When Will I Die?

When will I die? No one knows! Except maybe these dumb quizzes online can tell me. How long do you think jacksepticeye has left to live? 150 years? close! Watch to find out
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  1. jacksepticeye

    jacksepticeyePred 15 dnevi

    Not long left gamers

  2. PokéFan Bri

    PokéFan BriPred 15 dnevi

    What's the link to that quiz?

  3. Krazy T

    Krazy TPred 15 dnevi

    I read a book exactly like that it’s called Wh3n It’s pretty good

  4. LonelySoulSearcher

    LonelySoulSearcherPred 15 dnevi

    There is a movie that you described Sean, it's called In Time. Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried. People born with clocks in their arm, when it runs out they die. Boom.

  5. Oli Stafford

    Oli StaffordPred 15 dnevi

    There a film called in time it's a great film I recommend?

  6. Liam Donaghy

    Liam DonaghyPred 15 dnevi

    would u like to know me?

  7. Devin Bridge

    Devin BridgePred 9 urami

    Death note. the reapers sorry cant remember there actual name can see your death day

  8. Arianna Gaskins

    Arianna GaskinsPred 10 urami

    Yes, Jack, there’s a movie called In Time like that

  9. Flowing Dragon

    Flowing DragonPred 11 urami

    9:08 that’s a movie jack, everyone has a timer on there wrists, and people are stealing time from others to live longer, can’t remember what it’s called tho

  10. Catie Nichole

    Catie NicholePred 14 urami

    Death note has that “death clock” concept with the shimigami eyes, just a fun fact 🤷🏼‍♀️😋

  11. Grayson Rutledge

    Grayson RutledgePred 15 urami

    The flash is one of the movies that show when you will die I don't know what episode it is

  12. Isaac White

    Isaac WhitePred 16 urami

    Go to 4:57 and you will question what jack said

  13. Sky Quest Music Official

    Sky Quest Music OfficialPred 17 urami

    If I’m honest with you, I don’t think I would be doing anything much different if I knew when I was going to do die aside from treating people a little different. That last week of my life I wouldn’t be too stressed honestly mostly because I’m not really afraid to die.

  14. Aaron Lean

    Aaron LeanPred 17 urami

    “Porn industry? Ooh! I think I’ll go with this one.” *click* *add pops up for singles in my area!* (perfect timing)

  15. skullic gaming

    skullic gamingPred 18 urami

    If this is true you will die on my birthday so then i would be sad :(

  16. Wayne Kish

    Wayne KishPred 18 urami

    I was Born in July 10 2006

  17. Lily Mancuso

    Lily MancusoPred 18 urami

    u should show us the inside of your house

  18. Robotacocat Tacocat

    Robotacocat TacocatPred 19 urami

    what site is it

  19. Theo Salmon

    Theo SalmonPred 21 uro

    in time jack, that movie is called "in time"

  20. Mrs Shewolf

    Mrs ShewolfPred 21 uro

    Numbers by Rachel Ward is a book about a girl who can see the date of death above peoples heads. It's a really good book!

  21. baby poof

    baby poofPred 22 urami

    Death note Edit: just noticed the death god in the corner lol

  22. joung bacon

    joung baconPred 22 urami

    @jacksepticeye I have an interesting movie for you ... "in time" in that movie everyone has the time they have on theire wrist and also use the time as money, its pretty interesting Sorry for that i write like a 61 year old British snob but i am indeed a 16 year old german boy who's only skill is speaking english.... If anyone read till here ur beautiful and smart, have a nice day

  23. Ella Clydesdale

    Ella ClydesdalePred dnevom

    jack:dont make up words jack:superjacked

  24. Manfree Ganmor

    Manfree GanmorPred dnevom

    Finish cuphead

  25. UltrawK

    UltrawKPred dnevom

    Jack: Megaloplis? You cant just make up words Me: Seàn all words are made up

  26. Hannibal Chan

    Hannibal ChanPred dnevom

    I took the same quiz and apparently I’ll live until I’m 69 😂 I’m happy with that tbh 🤷‍♀️

  27. Samuel Flores

    Samuel FloresPred dnevom

    Lmao ryuk when jack talks about death 💀 I feel the urge to watch death note on Netflix now

  28. Atom Sorcerer

    Atom SorcererPred dnevom

    Wasn’t there a movie or something where time literally became money? Wherein to buy goods or services you have to give up some of your time you have left to live, and the rich had thousands or millions of years while the poor only had a couple days? /Edit/ Yeah apparently it’s called In Time.

  29. Destiney Turnbo

    Destiney TurnboPred dnevom

    Yes the movie coming out called "countdown" I about an app that can predict when you die and if you avoide your death a demon or demonic entity comes and takes you..... Its an action/horror movie

  30. Leif Bostwick-Riddell

    Leif Bostwick-RiddellPred dnevom

    11:09 😂😂😂😂

  31. damien bidwell

    damien bidwellPred dnevom

    i took it and it said i was gonna die in 69 years

  32. CloakedProfessor π

    CloakedProfessor πPred dnevom

    There's a book that revolves around the idea that everyone knows their "Death Date ". It's in a world where science is so advanced that they have figured out how to see when someone was going to die and they could do this to any living being. No matter how much a person knew about when they would die, they couldn't prevent it.

  33. Nomad Dodo

    Nomad DodoPred dnevom

    That’s my birthday 😭😭😭

  34. Icy1

    Icy1Pred dnevom

    Jack's having a mid life crisis

  35. Random Draws

    Random DrawsPred dnevom

    Did he just predict the future he came up with Countdown the horror movie

  36. Amazing Ethan Levinson

    Amazing Ethan LevinsonPred dnevom

    I’d much rather know how I die than when

  37. Squigy _ Boi

    Squigy _ BoiPred 2 dnevi

    Wow this is a good ad for unus annus

  38. Taylor Haddock

    Taylor HaddockPred 2 dnevi

    no obvious tendancy: 13.51% sadism: 54.05% masochism: 32.43%

  39. Scurbz

    ScurbzPred 2 dnevi

    Movie called “in time” pretty much exactly what you’re talking about

  40. Tycoon Muth

    Tycoon MuthPred 2 dnevi

    I'm going to die in my seventy's.

  41. Rdog 13109

    Rdog 13109Pred 2 dnevi

    Deeeeaaaaathhh Noooootee?

  42. Nickie Chickie

    Nickie ChickiePred 2 dnevi

    I'm gonna live to be 77. Nice.

  43. CrookedLetter Mxfix

    CrookedLetter MxfixPred 2 dnevi

    There waz a movie were u got lika timer on ur wrist and da guy uses sumthing 2 get time from a lil gurl 2 him. Lmk what movie dat iz

  44. Notoriousous

    NotoriousousPred 2 dnevi


  45. Holly Freeman

    Holly FreemanPred 2 dnevi

    What if I told you that one of my adult goals is to get a Roomba...