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Seth's Bike Hacks
Seth's Bike Hacks

These mountain biking videos are for everyone-from advanced riders to those who have never ridden a mountain bike before. Here, you'll find tutorials, documentaries, and reviews on everything from bike parts to camera gear.
Here you'll find
• MTB techniques tutorials
• Repairs and parts
• Product reviews
• How to film epic videos
• Humor and fun
• Tours of mountain bike parks
• Beyond mountain biking, with BMX, road biking, and other cycling videos

  1. Walker Price

    Walker PricePred 15 urami

    bro he says so much cuse words but in his resent like 2017-2020 he dose not much

  2. joshua

    joshuaPred 15 urami

    honey why does the pizza taste like chain oil

  3. Comrade Joker

    Comrade JokerPred 16 urami


  4. Pala Va

    Pala VaPred 16 urami

    Look like knog frog rip off

  5. David Logan

    David LoganPred 16 urami

    Love their setup. It’s very well designed.

  6. Redneck Chris McQuade

    Redneck Chris McQuadePred 16 urami

    I have a hack for tubed tire: when something punctured tube take your old tube cut of the stem and cut it down the seem and line the tire then put on the new tube mount the tire you are good to go

  7. Adrian Veidt

    Adrian VeidtPred 16 urami

    Seth got beat up in two different rides that have hardtails lol The one with Alex and this with phil lmao.

  8. Patrik

    PatrikPred 16 urami

    The seat is definitely too high to be standing up. On a bumpy climb I’ve noticed it’s essential to be able to shift your weight front/back. I find having the seat about medium high is best. Too low would make it hard to pedal when still sitting.

  9. Alex

    AlexPred 16 urami

    I was researching putting some new subs in my car about 2 years ago and noticed you were in a video about it.

  10. F B I

    F B IPred 16 urami

    Of course it’s 600+ when i want to buy it

  11. Brisdad53

    Brisdad53Pred 16 urami

    I remember when my backyard had a 2X4 holding up a piece of plywood and we'd do laps on our Stingrays to grab air. I don't mean to brag, but I could actually jump OVER my friend's sister's Barbie doll! Usually.

  12. Ege Serbest

    Ege SerbestPred 17 urami

    Never tried pulling the bar to my waist! I can do a bunny hop but it's very small. I only do the "L" shape. Gotta try this out soon!

  13. Brent Blackwolf

    Brent BlackwolfPred 17 urami

    You must be rich af

  14. Aditzu Mokus

    Aditzu MokusPred 17 urami

    no v-log vlog is correct!!

  15. Aidyn MCLACHLAN

    Aidyn MCLACHLANPred 17 urami

    I can’t stop watching this vid it’s so good!!

  16. Ashton Klaren

    Ashton KlarenPred 17 urami

    I feel like a diesel garden tractor would help you

  17. Charles River Survival

    Charles River SurvivalPred 17 urami

    "function, economy, and style. well said seth

  18. Charles River Survival

    Charles River SurvivalPred 17 urami

    Seth: "how to eat" Me: "YES!!!"

  19. Zuzu YT

    Zuzu YTPred 17 urami

    Hey Seth, I was wondering if you would do another giveaway? If so that would be the best. The only reason im asking is not because im greedy its because the bike I have is not good enough for my ride (Its holding me back) THANKS

  20. George Mourelatos

    George MourelatosPred 17 urami

    Let’s see how many times Seth ooohed

  21. Mikes Channel 221

    Mikes Channel 221Pred 17 urami

    How many acres do you have?

  22. carboncubss

    carboncubssPred 18 urami

    Love that fat tyre BMX, what make or brand???

  23. Brian C.

    Brian C.Pred 18 urami

    i was thinking there is no way that they would trying this, and then i hear the music start to play

  24. Frederik zinther

    Frederik zintherPred 18 urami

    I dont have to ride with all that stuff to stay cool i am cool enough😎jk

  25. UntitledDuck

    UntitledDuckPred 18 urami


  26. Antidote

    AntidotePred 18 urami

    Super glue alone sorts out tube punctures

  27. László Józsa

    László JózsaPred 18 urami

    I peeld of my skin on my right forearm and on the right side of my waist just on a jump and deformed my rear wheel and my front deraler needs a calibration and I didn't broke my arm or anything

  28. Lime VR

    Lime VRPred 18 urami

    I have a video on my phone of me doing my first temp tire repair with an inner tube and I was an idiot and thought I had to seat the rim with a tube and it popped and I lost my hearing for a week, but I think most of us have done something like that when we were first learning

  29. Ya Yeet

    Ya YeetPred 18 urami

    It really didn’t take long to learn how to ride with no hands. Once I found that balance point I was solid. Until I started trying 180 turns. Any pointers?

  30. p i s t o l

    p i s t o lPred 18 urami

    funny as great vid haha

  31. Ketamine Kyle

    Ketamine KylePred 18 urami

    There is 499 comments so I had to be 500 eoi

  32. St. Kevin

    St. KevinPred 19 urami

    I have never rode at Whistler, but ski there almost every year.

