VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In

Here is our Van Tour! We built a fully custom van suited for us twins to live inside of...
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  1. Emmanuel Doummar

    Emmanuel DoummarPred 22 minutami

    I mean new intro

  2. Lxndisa :3

    Lxndisa :3Pred dnevom

    I cracked my knee there when you guys were dancing while you were next to the song thingy (I’m bad at explaining things so sorry) edit:my knees hurt SO bad 1 like=1 prayer for my knee 😔

  3. Ruby Crump

    Ruby CrumpPred 2 dnevi


  4. D . J . P

    D . J . PPred 3 dnevi

    Did u find your keys

  5. Richie

    RichiePred 4 dnevi

    exactly passionate! You rock bros.

  6. Stephanie Lemus

    Stephanie LemusPred 5 dnevi

    Ethan: Jump off some cliffs and into some water Me: Where else would the cliff lead to?!🤣🤣

  7. Jerrica Goodwin

    Jerrica GoodwinPred 5 dnevi

    How are you going to heat up your meals?

  8. Jocelyn Chaj Chaj

    Jocelyn Chaj ChajPred 6 dnevi

    bruu i live in new jerseyyy!!!!

  9. tanoshitae *

    tanoshitae *Pred 6 dnevi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="457">7:37</a> WE JUST KNOW GRAYSON EDITED THIS I CANT STOP LAUGHING HAGSHJA

  10. Patrick Morley

    Patrick MorleyPred 7 dnevi

    who else kind thought that the first part of the video felt sponsored

  11. Markable

    MarkablePred 7 dnevi

    Did you guys build this or did someone get build this for you cause I kinda wanna get one-

  12. jazzlyn Shelley

    jazzlyn ShelleyPred 7 dnevi

    anyone else wonder tf they didn’t blur the license plate out ??

  13. Gloria Panda

    Gloria PandaPred 8 dnevi

    So I am a little curious abt how they can shower or use a bathroom just me okay

  14. Emmy Ortiz

    Emmy OrtizPred 8 dnevi

    i wonder how many tries it took them to do the intro-

  15. Selina Zhu

    Selina ZhuPred 9 dnevi

    "Kinda sexy" - Ethan Dolan 2019 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a>

  16. Brute Star

    Brute StarPred 10 dnevi

    Hold up how you cook

  17. Jasmine Raines

    Jasmine RainesPred 11 dnevi

    Lol 😂 they don’t like each other very much

  18. Ed 007

    Ed 007Pred 13 dnevi

    Very nice job Grayson. But,Sorry guys , in a few years you will want a mobile home. Why? Because among all the amenities, it has a toilet and a shower that you can use while on the road. I started off as a teenager doing a lot of camping in a tent while out in the mountains. Once I purchased a mobile home , I never looked back. Too comfortable with all the luxuries. You can travel everywhere while living in your home. I know , I've been doing it for almost 40 years.

  19. Lily Martinez

    Lily MartinezPred 16 dnevi


  20. Harkirat

    HarkiratPred 17 dnevi

    property brothers 2.0

  21. Michaela Krafcikova

    Michaela KrafcikovaPred 17 dnevi


  22. Genevieve Diemer

    Genevieve DiemerPred 18 dnevi

    i live in nj too

  23. Ava Ferrell

    Ava FerrellPred 19 dnevi

    they forgot the sink and shower......

  24. Daniel Marticorena

    Daniel MarticorenaPred 19 dnevi

    this video in a nutshell: heres storage for whatever we need on the road

  25. Kweencub

    KweencubPred 20 dnevi

    me: *watching this with my door open and my mum in the other room* “i can’t hear this” turns it up grayson:you can clos this if you want to have a REAL party in the back 😏 me: ffs 🤦‍♀️

  26. Briana Dahl

    Briana DahlPred 20 dnevi

    I love this so much, I want one

  27. Justine Lancaster

    Justine LancasterPred 20 dnevi

    damn they've had such glow-downs from this, 5 months ago, to now :(

  28. Ruby Reyes

    Ruby ReyesPred 20 dnevi

    that is so sick !!! I want one

  29. M.A.N. I.A.C

    M.A.N. I.A.CPred 21 dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a> "kinda...kinda sexy" 😂😂❤️

  30. Paige Deering

    Paige DeeringPred 21 dnevom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="161">2:41</a> did anyone else think when grayson was looking at E it was oddly attractive or am i just weird?

  31. Mary Riccardi

    Mary RiccardiPred 22 dnevi

    I built a tiny home there so fun to make

  32. Elle Star

    Elle StarPred 22 dnevi

    What was that dancing ✌🏼🤣😂

  33. Elle Star

    Elle StarPred 22 dnevi

    I loved when Grayson was talking to the stuff😋

  34. Elle Star

    Elle StarPred 22 dnevi

    I love them but Ethan is serious and Grayson is like.......

  35. Nya Lawrence

    Nya LawrencePred 22 dnevi

    yo, i use the same soap as them😂

  36. Ashley Sandford

    Ashley SandfordPred 23 dnevi

    :) (: :)

  37. Lily Woods

    Lily WoodsPred 23 dnevi

    Grayson ‘talking about how they lived in the woods’ Ethan “ahhh I am getting attached by a flyyyy”

  38. Cherokee Grandma

    Cherokee GrandmaPred 23 dnevi

    QUESTION ... How do you heat your meals?? 🤔 NEXT VIDEO!! 😉👍🏼

  39. Marlee

    MarleePred 23 dnevi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="528">8:48</a> are those scrunchies? Or are they socks? Maybe I’m just delusional. Lol.

