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  1. sleazyfellow

    sleazyfellowPred 23 urami

    Greatest fights ever? That's a long list....Archie Moore vs yyvone Durrell, Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier 1, Alexis arguello Aaron Pryor 1, Tommy hearns ray leonard 1, Tommy hearns Marvin Hagler, vasili jirov James toney and I know I skipped all around the place but those are the great fights that immediately spring to mind.

  2. Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth WilliamsPred 23 urami

    Nobody cares about mr. assist!! Should been more of a killer like Mike and maybe he wouldn't 3-6 in finals!! That's the WEAKEST king I ever heard of!! We like killers not passer! Weak just like this video!!

  3. poetic heart

    poetic heartPred 23 urami

    Mf still look tough!!!✊

  4. Akiga Onefive

    Akiga OnefivePred 23 urami

    you werent in the dream team cause no ever liked you... and guess what no likes you even more today

  5. parnell saint preux

    parnell saint preuxPred 23 urami

    People forget Max had no problem with KD going to Golden State. Go back to the very first topic and the first day when Max Kellerman was on First Take with Molly and Stephen A. On the other hand, Stephen A. said it was the weakest move by a superstar.

  6. Jetlifee.travi

    Jetlifee.traviPred 23 urami

    Giannis #2 is disrespectful to proven players like KD and Kahwi

  7. Marquis Hodges

    Marquis HodgesPred 23 urami

    How can Kendrick look crazy at max. When a few months ago , didn't he told lebron that kawi is the best player right now. Make up ya mind kendrick.

  8. Felix Chavarria

    Felix ChavarriaPred 23 urami

    Make it sound like Brady never got paid, look back at history. Brady's 2nd contract made him the highest paid player in the league even Peyton Manning was behind him. Brady started to take less on his 3rd n subsequent contracts after he legally married his super model girlfriend who already had given him a child. She was worth more than n still is. Let's not rewrite history now.

  9. Roger Long

    Roger LongPred 23 urami

    It's been said ..... it's those local tv deals . The hawks need 5 more games played to get the money .

  10. Stinger Splash Entertainment

    Stinger Splash EntertainmentPred 23 urami

    Vince really could have just had him drop it to anyone but Shawn 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. leductdh

    leductdhPred 23 urami

    This man...Is awesome.

  12. mikeyy425

    mikeyy425Pred 23 urami

    Still hasnt changed for me: 1)Julio 2)AB 3)DHOP 4)Odell {bout to get the boot}... 5)Evans,

  13. Meunego Xixi

    Meunego XixiPred 23 urami

    Shame on you, Serena.

  14. Rocky Don

    Rocky DonPred 23 urami

    I like hop but I hope DJ goes off at Houston. Dude has a lot of potential

  15. lorelaycf

    lorelaycfPred 23 urami

    Fergie and this one are the worse.....please stop these people from ruining the National Anthom.....

  16. Ivalina Passe

    Ivalina PassePred 23 urami

    No excuse for these Police Officers to have done this to this Man!!!!!Such a Disrespect of Life Horrible unnecessary!!!! They all should be charged for Murder!!!

  17. Hard on the Gas Gtboyz

    Hard on the Gas GtboyzPred 23 urami

    Sorry Steven we are treated less than dog mike Vick went jail for killing a Dog let’s see what will happen to this 👮‍♀️.

  18. Rocky Don

    Rocky DonPred 23 urami

    Julio hands down

  19. Jetlifee.travi

    Jetlifee.traviPred 23 urami

    Kawhi already exposed Giannis in the post season last year. I ain't taking him if I want a championship. He's a regular season player.

  20. Duane Clarke

    Duane ClarkePred 23 urami

    Sorry SAS.. Ya boy cant stay on The field. He is a Hall of Famer but he's done and not that much better than the other two that got drafted. Eli will be a first ballot Just like Bem

  21. Its Yokes

    Its YokesPred 23 urami

    If a 410 pound guy can dunk so can he

  22. Jonathan Dee The One And Only

    Jonathan Dee The One And OnlyPred 23 urami

    The Ravens will have an easier division this year than people think.

