Niki and Gabi
Niki and Gabi
Niki and Gabi

It's Niki and Gabi! Aka the opposite twins:)
We're twins, but we're polar opposite in our looks, fashion, and personalities. Even though we're "twins," we're our own individuals, which is why we titled our debut EP "INDIVIDUAL" available for purchase, download & streaming now!
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  1. Chynna Rodriguez

    Chynna RodriguezPred 3 minutami

    6:47 niki sounds like she’s rapping🤣

  2. Sofia jones

    Sofia jonesPred 6 minutami

    Niki you should run Gucci

  3. Adriana Trifu

    Adriana TrifuPred 8 minutami

    U really look like ariana grande i love it idk about the else -_-

  4. Simply Shoney

    Simply ShoneyPred 9 minutami

    he said sir? hahaha!!!!!!!

  5. Jana Salim

    Jana SalimPred 19 minutami

    Dec 2019 anyone

  6. Sophie Menicata

    Sophie MenicataPred 33 minutami

    1:04 so someday my life in the mirror you can see Nate filming

  7. Jaymee Suwangsa

    Jaymee SuwangsaPred 34 minutami

    Niki gabi do your boy friend pikc your outfit

  8. Macy Julia

    Macy JuliaPred 35 minutami

    4:20 *_when your name is macy_*

  9. Leanne Weber

    Leanne WeberPred 41 minuto

    Hi I love your videos you two are BEUTIFULL love you Millie #can you please follow me on Insta at milliemoo09 thank you love you gise 🤗🤗😋😋

  10. Vanessa Ormes

    Vanessa OrmesPred 46 minutami

    Lmao Colin knows what’s up 😂😂

  11. Amanda M.

    Amanda M.Pred 49 minutami

    Nate is so cute and sweet it makes me so sad when he says not your favorite

  12. Vuyolwethu Bontiya

    Vuyolwethu BontiyaPred 55 minutami

    ariana grande

  13. lana baby

    lana babyPred uro

    Niki's that one girl in middle school who thinks not liking pink is a personality trait.

  14. Ritu The Artist

    Ritu The ArtistPred uro


  15. Iconic VINES

    Iconic VINESPred uro

    Niki, gabi I am dying to win this giveaway. I love you both so much so please pick me. I love everything in the giveaways. Xxx ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Anonymous Girl

    Anonymous GirlPred uro

    There is a girl on the back, on the back of the kardashian dude who's that

  17. lana baby

    lana babyPred uro

    niki is so insecure and jealous smh

  18. Rachel Sheldon

    Rachel SheldonPred uro

    Niki stole this shit!!!!! 😍

  19. Anggie Dorions

    Anggie DorionsPred 2 urami

    I'm from Indonesia:) and you?

  20. Zoe Merrick

    Zoe MerrickPred 2 urami

    It looks like such a nice school tho

  21. Lindsay Hurtado

    Lindsay HurtadoPred 2 urami

    I love gabi’s hair

  22. Mel issa

    Mel issaPred 2 urami

    Global heating guys. I'm miserable over here. You don't need any of this stuff.

  23. Aman Gill Kaur

    Aman Gill KaurPred 2 urami

    But i new that was her bec i wach her vids

  24. Aman Gill Kaur

    Aman Gill KaurPred 2 urami

    She looks lik arana granai

  25. It’sStarlight 4

    It’sStarlight 4Pred 2 urami

    I have a teacher named Mrs Rowan too!

  26. XxDustyGullett xX

    XxDustyGullett xXPred 2 urami

    Hey Niki and gabi I have been subscribed for so long and I have turned in my notifications

  27. gacha Evil crystal

    gacha Evil crystalPred 2 urami

    My shity ass school won't let me bring hoodies

  28. addieroll

    addierollPred 2 urami

    Damn Alex is a great actress/impersonator tho 😂😂😂

  29. I love CaNDy :P

    I love CaNDy :PPred 3 urami

    I’m. A twin

  30. Brandee Navarro

    Brandee NavarroPred 3 urami

    Ha ha

  31. Mimi Komo

    Mimi KomoPred 3 urami


  32. Kimbo Spice

    Kimbo SpicePred 3 urami

    That weekender bag is heinous

  33. Brandee Navarro

    Brandee NavarroPred 3 urami

    My favorite song

  34. tatumcummins6

    tatumcummins6Pred 3 urami

    this video makes me uncomfy lol.... some rich girls complaining about having to spend money for 24 hours to make more money. lmao! so fried

