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We Broke Up.

We Broke Up.

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  1. Tim

    TimPred 2 minutami

    Gigi noooooo

  2. Liliana Kiraz

    Liliana KirazPred 2 minutami

    great surgery

  3. Monique H

    Monique HPred 4 minutami

    When I saw Jeffree put on that wig I immediately thought of Lord Farquaad from Shrek. 😂😂

  4. Duck Man?

    Duck Man?Pred 5 minutami


  5. Jacki Hubbard

    Jacki HubbardPred 6 minutami

    Absolutely love the hair. The make up is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely need to see Gigi Star

  6. cunderw12

    cunderw12Pred 6 minutami

    It looks so good! I wanna know what JS was Thinking during the processes. lol

  7. Luscious Ce

    Luscious CePred 7 minutami

    I love Gigi’s attitude she’s so chill

  8. Emily Mercer

    Emily MercerPred 11 minutami

    Love how sweet he is towards his fans ❤

  9. Jasmine Miller

    Jasmine MillerPred 11 minutami


  10. nvaranavage

    nvaranavagePred 13 minutami

    Oh my god, the Money Honey one I need to buy for my daughter who is 7. She wants to be a mermaid for Halloween!

  11. Ipsita M

    Ipsita MPred 20 minutami

    Why does this only have 2 million views?

  12. Steven Baker

    Steven BakerPred 21 minuto

    Ok, I can actually relate to jeffree star in this! I couldn't do any of that stuff.

  13. siomara molina

    siomara molinaPred 22 minutami

    hi i am late lol

  14. Tamara Castro

    Tamara CastroPred 24 minutami

    STUNNIIIIIIING!!!! 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍

  15. maestro kadiro

    maestro kadiroPred 25 minutami

    Hah gayyyy

  16. Micaela Maxwell

    Micaela MaxwellPred 28 minutami

    Anybody else think Gigi looks like Margot Robbie or is it just me

  17. Madeline Kincer

    Madeline KincerPred 28 minutami

    ok but can you transform lipstick nick into you

  18. Kaitlyn DeBoer

    Kaitlyn DeBoerPred 28 minutami

    #Southdakotan love Mt. Rushmore!!!!!!

  19. nvaranavage

    nvaranavagePred 29 minutami

    "you can use any lip"......I approve JeffreeStar! I think it's awesome that he says to use whatever lip stick you want.......shows that he is a humble person, and supports all different brands, not just his.

  20. iiMineshaft

    iiMineshaftPred 29 minutami

    who else watching this in 2020? news flash this foundation works now, they changed the formula probably. I'm wearing it right now and it matches my skin. :/

  21. Monique H

    Monique HPred 32 minutami

    Gigi and Jeffree literally look like siblings!

  22. san's mountain

    san's mountainPred 33 minutami

    I just woke up and shook I thought jeffree have a twin. I'm shook by the similarities

  23. Melissa Weberg

    Melissa WebergPred 35 minutami

    I am DYING at the Mt Rushmore part. I'm from SD and there isn't shit else here 🙄🤦😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. riah estrada

    riah estradaPred 37 minutami

    Jeffrey is queen 👑🔥We want a Gigi Star !!

  25. Moony

    MoonyPred 38 minutami

    1:43 "Look it their *Kissing* " Giving hints ay?

  26. Holly Michelle

    Holly MichellePred 40 minutami

    why did i get a trump birthday ad before this lmfao

  27. Mel Valentine

    Mel ValentinePred 42 minutami

    😰🤯 isolation, social distancing!?😥 you still have people dieing from this virus, please stop risking yourselves and others . Millions watch you so like it or not you are influencing them in more than makeup. This IS said with love, just very concerned seeing this. Its hard but everyone needs to do the right thing. 😔

  28. Zamantha Valdes

    Zamantha ValdesPred 42 minutami

    2020 Is The Worst Year

  29. Kell K

    Kell KPred 42 minutami

    Jeffree u need to make a bronzed goddess palette

  30. Olivia Brennan

    Olivia BrennanPred 44 minutami

    she looks fucking terrified 👁👄👁

  31. carolina

    carolinaPred 44 minutami

    shane's nose is so iconic

  32. Melody Acosta

    Melody AcostaPred 44 minutami

    Damn right same here before i do a purchase. Hello. Huntyy

  33. DRIA. [Fierra2000]

    DRIA. [Fierra2000]Pred 45 minutami

    Why Gigi put the foundation on her nice glove ? 😭😭

  34. Carol Chimirri

    Carol ChimirriPred 46 minutami

    I loveeeeee GIGI!!!😍

  35. Isaku Kamui

    Isaku KamuiPred 49 minutami

    I got mine ordered! Thank you for the email reply Jeffree!

