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One Night: Joshua vs. Ruiz
Logan Paul’s Ring Walk
  1. arturo merino

    arturo merinoPred 5 sekundami

    Andy horchata es el mero pawerr Ruiz! 🤘

  2. Mr Lee

    Mr LeePred 23 sekundami

    Punch from dios

  3. Cesar Garza

    Cesar GarzaPred 2 minutami

    Andy Ruiz by k.o. round 5.... rem this... when that happens on Saturday come back n put a like on it!!!!

  4. Carlos Tadeo Ruiz López

    Carlos Tadeo Ruiz LópezPred 2 minutami

    Está mas flaco, eso significa que será mas rápido. Andy vuelve a ganar por ko

  5. JuiceDigga

    JuiceDiggaPred 6 minutami

    This is the kid from UP, feel old yet ? (andy ruiz)^^^

  6. Joe?

    Joe?Pred 7 minutami

    These two make Logan Paul and KSI look like animals, correction, dumb animals, fighting for a title that changed nothing and means nothing

  7. Florenza tile

    Florenza tilePred 7 minutami

    Ruiz got it !!!

  8. LegoofMaEggo

    LegoofMaEggoPred 10 minutami

    Eddie Hearn HATES having Ruiz as the champ. He wants AJ too win so badly. I mean I can understand from a business perspective that he would rather AJ as the champ, but he doesnt even look like he supports Ruiz at all. I just think he is disrespectful too a champion who rightfully won the title.

  9. owen lopez

    owen lopezPred 12 minutami

    Who ya got this time and why????

  10. MehdiAndersonSilva

    MehdiAndersonSilvaPred 12 minutami

    No girl smiling

  11. Behizy

    BehizyPred 12 minutami

    Please win Andy

  12. Wahn Cologne

    Wahn ColognePred 12 minutami

    Fight was fixed dummies!!!

  13. Andrew MORRISON

    Andrew MORRISONPred 14 minutami

    AJ so intent on pushing his sponsorships it’s embarrassing. AR looks so intent on his stare down no matter what. If only one of them could snap one off it would have made this less dorkish and awkward. Oh well, let’s see what they got

  14. Jkong Hong

    Jkong HongPred 15 minutami

    Yo the first fight was such a show man. That third round is so iconic and will be for years to come. They both showed their skills knocking each other down but Andy definitely surprised Anthony. Now they both know what’s up this time and it’s gon be great.

  15. ayo dolanan02

    ayo dolanan02Pred 15 minutami

    1970 : We'll have super six pack boxing champ in the future 2019 : Fatty Champ

  16. Otto Honkala

    Otto HonkalaPred 15 minutami

    Andy "I'm so Blessed" Ruiz - he sure is a likeable type of guy.

  17. Trey Grosvenor

    Trey GrosvenorPred 15 minutami

    What a chin on Ruiz!

  18. Hector Zacada Matias

    Hector Zacada MatiasPred 16 minutami

    Jajajajajajaja funny actuation . De only boxer calls taysonnnnn

  19. Maurice Brodie

    Maurice BrodiePred 20 minutami

    AJ: "I want my Belts Back Ese" Ruiz: "Hold My Nachos an Coronas" LLS 🤣😂

  20. Bartek Kay

    Bartek KayPred 22 minutami

    Joshua never recovered after that first knockdown.

  21. oShet

    oShetPred 23 minutami

    I would cuddle with Ruiz and I’m a straight dude

  22. Ray Dingo

    Ray DingoPred 24 minutami

    Until he ran into a fat mexican

  23. TBM

    TBMPred 24 minutami

    Ruiz Jr really does look like the kid from Up

  24. Chris Hall

    Chris HallPred 26 minutami

    What was so INTENSE about that. "smile off" I just watched?

  25. DeeGoddess 85

    DeeGoddess 85Pred 27 minutami


  26. samed Sivrikaya

    samed SivrikayaPred 28 minutami

    0:32 Why would someone smash him he looks so cute😆

  27. SierraPhantom

    SierraPhantomPred 28 minutami

    4 belts versus Beats headphones and an Apple watch

  28. Mr. Maveraxus2.0

    Mr. Maveraxus2.0Pred 31 minuto

    Well, now that this is over..... Pewdiepie vs Markiplier fight?

  29. Robert Gonzalez

    Robert GonzalezPred 31 minuto

    Mike Tyson describes what’s going on in the fight better than anyone. He gave me goosebumps

  30. The Channel

    The ChannelPred 32 minutami

    I could imagine trumptards getting Forrest Whitaker eye listening to Andy Ruiz entrance music.

  31. Farhan Eezy

    Farhan EezyPred 33 minutami

    He could've let Joshua hold the belts... Remember when he begged to hold the belts in June

  32. faiz pagani

    faiz paganiPred 39 minutami

    Andy "smile" Ruiz



    Ruiz will get exposed on Saturday. The first fight was a fluke. Watch.

  34. 12 legged Sasquatch..

    12 legged Sasquatch..Pred 40 minutami

    Anybody else notice that Ruiz looks like the baby dinosaur grin the comedy series 'Dinosaurs'?