  35. Karen Reid

    Karen ReidPred 3 urami

    *When celebrities might actually do this in Walmart, and sing their song-*

  36. Anna Seger

    Anna SegerPred 3 urami

    This is super fun to watch, you guys should do a video were you were your boyfriends clothes all day

  37. Anna Seger

    Anna SegerPred 4 urami

    I love your guys’ mercy it’s SO cute


    SAMANTHA SCHLEISPred 4 urami

    Love you guys soooo much. You’re such an inspiration to me with everything you two have gone through.

  39. The S.H.C Sisters

    The S.H.C SistersPred 4 urami

    Niki is looks cuter

  40. Jayrod Lear

    Jayrod LearPred 4 urami

    love you guys

  41. Lauren Culling

    Lauren CullingPred 4 urami

    Isn't that where Cher Lloyd filmed Want U Back (US version)?? I swear it's the same place

  42. Frankie O

    Frankie OPred 4 urami

    It's so tired looking at all the comments seeing people point out that "her twin has her old face" and showing sympathy for Niki like Gabi is up here trying to insult her and disregard her feelings as if she didn't agree to do this video. Like it's not about Niki, she knows that and that's why she didn't sit up there and try to be a dick about it. Can you imagine not getting fillers, or fixing your teeth, or being afraid to confess you didn't like something about YOUR physical appearance for fear of SOMEONE ELSE getting upset? That'd be awful.

  43. Pazos, Zoe 23

    Pazos, Zoe 23Pred 4 urami

    they had the fri emoji in 2016???????

  44. Tuyen and Tran Nguyen and La

    Tuyen and Tran Nguyen and LaPred 4 urami

    I love this song

  45. Holly Rubachuk

    Holly RubachukPred 4 urami

    Who’s wafting dec 5 2019

  46. Holly Rubachuk

    Holly RubachukPred 4 urami

    2020 almost

  47. Brittany Maraia

    Brittany MaraiaPred 4 urami

    Neeed to know Where are the earmuffs & gloves from? 😍😍❤❤

  48. Leah Bray

    Leah BrayPred 4 urami

    I didn't know Collin and Gabi had a kid😂😂😂

  49. Itz Olivia

    Itz OliviaPred 4 urami


  50. Lulu M

    Lulu MPred 4 urami

    They need to make another vid like this

  51. R & A Squad

    R & A SquadPred 5 urami

    right but this is my same thing that my siblings do when I’m at the home it’s so annoying 😒😑

  52. Claudia Cozac

    Claudia CozacPred 5 urami

    Anyone else 2019

  53. Gema Gutierrez

    Gema GutierrezPred 5 urami

    Hi I like both of yours

  54. Cristal Bowen

    Cristal BowenPred 5 urami

    Santa is not real i knew thats sence i was five

  55. fernando salinas

    fernando salinasPred 5 urami

    8:01 wow they put vog not vlog

  56. AJ Art

    AJ ArtPred 5 urami


  57. ezekiel Jasso

    ezekiel JassoPred 5 urami

    On instagram my name is Jasso_Aricela and yes I am a girl 👧

  58. R & A Squad

    R & A SquadPred 5 urami

    Gabby always seems so bored and done with SLgo 😩😭😓

  59. Carla Pascascio

    Carla PascascioPred 5 urami

    My birthday is the same like niki May 5th ##### Taurus

  60. 5 minute crafts awesome slime videos

    5 minute crafts awesome slime videosPred 5 urami

    Please spend 24 hours in a box challenge

  61. YepItzJade

    YepItzJadePred 5 urami

    These videos are unhealthy for your self esteem.

  62. Avion

    AvionPred 5 urami

    They’re so pretty!

  63. Lizzy’s World

    Lizzy’s WorldPred 5 urami

    The shade in this video 😂

  64. my-amazing-journey

    my-amazing-journeyPred 5 urami

    That part of the movie made me cry 😭 too, I know how he feels getting bullied, I have friends who got bullied when they where younger.