  33. BecauseYouMatter

    BecauseYouMatterPred 19 urami

    How tall are you sir?

  34. K Wilson

    K WilsonPred 19 urami

    Whale foreskin feeling composit

  35. Vax Merstappen

    Vax MerstappenPred 19 urami

    I have nerver seen someone driving a countersunk woodscrew with an impact

  36. Jackmc._.12

    Jackmc._.12Pred 19 urami

    its hilarious i have watched this video over 20 times idk why but its just the best video ever

  37. Tyler Jankura

    Tyler JankuraPred 19 urami

    Hey Seth I know you probably have over a thousand suggestions I thought a teeter totter would be pretty cool I have been a fan and subscriber for a long time looks amazing by the way

  38. K Evans

    K EvansPred 19 urami

    This guy is a sweet dude. Not pretentious at all. Subscribed!

  39. Talon Sheek

    Talon SheekPred 19 urami

    New hack; Use a Q tip and push it through the valve of your camel back to clean out black gunk that is inside the water tube. You first need to remove the rubber part and open the valve completely by moving the feed lever. This only works on the stuff closest to the valve but it cleans most of the gunk out.

  40. Oscar Jetson

    Oscar JetsonPred 19 urami

    Props for trying! That is something that I would have tried too! Classic!

  41. Gabriel Cintron

    Gabriel CintronPred 19 urami

    3:29 Up-votes ?!

  42. W Ferran

    W FerranPred 19 urami

    "I think you should go tubeless"

  43. Aviation X

    Aviation XPred 20 urami

    Can you fill your brakes with water

  44. Josh Taylor

    Josh TaylorPred 20 urami

    88.7 FM - Spindale made the video. :p

  45. KG

    KGPred 20 urami

    coming back to this video after 2 years. i myself have a 20018 taco and my biggest thing i wish i had on it vs your ridgeline is the folding back seats. my dog is always with me when i go riding and my back seat is WRECKED from his paws. i did buy a seat cover that lasted about a year before i ripped. but i would rather my seats folding up and have a pad for him to just lay down on and not have to deep clean my seats anytime i have more than 2 people riding.

  46. Yogi

    YogiPred 20 urami

    1:13 killed me! xD

  47. Ryan Brennan

    Ryan BrennanPred 20 urami

    Calling people idiots isn't nice

  48. Cory Hanes

    Cory HanesPred 20 urami

    Hey Seth, wanna relive your dreams and install a new radio with apple car play in my 2018 subaru forester? I'll come to Asheville!! Lol

  49. Daire Hayes

    Daire HayesPred 20 urami

    Bruhhhh mine is like a good starter bike that cost 700$ and is a hard tail with less gear settings than this :/

  50. Mini Composer

    Mini ComposerPred 21 uro

    I just got a Stumpjumper ST Alloy 29 Full Carbon And Its LIT

  51. Creative Mechanic

    Creative MechanicPred 21 uro

    Hey Seth! How did you improve your video and audio quality over the years?

  52. Anuar Y

    Anuar YPred 21 uro

    AAA: how can we be of assistance Sr.? Seth: 5:18 AAA: we will send a unit right away

  53. tykkään omenoista

    tykkään omenoistaPred 21 uro

    My bike is more than 1/3 of my weight.

  54. Logan Sheets

    Logan SheetsPred 21 uro

    @2:48 "so this is where everyone comes for the safety meets"

  55. Colby Calabrese

    Colby CalabresePred 21 uro

    I think he could have sold the bike together for much more than the parts and the time it spent to take it apart.

  56. Benji

    BenjiPred 21 uro


  57. angelo brian

    angelo brianPred 21 uro

    I live in indonesia when i heard how much that yi 4k cost i was shock because here in indonesia the prince is lower dan 100bucks

  58. rikTa20

    rikTa20Pred 21 uro

    5:10 song?

  59. Ellis Jones

    Ellis JonesPred 21 uro

    5:22 two is weird

  60. Why do I keep reading comments

    Why do I keep reading commentsPred 22 urami

    I just need to say that mountain biking isn't expensive compared to other hobbies when you consider a lot of people have a couple $6000 4 wheelers. That probably only get used maybe 6 times a year. MTB @ $6000 is plenty for most people. It gets used 75 times a year at least. Plus it keeps you in shape. Plus most rides don't cost any money for the ride itself like gas, registration etc. In short people that don't ride think you're insane for dropping $6000 on mountain bike, but then don't bat an eye at the out of shape people with two old four-wheelers and a trailer. JS

  61. Subala Villa

    Subala VillaPred 22 urami

    Who is the the white and black Drama!??! (1:06) I never seen him/her before

  62. Subala Villa

    Subala VillaPred 22 urami

    This is the first appearance of the actual Seth's Bike Hacks logo

  63. Liam McCully

    Liam McCullyPred 22 urami

    You have inspired me to build a bike track in my yard and it’s great!