  35. Diet Coke

    Diet CokePred 40 minutami

    Andy has got AJ’s number! he come across way too confident and AJ looks scared, especially since Andy had already took his best shot and got up unfazed. AJ has slimmed down to shrink that massive target of his, and my guess is that AJ will fight tall this time with constant jabs and circling, avoiding the clinch at all cost. AJ ‘s game plan is to try to scrape a narrow win via points with minimal possible damage. If Andy gets too desperate he might through that right uppercut and engage but I can’t see it happening. Andy on the other hand will look to make it a dog fight, constantly closing the distance using his ridiculously fast combinations and focusing predominantly on body shots, hoping for a knockout opportunity when AJ’s eventually drops his hands. Andy’s got absolutely nothing to lose, he himself might wait for a counter punch opportunity since AJ has to be the aggressor to stand any chance of winning. I only see this fight ending one way, a split discussion, and still. Although I can’t wait to be proven wrong. But if I’m honest I would like Andy to win, as he’s more likely to face wilder next year, where AJ will be talking about the splits for years to come. Him and Hern got what they deserved, no more boxing monopoly! Let the fans get what they want!

  36. Papansin na Viral

    Papansin na ViralPred 41 minuto

    Ang laki mu nd mu tukuran ng tukuran..natalo k p jushua.. Dpat gingaya mu c vitaly

  37. The Big Bad Russian Boggie Man

    The Big Bad Russian Boggie ManPred 42 minutami

    AJis going to get his 2nd biggest reality check in History when AR beats him for the 2nd time.

  38. Brian Mcneill

    Brian McneillPred 42 minutami

    Did anybody notice the announcer called him Cruz and not Ruiz

  39. Papansin na Viral

    Papansin na ViralPred 43 minutami

    Ang laki mu nd mu tukuran ng tukuran..natalo k p jushua.. Dpat gingaya mu c vitaly

  40. Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    Super Mega Foxy Awesome HotPred 43 minutami

    That was the only knockdown of Ruiz's career, I don't see it happening again against Joshua...Ruiz is the real deal

  41. Cris Dopey

    Cris DopeyPred 43 minutami

    Yooo I want that hat!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  42. Eric D

    Eric DPred 44 minutami

    Love it. Ruiz not backing down

  43. Boss Devil

    Boss DevilPred 44 minutami

    Ruiz my 🍺champ 🍔

  44. De Bo

    De BoPred 45 minutami

    I thought they both were going to start laughing

  45. Guadalupe Salas

    Guadalupe SalasPred 46 minutami

    Bale berga esta pelea q biene gane o pieda el ba a tener el orgullo d desir q fue el primer boxedor MEXICANO de peso pesado Y NADIE SELO BA, A QUITAR . ORGULLO MEXICANO

  46. dale johnson

    dale johnsonPred 48 minutami

    Don't worry champ! The belts will be back in the stable by sun up Sunday! Be patient.

  47. Dheeraj Gurung

    Dheeraj GurungPred 49 minutami

    It looks like Eddie Hearn is looking at Joshua with his one eye and Ruiz with another at the same time.. 1:23

  48. Callum O'connor

    Callum O'connorPred 49 minutami

    He's gunna lose again Check back when he does

  49. electroflux

    electrofluxPred 50 minutami

    Is the ring announcer a rastafarian then? 🤔

  50. Javier Sur

    Javier SurPred 51 minuto

    Every time I heard that loud mouth screaming two time two time I wanted to dive through my screen and punch him one time one time. Handel business Mr Ruiz 🇲🇽

  51. Chris G. Georgas

    Chris G. GeorgasPred 52 minutami

    And Still ...And Still ! Love it !

  52. Jimmy Twigg

    Jimmy TwiggPred 53 minutami

    I'm an AJ fan but I don't see him reversing the first result.

  53. bobbyredd100

    bobbyredd100Pred 54 minutami

    Andy Ruiz looks like a Mexican Peter Griffin, lol pedro

  54. Theo Point-O

    Theo Point-OPred 55 minutami

    I thought Ruiz was supposed to be in better shape?

  55. HaRd. LiNe.

    HaRd. LiNe.Pred 56 minutami

    What kind of Black man is that,? He should not be in that kind of sports..... Put him in the hood....

  56. Cally

    CallyPred 57 minutami

    PLEASE DO IT FOR US AJ!!! (Unfortunately I don’t think he will) You need to have a strong mind in this game.

  57. Roland Koczka

    Roland KoczkaPred 57 minutami

    How wans more? Just play it slowly 😉

  58. franko

    frankoPred 58 minutami

    no vayan a llorar mexicanos, Ruiz pierde por ko. sorry! Relax, es solo una peles de box.

  59. Jkong Hong

    Jkong HongPred 58 minutami

    Aj just needs to be smart in this match. No surprises this time.