  36. Angel Velez

    Angel VelezPred 49 minutami

    We need to see crystal’s make up on u pllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. Kayla Brown

    Kayla BrownPred 56 minutami

    Is this collection going to be permanent? I hope so! ❤

  38. Rita M

    Rita MPred 56 minutami

    Gigi has the perfect cheekbones

  39. Rebecca Stuck

    Rebecca StuckPred 56 minutami

    Why does Jeffree look like Gigi’s older sister

  40. Ruthie Ragin

    Ruthie RaginPred 58 minutami

    AND THAT MS. MOWMA IS ON P👏E👏R👏I👏O👏D👏T!! Yasssssssssss transform Gigi to Gigi Star

  41. Mr Haney

    Mr HaneyPred 58 minutami

    Two Fudge Packers!

  42. Haleigh Alexis

    Haleigh AlexisPred 58 minutami

    loveeeeee you sm but you need a new camera man luv lmao

  43. Ky Winters

    Ky WintersPred 59 minutami


  44. arianaqueen 4evaxoxo

    arianaqueen 4evaxoxoPred uro

    Why does Jeffree look like Tana here 24:21

  45. magicalkatie95

    magicalkatie95Pred uro

    When there is a trump ad before Jeffrey’s video 😑

  46. RubberBand Clan

    RubberBand ClanPred uro

    Gay af

  47. Maria Canto

    Maria CantoPred uro

    Jeffree looked like a kid in a candy store, he couldn’t be happier!

  48. Chloe Brown

    Chloe BrownPred uro

    i feel like this is kinda awkward

  49. Sophia Escobar

    Sophia EscobarPred uro

    I want to see that transformation 🤪

  50. Baracus Obamus

    Baracus ObamusPred uro

    Coronavirus where you at

  51. Sara Miller

    Sara MillerPred uro

    Me:* wonders why all my make up pallets are broken* also me 11:14

  52. madisonislovely

    madisonislovelyPred uro

    Shave my brows!!! 🖤🖤🖤

  53. Elham Rezvani

    Elham RezvaniPred uro

    why do their actions/expressions seem so fake?

  54. J E

    J EPred uro

    should have had the winner of the season, sure she would have loved the exposure to the millions of people that watch your videos..third best it is? ha

  55. Blaackay B%tch

    Blaackay B%tchPred uro

    BlueFace Baby

  56. Emmaline

    EmmalinePred uro

    Gigi is so freaking cute! That nose!!! Love her

  57. Moose Johnson

    Moose JohnsonPred uro

    Yes I get you and I've been there too.

  58. Alexis Playz

    Alexis PlayzPred uro

    Jeffresrar is one of those people that look good without eyebrows

  59. Sudhey

    SudheyPred uro

    OH MY LORD THE FUCKING LICENSE PLATE SAYS FRUITY PEBBLE I’m deceased literally I loveee him 😭😭❤️

  60. Kristen Walton

    Kristen WaltonPred uro

    Love all your tattoos & i love all the stories behind them!! ❤

  61. mer iem

    mer iemPred uro

    Wowww bravo gigi

  62. Richard Hunter

    Richard HunterPred uro

    I would literally watch a series where Jeffree just Colabs and talks with different People/SLgors while shaving their eyebrows haha

  63. Crystle Carreras-Lanusa

    Crystle Carreras-LanusaPred uro

    Okayyyyy but this look though. You’re fuckin hot😫

  64. Dana Eskew

    Dana EskewPred uro

    I NEED Gigi Star to happen! PLEASE!!!!

