Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck!

I can explain. This one's different.
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  1. Bryan Karlsson

    Bryan KarlssonPred 2 urami

    I just got mine, and damn, it is a hell of a truck.

  2. Rami Daoud

    Rami DaoudPred 9 urami

    So why he ordered it?

  3. Brandon Dammers

    Brandon DammersPred dnevom

    That sound when they were flooring it was insane

  4. Julz Flex

    Julz FlexPred dnevom

    I ordered one too. Matte Black edition. Now I just gotta wait 2 years. 😎

  5. Mia Bella Li

    Mia Bella LiPred 2 dnevi

    Fell in love from the moment I saw it!!

  6. Jelly14

    Jelly14Pred 3 dnevi

    You can thing ''oh so ugly'' or '''beautiful''. It doesn't matter, at that point Tesla already reached its goal: You know about the truck, you might want to know more and will probably spread the word which is the best marketing strategie. Elon is a genius. They spont $0 on marketing, yet you see Tesla everywhere and hear about it. Just wow...

  7. Dr. Vince Wong

    Dr. Vince WongPred 3 dnevi

    I ordered one too lol was cheap deposit

  8. Jacob Salgado

    Jacob SalgadoPred 3 dnevi

    I think the cyber truck should be used by the military

  9. Cerebral Entertainment

    Cerebral EntertainmentPred 3 dnevi

    Rear view mirrors? I just hope people with this truck can drive because I can imagine getting hit with this think may hurt .

  10. Adrian Gustafsson

    Adrian GustafssonPred 3 dnevi

    All American cars are trash... quality wise

  11. tulipenoire369

    tulipenoire369Pred 4 dnevi

    Cybertruck design was inspired by Toyota's hybrid design philosophy ?

  12. Nooh Al-sharafi

    Nooh Al-sharafiPred 5 dnevi

    MKBHD: I ordered a cybertruck ....but that's not why i ordered it

  13. Tom M.

    Tom M.Pred 5 dnevi

    That concept look of that traditional pick-up truck looks really nice, I hope they implement that model in the future with their new patented battery technology.

  14. WentoTheWolf 01

    WentoTheWolf 01Pred 5 dnevi

    Now we will see 100 ads of Tesla no this channel just so Marquez can pay off his tesla cyber truck 😤

  15. James Jay

    James JayPred 5 dnevi

    How much is this damn car ???? Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Sid Naidu

    Sid NaiduPred 6 dnevi

    Marques: I'm not buying it because of the matte black option Also Marques: Wears a black shirt that literally says matte black.

  17. Jovan Morao

    Jovan MoraoPred 6 dnevi

    What is the main porpuse of the tesla cybertruck..???where you gonna use it..?or just because for high tech gudget???I think is a waste of money to buy it????

  18. Workaholic KLeonard

    Workaholic KLeonardPred 7 dnevi

    Its awesome. I would get one with several other trucks that I like. (If I had the money) Peace.

  19. Mark Ologban

    Mark OlogbanPred 7 dnevi


  20. Eder

    EderPred 7 dnevi

    Truck looks like ass but just like Apple users, you gotta make sure the world knows you spent a lot of money

  21. Eidolon Specus

    Eidolon SpecusPred 7 dnevi

    The Cybertruck does not look like "a 5 year-old's interpretation of a truck", as a lot of people have been joking. It looks like an engineer's interpretation of an electric Humvee. It looks like a tank, and it's built like a tank.

  22. BlondeDivaTV Channel

    BlondeDivaTV ChannelPred 7 dnevi

    Can I hitch a speedboat to it?

  23. Bernardo Augusto

    Bernardo AugustoPred 7 dnevi

    It’s different Thank me later

  24. A Melek S

    A Melek SPred 7 dnevi

    Looks like the replica of the 1979 Aston Martin Bulldog two seater British sports car! I love this truck. Just waiting to pull the trigger on one.. However, where can I put my Hi Q Piranha Antenna with 8 lobe cap hat? How about my vhf/uhf smaller antennas?

  25. Dennis 3809

    Dennis 3809Pred 7 dnevi

    Gotta be looking for the bat signal when driving on of these😂

  26. Gismo TB

    Gismo TBPred 7 dnevi

    The Cyber truck don't have curves, because that would have raised the price 10000 times. Stainless steel is super hard to bend and form. And it looks ugly as shit. And I hate that monster of a pickup. I don't even want it if I get it for free and with free charging. It's no other car that I hate so much as this one. No one comes even close.

  27. ViiV Creations

    ViiV CreationsPred 8 dnevi

    yay retro 80s is back....

  28. Jamual Harris

    Jamual HarrisPred 8 dnevi

    Just got my vanity plates

  29. Andres Rodriguez

    Andres RodriguezPred 9 dnevi

    *NO* well...