  23. David Jackson

    David JacksonPred 23 urami

    I wish Megatron was around to teach these fellas, INCLUDING JULIO

  24. Cesare Antonio

    Cesare AntonioPred 23 urami

    It's funny they are so vague about the 180 hits that many were on kneel down or when he drived down, he was just touched or pushed/tagged on the back when going out of bounds

  25. jon snipe

    jon snipePred 23 urami

    Bout time mark started talking.. What a career

  26. Rice King

    Rice KingPred 23 urami

    The Patriots offense isnt "throw the ball to open man" thats TOM BRADY. Not the offense lol. Its literally been his philosophy. Like its LITERALLY his quote lmfao. And Arians said the SAME thing

  27. boxx wiition

    boxx wiitionPred 23 urami

    The rockets have beaten them twice this season already

  28. Hammeraffe Jo

    Hammeraffe JoPred 23 urami

    No cap i want see zion vs lebron playoffs

  29. Jetlifee.travi

    Jetlifee.traviPred 23 urami

    Max took them boys to school with this one 😂

  30. 2 Ayden23Smith 3

    2 Ayden23Smith 3Pred 23 urami

    Not the best.. The cockiest

  31. Jonathan Dee The One And Only

    Jonathan Dee The One And OnlyPred 23 urami

    Just build a defense around him, simple as that!

  32. Jesse Agent

    Jesse AgentPred 23 urami

    Yo it’s like the only way these haters will shut up is if Lebron leads the Hornets to a ring and averages 50 22 30 wins MVP, Finals MVP, and average 84 45 60 in the playoffs. Like chill he still 35.😂😂

  33. Hard on the Gas Gtboyz

    Hard on the Gas GtboyzPred 23 urami

    What happened to Mr Floyd was truly in humane.

  34. Jess Mckeown

    Jess MckeownPred 23 urami

    No Dak Is An Average QB at Best. Jerry Please Don't Cave On A Huge Deal

  35. Alf P

    Alf PPred 23 urami

    Looks like a single leg takedown

  36. Cameron Goldberg

    Cameron GoldbergPred 23 urami

    Why? Josh Allen is more proven. He deserves it.

  37. SaintOfTheMostHigh 82

    SaintOfTheMostHigh 82Pred 23 urami

    Psy op in broad day light

  38. rell 7

    rell 7Pred 23 urami

    Ab will be back this season and will be great. The nfl is wrong for holding him out but best believe he’ll be back. You guys already see russ wants him. Teams want a ring so when Rodger clears him he’ll be back

  39. Dave Aleman

    Dave AlemanPred 23 urami

    It's really hard to make the show.

  40. Chris Callaway

    Chris CallawayPred 23 urami

    Him an kawhi the same player “

  41. rianrosco

    rianroscoPred 23 urami

    Wow that was terrible. Its 2020 find a better way to video chat without delays lmao


    BOODRO WEBBPred 23 urami

    Didnt know he is a Cowboys fan...

  43. James Latham

    James LathamPred 23 urami

    And it happened today I'm black so why that black guy had to say something to me just because I didn't give him a cigarette and y'all talk about cops no it's not cops just because just because I was in LD don't mean nobody can say whatever they want to me and that's not all cops black people too so if you want to blame somebody don't point the finger at the cop

  44. Tong Zou

    Tong ZouPred 23 urami

    he was also an astounding passer from the PF position averaged more than 4 assists a game is crazy for a big man

  45. Lebreda McElroy

    Lebreda McElroyPred 23 urami

    U nail this interview BLACK U KNOCK IT OUT THE BOX THANK U!! POSTED PEACE OUR !!*️⃣🗣🎒

  46. THE domo

    THE domoPred 23 urami


  47. Marcus Williams

    Marcus WilliamsPred 23 urami


  48. White Wolf

    White WolfPred 23 urami

    Hahahahahaha no

  49. Marquez McClinton

    Marquez McClintonPred 23 urami

    Bron missed his first Finals in 5+ years...and suddenly another player is the best. Heck no

  50. David Avraham

    David AvrahamPred 23 urami

    A golf player is a better athlete than lebron ok espn

  51. Eric Rangel

    Eric RangelPred 23 urami

    I love how the living legend is a cowboys fan.

