Chris Smoove
Chris Smoove
Chris Smoove

  1. shaquail green

    shaquail greenPred minuto

    Spurs missing Kawhi yet lmaoooo?

  2. Vinh N

    Vinh NPred 5 minutami

    Is Jamal okay? Or he still crying

  3. MJ GAMER 448

    MJ GAMER 448Pred 9 minutami


  4. King Euro

    King EuroPred 9 minutami

    Demar defrozen

  5. Halo Kosovo

    Halo KosovoPred 13 minutami

    umm does Thompson think he's a big shot? Dude can't attack, mediocre at defend and he's still entitled?

  6. Javier Cepeda

    Javier CepedaPred 14 minutami

    All I can think of is people saying the pelicans and the Knicks would surprise me back when the season started

  7. Studio 27

    Studio 27Pred 14 minutami

    Luka “The Don” Doncic

  8. Bayu Adhitya Pamugkas

    Bayu Adhitya PamugkasPred 15 minutami


  9. Tyrie Singletary

    Tyrie SingletaryPred 16 minutami

    Sad how love is the only one left in Cleveland

  10. Kingston

    KingstonPred 18 minutami

    First possession was a travel

  11. MJ GAMER 448

    MJ GAMER 448Pred 20 minutami

    His agent got singing NOTES " baby" 6:00

  12. Syed Ali

    Syed AliPred 22 minutami

    Y'all talking about how Joel couldn't be stop, but Enes canter is underrated he made big plays for Celtics off the bench.

  13. JEREMIAH Walton

    JEREMIAH WaltonPred 27 minutami


  14. Bryan Valencia

    Bryan ValenciaPred 28 minutami

    Lmfao I knew he was Ganna say “KEVIN LUVVVVVVVV”

  15. Gered Bowman

    Gered BowmanPred 30 minutami

    Tristan Thompson mad he is not on the trading block lol

  16. faisal Ibnat

    faisal IbnatPred 31 minuto

    So nice video, Must be weird hearing a different voice in your body/face

  17. Randy Jackson

    Randy JacksonPred 32 minutami

    Lmaooo derozen so garbage it’s sad

  18. Rico

    RicoPred 32 minutami

    Defrozen ❄⛄

  19. Mark Meza

    Mark MezaPred 34 minutami

    Wow rudy was wide open

  20. Brandi Martinez

    Brandi MartinezPred 39 minutami

    Them niggas were bullying Howard 😂😂

  21. El Marocano

    El MarocanoPred 42 minutami

    Harden haters what u got for us today?

  22. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie GriffinPred 43 minutami

    Great video

  23. Yurhomi 24

    Yurhomi 24Pred 44 minutami

    Someone the other day told me DeRozan doesn’t have a clutch gene in his body. Maybe he was right.

  24. Ari Haryono

    Ari HaryonoPred 46 minutami

    Trade thompson for draft pick cavs paid him for nothing shit player , burn money for idiot

  25. Philipp Skrzeczkowski

    Philipp SkrzeczkowskiPred 47 minutami

    Look at Melo heading the ball on purpose at 0:35 lol

  26. Daly Mutini

    Daly MutiniPred 50 minutami

    They just released another trailer... A Year Later 😂...

  27. test

    testPred 51 minuto

    The fact Tristan Thompson is still on the team after that shows how bad of an organization the Cavs really are

  28. Jared Dudley

    Jared DudleyPred 58 minutami


  29. Harvey Baya Ebon

    Harvey Baya EbonPred 59 minutami

    Dude, no Sac Vs OKC? That game was thriller. Uggh

  30. KingRetroXI

    KingRetroXIPred 59 minutami

    Drummond got his shit banged on 😂

  31. get handles

    get handlesPred 59 minutami

    I havent seen the guy named DeMarvelous DeChosen in the comments in a long ass time

  32. John Doe

    John DoePred uro

    Derozan as we know him

  33. DevRaj Karki

    DevRaj KarkiPred uro

    nice game to p;ay

  34. Jawaun Buckley

    Jawaun BuckleyPred uro

    Embiid heard Charles and Shaq

  35. Z3r0 Hammerlock

    Z3r0 HammerlockPred uro

    His name alone says, what he wanna do? Iwundu

  36. Brennan Bean

    Brennan BeanPred uro

    Thanks for talking smack, Shaq and Charles!

  37. Ghogfdfhb Cvhgddbh

    Ghogfdfhb CvhgddbhPred uro

    I would’ve benched Tristan Thompson

  38. Kunal Moon

    Kunal MoonPred uro

    I told it earlier DeRozan is a bonifide choker,,.

  39. Fabian Garcia

    Fabian GarciaPred uro

    Where the hell is @DeMarvelousDeChosen?

  40. Ghostkiller166

    Ghostkiller166Pred uro

    TT has been a problem child for a few years now, accept your role Tristan. If you can't do that join another team.

  41. Crazy Handles

    Crazy HandlesPred uro

    Detroit need relocation to a Canadian city so does Memphis

  42. Douglas Ariga

    Douglas ArigaPred uro

    All the youngins keep using and abusing Drummond, not cool

  43. Tony Kisaragi

    Tony KisaragiPred uro

    Kevin Loooooooooove 🤣👍

  44. Vonte Ross

    Vonte RossPred uro

    Defrozens whole career has been a series of disappointment

  45. Diego Perez

    Diego PerezPred uro

    Clippers in 6

  46. LOLph GAMINGtv

    LOLph GAMINGtvPred uro

    nice video

  47. Pnut Games

    Pnut GamesPred uro

    0:44 JELLY 🍇

  48. Abdihussle 4real

    Abdihussle 4realPred uro

    That was a clear foul for kemba!

