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  1. //

    //Pred 3 sekundami

    this is a joke when hes goes off in the playoffs I dont wanna hear this bs

  2. Mel Mel

    Mel MelPred 7 sekundami

    Big Trusss!!!!

  3. samp1117 P

    samp1117 PPred 10 sekundami

    I could see ron Rivera join Cleveland. He'll light fire under their asses and staple baker Maxfield mouth shut.

  4. Robert Kleebauer

    Robert KleebauerPred 10 sekundami

    Big Truss!!!! Lol, love this team, love these guys


    GURU DA GR8EST OVERALLPred 17 sekundami


  6. Jay Stiles

    Jay StilesPred 29 sekundami

    Joe imma get my bucks Burrow by going to the Bengals,Dolphins or whomever but let's pray that he'll has a great career

  7. Jordan Jeffery

    Jordan JefferyPred 39 sekundami

    Lakers are more impressive. They were predicted to win 45 games and are well above that pace. AD is dominating, Bron looks fresh and the pieces came together way better than anybody expected.

  8. Dwayne Simmons

    Dwayne SimmonsPred minuto

    :55 Kahwi is already fed up with the silly questions! 😆

  9. Glen Walker

    Glen WalkerPred minuto

    I agree with Scottie. Who else would Kawhi be giving the physical and proverbial middle finger to, besides the Spurs.

  10. James Martin

    James MartinPred minuto

    Max is a punk

  11. Dalitso Phiri

    Dalitso PhiriPred minuto



    TREE HOUSEPred minuto


  13. santino vaughn

    santino vaughnPred minuto

    Much respect to George, class act

  14. Ai_i_Stragg Life

    Ai_i_Stragg LifePred minuto

    Exactlyyyyyyyy WAKE UP

  15. Robert Hayden

    Robert HaydenPred minuto

    Floyd doesn’t want this fight ! 100%Eroll dogs Crawford

  16. James Martin

    James MartinPred minuto

    So max thinks he can personally attack people and hide behind its my job. Bull

  17. B D2

    B D2Pred minuto

    I just came here to comment that Jimmy looks skinny boy, he is in awesome shape.

  18. D1STURB3D Merk

    D1STURB3D MerkPred minuto

    Much respect to admitting you was wrong on Lamar. Most double down and still say he can’t be a QB in this league not going to mention any name “sas”. 🤐

  19. Zeke Legend

    Zeke LegendPred minuto

    I doubt MJs bulls could beat the warriors at all. That doesn’t make Lebron Automatically better than Jordan. Just like rings and finals records don’t automatically make Jordan better than Lebron It’s wayyy more to it than that. Gotta put more respect on Jordan’s name in this Specific case

  20. KWill 609

    KWill 609Pred 2 minutami

    Trade him to the Steelers then

  21. Jay Stiles

    Jay StilesPred 2 minutami

    It been over once Lamar Jackson got drafted and all it takes the right system ofc you fools lol,Doubting ppl is a bad thing period

  22. Jeevus Chrust

    Jeevus ChrustPred 2 minutami

    If it's stupid then you can 100% expect the Browns to do it. The Cleveland Browns; where failure is not only expected, but required.

  23. Spencer Passmore

    Spencer PassmorePred 2 minutami

    Harden 100 pts lol come on

  24. Bil wil

    Bil wilPred 2 minutami

    Mavs gonna win it all

  25. Sean Owens

    Sean OwensPred 2 minutami

    Leading the league with 33 passing td’s not bad for a running back 😈🤷🏾‍♂️

  26. iam boydreamer

    iam boydreamerPred 2 minutami

    Respect to him!

  27. David Webb

    David WebbPred 3 minutami

    Stephen looks like a badly made puppet.


    TREE HOUSEPred 3 minutami

    Yep, he told yall mfs but yall just wouldn't listen.....shame!

  29. JoE_ Jo aja

    JoE_ Jo ajaPred 3 minutami

    1:27 i see what u did therel😂

  30. Sircarlos 7

    Sircarlos 7Pred 3 minutami

    I’m a wolves 🐺 fan and towns and Wiggins do frustrate me they are just content with stats and being the best ones on a team, they’re spotlight hogs and hate on whoever takes their shine. They should have built around butler and traded Kat and Wiggins for another superstar of Butlers choice. 😔 they paid the wrong dudes.

