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Executive Producer: Eleanor Donovan
Supervising Producer: Phil Esposito
Senior Directors: Christian Mazza, Vjeran Pavic
Directors: Becca Farsace, Alix Diaconis, Brennan King
Producer: Felicia Shivakumar
Audio Engineer: Andrew Marino
Design Director: Will Joel
Senior Motion Designer: Grayson Blackmon
Director of Audience Development: Ruben Salvadori
Social Media Manager: Dilpreet Kainth

Pixel Buds 2 hands-on
Surface Laptop 3 hands-on
Amazon Echo Buds hands-on
Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
Porsche Taycan first look
  1. John Simon Wijaya

    John Simon WijayaPred 16 minutami

    please try new nokia 800 tough

  2. 007 James

    007 JamesPred 21 minuto

    Welfare King Warren buffet & his tax haven's buddy bill Gates both sorry scheming thieving bastard's living luxurious on Fraud an don't pay any taxes ! & hides his money in tax haven's an overseas accounts ! bill & Warren are both philanthropist Con' artist ! these bastard's don't commit one dime to any charity !

  3. Jae TrXsh

    Jae TrXshPred 55 minutami

    elon musk: we made uh, we also made an atv crowd: *WOAHHHHHHHH*

  4. Carlos Luis

    Carlos LuisPred 59 minutami

    That’s the ugliest truck I’ve ever seen

  5. Brandon-Lee Platt

    Brandon-Lee PlattPred uro

    Compare the two hammer shots🤣

  6. Vaibhav Shinde

    Vaibhav ShindePred uro

    What's that intro music?

  7. Tan Shi Li

    Tan Shi LiPred uro

    Elon r u rlly ok?

  8. Lubb

    LubbPred uro

    One of these days we'll get an retractable blade and it'll be amazing

  9. Oliminds

    OlimindsPred 2 urami

    Look at the good side, now I can draw a car.

  10. Conroy Boothe

    Conroy BoothePred 2 urami

    I've been using android for years and I didn't even realise that notifications are stacked by priority... I just expect it to be

  11. Royen Cabunilas

    Royen CabunilasPred 2 urami

    Does 3 XL have astrophotography feature?

  12. Oh No

    Oh NoPred 2 urami

    Tesla just needs to improve the graphics

  13. Daniel Budiono

    Daniel BudionoPred 2 urami

    This is war standard. We only need truck for daily need. Not a mini tank


    ROCKSLIDZPred 2 urami

    It wasn't Richard the Lion-Heart who was found buried under a parking lot; it was Richard III. The one suspected of killing his 2 young nephews in the Tower of London. The princes were their father the King's rightful heirs. People are trying to get DNA tests done on the 2 boys' skeletons that were found buried under the stairs, but efforts to do so are always blocked.

  15. Keila

    KeilaPred 2 urami

    Do they charge a monthly fee in addition to the cost of the device?

  16. Daniel Raizman

    Daniel RaizmanPred 2 urami

    I love it already

  17. UttR Concrete

    UttR ConcretePred 3 urami

    Too bad u can’t link 2 HomePods to a tv.

  18. Vivek Kumar

    Vivek KumarPred 3 urami

    One Plus 7T or Pixel 3a XL im so confused plz help me to pick one

  19. Arthvr Schwartz

    Arthvr SchwartzPred 3 urami

    I love my Google Pixel 3XL and still think it's a superior phone. Having a hard time wanting to upgrade to the Pixel 4XL is anyone else feel this way? I love the fingerprint reader on the back. The way your hand holds the phone, your finger just hits it so naturally. I love the notch on the Pixel 3 XL and if you don't want it change the settings. Performance is still great till this day on my Pixel 3XL. I want to upgrade but the phone is still such a great phone! I still get compliments on how good of photos my Pixel 3XL takes.

  20. Flrzx Chivzy_xl

    Flrzx Chivzy_xlPred 3 urami

    No god knows maybe is judgment day

  21. Zambi X

    Zambi XPred 3 urami

    Just like the simulations

  22. Hayden king

    Hayden kingPred 3 urami

    Thank you young man!!!

