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Finally... WILL SMITH!
  1. Soe Mehh

    Soe MehhPred 14 sekundami

    I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced towvaloo In nz

  2. Robbie13

    Robbie13Pred minuto

    LOL, righton.. but I'd hate to live next door to you guys!!! lol

  3. Joseph Jackson

    Joseph JacksonPred minuto

    I’m always so happy when Yes Theory upload a video, each video gets stronger every time it’s truly amazing!

  4. Arun Kumar

    Arun KumarPred 5 minutami

    Bhutan is truly the happiest and most peaceful place, all the love and respect from your brother India 🇮🇳

  5. Dev Patil

    Dev PatilPred 8 minutami

    I am thinking about the quality of weed they have

  6. La Lonster Empire

    La Lonster EmpirePred 9 minutami

    It could be fixed and be made available for the homeless people

  7. Haady Mattar

    Haady MattarPred 10 minutami

    Anyone know the name of the remix at 8:06 ?

  8. EXYukana Channel

    EXYukana ChannelPred 11 minutami

    Looks like a good place to take a vacation.

  9. Carlo Rodriguez

    Carlo RodriguezPred 15 minutami

    this one tugged on the heartstrings 💖💖💖

  10. _Cammmi__

    _Cammmi__Pred 18 minutami

    I don’t get how you guys weren’t on SLgo rewind?!? Like what

  11. Unlicensed Memes

    Unlicensed MemesPred 19 minutami

    Dont try this, now they are gonna be on high alert and you will probably get arrested lol.


    AURA DULAPred 26 minutami

    i would love to be kidnap by you guyyyss ♥

  13. BLAH

    BLAHPred 29 minutami

    Sweden guy is heart touching

  14. Max Sjöberg

    Max SjöbergPred 31 minuto

    For 60, he looks old.

  15. aharonly

    aharonlyPred 33 minutami

    20:30 Is this a cult gathering?

  16. Aniket Rudraksha

    Aniket RudrakshaPred 33 minutami

    Damn that's the coolest and nicest president that I've ever seen. Only if all politicians were this way then the world would be a so much better place

  17. Zoey Huizing

    Zoey HuizingPred 36 minutami

    Liam is so sassy and it's hilarious.

  18. Rida Shamas

    Rida ShamasPred 37 minutami

    does anyone know the music at 5:06 part in the video?

  19. MotoKane

    MotoKanePred 39 minutami

    Best Squad Ever!!!!

  20. Joker 9ine

    Joker 9inePred 41 minuto

    Thank you for this but the thumbnail🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. Sunil K.

    Sunil K.Pred 42 minutami

    I went to Bhutan this year and people are amazing. And yes, they sure love their leaders and their king. Everyone had their pictures in home, offices and shops. Out of love, not out of fear.

  22. Bridge Gate

    Bridge GatePred 45 minutami

    Why don’t you come to experience the Aral Sea problem in Central Asia. Social Platform stars have strong impact, with your help more people would be aware about disappearing of the 4th largest lake in land.

  23. Jay Wil

    Jay WilPred 46 minutami

    Oh yeah,thesr guys are definate legends short of being arrested

  24. Bonolio

    BonolioPred 55 minutami

    Derin's Movie - Everything Outside - -

  25. Rohith K Viswanath

    Rohith K ViswanathPred 58 minutami

    Bhutan: I'm the happiest country India: Hold my beer... I'm goin home...

  26. Ally

    AllyPred 59 minutami

    am i the only one whos heard of tuvalu lmao

  27. Wade

    WadePred uro

    First of all, "campus" lol Second, how do you "blend in" in Finland by talking to everyone :D

  28. Avraham Edery

    Avraham EderyPred uro

    Ok. It's a climate change video.

  29. mohan aryal

    mohan aryalPred uro

    But Bhutan deported 100,000 Nepalese residents living there.



    A country so damaged by the path of destruction then uses the one who created its properties to gain money through tourists/piggy baking money of a drug lord kinda seems politically incorrect/why not destroy them and move on/or why kill him to begin with?leaving a open wound undressed!