  60. REIGN's World

    REIGN's WorldPred 58 minutami

    ...AND STILL want to see Wilder vs Joshua regardless of who win this fight 😂

  61. King Pool

    King PoolPred 59 minutami

    1:10 "STAND STILL!!!" LOL

  62. Cally

    CallyPred uro

    RUIZ has got to be the cutest looking killer on the planet

  63. cambonious 23

    cambonious 23Pred uro

    Ruiz has a little bit of Tito Trinidad in him. He needs to get hit and knocked down and get mad. Then he attacks relentlessly!

  64. Robert Gonzalez

    Robert GonzalezPred uro

    AJ never recovered from that first knock down

  65. Why am I Here

    Why am I HerePred uro

    If I went I would of thrown a reverse card at the judges

  66. Drone Eye Perspective

    Drone Eye PerspectivePred uro

    should have asked him if he could hold his belts....

  67. A A

    A APred uro

    GTA music for Ruiz Nice

  68. Chris Ahearn

    Chris AhearnPred uro

    Any top boxer of yesteryear would of eaten him up

  69. Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    Super Mega Foxy Awesome HotPred uro

    "Joshua is a composed a confident finisher, watch this"

  70. Adrian Gonzalez

    Adrian GonzalezPred uro

    Andy no té metas miedo en la cabeza

  71. Miguel angel Diaz

    Miguel angel DiazPred uro

    Muy humilde y respetuoso Anthony JOSHUA

  72. el negro

    el negroPred uro

    Heros don't wear capes......they just eat burritos and drink tecate

  73. YoungGoon 19

    YoungGoon 19Pred uro

    Andy holding his belts like a happy little kid who got everything he wanted for Christmas❤️

  74. Highlight Empire

    Highlight EmpirePred uro

    Guys don't say anything bad about Eddie Hearn... He'll find out about your taxes.😂😂😂

  75. Mario Torres

    Mario TorresPred uro

    Es la mejor pelea que e visto en toda mi vida

  76. Real Bro

    Real BroPred uro

    Joshua sounds like he's trying to convince himself that he can really beat Ruiz Jr.

  77. Zwagger 19

    Zwagger 19Pred uro

    Let's go Ruiz 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  78. blackflag 321

    blackflag 321Pred uro

    Joshua will bag it in

  79. hayden ficke

    hayden fickePred uro

    This is what hard work looks like

  80. Johnny

    JohnnyPred uro

    Grande Andy! Mucha suerte! A darlo todo!

  81. Ali baba

    Ali babaPred uro

    don't over trust yourself Andy Anthony is very very angry at you

  82. Shaun May

    Shaun MayPred uro

    Sugar ray leanerd is like a older uncle that can make since out of anything and because he's older u will believe him even if hes lieing lol true story though. Shaun rocks the city TV show posted.

  83. shaolin95

    shaolin95Pred uro

    I am not a Joshua fan but man I hope he wins and shuts up this one night wonder and his blabber mouth

  84. Ritc hie

    Ritc hiePred uro

    Tyson would of bitten off someone's ear off

  85. Ryan Webster

    Ryan WebsterPred uro

    I love how AJ told the interviewer to talk to Andy because it was his spotlight. Aj is a true and humble and unselfish person. I love that.

  86. Noe

    NoePred uro

    Vamos Ruiz !

  87. Steve L

    Steve LPred uro

    Tyson or even Tua would destroy Joshua and his glass chin. Joshua is nothing but another Frank Bruno clone fighting sub par opponents and made to look better than he is by the British media. That said i'm hoping one day we get a to see a Wilder vs Joshua fight.

  88. Philip Wong

    Philip WongPred uro

    Should have been a round 3 finish, any heavyweight other than Joshua, Fury, and Wilder would have had the match called then.

  89. michael Castle

    michael CastlePred uro

    This is only further proof of just how slow and NON methodical AJ is.

  90. michael Castle

    michael CastlePred uro

    This is only further proof of just how slow and NON methodical AJ is.

  91. Mario Aranda

    Mario ArandaPred uro


  92. Yodee boi Brown

    Yodee boi BrownPred uro

    Ruiz a beast

  93. Boost Mobile

    Boost MobilePred uro

    Vivaaaa tacooooos

  94. Mike Nomad

    Mike NomadPred uro

    His stats say 6'2'', but Ruiz looks more like he's 5"8". Either way, great to see a short, sloppy guy knock off a chiseled Adonis. It gives the "everyman" hope.

  95. HiDayBro

    HiDayBroPred uro

    How did Ksi win when Logan Paul has 2 knockdowns and Ksi only has 1

  96. Toni Blackstone

    Toni BlackstonePred uro

    Im the kid from up and i beat you up. You wanna hold my belts now joshua lol.

  97. Gang Sheet

    Gang SheetPred uro

    Eddie Hearn: Jesus Christ my wallets so full of cash right now

  98. Георги Данев

    Георги ДаневPred uro

    Can someone write lyrics of what Mike says in the beginning?

  99. Bobayeka da bogeyman

    Bobayeka da bogeymanPred uro

    Sorry guys AJs winning this one the fairy tales ends Saturday and trying to get in AJs head he's fooling no one this time can see Ruiz a mile off

  100. Josuedaniel Chavez

    Josuedaniel ChavezPred uro

    Fuckrn heaters