  23. Paulo Arenas

    Paulo ArenasPred 3 urami

    El mejor carro para un apocalipsis zombie

  24. blair elander

    blair elanderPred 3 urami

    3.5 million battery cells a day? How many cells in a typical battery?

  25. Asan Xhoterz

    Asan XhoterzPred 3 urami

    "It didn't go through"

  26. Rita Marie Kelley

    Rita Marie KelleyPred 3 urami

    Sooo glad to see this little twerp in the hot seat. Bravo for your direct questions and more importantly, follow-through.

  27. kiciacoalgaming

    kiciacoalgamingPred 3 urami

    Not available in Australia no idea why

  28. Empire State

    Empire StatePred 3 urami

    Just legalize them. They're not a problem!

  29. WhiteNiGHT from:storytimewithc&j

    WhiteNiGHT from:storytimewithc&jPred 3 urami

    i literally have the same griptape as him on the regualr sb

  30. Ur DailyGamerz

    Ur DailyGamerzPred 4 urami

    No way it’s only 60k

  31. CatEyes Aerial

    CatEyes AerialPred 4 urami

    Your a rubbish reviewer

  32. Stev A

    Stev APred 4 urami

    That's why I haven't EVER kept my taskbar on the bottom. NEVER really understood defaulting it on the bottom, when the screen was rectangular, and had more space on the sides, than top or bottom. Since the screen is more limited vertically, I always keep my taskbar on the right side of the screen. Works perfectly there, and makes everything run more logically. I have Objectdock hidden on the bottom, with icons to every important thing on my sys.

  33. WhiteNiGHT from:storytimewithc&j

    WhiteNiGHT from:storytimewithc&jPred 4 urami

    hits the regular car door really hard asf, then taps the truck door ever so slightly LMAO!!!!!!!

  34. LizardGorgeous

    LizardGorgeousPred 4 urami

    “The bottom line is that these are not audiophile headphones.” Thank you. That’s why I’m here.

  35. TheBluebomber875

    TheBluebomber875Pred 4 urami

    That glass was the saddest and funniest thing I’ve ever seen lol

  36. cool south

    cool southPred 4 urami

    It is. Google any data regarding race and crime and you will not be able to get fed data

  37. ShrekWazowski

    ShrekWazowskiPred 5 urami

    Wait. Can you still manually charge them?

  38. Stickbug

    StickbugPred 5 urami

    2:08 that’s why the original Luke anakin and Rey lightsaber is called a grafflex on most saber websites like ultra saber

  39. Toby Leppicello

    Toby LeppicelloPred 5 urami

    I hope they’ve been putting money into the air bags

  40. Creative 8D

    Creative 8DPred 5 urami


  41. Gradarobett

    GradarobettPred 5 urami

    I didn't know Tesla did a deal with Hot Wheels

  42. Donald Kilpatrick

    Donald KilpatrickPred 5 urami

    I take issue with you saying that this is only for an executive or someone who just wants to check email. this is a serious machine for creatives. Did you try painting in Photoshop on the Pro X? I just bought one of these and I have had no problems and actually it has been performing as well if not better than the Pro 7 that i gave my wife to use when i bought this. I am a professional illustrator and artist and the Adobe CC applications that i use all the time- Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design are all working really well on this, and the stylus is amazing for digital painting. I could care less about some of the apps that Microsoft sells, but they got it right with designing a serious tool for illustrators, artists, and designers with the Pro X.

  43. Im Clxver

    Im ClxverPred 6 urami

    My 4 year old drawing has come to life

  44. Im Clxver

    Im ClxverPred 6 urami

    He hit the door harder then that truck

  45. Hogosha Okami

    Hogosha OkamiPred 6 urami

    So we can raid area 51 using that truck??????

