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  1. A Billion Gazillion

    A Billion GazillionPred 52 sekundami

    Aaah, that Hillary Clinton sketch didn't age well. We're now finding out about Hillary's connections in Ukraine -- and how they meddled in our election in her favor. Funny how time gives us a new perspective on things!

  2. General Grievous

    General GrievousPred minuto

    I’m sorry but the first order is not massive this triggered me as a Star Wars fan they have like 5 systems under control

  3. Saiful Kamaruddin

    Saiful KamaruddinPred 2 minutami

    The Christmas Tree and Butterfly in the same video ❤

  4. Ariana Daniels

    Ariana DanielsPred 3 minutami

    "Charlie, what's the meaning of Christmas?"

  5. Catalin Vieru

    Catalin VieruPred 3 minutami

    You supposed to laugh at this ? 🤦🏻‍♂️ American humour is better than this ...

  6. 354gangsta

    354gangstaPred 3 minutami

    SNL really got trump supporters ready to commit suicide 😂😂😂

  7. Jeff Bourgeois

    Jeff BourgeoisPred 3 minutami

    I’ve watched three of these today, and now I can’t get that song out of my head... what up with that?

  8. pnczur

    pnczurPred 5 minutami

    What’s up with that twitch at 4:55?

  9. muddappa pc

    muddappa pcPred 6 minutami

    I thought this was Andy samberg playing a girl.

  10. Heather Jenkins

    Heather JenkinsPred 7 minutami

    "DUMB BITCH!!!!" 😆

  11. Heathers world

    Heathers worldPred 8 minutami

    Im sorry most of SNL isnt funny to me, but my since of humor is different then most..

  12. Aditya Singh

    Aditya SinghPred 9 minutami

    Her expression at Yanh Yanh is pure gold!

  13. Anton Bouchette

    Anton BouchettePred 9 minutami

    Swayze.....better looking, better hair than many, many, many women. Am I lying???????

  14. Abby Morrison

    Abby MorrisonPred 9 minutami

    Always be closing

  15. Nunya Business

    Nunya BusinessPred 11 minutami

    I feel like Melissa but I want to do the same to ex co-workers.

  16. Leo

    LeoPred 13 minutami

    Wait- Why was she crying lol

  17. realbeautyness25

    realbeautyness25Pred 13 minutami

    Why did they pick a bunch of White folks who can't sing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Keith Barnhart

    Keith BarnhartPred 15 minutami

    Rachel Dratch makes me laugh just sitting there.

  19. Diane Berg

    Diane BergPred 16 minutami

    As a white person, I didn’t get any of the jokes about the Black Christmas movie. Maybe except the one about white women hooking up with black guys

  20. S Milk

    S MilkPred 16 minutami

    I really DIED when they had that Philip Seymour Hoffman impression OMG

  21. Michael Makaveli

    Michael MakaveliPred 17 minutami

    Mr Biggs tried to Warn us about this guy !!!!!

  22. dogleg 1957

    dogleg 1957Pred 17 minutami

    I guess I'm getting old cuz you need to know who Asis is

  23. x LatinAssazzin

    x LatinAssazzinPred 17 minutami

    Billy voice from Billy and Mandy he will destroyed us all he will destroyed us all he will destroyed us all he will destroyed us all

  24. Carlos Quiñones

    Carlos QuiñonesPred 17 minutami

    How's Jessica Biel ?

  25. Abby Morrison

    Abby MorrisonPred 17 minutami

    Kate McKinnon can do anything

  26. FacheChanteDeux

    FacheChanteDeuxPred 18 minutami

    The Hillary Clinton one was genius! I love Kate.💗

  27. k meeker

    k meekerPred 18 minutami

    But like...Paul Rudd. ❤️❤️

  28. Sean O'Malley

    Sean O'MalleyPred 19 minutami

    Go back to Nickelodeon

  29. Elena Swan

    Elena SwanPred 21 minuto

    “You haven’t seen the last of...Who am I playing again?” “Michael Avenatti!” “Michael Avocado!”

  30. Shashank K

    Shashank KPred 22 minutami

    1:13 There was no coming back from this. He's gone

  31. zayoutlaw

    zayoutlawPred 22 minutami

    The final cure for more cowbell:

  32. Chris Cabral

    Chris CabralPred 22 minutami

    She got Kentucky 'cause that's where all the racists live...LMFAO a) she's white, and b) where did all them racists go with Obama?