  52. Pat4Clippers

    Pat4ClippersPred 23 urami

    All I'm doing is watching looting videos on SLgo like a Best Buy looted in Emeryville, a Vans store in Santa Monica, and Rodeo Drive getting ransacked.

  53. Ric H

    Ric HPred 23 urami

    If the Chiefs pay Mahomes what he's worth, their Dynasty will end after 2 seasons because they can't afford to put a Roster around him.

  54. Sukmybarf

    SukmybarfPred 23 urami

    Josh Allen took his team to the playoffs and has the best arm in the league he is the best ontill tua developes

  55. Rizzuan Abdul Rashid

    Rizzuan Abdul RashidPred 23 urami

    I love undertaker interviews! I surely gonna hears deadman talking for years to come..

  56. James Latham

    James LathamPred 23 urami

    A black person said something to me just because I didn't give him a cigarette and I am a black young boy so I called the police because if I had hurt him I would be in trouble

  57. mikeyy425

    mikeyy425Pred 23 urami

    Said DHop was 2nd in yards. Julio is 1st and closer to tenth in targets. Let that sink in

  58. Brandon Clarke

    Brandon ClarkePred 23 urami

    Max is a wild person. Brady's not MJ? Brady got six WENT TO 9. Somewhere around 17 AFC championships. Only missed the playoffs once. One the super bowl his rookie season. I know it's nice real rookie but it's his rookie. Stop disrespecting my man Tom

  59. CAC CAC

    CAC CACPred 23 urami

    Not a fan of bron but he is the 1. If kawhi can have a top 15 to 20 player in George and still have the deeper team compared to bron and people is praising him but bron ad a top 7 player and his team's depth is weaker and bron is scrutinized. Just because bron was absent for a single year because his team was so young means he isnt the best anymore?

  60. Hs 4a08

    Hs 4a08Pred 23 urami

    Danny mention Bron but not Kawhi? Someone doesn’t want to get traded lol

  61. Marquez McClinton

    Marquez McClintonPred 23 urami

    Max needs a vacation

  62. Clint Hammer

    Clint HammerPred 23 urami

    Remember all those people murdered in Chicago... Oh, I guess not. I guess it's not important to the media. Can't make a riot out of that I suppose.

  63. Willie Beaty iv

    Willie Beaty ivPred 23 urami

    I love it

  64. The Discussion

    The DiscussionPred 23 urami

    Max has nothing new to say about Wentz lol. He uses the same analogy every time.

  65. Leonie Rogers

    Leonie RogersPred 23 urami

    Why is they playing music while he is talking disrespectful

  66. Junior Bo2343

    Junior Bo2343Pred 23 urami

    Man tweets: I bet I could kiss her better than her husband ESPN host do you know why your here today?

  67. Derrick Gaines

    Derrick GainesPred 23 urami

    Something we can all agree on is JULIO IS THE MOST RESPECTED WR

  68. 0 0

    0 0Pred 23 urami

    It's definitely easier and logical to believe Taker on this one than believing a guy who blames Vince Russo for his fingerpook of doom.

  69. Kemal Tosun

    Kemal TosunPred 23 urami

    Its just a beautiful show without molly

  70. jbugg

    jbuggPred 23 urami

    I heard some say Perk is the new Ryan Hollins lol


    IYPITWLPred 23 urami

    People out here chicken pecking Scottie. Dude was an all time great on both sides of the ball. He didnt have to worry about scoring as much bc he had Michael, so he watched film on defense. Watch this video again. He knew their plays, where the ball would move and where people liked to shoot from.

  72. Adam Albright

    Adam AlbrightPred 23 urami

    To fake

  73. Rizzuan Abdul Rashid

    Rizzuan Abdul RashidPred 23 urami


  74. brian killacky

    brian killackyPred 23 urami

    I have a salary cap question. What stops a team like the chiefs starting a clothing/food/shoe line and giving their players massive endorsement deals but give them league minimum contracts to stay under the cap?

  75. Nabeel Khan

    Nabeel KhanPred 23 urami

    Heart breaking 💔

  76. Drk22

    Drk22Pred 23 urami


  77. Lunah24 Steven

    Lunah24 StevenPred 23 urami

    Ravens Nation! ! ! ! Baby! ! ! # Big Truss! ! !