  49. Rəvan Nuriyev

    Rəvan NuriyevPred uro

    Hey smoove why you dont show C.Osman's highlights? he doing great job!!

  50. Jack Cole

    Jack ColePred uro

    ring with middle finger emoji

  51. josh m

    josh mPred uro

    Why isn’t smoove on load management

  52. Jay 13

    Jay 13Pred uro

    Viva México! Compa chris

  53. Devin Harp

    Devin HarpPred uro

    Demar defrozen is back

  54. Matthew

    MatthewPred uro


  55. Tom Baxendale

    Tom BaxendalePred uro

    DeRozan choking against Cleveland. Some things never change...

  56. wong cj

    wong cjPred uro

    Choose ur stupid Thompson!

  57. BjrTheo

    BjrTheoPred uro

    Poor DeMar I love him :’(

  58. Ahri

    AhriPred uro

    "Kemba couldnt be stopped" shot 38% xd

  59. gula-gula getah sabah

    gula-gula getah sabahPred uro

    Hey guys, do you know when will the Smoove hat be available?

  60. Kenny Blackburn

    Kenny BlackburnPred uro

    Jason Richardson push jaylen brown watch his hand 🖐

  61. ac2397

    ac2397Pred uro

    Shaq and Chuck criticized the all nba second team center after a game where he beat and out performed the all nba first team center just because embiid didn't put up 30...

  62. zaubnino77

    zaubnino77Pred uro

    Embiid is so strange, one day he plays well, one day he doesn't

  63. Anas Hussain

    Anas HussainPred uro

    0:35 boop 😂😂😂

  64. Andrew Guillmette

    Andrew GuillmettePred uro

    Kemba got mugged

  65. bob saget

    bob sagetPred uro

    Pop definitely retiring

  66. GKR Welding

    GKR WeldingPred uro

    Lakers better then the clippers

  67. Steve happy bear johannsen

    Steve happy bear johannsenPred uro

    appreciate the work you put in chris. merry christmas brother.....

  68. Julian P

    Julian PPred uro

    Nice 😂👍🏻

  69. shawns bot

    shawns botPred uro

    Demar detrashcan

  70. josh m

    josh mPred 2 urami

    Why smoove selling baseball caps in the winter???

  71. Jonny Gomes

    Jonny GomesPred 2 urami

    Demar Defrozen with the Derainbow Hairline back at it in playoff mode 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  72. TheNextManimal

    TheNextManimalPred 2 urami

    Tristain Thompson w that cherry picking gameplay

  73. Emanuele

    EmanuelePred 2 urami

    0:47 the hustle, the speed, the Rosen 😂😂

  74. HustlerKid

    HustlerKidPred 2 urami


  75. jaye keeling

    jaye keelingPred 2 urami

    Kevin Looooooooove

  76. Ray Smith

    Ray SmithPred 2 urami

    0:24 His own teammate ran into him... I wonder how..

  77. Susan Heffley

    Susan HeffleyPred 2 urami

    So we gonna ignore them weird ass 3s Kemba made🤔🤔

  78. Porkee Pig

    Porkee PigPred 2 urami


  79. Yamcha Ultra Instinct

    Yamcha Ultra InstinctPred 2 urami

    That's why no one didnt want to pick him up because he wanted to be a starter instead of being a 6 man to a starter

  80. never say die

    never say diePred 2 urami

    Stupid thompson wanna fight his old coach. He wants to be traded obviously

  81. Tyree Collins

    Tyree CollinsPred 2 urami

    And that’s how Embiid respond to Shaq & Charles’s criticism. Keep it up big man

  82. Ekko*

    Ekko*Pred 2 urami

    If I was Cavs coach, I'd make a phone call right there in front of Thompson to send him to Gleague the same day. What a disgrace.

  83. Dimitris Qwerty

    Dimitris QwertyPred 2 urami

    Ιm starting to miss the hippo

  84. tka060681

    tka060681Pred 2 urami

    All the team are gonna try to sign Kevin love soon.

  85. John tristan Manayan

    John tristan ManayanPred 2 urami

    Luka MVP 🔥🏀🏀

  86. Matthew Capistrano

    Matthew CapistranoPred 2 urami

    No one: Smoove: KEVIN LUVVVVV

  87. Nico Eugster

    Nico EugsterPred 2 urami

    Spurs fans are angry hahaha. At least my boy Jakob beasting and feasting

  88. Cold Water

    Cold WaterPred 2 urami

    jayson tatum is a beast

  89. Imba Payne Aj

    Imba Payne AjPred 2 urami


  90. Gang time

    Gang timePred 2 urami

    Why is Paul there

  91. firdaus El Amien

    firdaus El AmienPred 2 urami

    Luca is beautiful

  92. dolce gabbana

    dolce gabbanaPred 2 urami

    Embiid is not consistent dont worry he will desapear in playoffs

  93. Ghostf4ce 7

    Ghostf4ce 7Pred 2 urami


  94. dolce gabbana

    dolce gabbanaPred 2 urami

    Luka having so much fun and that dunk from Porzingis...

  95. eadekolu

    eadekoluPred 2 urami

    I can't believe my Spurs are a embarrassing team

  96. Jeremy Camacho

    Jeremy CamachoPred 2 urami

    Tristan Thompson misses LeBron lol

  97. Richky

    RichkyPred 2 urami

    Watch out the landing ja, be safe


    LOVE EXPRESSPred 2 urami

    thank you

  99. Shyne Simms

    Shyne SimmsPred 2 urami

    He brought them a chip they better had cheered him 😭

  100. Luke

    LukePred 2 urami

    What’s new with DeFrozen 🤷‍♂️