  30. Nohemy2

    Nohemy2Pred 9 dnevi

    In a few years or a decade the next generation will be driving cyber trucks

  31. HellaHellaHella HEY

    HellaHellaHella HEYPred 9 dnevi

    Trucks looks the same boring just plain and nothing new Unveils: Cybertruck and the crowd goes wild WOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH.

  32. KGB

    KGBPred 9 dnevi

    answer to question, no where else to throw 70k at

  33. Ryv Mutsu

    Ryv MutsuPred 9 dnevi

    Everyday I am more glad to have preordered a ways back, at first split between the CT and Y. Now I consider more the utter maxed utility with solar panels to come as option, and hope to have the patience to just keep saving money until Dual Motor begins shipping!

  34. Sunep Ltr

    Sunep LtrPred 10 dnevi

    Nobody : Literally nobody : Marques :but that's not why i bought it

  35. Tichrai2

    Tichrai2Pred 11 dnevi

    I have never wanted a truck ever. But the cybertruck makes me want one

  36. B R

    B RPred 11 dnevi

    Elon doesn’t want your money

  37. Oscar Jara

    Oscar JaraPred 13 dnevi

    Because we knew you would?

  38. Joel Collins

    Joel CollinsPred 14 dnevi

    It’s growing on me

  39. Grigoriy Gressel

    Grigoriy GresselPred 13 dnevi

    its so is. I just made a pros a cons video of my own. learning from the best

  40. Thndr_

    Thndr_Pred 14 dnevi

    Lemme guess, because you're a millionaire?

  41. Royce cristian Canullas

    Royce cristian CanullasPred 15 dnevi

    if i had the moeny. i legit would've 100% bought it

  42. Grigoriy Gressel

    Grigoriy GresselPred 13 dnevi

    same here. one day ill grow my channel that big haha

  43. Peter Ros

    Peter RosPred 16 dnevi

    Never thought a pickup truck could get any uglier

  44. Delon Lawrence

    Delon LawrencePred 16 dnevi

    I would drive that any day.

  45. MERICA #1

    MERICA #1Pred 16 dnevi

    Cause and “AND NO RACISM INTENDED “ he’s a slave to trends he’s a follower not a leader he’s sheep

  46. Balanced Perspective

    Balanced PerspectivePred 15 dnevi

    That's why you watch he's videos on latest tech 🤔😂😂😂

  47. Lucky Luke

    Lucky LukePred 16 dnevi

    Holy crap! You ordered the top of the line version!

  48. Grigoriy Gressel

    Grigoriy GresselPred 13 dnevi

    if i was him i would do the same thing!

  49. JAY DEE

    JAY DEEPred 17 dnevi

    Becuase you like emotionally dead objects

  50. patriziapie

    patriziapiePred 18 dnevi

    If I had money and wasn't too scared to drive, I would for sure get the cybertruck, I have always wanted a car that looks like it comes from Back To The Future 2's version of 2015

  51. subhan imran

    subhan imranPred 19 dnevi

    It’s a tool that is good at its job transportation while protecting

  52. Matthew S

    Matthew SPred 19 dnevi

    Why do I hear this dudes mouth salivating with every word

  53. TheCool Noob

    TheCool NoobPred 19 dnevi

    That is the weirdest truck



    But that's not the reason I watched the vidio

  55. Jeremy Harris

    Jeremy HarrisPred 19 dnevi

    In about 1 month I've gone from wtf to loving it. The polarising design was genius.

  56. MemeParadox

    MemeParadoxPred 20 dnevi

    "I swear I'm not buying it cause its matte black" ~MKBHD while wearing a shirt that says matte black

  57. MemeParadox

    MemeParadoxPred 20 dnevi

    Why do so many SLgors start wearing glasses one day and then after a week stop?

  58. TKrapMusic Tube

    TKrapMusic TubePred 20 dnevi

    I usually never disagree wit u bro. But that Tesla that u say looks like the F-150 is suuuuper crazy.. And I dare say it's more way more striking than your drawings as a 5yo. If you build it they will come trust me..

  59. THE Legendary

    THE LegendaryPred 20 dnevi

    Cuz ur rich 😎😎😎❤❤🤣🤣


    MOHAN KRISHNAPred 21 dnevom

    Check Aston Martin Bulldog

  61. Luke William

    Luke WilliamPred 21 dnevom

    Bollinger Motors: Truck looks way to plain and utilitarian. Elon Musk: Hold my beer.

  62. Noah Hill

    Noah HillPred 21 dnevom

    Bet my 1992 Toyota truck will out last all electric car's and trucks

  63. Grigoriy Gressel

    Grigoriy GresselPred 13 dnevi

    yeah the battery degrading is still an issue

  64. Tanbir NR

    Tanbir NRPred 21 dnevom

    I will definitely buy because this is Unic and cool Futuristic and superhero car type

  65. heavychevy228

    heavychevy228Pred 21 dnevom

    What kind of air conditioning refrigerant does it have? Is it R-1234yf