  78. Mike Mirch

    Mike MirchPred 23 urami

    Undertaker is the only guy to ever beat Hogan for the WWE World title TWICE...And technically he is responsible for ending 3 of his reigns, because Hogan was stripped of the title after he won it back from Taker at Tuesday in Texas. No body else on the planet can say that they ended 3 of Hulk Hogan's 6 WWE Title reigns!

  79. Denzel Asante

    Denzel AsantePred 23 urami

    bruh Max was 100%right. WHATS WRONG WITH SOME OF YOU. how's harden better than steph

  80. Petr Athan

    Petr AthanPred 23 urami

    Football is the greatest sport in the world. Messi is the greatest player in football history. Ergo, Messi is the GOAT of athletes. Next debate, please.

  81. solo Isthename

    solo IsthenamePred 23 urami

    Mike is petty, all because Isiah didnt shake his hands, Isiah was hurt they lost, it was bad sportsmanship but to actually say you hate him and your not gonna play if Isiah is playing, that's some petty shhh!!!

  82. Rizzuan Abdul Rashid

    Rizzuan Abdul RashidPred 23 urami

    I would like to hear talks for years.. Thats my man..

  83. Gcool243

    Gcool243Pred 23 urami

    Russell Westbrook is an incredible player, but some of his shot choices are so horrible. He’s just inconsistent and not efficient enough at the moment

  84. Ivan

    IvanPred 23 urami

    KD is the best all around scorer right now

  85. Mark Morris

    Mark MorrisPred 23 urami

    Interviewer likes to hear herself talk too much.

  86. Bob Flippa

    Bob FlippaPred 23 urami

    They should drop Derek off at night in the middle of the protests. That's the only way I would be satisfied.

  87. jpin0002 jpin0002

    jpin0002 jpin0002Pred 23 urami

    Lol he's the sole superstar on the team with the best record in the league. Clearly the only way to get #1 is to be named LeBron. This staging is getting ridiculous.

  88. Feelz

    FeelzPred dnevom

    Chris Godwin had better avg than both of them just saying

  89. ImRecord

    ImRecordPred dnevom

    If anybody else was averaging 34.5-6.5-7.5 they would be the undisputed best player in the NBA...

  90. Orange Ninja

    Orange NinjaPred dnevom

    They need to make one with the migos or drake

  91. Sol Ramirez

    Sol RamirezPred dnevom

    The reason why people are rioting is because there was a video showing the cop on top of George, but there were no riots at the time of Ahmaud Arbery's death, I don't understand this world

  92. conte tomeck

    conte tomeckPred dnevom


  93. Monchis805

    Monchis805Pred dnevom

    Prime Tyson would destroy Ali in under 2 min!

  94. Dillon Webbe

    Dillon WebbePred dnevom

    Not only black people are waking up with a heavy heart. Any person who considers themself a decent human should be waking up with a heavy heart. There are some racial issues here, but fundamentally this comes down to human decency which transcends race.

  95. Marcos Gallardo

    Marcos GallardoPred dnevom

    Molly has to be the most annoying moderator in history have no idea how she still has a job

  96. andre jamison

    andre jamisonPred dnevom

    SAS is wrong. Jimmy King was the number 1 SG coming out of hs. Rose was the number 1 swingman coming out of SW in Detroit. Jimmy King was 6"5 and could shoot and Jump plus play Defense. Stephen A is wrong this time

  97. metalnitro99

    metalnitro99Pred dnevom

    I would take Ja tbh.

  98. Daniel Jenkins

    Daniel JenkinsPred dnevom

    I think it's a problem if we think that sports cam solve any of these problems. The only things sports do is make us forget or make those fighting for it passive.

  99. Mega Bills

    Mega BillsPred dnevom

    I never called 911 in my life and armed well enough where I will never have to unless it’s for them to come pick a body up. Police got guns and so do I....what do I need to call them for if a problem is in front of me and 10 times outta 10 they exacerbate the problem

  100. Rome ITaly

    Rome ITalyPred dnevom

    Why do they ask Max questions on Dallas he clearly has a Anti Dallas objective smh