  31. Zou Loe

    Zou LoePred 3 minutami

    WC is an ancient beast tho, incomparable..

  32. M olson

    M olsonPred 3 minutami

    The term is punish, you want to punish him every time you hit him in order to discourage him from running. Hurt isn’t quite right but I see what you mean so I fixed it for you. No player really wants to hurt or injure another player, but you do want to dominate them all the same. Either way Lamar is a beast so good luck trying.

  33. Dwaun Guidry

    Dwaun GuidryPred 3 minutami

    Most of the bucs 55 came from defensive TDs

  34. Matthew Hart

    Matthew HartPred 3 minutami

    He should sign with Adidas

  35. Elmer Pendejo66

    Elmer Pendejo66Pred 3 minutami

    Crawford vs spence that’s a great fight. I see that as a draw

  36. Ashton Ogden

    Ashton OgdenPred 3 minutami

    The second guy could totally pass for Jason Sudeikis.

  37. nesseiht gnay

    nesseiht gnayPred 4 minutami

    It's just butthurt people making excuses because they couldn't stop the Patriots from winning again so crybabies can say now is "tHEy cHeATeD" 😆

  38. Alex Tikson

    Alex TiksonPred 4 minutami

    "I did notice Harden looked right at him, and didn't throw him the ball." Except he did Stephen A. and Westbrook missed. Jay was talking about the hesitation Harden had. You didn't watch the game.

  39. 213

    213Pred 4 minutami

    It doesn't matter if LeBron wins a ring with the Lakers. Because the Lakers will always be looked up as a big corporation that always got what they wanted because where they are based. Unfair advantage to everybody else. Many blue-collar Americans will never root for that type of story. The narrative is only good for California or New York with liberal views because that's where the media is mostly based in. There is no "underdog" story to this unlike his 2016 season.

  40. Moonroof

    MoonroofPred 4 minutami

    Luka God

  41. IntelligentAj1

    IntelligentAj1Pred 4 minutami

    As a Niners if we don't win it all i want the Ravens to win just watching the way they all interact

  42. lil cigga

    lil ciggaPred 4 minutami

    Stephen A “joe Rogan” Smith

  43. la recette

    la recettePred 4 minutami

    Lol 👹

  44. Loc Dawg

    Loc DawgPred 4 minutami

    The bucks only have 1 star which makes them more impressive

  45. Danish Aryyan

    Danish AryyanPred 5 minutami

    the bucks is more impressive because they lost Mirotic and brogdon and they still won

  46. LearnToStrafe

    LearnToStrafePred 5 minutami

    Skip is that you?

  47. Juan Ignacio  Gonzalez Calabro

    Juan Ignacio Gonzalez CalabroPred 5 minutami

    Kemba might be underrated defesively, but he is 6'1. Any switch on a P&R and he is done. Ben Simmons can keep up with guards, bodies up small forwards, is quicker than most power forwards and could hold its own against modern centers. Is not even a question.

  48. Mar W

    Mar WPred 6 minutami

    I only watched to see Rachel

  49. Johnny Lovelis

    Johnny LovelisPred 6 minutami

    Manny didn't run from you and really hands down beat Mayweather they just didn't give it to him

  50. KSI Starscream5

    KSI Starscream5Pred 6 minutami

    I'm a Packers fan but I honestly feel the Ravens deserve the Superbowl this year. Love the bond, hardwork, discipline, and leadership among the team. So much respect for these guys. I'm a huge LJ fan now even though last year I'd tell everyone he was overrated and now he's my favorite player. Not only because he can ball, but because of his character and personality.

  51. yo momma's toilet

    yo momma's toiletPred 6 minutami

    22 TDs 1 int since Pittsburgh

  52. glotrain tv 3

    glotrain tv 3Pred 6 minutami

    She 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💦💦💦💤💤💤

  53. bb kingme

    bb kingmePred 6 minutami

    Kevn love. Nets. Or warriors. Best fit.