  46. Neo Sanchez

    Neo SanchezPred 6 urami

    Who ever likes this comment gets to succeed in life and be a million air

  47. Sindhu Ponduri

    Sindhu PonduriPred 6 urami

    That moment when Ball hit the Glass...reminded me of Iceberg that hit Titanic 😂😵

  48. George Mayo

    George MayoPred 6 urami

    *rides boosted board around London every day anyway*

  49. A BCD

    A BCDPred 6 urami

    CLUMSY design - DeLorean Spaceship Army Tank👎👎

  50. Jayden Stowe

    Jayden StowePred 7 urami

    Is it 828p

  51. Hazrik Safeei

    Hazrik SafeeiPred 7 urami

    after watching this..i guess i will just stick with my G-Shock

  52. Pasquale Gelardi

    Pasquale GelardiPred 7 urami

    Obama said that people like Musk didn’t do it because the government built the freeways and the water and electricity and schools. I don’t believe Obama. Musk came from South Africa to USA because he would have the liberty to achieve his dreams.

  53. Jamesson Creek

    Jamesson CreekPred 7 urami

    Should have named it ... The Elon ... Homage to the Homer

  54. Thicc Mac

    Thicc MacPred 7 urami

    When you fail the presintation but need to continue

  55. Chuck Yeager

    Chuck YeagerPred 7 urami

    That's why'd Mercedes Benz discontinued their bullet proof grass in accident u get burned alive ahhhhhh can't get out..

  56. Chuck Yeager

    Chuck YeagerPred 8 urami

    Still pieces junk

  57. Micah Wolf

    Micah WolfPred 8 urami

    So when Driving this, does it leave a beam of light for other people to crash into? 🤨🤔

  58. acidtooth

    acidtoothPred 8 urami

    SINCE 1880 ok so we have less than 150 years of observation. HOW old is the planet? CLIMATE change has been a thing since there was a CLIMATE. It is INEVITABLE. Prepare yourselves.

  59. demonaire mist

    demonaire mistPred 8 urami

    Where is the side view mirror

  60. robert krondorfer

    robert krondorferPred 8 urami

    How many reindeer would that footprint be? As a Norwegian im not familiar with NFL footballfields as a measuring unit.

  61. DylanNicolasSG

    DylanNicolasSGPred 9 urami

    self driving 100% beautiful futuristic design, the only problem being how easy it is for attackers to destroy your window and harm you but other than that spectacular price and spectacular EVERYTHING 8.9/10

  62. Dat boi 225 Idk

    Dat boi 225 IdkPred 9 urami

    There are gears in the hinge

  63. Ariel Erosa

    Ariel ErosaPred 9 urami

    Next on te verge, paint zoom, jinzu knives, ab flexer.

  64. Antoine Swans

    Antoine SwansPred 9 urami

    Half of the people on here talking mess will either end up owning Mustang Mach e or will know someone that does as they're sitting on the passenger side or back seat of their co-workers or best friend's ride. Ford is not worried about what you think? The have a company to take into the future so please leave your complaints and concerns then.

  65. Tiger Boy agar

    Tiger Boy agarPred 10 urami

    R.I.P Tesla car 2019/2020😢😂

  66. Ralph Zodang

    Ralph ZodangPred 10 urami

    Waiting for the Grand Tour conversation street 😆 (hope they have it)

  67. DougieFresh

    DougieFreshPred 10 urami

    Not even mentioning Anakin while talking about HIS lightsaber. The disrespect.

  68. Sean Patrick

    Sean PatrickPred 10 urami

    San Francisco is plagued by them. Their launch wasn't anything rosey either - just plopped them down in various locations and drove off. Thought it was better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Absolutely vile.

  69. Бабанин

    БабанинPred 11 urami

    On this cybertruk you can go to the field and mines.

  70. autistic jedi

    autistic jediPred 11 urami

    there's one thing that dashboard will be really useful for.

  71. Charlie Kennedy

    Charlie KennedyPred 11 urami

    And why does this exist!!!!! 😭😭

  72. jeez kureal

    jeez kurealPred 11 urami

    So nobody's gonna talk about how cheap it is?this is an electric tesla car and as a NEW car is costs 40k! That's incredibly cheap for a tesla!

