Don’t u just hate it when u land with your parachute and suddenly kangaroo jack comes to woop your ass?

  58. Gianmarco

    GianmarcoPred 44 minutami

    How are you Leafy

  59. NikoNiko Nee

    NikoNiko NeePred 44 minutami

    The biggest bruh moment ever

  60. Ghost tankcommander

    Ghost tankcommanderPred 44 minutami

    I bet all the environmentalists are happy about that poor sky diver being attacked, right?

  61. j k

    j kPred 45 minutami

    In Australia we call them a "mob"

  62. Izza

    IzzaPred 47 minutami

    00:30 for me

  63. Zerverlock Topic?

    Zerverlock Topic?Pred 47 minutami

    0:13 “when Andy starts coming up stairs”

  64. trolling noobs

    trolling noobsPred 48 minutami

    Title: Dogs frozen in time My brain: *ZA WARUDO TOMARE TOKI YO*

  65. darkblakmagic

    darkblakmagicPred 48 minutami

    1:46 i love this

  66. Eclipz btw

    Eclipz btwPred 49 minutami

    The girl at 1:47 sounds like a girl version of chills did anybody else hear that or was it just me

  67. Patrick Gragg

    Patrick GraggPred 50 minutami


  68. Patrick Gragg

    Patrick GraggPred 51 minuto

    THE EARTH IS FLAT the F-16 proves it with their fisheye lens camera! They cannot make a globe out of the Flat Earth no matter how hard they try

  69. Madwrestler 145

    Madwrestler 145Pred 51 minuto


  70. Rasmus Fey

    Rasmus FeyPred 51 minuto

    You have in almost all you're videos, something with water :-) Keep up th good work!

  71. Dark Reno

    Dark RenoPred 51 minuto

    “What’s brackin”

  72. Yeetus Yeetus Commit Self Deletus

    Yeetus Yeetus Commit Self DeletusPred 52 minutami


  73. Ruben Rivera

    Ruben RiveraPred 52 minutami

    Hurry Andy is coming!!! (Toy story)


    TUA MADREPred 53 minutami

    Every moment I feel like this guy is going to say "Number 15, burger king foot lettuce..."

  75. Omni king Zeno

    Omni king ZenoPred 53 minutami

    The turtle won that fight man didn’t stand a chance

  76. committus self deletus

    committus self deletusPred 54 minutami

    Perfectionists be like. 0:43

  77. Hororo Fan

    Hororo FanPred 54 minutami

    Well the thumbnail looks like a kangaroo leaning on the glass

  78. Bastian29c

    Bastian29cPred 55 minutami

    This is why I love my country we have kangaroos and I know how to figure them off

  79. Theodore Moore

    Theodore MoorePred 56 minutami

    This bahnx, is more than just a *BAHNX*

  80. popcorn boi

    popcorn boiPred 56 minutami

    So the monks say don't love your dad ok

  81. Bogdan N

    Bogdan NPred 56 minutami

    the cat tho

  82. Teagan Campbell Campbell

    Teagan Campbell CampbellPred 58 minutami

    "Dang Kangaroos" hes saying it like its nothing

  83. Ztxck

    ZtxckPred 58 minutami

    The fish stopped time Only logical explanation

  84. Swedish Otaku

    Swedish OtakuPred 59 minutami

    Why did you call the video sewer and not manhole cover?

  85. Lucas __

    Lucas __Pred 59 minutami

    My name is Mylo and also adopted :000

  86. SheetAtom 499420

    SheetAtom 499420Pred uro

    Hey o goat bro where’d you get that swaggy a new hope rebel hat from Star Wars

  87. Penta Kill

    Penta KillPred uro

    Todays episode is good

  88. Sadboy-rodriguez

    Sadboy-rodriguezPred uro

    So there are Gangs in Australia

  89. sharman

    sharmanPred uro

    Hi lil skip...AAAHHHH...DAMN KANGAROOS.....

  90. nepnep

    nepnepPred uro

    This person must be DIO.

  91. HyperKing077

    HyperKing077Pred uro

    It’s never a daily dose video if it doesn’t have an animal at the end 😂

  92. slim mutant

    slim mutantPred uro

    1:56 me in GTAV

  93. Phresh King

    Phresh KingPred uro

    Was that you at the end bro? I absolutely love your voice

  94. YtEva

    YtEvaPred uro

    The car is such a hero. She doesn’t have actual fingers but yet she could still save the baby. ❤️

  95. Igor Ivanov

    Igor IvanovPred uro

    Military cangaroos . They defend ICBM launch complex.

  96. Lion2008 Omba

    Lion2008 OmbaPred uro

    these kangaroos probably had their hoodie’s caps on in class

  97. F.B.I -Federal Bureau of Investigation-

    F.B.I -Federal Bureau of Investigation-Pred uro

    Damn the Australian Police are really brute sometimes

  98. Quail bird EATS F00D

    Quail bird EATS F00DPred uro

    Me: *casually parachuting to the ground* Kangaroo: *approaches* Me: Why do i here boss music?

  99. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoPred uro

    99% of comments: about cat who hates his own reflection 1% of comments: ZA WARUDO

  100. lorenzo

    lorenzoPred uro

    I really like the fact that title clips are the first ones to be shown in your videos