  65. Lilly Shea

    Lilly SheaPred 5 urami

    That was super good Wow really good

  66. Sophie_ playzz

    Sophie_ playzzPred 5 urami

    Was is just me or did they had the same clothes everyday while piking the boys clothes

  67. Cali Burnett

    Cali BurnettPred 5 urami

    Insta burnattcali101

  68. jocelyn

    jocelynPred 5 urami

    I thought she did something with her eyes cause they look weird sometimes

  69. Steph Hollis

    Steph HollisPred 5 urami

    imagine bleeping swear words but posting this

  70. Anna Mazzitelli

    Anna MazzitelliPred 5 urami

    My friend Aisley Kimble danced in this 😂 I kinda feel special

  71. TheRealKyiia

    TheRealKyiiaPred 5 urami

    Still to this day I still watch this ❗️

  72. Hailey Nicole

    Hailey NicolePred 6 urami

    Idk why people make a big deal about people walking in to the mall and not buying anything. So many people are broke now a days and the economy makes it fucking hard to survive .

  73. Lilly Shea

    Lilly SheaPred 6 urami

    ME PLEASE MISS... More Celeb stuff pleaee

  74. Yina Y Gagnay

    Yina Y GagnayPred 6 urami


  75. Yudy De Los Santos

    Yudy De Los SantosPred 6 urami

    Do you guys

  76. Scott Springer

    Scott SpringerPred 6 urami

    Santa isn’t real!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Magali S

    Magali SPred 6 urami

    Gabi looks like Ariana & Niki looks like Billie

  78. Elizabeth Ivey

    Elizabeth IveyPred 6 urami

    Am I the only one watching this on the last month of 2019?????

  79. Yudy De Los Santos

    Yudy De Los SantosPred 6 urami

    Happy birthday to you I wish Love you guys so much you are my favorite SLgo or not my favorite but I always do I oh wait to watch you guys you always are you away to make good videos I mean don’t mean good you make great videos every every time at do you want a get you in bed playing make up more and please make a more please make more of your SLgo channel please Nikki and Gabby

  80. Alexa Huang

    Alexa HuangPred 6 urami


  81. Olivia Drake

    Olivia DrakePred 6 urami

    It's so funny that I'm fluent in French and there just speaking sjshmsxjxsnkalsm

  82. Brittany Moncayo

    Brittany MoncayoPred 6 urami

    Round 1niki won

  83. Paris _wolf

    Paris _wolfPred 6 urami

    My sisters name is Kaylee I love her because she's almost exactly like me

  84. R & A Squad

    R & A SquadPred 6 urami

    11:21 niki:says oh ok to the braw then *throws it

  85. Mackenzie Gootjes

    Mackenzie GootjesPred 6 urami

    Amber is my best friend for girls boys its my boy friend camron 😀😀😀

  86. R & A Squad

    R & A SquadPred 6 urami

    11:06 Niki looking inside her boots Frankenstein is that you

  87. Gabrielli Machado

    Gabrielli MachadoPred 6 urami

    Entendi nada😂😂

  88. jenni tv

    jenni tvPred 6 urami

    so they’re not friends with andrea?

  89. Short Z

    Short ZPred 6 urami

    I felt so bad for her 6:55

  90. R & A Squad

    R & A SquadPred 6 urami

    They think a like

  91. Isabella's corner

    Isabella's cornerPred 6 urami

    My mom has that brand of extensions

  92. william warren

    william warrenPred 6 urami

    ...And that's the tea sis

  93. Sabrina Callahan

    Sabrina CallahanPred 6 urami

    can you plz do a part 2

  94. María Elena Pavón ruiz

    María Elena Pavón ruizPred 6 urami

    Hola como ésta

  95. Rebecca Deboer

    Rebecca DeboerPred 6 urami

    This sounds so good

  96. Valen Provida

    Valen ProvidaPred 6 urami

    Oye falta sadie sink xD

  97. Edilaine Arcelino

    Edilaine ArcelinoPred 7 urami

    I love Billie Ellis too old

  98. Lola Campbell

    Lola CampbellPred 7 urami

    Why does Alex look like Camilla

  99. R & A Squad

    R & A SquadPred 7 urami

    Wow 😮

  100. Shreeya Nevse

    Shreeya NevsePred 7 urami

    COME SEE US AT iPLAY AMERICA in Freehold, NJ December 30th! (this was in the description) OMG I just realized I lived a city away from there!!!!