  73. Sum Guy

    Sum GuyPred 11 urami

    I know you'll totally exhale but I still own a pebble 2 which is AMAZING. It tracks sleep, alerts me of calls, emails and texts and lets me read them. It is BEST viewed in the sun which is HUGE if you don't live in a hole and is always on. It cost $40. I just can't justify switching. Tracking heart rate and sleep is cool for a few days and then I don't check it again. Anyway I'm sure nobody is listening so whatevs.

  74. Charlie Kennedy

    Charlie KennedyPred 11 urami

    Egatly light

  75. gonzalo ruiz

    gonzalo ruizPred 11 urami

    3:31 that one price is nice

  76. donald crawford

    donald crawfordPred 11 urami

    Another tv station. wow. cannot say it will be any better than all the rest.????

  77. Bad to the Brick

    Bad to the BrickPred 11 urami

    Is it bad that I'm 16 and still don't have a console ... ?

  78. Jericho

    JerichoPred 12 urami

    I really want to switch to an ebike but my issue is weather in NYC is a bit rough sometimes.

  79. Albeir

    AlbeirPred 12 urami

    But do we have the option to include a flux capacitor?

  80. pyrosdestiny

    pyrosdestinyPred 12 urami

    Samsung has the best Android skin. I said it! The best!

  81. Gamerplayz

    GamerplayzPred 12 urami

    Is it a good choice to go from an iPhone SE to XR?

  82. Sir Kent

    Sir KentPred 12 urami

    Have we heard anything about the camera setup yet? Will it be as good as a Samsung Note device?

  83. Denis Sulovic

    Denis SulovicPred 12 urami

    someone knows when next generations studios coming out I mean solo pros are here where r studio pros?

  84. unuaK

    unuaKPred 12 urami

    Great review! Absolutely Fantastic

  85. Enrique de Ezcurra

    Enrique de EzcurraPred 13 urami

    Lov it !!! So real so natural, no etiquette and boring presentations, the fact that the glass broke tells that is a “human being’s made car” no kitt fictional car. Seem like people want to buy marketing stuff

  86. Israel González

    Israel GonzálezPred 13 urami

    The video looks very nice. What camera was used? I bet it was a BPCC4K/6K :)

  87. Asif Malik

    Asif MalikPred 13 urami

    Why can’t they add a decent battery life?

  88. VideoMasterSword

    VideoMasterSwordPred 13 urami

    They must ensure that you can smash the glass, because if you drive in the water you can not get out. Car glass that is unbreakable is dangerous if you get into the water with an accident. Then it is a cyber coffin.

  89. VideoMasterSword

    VideoMasterSwordPred 13 urami

    They must ensure that you can smash the glass, because if you drive in the water you can not get out. Car glass that is unbreakable is dangerous if you get into the water with an accident. Then it is a cyber coffin.

  90. Beau Bellamy

    Beau BellamyPred 13 urami

    That’s outrageous.

  91. ImakeSnowflakesMelt

    ImakeSnowflakesMeltPred 13 urami

    I love when liberals turn on liberals

  92. kris Kolassery

    kris KolasseryPred 13 urami

    Other car manufacturers just can't cope and envy this as tesla is always two step ahead in every game.

  93. Agustina Lima

    Agustina LimaPred 14 urami

    The price on Black Friday was 100 this year (2019) and usually 130 on Amazon nowadays on any day if anyone was wondering

  94. ma. isabel Ruallo

    ma. isabel RualloPred 14 urami

    Omg damii

  95. Valentino The Gamer1

    Valentino The Gamer1Pred 14 urami

    They launched a falcon 9 right now! (crs-19)

  96. ALsRig

    ALsRigPred 14 urami

    Tesla Cybertrucks body panels: I am inevitable ...also Tesla Cybertrucks windows: takemymoneypleasedonthurtme :'(

  97. John McCormick

    John McCormickPred 14 urami

    1:19 thank me later SLgo Rewind 2019 in one video

  98. Tharindu Niwandana

    Tharindu NiwandanaPred 14 urami

    I don’t like toys

  99. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo MilosPred 14 urami

    +Mom i want a big truck -We have cybertruck at home *A Big truck at home:*

  100. MR. RANDOM

    MR. RANDOMPred 14 urami

    look at 1:18