  33. Kelsey Davis

    Kelsey DavisPred 23 minutami

    I’m so jealous of other schools because somehow my bitchass English teacher found 1 sentence that was copied off the internet in one of my papers and she gave a a referral to the office, 0 on my paper, lunch detention for a week, and I wasn’t allowed to be in the national honor society for the next four years. My life fucking sucks

  34. Mr. Earth

    Mr. EarthPred 23 minutami

    Shity skit!

  35. Julius Isaak

    Julius IsaakPred 24 minutami

    I wanna have a Jason Sudeikis figure dancing like that for my nightstand.

  36. Elizabeth Espinoza

    Elizabeth EspinozaPred 25 minutami

    Texastown is a great place to visit

  37. Hunter Hobbs

    Hunter HobbsPred 25 minutami

    Mocking a Christian holiday, typical liberals. SNL sucks

  38. Brett Cornelius

    Brett CorneliusPred 25 minutami

    You are not going to be giving candidates protection, just because some mob guy wants to run for president. What a joke.

  39. Jack Snap

    Jack SnapPred 27 minutami

    The composure is spectacular!

  40. Allison Scanlan

    Allison ScanlanPred 27 minutami

    I don't understand how anyone could support him

  41. Damien Stone

    Damien StonePred 27 minutami

    Can anyone translate this?

  42. Joe Wittig

    Joe WittigPred 29 minutami

    I am in love with Tulsi Gabbard, that was just amazing aloha

  43. Nicolle Herr

    Nicolle HerrPred 29 minutami

    "that's why you end up in Inglewood bruh" LMFAO best line of the whole Californians series

  44. Know_Name

    Know_NamePred 30 minutami

    Al Pacino Charlie Brown made me spit my coffee all over my computer!!!

  45. Santos Colon

    Santos ColonPred 31 minuto

    Bill is my favorite person on this planet man😂

  46. Skitter Goo

    Skitter GooPred 31 minuto

    Bernie 2020

  47. PewPewtube

    PewPewtubePred 32 minutami

    Haha go Trump 2020!

  48. Kenneth Calden

    Kenneth CaldenPred 32 minutami

    Why are they laughing this isn't funny and I know what you're thinking why am I here if I don't think it's funny well because I just wanted to see if it was funny and I was wrong

  49. Isaac Tucker

    Isaac TuckerPred 32 minutami

    sketches like this are a disservice

  50. Brett Cornelius

    Brett CorneliusPred 33 minutami

    How about the bad guys apologize to me? How about they say that they'll stop bothering me. I'm being gaslighted so I'll act as crazy as I want.

  51. Chad

    ChadPred 34 minutami

    I miss the good SNL.

  52. Carlos-Ricardo Chambers

    Carlos-Ricardo ChambersPred 34 minutami

    That 'oooooOhhh' @0:20 took me right over the edge.

  53. Whitney Terry

    Whitney TerryPred 35 minutami

    Omg it's Todd Chrisley!!

  54. S E

    S EPred 35 minutami

    All i want for SNL is better writers and music guest that doesn't suck.... I guess there's always next season🤔

  55. omegaduckie

    omegaduckiePred 35 minutami


  56. David K

    David KPred 36 minutami

    There better be a bit with Colin! Maybe Scarlet & Chad with Colin being the creeper we all know he is?

  57. Random Brown Guy

    Random Brown GuyPred 36 minutami

    Charles Barkleys style of comedy always gets me.

  58. Parnkie

    ParnkiePred 37 minutami

    Hillarly lost because of the few Russian votes Trump got, even though she won the popular??? That's not how this works but okay. She lost because the majority republican Congress admittedly redrew the county lines the skew the election to their favor. They literally admitted it. And they lost the popular vote by MILLIONS of people, but still won with electoral votes.

  59. Shashank K

    Shashank KPred 37 minutami

    I'm so happy this sketch is so long 4:28 has me laughing so hard

  60. xXStoodisXx204

    xXStoodisXx204Pred 37 minutami


  61. Dark Phoenix

    Dark PhoenixPred 38 minutami

    My dirty mind replaying the sex scene again and again. Oh i love Harry. I could become pregnant just by his rubbing hands. Hungry 😋🥴🥴

  62. elo o

    elo oPred 39 minutami


  63. gjohn1998

    gjohn1998Pred 39 minutami

    Can Dababy host SNL

  64. Marvin Carter

    Marvin CarterPred 40 minutami

    Let's see somebody top that on SNL... and the crazy part about this is Jay-Z passed on him

  65. Doyce Daniel

    Doyce DanielPred 40 minutami

    WHAT? biggest crook praying

  66. Whitney Terry

    Whitney TerryPred 41 minuto

    Scarjo is gorgeous!!!!!