  54. Random Guy

    Random GuyPred 6 minutami

    Hall of Fame GM Bill Polian said Lamar Jackson should switch to Wide Reciever. Hall of quarterback Troy Aikman said Lamar Jackson was a DAY 2(!) pick. Not round 2, day 2. Even I said he had to sit 2 years before he would be successful. I thought Lamar Jackson could make it in the NFL, I just thought he had to sit for 2 years. One reason was to pick up weight on his frame, and two, to learn how to read defenses. I never dreamed he’d be this accurate passing the ball this early in his career. 31 teams passed him up and 3 quarterbacks were drafted ahead of him. Professional evaluations really nailed it huh? I was wrong about how long it would take him to play and develop, but I always thought he could definitely play in this league. I just didn’t think he’d BE the league...

  55. Ziggy Fyve

    Ziggy FyvePred 6 minutami

    If Giannis leaves anywhere in free agency it better be to Miami I can see him fitting that culture 🔥😤

  56. Mike Swizzy

    Mike SwizzyPred 6 minutami

    Mike senior looks healthy as heck. 🤙🏽💪🏽 Lamar for MVP since week 1

  57. J P

    J PPred 7 minutami

    Duds got 4 players with one push...🤣

  58. Martin Truther

    Martin TrutherPred 7 minutami


  59. Yoshiling

    YoshilingPred 7 minutami

    If you were my son, Scott, I would be very proud.

  60. TheConqueror b

    TheConqueror bPred 7 minutami

    Bucks. Lakers got LeBron and AD, what y'all expect? Bucks kept their team and dominating even more.

  61. Ronin

    RoninPred 7 minutami

    George is one of the nicest, stand-up people in pro sports. I wish there were more like him. Fun fact, that George Foreman Grill bailed him out of financial dire straits. He didn't invent it, or have anything to do with it. He was lucky enough to have his name attached and become the spokesperson. Glad it worked out well for him.

  62. Random Guy

    Random GuyPred 7 minutami

    Building hype.

  63. Phnetty2

    Phnetty2Pred 7 minutami

    The west as more teams (and playoff teams) under .500 right now. Just saying. Might not be that much better than the east.

  64. John Smith

    John SmithPred 7 minutami

    They are not running out of time...THEY ARE OUT OF TIME

  65. Mauricio Fernandez

    Mauricio FernandezPred 7 minutami

    no doubt Bud Crawford is one of the excuses. he wants to fight everyone

  66. John Brown

    John BrownPred 7 minutami

    If you not cheatin you are not trying. They know.

  67. D M

    D MPred 8 minutami

    Stephen is just a lebron fan he doesn't even talk about Giannis and his achievements.The only think he says is "Lebron is the best of the best"

  68. bryanxle

    bryanxlePred 8 minutami

    Harbraugh is having so much fun

  69. Ryan Cleary

    Ryan ClearyPred 8 minutami

    Jimmy and LeBron have played each other 33 times but their head to head record is 18-17....explain the math to me lol

  70. Iv Faytal

    Iv FaytalPred 8 minutami

    Bro really pulled out the 2016 highlights in god such a terrible coach

  71. yoyo pez

    yoyo pezPred 8 minutami

    Bravooo Lukaaa..

  72. Damien Alexander

    Damien AlexanderPred 8 minutami

    What if he had a bowling lanes in his mansion? Could he bowl then? How about playing the Wii-Fit in front of a tv? Seriously. How far do you want to go with a RICH MAN'S lifestyle that you can't afford are you going to fault him for doing? They said, get out of the lockerroom, stay away from the team. Stay away from the PROFESSIONAL areas of your work. Going out in public is a risk for everyone. Why do you think celebrities, singers, etc don't like hugging or touching fans? Cause they get them sick. So outside the professional environment, it's fair game. You can't tell what a man can or can't do on his day off, especially when you sent him home. All you can expect is that they show up healthy for their next shift. The bad look comes from people on the 'news' talking about how it's a bad look.

  73. Desmond Wilson

    Desmond WilsonPred 8 minutami

    My night said dynamism of his game 😎

  74. Ashley McNally

    Ashley McNallyPred 8 minutami

    You were all saying last year that Lamar will be found out this year, now you're saying it about next year. Now they've been made to look like utter fucking morons their narrative is "Ravens staff knew as little as we did, don't pretend otherwise."