  31. Duke Media - the digital marketing Wikipedia

    Duke Media - the digital marketing WikipediaPred uro

    So, back in the day, I used to go to an internet cafe in Koreatown in NYC. One day, a Korean woman - mid 30's 40's (totally decent looking, presentable, well kempt) asked me if I had a place she could sleep, because she was very tired and had no place to go at this late hour. I had seen her a few times in the past, and we chatted a few minutes. She was a Christian who attended the Korean Church down the street. She told me she got a good vibe from me and was led to ask. Well, I had just moved to a small bachelor pad in Brooklyn, and for some reason I said, OK... She ended up staying at my place for a few days. I went to work and left her there a few times.I had just moved in, so I didn't have much, except a bed, a futon (where she slept), and a 55 inch $7,500 t.v. (yes millennials, that is what they used to cost). Sometimes, you just get a positive vibe from people, and you're inclined to HELP or TRUST. Well, after a few days, she left, and that was that...Sometime down the line, I saw her 2 or 3 times near the internet cafe, but I don't know where she lived. She looked well. I think she was awaiting some sort of assistance form the church; I supposed it came through...When I tell people this story, they look at me like I have 2 heads, lol


    AURA DULAPred uro

    this what i am looking for an youtuber, not just the challenges or epic videos etc but an good influencer ♥

  33. KeiAsian

    KeiAsianPred uro

    The solution to end School Shooting is drawing dicks on walls of your school!!

  34. MonteCristo

    MonteCristoPred uro

    He was selling a natural thing grown naturally from our soil..


    AURA DULAPred uro

    love you, matt ♥


    AURA DULAPred uro


  37. SkippingLegs

    SkippingLegsPred uro

    This is like that Far Cry 4 game.

  38. mohan aryal

    mohan aryalPred uro

    Maldives is overrated.Tuvalu is a country to be given more emphasized .

  39. James Hesse

    James HessePred uro

    Right.. honestly. your videos are amazing, I've watched pretty much all of them within a couple of days. I'd also like to shout out to your editor. I've watched a lot of these type of videos and this is by far the best editor ive seen. ( all videos. ) keep it up guys. honestly got so much love for you all. you inspire me to do more with my life and to do morw with others. so thank you.

  40. Celeste Jade

    Celeste JadePred uro

    I would love to see another video like this!!

  41. No Direction

    No DirectionPred uro

    They walked out.......😄😅😄

  42. Joshua Hernandez

    Joshua HernandezPred uro

    Of all the SLgor created films this is the best I have ever seen by far. You capture comedy, adventure, emotion, love, and just beautiful footage. Thank you all so much for coming together to make such an epic film.

  43. Gabbar Singh

    Gabbar SinghPred uro

    Gotham deserves better class of criminals

  44. catachuppy

    catachuppyPred uro

    is that the most amazing place in the world or what!

  45. l Dognald l

    l Dognald lPred uro

    The like to dislike ratio tho😳

  46. Thomas King

    Thomas KingPred uro

    Come to Oahu Hawaii and throw a party !!

  47. ItzNaeemChakera

    ItzNaeemChakeraPred uro

    Come To KENYA!!! You can have a stay at Tsavo and have an amazing Safari!


    AURA DULAPred uro

    sorry guys hahaha but first secs ammar, his face is not that serious hahahaha

  49. Donny Times

    Donny TimesPred uro

    Why the fuckin ass do people care about dumb fuckin shit like dosen't matter how someone eats a fuckin burrito....the only thing that matters in life is money and hot babes.....and my sexy biceps

  50. Emiliano Cruz

    Emiliano CruzPred uro

    lol I live in baker me and my friends hang out there for fun it’s not haunted


    AURA DULAPred uro

    taena haha

  52. ItzNaeemChakera

    ItzNaeemChakeraPred uro

    Come To KENYA!!! You can have a stay at Tsavo and have an amazing Safari!

  53. Haymant Singh

    Haymant SinghPred uro

    the things we do for getting laid 😂😂

  54. Journeyman

    JourneymanPred uro

    Brazil and Mexico all crimes everything from there!!!

  55. victoria Lotus

    victoria LotusPred 2 urami

    Why do these videos makes me cry like stop touching my soul

  56. Pharrell Johnson

    Pharrell JohnsonPred 2 urami

    Anyone from the UK who does GCSE will have heard about Tuvalu lol

  57. Kiwi Korea

    Kiwi KoreaPred 2 urami

    all of ya'll. fuck off. we dont want tourists here ruining our paradise like you have every other one.

  58. Todd Hårig

    Todd HårigPred 2 urami

    I hope they asked the homeless people if they were allergic to peanuts.

  59. Laurent Egli

    Laurent EgliPred 2 urami

    Truly inspiring. Thanks for your video, love it. Don't know if I should share it or keep it a secret for myself 😉

  60. personal videos

    personal videosPred 2 urami

    CHECK YOUR FACTS IF YOU WANT TRUSTWORTHY AND DEDICATED FOLLOWERS Should google World Happiness Index . You will find... BHUTAN IS THE 94th HAPPIEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD I believe its your responsibility to provide correct information


    AURA DULAPred 2 urami


  62. Gopi Pradhan

    Gopi PradhanPred 2 urami

    please google

  63. bigwingedkuriboh

    bigwingedkuribohPred 2 urami

    It’s hard seeing someone else live your dream

  64. Titianna W

    Titianna WPred 2 urami

    Yall are the cutest people I've ever seen!!!!!! UGH

  65. Ben Le

    Ben LePred 2 urami

    To whoever reading, I love you <3

  66. victoria Lotus

    victoria LotusPred 2 urami

    Every time I watch one of these videos it feeds something inside that I never knew was missing


    AURA DULAPred 2 urami


  68. Kalpana Patel

    Kalpana PatelPred 2 urami

    Ammar cries in every video featuring himself.