  64. Ryan Morris

    Ryan MorrisPred 22 urami

    The background "S%#!" at 2:21 made me lol

  65. rc everyday

    rc everydayPred 22 urami

    Seth: I use a torque wrench to not break anything Also seth: I just broke the frame

  66. Raid z

    Raid zPred 22 urami

    Anyone else watch this like 50 times ?

  67. Just Tim

    Just TimPred 22 urami

    What kind of camera setup is that on your helmets?

  68. A Bit Of Everything

    A Bit Of EverythingPred 22 urami

    nobody: literally nobody: Seth: oooooooooooooooooooh

  69. Micah Rushin

    Micah RushinPred 22 urami

    clip in

  70. megan schrooten

    megan schrootenPred 22 urami

    Heh heh I'm ok 4:57. Love it 😂

  71. ScrottyMcBigMac

    ScrottyMcBigMacPred 22 urami

    Spent 150 dollars on tires today AUD lol

  72. jan skornsek

    jan skornsekPred 22 urami

    YES YES YES I did it today!!!!!

  73. RichWeb Content

    RichWeb ContentPred 22 urami

    After watching the video, I discovered I have mastered some of the skills without owning a mountain bike.

  74. JimmyTube

    JimmyTubePred 23 urami

    He sounds depressing lmao

  75. Chandler - Personal

    Chandler - PersonalPred 23 urami

    Liked for the taint tip

  76. Roy

    RoyPred 23 urami

    hahaha thanks for installing with me i love it

  77. Stacie Meyer

    Stacie MeyerPred 23 urami

    Going to Duluth in a month for a vacation.

  78. Faegan Cairns

    Faegan CairnsPred 23 urami

    Hey seth I think you should invest in some snatch blocks for your winch on the gator, they let you pull stuff with half the effort, watch the video from smartereveryday on youtube he tells you everything you need to know about them and how to use them to your advantage. If anyone's reading this please like this comment to make seth more likely to see this because it'll greatly improve how he builds his trails, thanks.😃

  79. Amel Hankić

    Amel HankićPred 23 urami

    I remember when you had the Trek hardtail and worked IT in Florida.

  80. noah richardson

    noah richardsonPred 23 urami

    ive actually seen an old video of u doing audio

  81. Brady Collett

    Brady CollettPred 23 urami

    I have been looking back at some of the older videos and I have watched its amazing how much you have gotten better at biking. And I have watched almost every video since you moved to berm peak except for maybe 5 (I am getting there). But the points is, I love the vids and keep the good work 👍. Also I like how you sometimes mix up the vids

  82. SameWormGames

    SameWormGamesPred 23 urami

    that roller give anyone a wierd pain in their collarbone?

  83. gerekappo

    gerekappoPred 23 urami

    I love it bro, thx for sharing! (i agree about oem sound systems), but hey, that ting is a FIAT underneat, they all stink, hahahahhaha.

  84. Player One _

    Player One _Pred 23 urami

    You should make a bike that weighs half or more than you to understand how kids feel on a bike

  85. Matt J1

    Matt J1Pred dnevom

    I think a test is in order you should put your fat bike a against a normal hard tail bike you have and you should do 3 runs on your track with each bike best time wins 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  86. Jackson Palmer

    Jackson PalmerPred dnevom

    1:32 my how times change. He’s got everything mounted to his bike now 😂

  87. Hayden Hale

    Hayden HalePred dnevom

    I live in Washington and there are some really fun trails here!!

  88. Hemanga Regmi

    Hemanga RegmiPred dnevom

    Who else just lies there bike on the floor and hose it off

  89. Little boi Tarantula

    Little boi TarantulaPred dnevom

    I thinks it's crazy that you can get a proper mongoose on the website for 60 to 100 dollars more than a Walmart and it can last you a year before a tune up.

  90. carboncubss

    carboncubssPred dnevom

    Sorry but if you tell people about a link, should not be a private one.

  91. vidprod1

    vidprod1Pred dnevom

    You mention that the outlet is wired to some Ikea product. Which one?

  92. Francisco Gamboa

    Francisco GamboaPred dnevom

    We have AM/FM! Nice, but never gonna use it lol :)

  93. MOV3

    MOV3Pred dnevom

    I love how much of a "guys doin guy stuff" vibe this is, i aspire to be like this when im older

  94. jamesgames

    jamesgamesPred dnevom

    I am still beginning and my first jump was scary but my friend saw this vid and led me through the steps

  95. marinus ingebredsen

    marinus ingebredsenPred dnevom

    The neigbourhoods dog and cat is telling each other to go fu- Why did you leave florida? Love his humor.

  96. V0LDY

    V0LDYPred dnevom

    you need to refill babies with oil because they lose a lot of fluids, duh

  97. Parker Watanabe

    Parker WatanabePred dnevom

    i find it too hard to pull up with the breaks

  98. alida flus

    alida flusPred dnevom

    I choked when he said "alot of bang for your bucks" 🤣🤣