  67. Gryffindor Gacha

    Gryffindor GachaPred 41 minuto

    The Downtown Abby. Wow. Just wow. Ur gonna make a comment like that when Bill Hader, the smexy dood, is in this show? Unless their brain is smoller than my Downtown Abbey...

  68. Matthew Stueber

    Matthew StueberPred 42 minutami

    700th comment

  69. C O

    C OPred 43 minutami

    um you forgot the alternate ending of "it's a wonderful life" where they beat the sh1t out of mr potter

  70. xlansystems

    xlansystemsPred 43 minutami

    romania scram .....futuva-n gura de cacati 🤣

  71. Brett Cornelius

    Brett CorneliusPred 44 minutami

    You can't do anything about it.

  72. Rick Rose

    Rick RosePred 45 minutami

    Terrible and unfunny.

  73. jane haviland

    jane havilandPred 45 minutami

    the hillary clinton one is always iconic

  74. Whitney Terry

    Whitney TerryPred 47 minutami

    I heart Paul Rudd!!!! Me and him forever!! 💖💖💖

  75. Jim Carpurso

    Jim CarpursoPred 47 minutami

    🤣🤣 never gets old

  76. Zeke Jordan

    Zeke JordanPred 48 minutami

    It seems all the Hunk SNL skits girls all say: "I like this".

  77. Lara Leitte

    Lara LeittePred 48 minutami

    *throws stormtrooper acroos the room with the force after choking him* Stormtrooper: Dude, Matt straight up SUCKS

  78. TexasGTO

    TexasGTOPred 49 minutami

    1:23 Hey Whats up Mark?... Oh you weren't talking to me.... haha

  79. Rachel W

    Rachel WPred 50 minutami

    “I went from nodding off, to nodding YES for more heroin” 🤣😂

  80. Cupcake

    CupcakePred 51 minuto


  81. Will Turner

    Will TurnerPred 51 minuto

    Aww all the orange fans are mad :'(

  82. Levi Thurston

    Levi ThurstonPred 52 minutami

    Wow Rhett and Link have gone downhill a bit

  83. s. j.

    s. j.Pred 53 minutami

    Democrats love their abortion. And only except: GAY/RICH or MUSLIMS.👹👹👹

  84. ncooty

    ncootyPred 53 minutami

    Did they not have a bigger jacket for Rob?

  85. glenn parker

    glenn parkerPred 54 minutami

    >Oh that's who that white was outside my house, I was skerd > I would pay to see that Charlie B.<> W. X-Mas Vibe says " Can't we have anything" : )> Santa Work Shop>The guy who played library cop on seinfeld would have been perfect for this <

  86. Jimmy Meade

    Jimmy MeadePred 56 minutami

    Good to know the snowflakes don't like bidden. Trump 2020

  87. shmaxo

    shmaxoPred 56 minutami

    Who else heard..Oh Oh Ohh Oh, the- WHITE- Stuff ! ?

  88. Salvador

    SalvadorPred 56 minutami

    Best one of the night

  89. Troy Lund

    Troy LundPred 57 minutami

    Wow. First time they have been funny in years.

  90. m. Vardanian

    m. VardanianPred 58 minutami

    JLo is doing great. but 3:30 minutes I was thinking that Sofia Vergara was missing there

  91. Marquise Smith

    Marquise SmithPred 58 minutami

    Nigga gotta buff sweater on 😄 😄 only dabay

  92. Andrea Becker

    Andrea BeckerPred 59 minutami

    Kate is usually spot on with her impressions. She missed this one by a mile.

  93. Unique anartist

    Unique anartistPred uro

    Lmfao at white Christmas 🤣🤣🤣

  94. James Adams

    James AdamsPred uro

    "Ben Vereen, it's long!!"

  95. Audrey Millyn

    Audrey MillynPred uro

    oh damn 😲😲❤❤

  96. Gary LotenBeckford

    Gary LotenBeckfordPred uro

    I see why my son loves him. He's got that stage charisma

  97. Rick Rose

    Rick RosePred uro

    J Lo knows this character. Hilarious.

  98. Randa Mcgahee

    Randa McgaheePred uro


  99. Tuff G.

    Tuff G.Pred uro

    Thank God I will be dead and gone before this happens

  100. Matthewjim

    MatthewjimPred uro

    Now add Ryan Reynolds