  69. Xavir Co

    Xavir CoPred 2 urami

    Ok so there is this guy who made a video that Challenges you guys to cross Iceland with you guys! Check it out! Like so they can see


    KAUSHIK BANERJEEPred 2 urami

    like performing a stunt with a body double. that's how unsafe it was... you had a ticket, missed the flight and then another ticket for a later date. so no risk taken... yes, must have been a bit boring.

  71. alisuo toko

    alisuo tokoPred 2 urami

    "Happies country on earth" Finland: Hold my beer!

  72. Saish Sawant

    Saish SawantPred 2 urami

    Come to Goa , India ... Its has awesome new year party!!


    MUSIC LOVER FANPred 2 urami

    New here guix 😂❤ from philippines

  74. Patrick K

    Patrick KPred 2 urami

    Jared Goff and Johnny Manziel

  75. JasianTheAsian 8

    JasianTheAsian 8Pred 2 urami

    Vape ads: epidemic is spreading Me: Sees the girl puts her vape in her drawer, the most obi spot Hmmm

  76. mathew salas

    mathew salasPred 3 urami

    I don’t believe this BS Bitch Yall didn’t fuckin meet by dialing a random number yea right this is staged

  77. Finger Friend Studios

    Finger Friend StudiosPred 3 urami

    I'm selling dog montages for 1 like each. 8:27 8:27 8:27 8:27 8:27

  78. Shelby Rea

    Shelby ReaPred 3 urami

    nearly every episode makes me cry. it's always so inspiring

  79. neha khatri

    neha khatriPred 3 urami

    I just had breakup feeling worst phase of my life can you make me feel the luckiest girl for one day!

  80. DragonFire360Media

    DragonFire360MediaPred 3 urami

    Don't worry about the island being lost to rising waters. When the ice age comes it'll all be alright! lol!

  81. Saqib Zquad

    Saqib ZquadPred 3 urami

    She is too you cute. Don't u dare to disagree.

  82. gentil77

    gentil77Pred 3 urami

    Murders here in our country in 2017: 43 000.. mostly females.. also every 24 hour, 7 women are killed by their husbands. so let's see our own house before we criticize other countries

  83. Romabati Devi

    Romabati DeviPred 3 urami

    I have pass there with a helicopter lol

  84. iphoukwani

    iphoukwaniPred 3 urami

    omg so cute

  85. Kathie B

    Kathie BPred 3 urami

    How cool is that 😂👏🏼👏🏼

  86. Mima Piedad

    Mima PiedadPred 3 urami

    I know this is years too late but if ever Amar is still single I volunteer to be his girl. 😊

  87. Lil Mayne

    Lil MaynePred 3 urami

    When she said her bf lived in Rome I was like Matt my man

  88. Amey Kharade

    Amey KharadePred 3 urami

    How to prove your girlfriend wrong

  89. PlancksTime

    PlancksTimePred 3 urami

    if i did this as a brown guy, completely different results

  90. Irsan S

    Irsan SPred 3 urami

    Best wingman in the world.. awesome.. :)

  91. Jack C

    Jack CPred 3 urami

    i want to move there! what an amazing country!

  92. SyneBurn

    SyneBurnPred 3 urami

    Follow my Instagram prince_behindthebar . Alot of these are on the list.

  93. iphoukwani

    iphoukwaniPred 3 urami

    ok had to pause midway- the mom is so awesome, so supportive, & she hung out with the Dalai Lama

  94. Amber Johnson

    Amber JohnsonPred 3 urami

    I should’ve moved there awhile ago

  95. JA Turner

    JA TurnerPred 3 urami

    Rip WOW Air 2019

  96. 0o0 _

    0o0 _Pred 3 urami

    Imagine going through that every month... My period almost always sends me to the ER😭😭😭

  97. Masked Titan

    Masked TitanPred 3 urami

    They eat pizza with a fork??

  98. Johnkitte Regelisa

    Johnkitte RegelisaPred 3 urami


  99. Raphaela Lim

    Raphaela LimPred 3 urami

    Missin' Derin tho

  100. Echo Zero

    Echo ZeroPred 3 urami

    It’s like being able to customize a character irl