  65. mer iem

    mer iemPred uro

    2 star

  66. Engadi Ortiz

    Engadi OrtizPred uro

    Jeffree reminds me of a “Got Milk” commercial with the white stache line love it

  67. Sophia SouthBurg

    Sophia SouthBurgPred uro

    omg Jeffre us so serious then Garret is just Garret i love it so much XD

  68. Shrimp Babette

    Shrimp BabettePred uro

    Jeffree looks like the mom from Jimmy Neutron, SO iconic.

  69. bilias hour

    bilias hourPred uro

    into the emergency room while everything was dark and thats all i remember. Im proud of you if you read all that i know it was long lol.

  70. Dawnosaurous Rex

    Dawnosaurous RexPred uro

    Wait what about the time Jeffree transformed Shane into him?

  71. mer iem

    mer iemPred uro

    Jeffree i like you ♥

  72. Crystal Cain

    Crystal CainPred uro

    Yes Jeffery turn Gigi into Sister Starr ⭐

  73. Dasha UwU

    Dasha UwUPred uro

    When Gigi said Nicki did she mean doll? Or tutorials?

  74. Danny Duhhh

    Danny DuhhhPred uro

    You should bring back Adore for another video! Or try getting Alaska 😂

  75. mimi khaute

    mimi khautePred uro


  76. Rachel Nance

    Rachel NancePred uro

    Was I the only one that felt a like connection between them?? Like they were low key flirting

  77. Gacha Luna :3

    Gacha Luna :3Pred uro

    Hold up what if u get kittens?

  78. youlo yolo

    youlo yoloPred uro

    i’m dyslexic and i’m offended by palettes with words

  79. Trillpapi

    TrillpapiPred uro

    Bruh wtf 🤣

  80. Lilah Mack

    Lilah MackPred uro

    Take a shot every time he says definitely

  81. noorios

    nooriosPred uro


  82. Qween Of Rblx

    Qween Of RblxPred uro

    I think you should try make a horror movie and it can be called The Cursed Star Mirror

  83. Layla N

    Layla NPred uro

    2020 anyone

  84. Princess Sloth

    Princess SlothPred uro


  85. Lucy Collier

    Lucy CollierPred uro

    My friend’s cousin built this house it took like Ike maybe 1 and a half week

  86. Janet Whiddon

    Janet WhiddonPred uro

    Bone structure is the key. You can put one million dollars of makeup on me and I would like a gutter rat compared to these two.

  87. Katherine Maldonado

    Katherine MaldonadoPred uro

    Transform GiGi ♥️

  88. Its Just D

    Its Just DPred uro

    1200 Jeffree oh my god that’s crazy but there cute and I love u boo

  89. Irish iz

    Irish izPred uro

    If the "shave bus" every came to NYC I would fight someone to be 1st in line !!!! PLEASE DO IT !!!

  90. -Marie-

    -Marie-Pred 2 urami

    ok twinnzzzz <3

  91. Gacha_ Talia

    Gacha_ TaliaPred 2 urami

    why does jeffree look normal without eyebrows but me with a slit eyebrow i look like charlie puth if he was trans

  92. Adrian 1996

    Adrian 1996Pred 2 urami

    Jesus Christ La llorona 🤣, it looks really cool

  93. Jose Guzman

    Jose GuzmanPred 2 urami


  94. Lucero Zamarron

    Lucero ZamarronPred 2 urami

    No se si solo soy yo... pero como que la plática estuvo meh

  95. Gracie Shell

    Gracie ShellPred 2 urami

    Jeffree is definitely high in this video. look at his eyes.

  96. Eileen Stevenson

    Eileen StevensonPred 2 urami

    Social distance who? *rolls eyes*

  97. Summer Haslam

    Summer HaslamPred 2 urami

    Glam&gore: 15, I was a baby Me: I’m 12, does that mean I’m a newborn? *or Unborn...*

  98. summer

    summerPred 2 urami

    Jeffree's hair is on fleek.

  99. Evie Shaw

    Evie ShawPred 2 urami

    Jeffree is literally like Santa on drugs. I love all of these guys they seem like such genuine nice people ❤️

  100. Mas C8

    Mas C8Pred 2 urami

    I hate you