  75. Noah de la Rosa

    Noah de la RosaPred 8 minutami

    And i Wanted Wilson to win it... but Lamar is killing the qb role...

  76. Spencer Passmore

    Spencer PassmorePred 8 minutami

    Oh well

  77. Shekel Master69

    Shekel Master69Pred 8 minutami

    C L I F F

  78. Blk the don X exodus

    Blk the don X exodusPred 9 minutami

    It ain't over until it's over💯

  79. Coop Cooper

    Coop CooperPred 9 minutami

    Don't forget the cheating helped too!


    DEVIN DAVISPred 9 minutami

    Remember back in the day when they said Lamar shouldn’t be a QB.... he wasn’t good enough to be a QB in the NFL... funny how folks switch up

  81. David Houghton

    David HoughtonPred 9 minutami

    People thought the Heat would be down for long huh? Hahaha HEAT NATION we byke!!!!

  82. Sam

    SamPred 9 minutami

    I don't want to hear about the Matt Cassel year. That roster went 18-1 the year before and Cassel went onto make a pro bowl with the Chiefs. Any solid QB could have gotten 11 wins out of that year.

  83. JP Trj

    JP TrjPred 9 minutami

    Nahh, Crawford just taunting Pacman's camp just to make this fight happen. This has been the go-to of everyone who wanted to fight Pacman. Funny thing is, they only do this now since Manny is 40. Ooopss 😂

  84. 213

    213Pred 9 minutami

    LeBron really thought he was going to enhance his brand being a Laker. He didn't. Maybe for his post-playing career. Then he has his divisive liberal views that turned many Americans off.

  85. Courney Hallcy

    Courney HallcyPred 9 minutami

    People disrespected this dude for going there as a he doesn’t want to win move but that dude wants nothing but to win. Jimmy didn’t work in Minnesota because those dudes don’t want to win, Philly needs him but they are tied to Ben Simmons

  86. James smith

    James smithPred 9 minutami

    Who spies on the Bengals? They are the high school team of the NFL at the moment. That says a lot about the confidence in your team if you get caught spying on the worst team in the league.

  87. Mike Swizzy

    Mike SwizzyPred 10 minutami

    Is he the new Marino in Miami?


    DEVIN DAVISPred 10 minutami

    They better resign AB

  89. Lanier LyMotions Grady

    Lanier LyMotions GradyPred 10 minutami

    overated SIMMONS

  90. Noah de la Rosa

    Noah de la RosaPred 10 minutami

    Bruh this has nothing has nothing to do with ODELL!!!

  91. William Freeze

    William FreezePred 10 minutami

    Professionals thought the lakers would be the sixth seed in the west pre season. They didn't think the team was good and called our roster trash. It's clear which team is more impressive.

  92. Mike Swizzy

    Mike SwizzyPred 10 minutami

    Fix their offense? Aren’t they under investigation again?

  93. Jabez Howard

    Jabez HowardPred 10 minutami

    You see how big their smiles are !!! Genuine

  94. Evan Natland

    Evan NatlandPred 11 minutami

    dont lie now ya'll were saying jimmy was basically retiring going to miami, ppl from outside dade never know the work ethic, brutal honesty, and absolute DOG in the people there, they just be thinking sunshine and south beach. 305 for life.

  95. chosen elite76

    chosen elite76Pred 11 minutami

    Well, considering lebron is so washed according to EVERYONE you'd think the Lakers would be more impressive

  96. bonzology

    bonzologyPred 11 minutami

    All you “Carson stinks” clowns, name one eagles starting receiver. Now STFD and STFU. Give Wentz the Dallas O and they win the super bowl easily.

  97. Justin Drost

    Justin DrostPred 11 minutami

    Webber on that transition dunk in the the 3rd “how about Embiid showing he can run the floor with the best of them” Me: that’s funny considering he didn’t run back on defense

  98. clsman89

    clsman89Pred 11 minutami

    Kukoc 7 Doncic 77

  99. Stratizen X

    Stratizen XPred 11 minutami

    Private meeting with the offensive line, to much emphasis on zeke and dak, FEED the hogs.

  100. The MLH

    The MLHPred 11 minutami

    Stephen A is a joke.. a small man with a large platform.