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    Who else saw his cavities at 1:02?

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  4. S Delarosa

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    Always fight for who you are 💓✊🏿 together we are strong

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    the two most iconic black guys in the same show

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    Kto z Polski 2019//2020

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    He so cute

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    I love you Ellen DeGeneres 😇

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    Her legs 🦵

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    Was it the 1800s lady

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    Billie Almost Swear On 0:50!

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    Good relation ship

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  14. Jerms V77

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    Ellen, Thank you for sharing this message. We do not share all of the same beliefs and that's a good thing. We need diversity in life but it doesn't mean we as humans can't be kind and caring to one another. I usually don't comment on videos but I really enjoyed this one and felt I should. I agree with you 100% I think your an amazing individual. I love all that you do for so many and I believe your actions speak for the true you. Thank you, and please keep doing all the awesome things that you do.

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    And I’m thankful to have you in my life 🥰 I can’t wait to see you in real life 🥺😭❤️✊🏻

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    I understand about her feeling , when you start become a business man or woman, you wont feel like doing things on stage, dancing and entertain people anymore

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    Come on Martin clean your glasses 😂

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    Very good interview, nicely done.

  19. Film Making with Siddharth Sai

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    Father of Charlie Hannum !!!

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    Is that the same with Iggy's dress?

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    Smooshin booties, sexy times or anything Charles Boyle says on 99

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    I can’t help feeling Ellen and Oprah ruined their Taco Tuesday plans. They seem to be majorly inconveniencing the mother and daughter lol.

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    Not much of a Bruno fan but can't deny that he is an amazing entertainer ! And this video is just mind blowing !

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    Rosie is really shy 😝

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    Anyone recognize Hermès bag 💼

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    This my first eddy Murphy interview. He is so calm. Didn’t expected that.

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    Ellen: where? Jenn : here, there, everywhere Rofl. Toast coast.

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    Can we talk about how these 5 sitting only on 1 sofa

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    i wish i was there for one of this 12 days of giveaway ^^'

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    Who is lizzo?

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    Anyone else searched Martin's daughter's names after that 😂😂😂😂

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    3 amazing comedians on stage at once! ICONIC

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    I wanted this to keep going. Love watching JLO.

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    Jhope fell down on my god it is really scary

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    This was quite entertaining

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    She does not get nearly enough credit for her voice talents in this movie as Indina or Kristen. This woman literally has the voice of an Angel( if anyone knew what an angel sounded like)😊

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    Ellen to Martin:You are the winner Ellen to Will:You are not the winner Crowd 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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    Liked this video while the commercial was playing because I love these two that much ‼️

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    Is this what you waiting for? 5:01

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    Justin 😂

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    Man I love Ray Romano in anything...he’s great in interviews too. So funny!!!

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    R.I.P Ellen

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    Who is watcing this on december?

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    *Sees Johnny Depp* Me: I have gotta see this.

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    I looooovveee Eddie Murphy. He was so funny on coming to America.

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    Martin’s glasses 🤣 its hot in there!

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    Pierce Brosnon is, for me, the best Bond.

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    His family is really impressive

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    So Martin is sharper than will not surprised at all...

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    the key to a happy marriage. 3:10 😂

  52. DRC

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    I love these two actors Martin and Will. Two of my all time top actors. I just wished the stunt people get more recognition on their tough stunt performances. Just a seperate award show for them should be in existence.

  53. Tina Jafari

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    Will you are not a good friend, SHAME

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    Okay Boomer.

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    OOF lol Jasmine Iyanna and Amara. BOOM

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    Jennifer Beals is soooo beautiful 😍😍😍

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    Jimmy you look like a fucken goose. Mmm very intelligent long neck goose

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    I know that you know that you know that I know........

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    Family friendly

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    I was looking for the foggy glasses comment

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    Sofia's eye ... ellen what is going on here

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    She really tried hahahahaha new youtuber please show me some love ❤️ trying to make it

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    oh wait elsa's laugh is cute

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    Loooveeeeee her !!! Sofia is the best !!! 😂😂😂😂

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    apparently some of you haven’t seen dakota’s past interviews with ellen. she’s just an awkward girl. and if she was really pressed ellen didn’t go to her party, then that’s a dakota issue. not ellen.

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    this is wonderful. i want a single


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    Does anyone know Lana Rain? She much look like Billie in this video

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    Six jobs.

  70. Daisy mbungo

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    He seemed kinda off when I see him in movies his usually a fun person on the interview I was kinda annoyed at him for being boring

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    Lol will laughs the most every 2 second 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Could she get any cuter? 😁

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    I missed him in home alone 3 and 4 and 5

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    Great 👍 has tiellen lop Ellen is one ☝️ I love 💕 your love the game love ❤️ I am not home until I iis this is Christmas bbt one day is the best j ooo I teething is like

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    He’s not low energy. He’s just mature. The older and wiser you get, the more you don’t feel the need to impress or pretend. He’s just being real. Every reaction, everything said, real! I wish I could be like that now! He ain’t got nothing to prove! He’s had his peak. He’s had his success. He’s a seasoned comic and a pioneer. Samuel L Jackson is like this in interviews as well. I just love people who are unapologetically themselves.

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    Sub to my channel

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    I was waiting for someone to pop up from the box

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    I'm laughing so hard😂😂😂

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    They're NO OP R A H ! Sorry.

  80. Ben The Ripper

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    There's something beautiful about the way Shin does magic. He let's his own act do the talking and the music just makes it so suspenseful

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    Will Smith's reactions in this video should be memes 😂😂

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    wow her voice is amazing i always liked her characters but never knew until now she could sing like this

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    Martin said DEEZ lol. Only the brothers caught that one.

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    Nicki love the kids 👏👏🤗👑🐐❤️😘.

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    Never ask a Def Jam host what he or she can jingle.

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    Hey Ellen how can I contact you?

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    Русские сюды

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    Jay impressions Jamie Foxx 😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

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    yes wellness is important

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    Hey ellen. How can I send email to you?😊

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    I think Suga was more scared about the fact J-hope fell out of the seat.

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    She was trying to transform into cardi, but she transformed into Megan Trainor

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    I love u Martinn nn

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    Kristen Bell + Other child births = Best thing ever!