  40. Marlee

    MarleePred 23 dnevi

    Now looking at it more I think it is socks. 🙊oops

  41. Lex Res Mark Sacay

    Lex Res Mark SacayPred 23 dnevi

    Nice but you guys could’ve made it look/feel more spacious especially for a “tiny home”

  42. yufan zheng

    yufan zhengPred 24 dnevi

    Is it just me or is Grayson looks like Garret 😂

  43. Grace Milus

    Grace MilusPred 24 dnevi

    why when they ture on the music the soooooooooo funny

  44. Scarlett Hodgson

    Scarlett HodgsonPred 26 dnevi

    How yall showering?

  45. Scarlett Hodgson

    Scarlett HodgsonPred 26 dnevi

    How yall showering?

  46. Joshua Wilson

    Joshua WilsonPred 26 dnevi

    Grayson: Casually explaining... Ethan: LoOk aT tHE CaMeRa aNd TaLk INTo tHe MIC!!!!!

  47. Rainbow Apple

    Rainbow ApplePred 26 dnevi

    I love how they put gasoline right beside the food

  48. Julia :3

    Julia :3Pred 26 dnevi

    uhhh where are you going to shower?????????????????

  49. Hailey Thompson

    Hailey ThompsonPred 27 dnevi

    cAsUally STOREES gasoline with cereal

  50. Northfields account

    Northfields accountPred 27 dnevi

    Question is there a bathroom? How u gonna stay there

  51. Victorialynn Tong

    Victorialynn TongPred 27 dnevi

    Where is the toilet?

  52. everett ward

    everett wardPred 27 dnevi

    =-04321qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;' zxcvbnm,.////////bg80909382pfhvnichjdn

  53. sienna Austermiller

    sienna AustermillerPred 28 dnevi

    where yall gonna shower and go to the bathroom??

  54. gxcha deer

    gxcha deerPred 29 dnevi

    just two grown men in a white van vibing lol

  55. Alex D'Arcy

    Alex D'ArcyPred 29 dnevi

    Plz go on tour to dublin after corona🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  56. Judy

    JudyPred 29 dnevi

    In this video, Ethan looks like Grayson & vice versa.Must be the hair

  57. Jazmire Yeyo

    Jazmire YeyoPred 29 dnevi

    This is super dope!

  58. Elizabeth Cornwell

    Elizabeth CornwellPred mesecem

    How much did this all cost because I have dreamed about doing this

  59. sophie _ vibes

    sophie _ vibesPred mesecem

    what about plumbing??? lol

  60. The FluffKins

    The FluffKinsPred mesecem

    "we wan to give it a beach house feel" * goes on a trip in december*

  61. The FluffKins

    The FluffKinsPred mesecem

    Ethan " Buisness in the front, party in the back" omfggg

  62. Mila Gardner

    Mila GardnerPred mesecem

    XD them dancing around in the van....also that hilarious Grayson close-up <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="339">5:39</a>

  63. Elira Dumani

    Elira DumaniPred mesecem

    You should rent a tiny home and live there for a few days

  64. Inigo joaquin

    Inigo joaquinPred mesecem

    Anyone 2020?

  65. Skyla Grant

    Skyla GrantPred mesecem

    Property brothers who??

  66. Ozzie Kasirer teitelbaum

    Ozzie Kasirer teitelbaumPred mesecem

    put a tent on the top

  67. Alex Navarro

    Alex NavarroPred mesecem

    She’s honestly not that cute, and personality doesn’t count either

  68. A!L33N MARI3

    A!L33N MARI3Pred mesecem

    (Just saying not trying to be rude) Y’all could have also removed the other seats for more room.

  69. heather poorbaugh

    heather poorbaughPred mesecem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a> 😂😂😂😂

  70. Kiwii Keny

    Kiwii KenyPred mesecem

    Im new to these guys but i get the hype now 😂 sometimes they sound like dumb frat bros but then they say the funniest well thought things 😂😂😂 they are so charming

  71. bonita apple

    bonita applePred mesecem

    Your closet could be a shower even! Yall fuckkkkkkked up LOL but then again youre probably staying at hotels at night, eating our everyday so you dont need to cook but A for effort

  72. bonita apple

    bonita applePred mesecem

    bunk beds in the back with storage under, table, sink, fridge on one side where your beds are, oven and storage on the other side

  73. bonita apple

    bonita applePred mesecem

    You guys at least need a sink and a fridge! WTF were ya thinkin?

  74. Shana Preston

    Shana PrestonPred mesecem

    Aka the front is a lady in the streets and the back is a freak in the sheets

  75. Delaney Ferguson

    Delaney FergusonPred mesecem

    Get postcards from every state you go to and tape them to one of the walls by the bed

  76. Katarina Riesterer

    Katarina RiestererPred mesecem

    what happens if they need to go to the bathroom?

  77. a arguellez

    a arguellezPred mesecem

    No hate at all, love the outcome but I feel like other people have had the same size van yet could fit beds, bathroom,and kitchen(with a stove,sink)

  78. ax rabeca

    ax rabecaPred mesecem

    No bathroom how are you going to survive

  79. Amber

    AmberPred mesecem

    If I am not mistaken- did you guys seriously store gasoline near apples and cereal??? At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="556">9:16</a> if you’re wondering. Please- correct me if I’m wrong..,

  80. Ava mary

    Ava maryPred mesecem

    This looks so good

  81. Riham Muruts

    Riham MurutsPred mesecem

    Me here is your shower